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The Great Moglinberry Caper

Location: Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 11 -> Dr. Voltabolt -> Part 1
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 11th, 2016

Objective: Someone stole all the food for the feast. Better follow the trail of juice and food to see what's happening THIS time.
Objective completed: Those Barrel-Chested Men were awfully strange. And that armory outside of Falconreach sounds familiar...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Bear
(7) Tog
(6) Wolf
(2) Bear - Boss

Eric Greydawn

Pineapple Ring (All Versions)


*The Falconreach Guardian Tower at sunset is depicted before showing Gretel and Oishii standing outside the Falconreach Bakery.*

Gretel: That's everything. There will be a few last minute preparations, but most everything is ready.
Oishii: That is, if someone doesn't screw things up like usual.

*Eric Greydawn arrives with a smile on his face.*

Eric Greydawn: I'm here to provide some security for the holiday. I'll stay on the lookout for...

*You arrive moments later to volunteer yourself.*

<Character>: I'll help. I've got nothing else to do and it WOULD be nice to have at least ONE feast day uninterrupted.

*Dr. Voltabolt arrives too and readily offers his creations, to do good this time.*

Voltabolt: I haff ze zecurity covered. I vill put my machinez to use protecting ze town from any ... trouble.
<Character>: Um... sure. I'll just sort of stay nearby in case of... malfunctions.
Eric Greydawn: Sounds like a plan.
Eric Greydawn: Oh boy, a war... a war... a war... It's coming... I can FEEL it.

*You run past the enthusiastic Eric Greydawn, determined that nothing can go wrong.*

<Character>: Not this year.
Voltabolt: Do not vorry, Ladiez. I vill be nearby at ze Inn until after ze feztivitiez.
Oishii: Thank you, Voltabolt. We appreciate the extra help.
Oishii: Just do be sure to keep an eye on your creations so that they don't go haywire and destroy everything., Gretel: Please don't tinker with anything in the Kitchen.
Voltabolt: Zat iz why I am ztaying nearby. In caze of trouble I can fix thingz. I haff learned my lezzon about mezzing with the kitchen toolz. Zat vill not happen.

*Voltabolt pushes a yellow button that sends his minions around Falconreach to patrol it; that night, while Voltabolt is asleep, a familiar individual sneaks into his room and presses a red button that sends the robots away; soon enough, barrels of juice are removed from Falconreach in wagons pulled by several people shown in silhouettes; the next morning, you and the others notice the massive theft when you arrive at the bakery.*

Gretel: Everything is gone! Even raw supplies! I don't have enough food to make much more than a few breakfasts. Someone stole ALL the food!
Oishii: That's not good. What happened with all those machines you put out to keep guard, Voltabolt?
Voltabolt: Zomeone mezzed vith the remote. Zere's something on zis remote zat izn't right. Zome zort of zmudge.
Oishii: What about you, <Character> and Eric Greydawn? Weren't you here watching in case something happened?
<Character>: We heard a disturbance and went to see what it was. When we came back, all was quiet.

*A worried Spruce arrives shortly afterwards.*

Spruce: Someone stole all the Moglinberry juice, too. But there must have been a leak. There's a trail of juice leading off into the woods.
<Character>: I'll go check it out.

*You leave Falconreach through the east, leading you to the path outside Surewould Forest, where you see a trail of moglinberry juice on the ground; you follow the trail and come across a makeshift village made entirely of barrels; some barrels are even used for armor for the townspeople; you stare ahead puzzled, leading to one person wearing an additional barrel as a helmet to look at you.*

<Character>: Who...

<Character>: Who are you?
Oak: My name is Oak!
Oak: Over there is Cask...
Oak: Iron Band...
Oak: Barrel...
Oak: Trash...
Oak: And over there is Flask.
Oak: We are the Barrel-Chested Men. We use these barrels as both clothing and armor. There's plenty of room in here for airflow.
Oak: It's much more comfortable than restrictive and heavy armor.
<Character>: Oh... kay...

<Character>: Why did you steal all that food?
Oak: We are mercenaries. We are a proud adventuring company that will take on ANY job, any challenge, any time.
Oak: We were hired for the job. Our client promised us all the barrels we wanted if we would do the job.
Oak: All we have to do is drink all this moglinberry juice and we'll have fresh barrels. Always good to have when you fight a lot.
Oak: You'd be amazed what a sharp sword can do to a good barrel.
<Character>: Well, I can understand that, but you see, this is for our Thankstaking feast, and we really need all that food now.
Oak: Thankstaking? What do you mean by that?
<Character>: Thankstaking? Well, it's....

*Before you can explain, a pale-looking tog with chocolate-colored dots running vertically across its body suddenly approaches you.*

Tog: Bark.
<Character>: Ok, it HAD some pretty strange stuff going on with it some years ago but if you had to explain it now...
<Character>: You could say it's pretty much about coming together with friends and celebrating the good times.
<Character>: Usually with lots of food involved and being grateful for what you have. It's a pretty important event to us.
<Character>: Wait... You don't know about Thankstaking?
Oak: We're not from around here. We come from the Whispering Steppes, where a good barrel can save you from the worst the wind has to offer.
Oak: I'm afraid they're not much use in rain, but we can deal with that. We do not have this "Thankstaking" where we're from.

*Oak looks down and ponders your request to return the stolen goods.*

Oak: I understand.

Oak: There is a great significance to this, then. I will help where I can.
<Character>: Thank you. We need the food and the moglinberry juice.
Oak: Flask! Where's that food?

*You and the strange tog stare at one another briefly.*

Flask: She took the food already, Oak. I'm glad she's gone. She scares me.
Oak: I'm sorry.
Oak: If it's any help, I had Iron Band follow her last time, and she went to some armory on the other side of Falconreach.
Oak: I can tell you she wore a white coat and had some pretty crazy white hair.
<Character>: Joules.

<Character>: Thank you, Oak.
<Character>: I tell you what: if you return the barrels, I'll make sure that once they are emptied you will get the empty barrels.
<Character>: Although you DO owe the people of Falconreach an apology.
Oak: I will apologize when we return the barrels.
Oak: Flask, get the barrels together! We'll take them back shortly.

*Flask rolls on his side using the barrel he is hiding in until he is off-screen.*

<Character>: Err... How is Flask going to be able to handle the barrels? He can't even see over the top of that thing!
Oak: Meh, he'll grow into it.

*The strange tog continues staring at you.*

Tog: It could have been worse.

Tog: I could have said "Moo."

*You stare at the tog with a troubled look on your face; scene instantly cuts to dark red.*

  • Complete Quest

    Hover your mouse over certain areas for the following to be shown at the bottom right of the screen:

  • I don't need to go there, I'm following the trail.
  • Hmm, no Moglinberry Juice this way!
  • A beautiful sight. But no sign of the juice!
  • Nope. Not this way.
  • No sign of anything this way.
  • Is that the trail? No, just some rocks and dust.

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