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Homecoming Hurts

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Homecoming Hurts -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Dragonrider War Intro and Saellah
Release Date: February 20th, 2015

Objective: Leon with his knights are readying themselves to storm the place where Kara is being held captive.
Objective completed: Kara has been freed!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Energizer
(8) ManaHunter (1)
(6) ManaHunter (2)
(2) Manahuntress
(1) Kara - Boss

Sir Leon

Rose Chains (I-VI)
Sheathed Rose Blade (I-VI)

  • Equips MageKnight.
  • Sir Tainly joins you as Guest A.
  • Dame Entia joins you as Guest B.

    Leon: Do we have the plan nailed down? Is there anyone here that thinks that they cannot go through with this?
    ???: NO, we will do this!

    Leon: Akanthus knows we will be coming. He always knows, no matter how well we plan.
    Leon: The tower's destruction will have given us what we need, yes, but Akanthus just knows... Be prepared for anything. Do not be deceived.
    Leon: Kara has been captive for a long time. If she is not responsive, or is not herself, don't let that deter you. All we need to do is get her home.
    Leon: Svera will take care of everything from there.

    Fight all the monsters on your way to find Kara. Once you find her:

    Leon: Lady SuLema!

    Akanthus: She can't hear you. She hasn't heard anyone in a while, actually. She talked too much and I tired of it.
    Leon: You are a monster. You are everything the Rose is and more.

    *Akanthus laughs.*

    Leon: .....
    Akanthus: You have no idea how accurate that statement is. She is my toy to prove my point. Besides, she is useless now... well at least to you.
    Leon: No one is useless!
    Akanthus: Just look at her! How can THAT be any kind of rallying point for your pathetic cause?
    Leon: I will free her.
    Akanthus: You and what army?
    Leon: I have friends. I have allies. I have what I need to get her back. Stand aside.
    Akanthus: You people never learn. My plans will not be thwarted. Not by you. Not by her.
    Akanthus: And not by anyone else who thinks they have power in this world.
    Akanthus: Take her if you want but know that this is far from over. She's broken anyways.

    Leon: So be it.

    Leon: Lady SuLema... are you we-

    Leon: NO!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    After you defeat Kara in battle:

    Leon: Let's get her back home to Svera. Her sister will know what to do and how to get these damned things off of her.

  • Complete Quest

    Other information

    Easter Egg: Click on the text box for Akanthus' dialogue after he laughs for a voice over.

    Thanks to Niki for information.

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