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Location: The Feast, Father of Mine, From The Citadel with Love, Marzanna, The Beginning of the End

Quests given

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The Feast

Baltael: Father of mine? Are you there?
Baltael: Father?

Father of Mine

???: I know what that was.

Baltael: This happened once, a long time ago, before I was born.
Baltael: In Mortem.

Baltael: My father...

Baltael: This is very, very bad.

Baltael: He left. I don't know if he died.

Baltael: You don't understand. My father was obsessed with immortality. It is possible that he might have achieved it.

Baltael: ................
Baltael: I just know.
Baltael: Since that very moment. I sensed it.
Baltael: It's a peculiar kind of a feeling.

Baltael: I doubt that...

Baltael: Certainly. Edelia University is quite an accomplishment, and I am sure he will be proud. So yes, I doubt that he will be indifferent.

Baltael: Oyva? You have been quiet this whole time. What do you think?

Baltael: Please, just... come with me.

Baltael: Father of mine.

Baltael: We have fin... finished building the Edelia University!

Baltael: A place where everyone, who wishes to follow in your footsteps, can learn how to coexist with the Elemental Spirits, to learn the craft of soulweaving...
Baltael: ... and to form bonds of friendship that will last lifetimes.

Baltael: Dad...

Baltael: Did... did you... hear anything I-I just said?

Baltael: .........

Baltael: Unforgivable... but time for mourning will be later. The spiritual residue is strong... I can definitely track him.

From The Citadel with Love

Baltael: Are you unwell?

Baltael: Give me a moment.

Baltael: About eighty feet in this direction. Then it curves. Left.
Baltael: I think... I think it goes by a road. It looked heavily used. By merchants, probably.

Baltael: We are not going to catch him before he reaches it.

Baltael: I don't know him that well anymore.
Baltael: But he is not hot blooded. He's patient.
Baltael: He might hide and wait. That would give us time to track him down.

Baltael: No. They'd send the Shapeless to roam the city in order to find him.
Baltael: That would cause mass panic and could even create an opportunity for my father. We have to lay low.
Baltael: We are just assuming he's there to feast. He might have different plans.

Baltael: Ruling the entire Shapeless Empire? Killing the Magesterium? Seizing control over the Mana Core piece?

Baltael: He... actually could harness the Mana Core.
Baltael: He is not just a "one man" anymore.


Baltael: Yes, we are on the right track. He went through here. But...

Baltael: His spiritual residue... it's somehow attracting monsters to the main road.
Baltael: This isn't good, Danyel. We have to take care of that first.

Baltael: What's the plan now? Splitting up?

Baltael: Yes.

The Beginning of the End

Baltael: Can we talk about this?

Baltael: How are you planning to defeat my father?

Baltael: Yes, I said this some time ago. And you keep repeating it. Why does it matter?

Baltael: You don't mean-

Baltael: But that's forbidden. You are planning on using a forbidden magic. Are you aware of what this particular spell will do to you?

Baltael: If it comes to that, and it fails...

Baltael: Are you really willing t-

Baltael: ........

Baltael: I'll investigate.

Baltael: It's the Shapeless. It's roaming the city!

Baltael: It doesn't matter, we need to choose. The Shapeless or my father.

Baltael: Huh? I can't-

Baltael: You... you think? You are not sure if you know your own son? How much of you is even left in there?

Baltael: Danyel?!

Baltael: What is-

Baltael: Danyel-

Baltael: Yes, his spell broke... I don't- I don't think we can do it.

Baltael: Dan, don't-

Baltael: Danyel... ?

Baltael: Dan... It is done... We have won-

Baltael: W... what?!

Baltael: How can you still be alive?! You should have no soul!!!

Baltael: I WON'T let you get away!!! Just die!!!

Baltael: We...
Baltael: ... failed.

Baltael (Past)
Baltael (Without Helm)
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