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Breaking Down

Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Breaking Down
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 30th, 2015

Objective: Valtrith's catapult was loaded with some kind of darkness disease! Hunt down items to help heal the sick!
Objective completed: Caitiff will be studying... you!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Sir Junn


Access to Dragon Wings.

Elysia: I haven't seen anything like this before. This Darkness disease seems to be eating away at them....
Sir Junn: I've sent samples to Amityvale. The Magus there is known for his healing.
Twilly: We'll try to help with what we have but, <Character>, you need to seek out anything that could help heal them!

Find the items in their locations, then turn in each item (in the following order):

Moonglow - The Pumpkin Patch
Gold Cabit Pelt - Golden Cabit Hunt
Crystals - Resource Shop
Braughlmurk Binding - Braughlmurk Crypts, Braughlmurk Tower, Ship Graveyard
Luminite - Tower of Brightmist, Brightmist Reward Shop

After turning in the last item, dialogue continues when you click Heal the Sick:

Sir Junn: Good <Character>. With what you collected and what Magus Neron has sent us, these soldiers... your dragon... they may have a chance.
Elysia: Is that... blood?
Sir Junn: Yes... but Magus Neron says it will help against Darkness and that it was given willingly to help.
Twilly: This... this will work. You did a great thing, <Character>! You helped to heal everyone!

*The screen fades to black, then shows the top of Castle Valtrith where Caitiff and Opprobrious are, with Oaklore Keep and Falconreach in view*

Caitiff: You failed.
Opprobrious: The wrong vessel was provided. I have spent years attuning to a warrior only to be given a fanatic to try and merge with.
Caitiff: You should have waited.
Opprobrious: I was left in the woods. Should I have waited for a poor merchant to find me so I could cower in a box in some dusty attic?

*Caitiff stares, as its mouth and eyes flash*

Opprobrious: Now I lie broken as you skulk in yet another attic and watch some adventurer foil the plans of that fool Baron.
Caitiff: He has the power of the Elder one.
Opprobrious: The Elder who failed the Shadowscythe. Just as your Baron has failed them.
Opprobrious: Just as you continue to fail them.

*Its mouth and eyes flash faster, as Caitiff is about to break down*

Caitiff: I was patient. While you lie trapped and broken, I am free.
Opprobrious: My failed vessel was empty as yours is. How long will yours last? How long can you hold it together before it decays arou....

*A laser beam envelopes Opprobrious and annihilates it completely, as Caitiff's mouth and eyes glow still and red*

Caitiff: I will be patient. I will learn. I will not fail.

*The screen fades to black, with glowing red in the background*

Caitiff: If the hero hasn't failed... then I will study... the hero.

  • Complete Quest
  • Dragon Wings - opens Dragon Wings.

    Next Up: Shattered

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