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The End of the Beginning

Location: Tkaanie -> The First Weaver -> The End of the Beginning
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Beginning of the End
Release Date: April 23rd, 2016

Objective: The end of Roirr's journey... or maybe the beginning?
Objective completed: The End...?

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Local boy
Tanislav / Miserable man

Memory Fragment VII

*Roirr falls through an infernal realm through the hole Secundus opened earlier, but then, he lands in a quiet village with brown yellow houses and orange-red rooftops. He is still in agony.*

Roirr: Hgaaaaaaa... ... hgaaaaaaa...

*Vaal appears next to Roirr's blackened skeleton, curious about their surroundings.*

Vaal: Where are we?
Roirr: I... don't... care... This... this is it. This is... the end.
Roirr: He lied... to... me. Immortality...

*Vaal's flickers, much to his shock, knowing what may become of him.*

Vaal: Oh no... I'm-
Roirr: The end...
Vaal: Stop wallowing! Let me think! I'm not gonna let you die in this dump. What is this place? Why did Secundus send you here?
Roirr: To... dieee...
Vaal: Hush! Someone is coming!
Vaal: Cover yourself! That! Cover yourself with that!

*Roirr's skeleton is covered in a black cloak just as a young boy arrives at the area to notice.*

Local boy: Oh... Hello?
Vaal: Can you... can you jump bodies? Do it now!
Local boy: Umm... are you- are you hurt?

*Roirr's face comes into the light, causing the boy to scream and run away.*

Vaal: Nooo! Come back!!!
Roirr: ... I'm too weak... to...
Vaal: He'll go get someone. You need to run.
Roirr: I can't...
Vaal: Then crawl away! We- You need to find a place to hide! And I... need to think...

*Roirr attempts to crawl with his remaining strength out of sight only to end up leaning on a barrel seconds later.*

Local boy: I'm telling you! It was a demon, it was! Draped in a shawl as black as the night itself!
Vaal: .........
Vaal: What... what will you do now... ?
Roirr: I don't knooow. I... I don't care anymore...
Roirr: I'm... tired. I'm so tired... All of this... all of what I've done was for naught.
Roirr: Secundus' advice, his guidance, all of my research... useless.
Roirr: What am I to do now? My entire life is... wasted. I am... This isn't... fair.
Roirr: Life isn't fair!!!
???: Tell me about it...

*A man with brown, but near-orange hair sits on the opposite end of the barrel. He is apparently wearing the exact crown Roirr wore years ago.*

Miserable man: I can't run this settlement. People turn to me yet I can't provide. I'm very certain my wife is cheating on me...
Miserable man: On top of that my only son is dying and I can't do anything about it. I've tried, time after time, yet there is no way I can help him...
Roirr: ... it seems you can't escape death after all... no matter how hard you try...
Roirr: Believe me, I've tried...
Miserable man: .......
Vaal: .........

*A revelation suddenly strikes Vaal.*

Vaal: ... are we... in...?
Vaal: Roirr...
Vaal: Save his son.
Roirr: ...why would I do that...
Miserable man: Hmm?
Vaal: You, umm...

*Vaal starts to flicker again.*

Vaal: You are dying. There is no point in denying that.
Vaal: Can't you do... one last thing I ask of you, before yo- before we go?
Roirr: ........
Vaal: Oh! You owe me. I kept you alive when those two almost killed you!
Roirr: ... you don't know if that was you...
Miserable man: Wha-? Speak up.
Vaal: Of course it was me! Soooo?
Roirr: ... ugh...
Roirr: Hey... you...
Miserable man: What is it?
Roirr: I can save your son.
Miserable man: No, you can't. There is nothing that you can offer that I didn't already try.
Roirr: Forbidden magick.
Miserable man: What is that?
Roirr: Listen... do you want my help or... not?
Miserable man: Yes, I do.
Roirr: You need t-
Vaal: No no no!
Vaal: ... write it down for him.
Roirr: ... fetch me a sheet of paper and something to write.

*The man obtains paper and some kind of writing utensil and Roirr writes down the instructions to a forbidden ritual. It is wrapped in a shape of a scroll.*

Roirr: Here... take it...
Miserable man: T-thank you. Will this really help?
Roirr: Yes... your son will have a long life ahead of him.
Roirr: There... are you happy?
Vaal: We will see, Roirr. We will see.

*Fades to black. Meanwhile, in a cabin, the man tends to his pale son, a younger Roirr.*

Tanislav: My sweet marzipan, everything is going to be alright now. Time for a lullaby... I will fix you...
Roirr: It's not long now... I can feel it.
Roirr: I'm fading. I'm dying. All I've ever wanted... gone.
Vaal: Roirr... I'm not understanding one thing. All your life you've wanted to achieve immortality and yet... you are a weaver.
Vaal: When weavers die, they become elemental spirits. Immortal elemental spirits. Why-
Roirr: I can't.
Roirr: I can't become an elemental spirit. I have devoured too many of them. I have used too many forbidden spells.
Roirr: My soul is too... tainted.
Roirr: Besides... I wouldn't want to become an elemental spirit. I want to be immortal on my terms... in a physical body.
Roirr: I don't want to be dead and immortal... I want to be alive and immortal...
Roirr: You wouldn't understand...
Vaal: Hold on... does that mean I won't-
Roirr: Haaaahahaaaha... no, you won't. When I die, you die. We cease to exist... together.
Vaal: Or we keep on "living"... ... together!

*Their surroundings turn red, which stuns Roirr briefly.*

Roirr: Wha-
Roirr: What?!
Roirr: NO!!!
Roirr: Not like this!!!
Roirr: He did not-
Vaal: Oh, I think he did.
Roirr: No! I need...
Vaal: You are not going anywhere.

*Vaal grabs Roirr's rib cage abruptly and aggressively.*

Vaal: Stay!
Roirr: Stop it! Do you realize what is about to happen?! Release me!!!
Vaal: Oh, I know! Roirr... for someone as clever as you, didn't you realize where we are? When we are?!
Vaal: Your little spirit friend knew what he was doing!
Roirr: Let me go!!!
Vaal: But I do.

*Cuts to a pair of purple curtains opening to present a sketched puppet-like reenactment of Roirr's childhood and Tanislav performing his infamous ritual for the first time, saving his child's life. A soothing, poetic tune accompanies the reenactment. As soon as it ends, Secundus shows himself outside the cabin.*

???: Wha-
???: I am... We are...
???: Vaal...
Roirr: Mama? P-papa?
???: Roirr...
???: Do not cry.

The End

  • Complete Quest

  • Refer here for Tomix's "Weaving Saga" epilogue (Design Notes)

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