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Location: Caitiff, Nightfall, Given to Darkness, Breaking Down, Shattered, Ashes, Madness, Chasm, Corruption, Doomed, One Pala-day At a Time, One Step Ahead, Friday the 13th Interlude, The Mirage, Calamity

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Caitiff: Thank you, Master. For freeing me.
Caitiff: You have the power of the Elder one…
Caitiff: Caitiff will serve you.

Caitiff: Can I take that one apart?

Caitiff: I have failed you, Master.


Caitiff: For me, Master?

Caitiff: This one... ...this one has... ... Opprobrious...

Given to Darkness

Caitiff: Your minions have failed.

Caitiff: There are no... no bodies.... I can destroy the town... Master.

Caitiff: I... I do not understand.

Breaking Down

Caitiff: You failed.

Caitiff: You should have waited.

Caitiff: He has the power of the Elder one.

Caitiff: I was patient. While you lie trapped and broken, I am free.

Caitiff: I will be patient. I will learn. I will not fail.

Caitiff: If the hero hasn't failed... then I will study... the hero.


Caitiff: It's...

Caitiff: ... him/her

Caitiff: Show me.
Caitiff: Show me.

Caitiff: I will know. I will learn.

Caitiff: The Darkness was stronger. It lost. It was betrayed.


Caitiff: Show me.

Caitiff: Revenge.
Caitiff: Distractions... It could have ended there.
Caitiff: It should have ended there.


Caitiff: ............


Caitiff: Why... why did you call me, Master. I was... learning.

Caitiff: ...

Caitiff: I serve the Darkness, Master.

Caitiff: The Hero has always won, we must...

Caitiff: I serve the Darkness. I will not fail.

Caitiff: Dragon.

Caitiff: You failed the Darkness. I will not.


Caitiff: ............


Caitiff: Dragon...

Caitiff: Draaaaaaagon...
Caitiff: You are not a creature of Light. You are a being of power, a force of Doom that has rolled like a tide over your enemies.
Caitiff: You are the dragon of the Black Dragon Box,
Caitiff: Your very essence is the fuel of nightmares.
Caitiff: You could cover this world in fire and Darkness.

Caitiff: Realize your power and join me in bringing darkness to this world.
Caitiff: Or watch as the world drowns with <Character> at the vortex.

Caitiff: You have raw power, dragon, but no focus.... You fight for transient things instead of the eternal Darkness.
Caitiff: You are the key to Darkness finally winning.
Caitiff: You can choose to be part of that victory or you can choose to die and know that your hero will follow.

Caitiff: I have learned all I need from you, dragon. The test is done.
Caitiff: Join me and the Darkness... ensure the Darkness wins, and I will allow one spot of light to live on in the waste of this world.

Caitiff: One spot to provide solace to your... soft, dark heart. One spot to provide heroes to rail against the Darkness.

Caitiff: You can die now and your hero will follow or you can join me and I will spare your hero's life.

One Pala-day At a Time

Caitiff: Cover the world in darkness...
Caitiff: Snuff out the sun...
Caitiff: Engulf people's hearts with dread...
Caitiff: And I will let him/her live.

One Step Ahead

Caitiff: ...
Caitiff: The balance is shifting.
Caitiff: The Darkness is devouring.
Caitiff: The time... is almost up.
Caitiff: ...

Friday the 13th Interlude

Caitiff: Not yet.
Caitiff: They... he/she needs to be broken.

Caitiff: You will listen to me, dragon.
Caitiff: You know what will happen otherwise. I am a being of my word...

The Mirage

Caitiff: No...
Caitiff: That's not enough...


Caitiff: Curious...

Caitiff: <Character>.

Caitiff: I was invited.

Caitiff: There was no need to destroy this... last bastion any further.

Caitiff: This one opened the gates for me...

Caitiff: I'm helping them see the truth.

Caitiff: Why... do you struggle?
Caitiff: I don't understand.
Caitiff: The Darkness has won. You all have your place in this new world.

Caitiff: It is as I promised <Dragon>—

Caitiff: Ultimately, it has served its purpose. I gave it back to you.

Caitiff: You should be rejoicing.

Caitiff: That's a logical course of the events, yes.

Caitiff: So be it.

Caitiff: I've had enough.

Caitiff: I tried, but you left me no choice.

Caitiff: I was not aware of a Light one being here...
Caitiff: It matters not.

Caitiff: No.

Caitiff: You are all alone.
Caitiff: I've studied you.
Caitiff: I've learned about the ones who came before me.
Caitiff: I've seen their mistakes.
Caitiff: That's what makes me... special.
Caitiff: I will not repeat them.
Caitiff: I...
Caitiff: Will not.
Caitiff: Fail—

Caitiff: *horrifying scream*

Caitiff: WILL!

Caitiff: NOT!!

Caitiff: FAIL!!!


Caitiff: ... Darkness...

Caitiff: ... why have you abandoned me...

Other information
  • In archaic language, 'caitiff' defines "a contemptible or cowardly person"; in modern language, 'caitiff' defines "a base, despicable person"; both perfectly summarising Caitiff's monstrous nature.

    Alternative Appearance
    Spirit Appearance
    Deteriorating Vessel Appearance
    Shattered and Exposed Appearance
    Final Form Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Occavatra for images and other information.
  • Slayer Zach for Spirit appearance image.

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