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Restore the Girls

Other name: Cure the Girls

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 10 -> Cure the Girls
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Cleansing Of Myx
Release Date: October 23rd, 2015

Objective: Bubble has finished the candy and it is time to start fixing the mistakes of the past.
Objective completed: You have saved them from a life of tea parties and crumpets. Well done!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Cuddlebeast
(7) Glob of Love
(2) Hug Zombie
(6) Scary Doll
(3) Skelehugger

Bubble (Cat/Witch)

The Great Red Herring

Bubble: Now that Myx isn't a danger to everyone anymore...
Myx: Hmph, maybe I liked being full of evil. No one ever asks me my opinion on these things.
Bubble: As I was saying, now that he's fixed, I've made several batches of candy that will remove the issues that were caused previously.
Bubble: <Character> and I will work on getting it to those that need it.
Bubble: You three should go find a way to properly dispose of the piles of bad candy out there.
Bubble: Properly.
Toil: We will.
Trouble: Not sure how, since they're huge by now...
Toil: Trouble.
Trouble: Sorry.

*After the Cauldron Sisters left...*

Bubble: Alright, <Character>.
Bubble: I can handle delivering this to most of the things, but there's two I need you to handle.
<Character>: Only two?
Bubble: I can handle delivering this to the Moglins and even the hostile Zardbies attacking the towns, but there are two groups I can't.
<Character>: Hostile Zardbies? Aren't they all hostile?
Bubble: No, actually. Only a small number still are. The rest are learning to interact in a safe way with the other creatures.
<Character>: Ok then, which groups am I going after?
Bubble: The Girls from last year and the M.O.P. team. We at least know the Girls are, so you should start there.
Bubble: If Sally hasn't made any more of them, and I don't think she can without that specific batch of candy, you should only need about a hundred pieces.
<Character>: A hundred pieces? There are a hundred of those things out there?
Bubble: Compared to how many Moglins turn into Moglinsters or how many people were turned into a Zardbie?
<Character>: Point taken.
Bubble: The girls are usually in the "tea house" so you should head there.
<Character>: "Tea house?"
Bubble: It used to be the Ice Creamatorium, but Sally renamed it.
<Character>: Oh, I know where that is, then.
Bubble: Sally is usually asleep by now so you should be able to get in, give the girls the candy and get everyone out before she realizes.
<Character>: Sounds easy enough.
Bubble: After that you'll need to find the M.O.P.
<Character>: I'm not even sure where they are now. I thought they were headed here all those years ago, but apparently not.
Bubble: The last we heard they were seen near Moonridge.
Bubble: Once you finish with the Necropolis you should head there and see if anyone knows anything.
<Character>: Sounds like a plan.

Make your way through the "tea house" to the girls.

<Character>: ..............
Girls: Oooo goodie! Someone to play with!
<Character>: ...suuuure. Ummm...
<Character> (thinking): What could I...Aha!
<Character>: How about we play tea party? I even have sweets to go along with that!
Girls: Yay!
Girl (1): I don't feel good.
Girl (2): That candy tasted bad!
Girl (3): My insides are all topsy turvy...

*"The girls" are back to normal after consuming the candies you gave them. They are the town villagers that have been captured by Sally and used in her experiment.*

Marius: I never thought that nightmare would end. Thank you!
Sarah: Ugh, I never want to see tea again.
Karen: We can go home!
<Character>: This can't be everyone who was changed.
Marius: No, do you have more of that candy?
<Character>: Yeah, I've got a whole bag.
Karen: Give it to us and we'll make sure we get everyone who was changed back to normal.
<Character>: Are you sure? I can stay and help.
Marius: We'll be fine. We need to get our friends and family back to normal. You seem like you have more important things to get to now, anyway.
Sarah: Come on. The others are next door. I need to find my son.

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