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What's That Whistling Noise?

Location: Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 11 -> Dr. Voltabolt -> Part 2
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 18th, 2016

Objective: Monsters are coming out of fruitcake bombs! What could be their source?
Objective completed: That was a piece of cake! Time to take the fight to Joules!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(8) Cranbatty
(4) Grape of Wrath
(4) Spineapple Slice
(1) Fruitcake Golem / (2) Fruitcake Golem - Boss

Eric Greydawn
Guardian Kain

Chicken On A Stick (All Versions)
Sausagemancer's Delight (All Versions)
Seitan Sausage Stabber (All Versions)
Stake & Beans (All Versions)

Access to Whistling Loot for DCs.


*Oak and Flask have returned the barrels they stole overnight back in front of the Falconreach Bakery, relieving you, Oishii, Gretel, and Eric Greydawn.*

<Character>: That's the last of the barrels!
Oak: I apologize for the disruption caused. Had we known we were disrupting your feast gathering, we would not have taken the job.
Gretel: Oh, don't worry your dimples, dearie. We've come to expect a bit of disruption at this time of year.
Gretel: You and your little sweetie here did a fine job of bringing all the juice back.

*Flask sinks even further down into his barrel with embarrassment.*

Oak: Ha, ha... You've embarrassed the lad.
Gretel: The little dear only gets sweeter when his cheeks and face go all red like that.
<Character>: ...You can tell his face is red?
Gretel: I may look old, but I still have good eyes, gingerbread.
Gretel: I grow plenty of carrots in my little garden at the back. And that's the sweetest vegetable there is.
<Character>: I...

<Character>: ... guess that makes sense.

*Dr. Voltabolt arrives, appearing concerned.*

Voltabolt: I haff fixed all my robotz, but zis is a dizazter! How vill ve get all ze foodz back from Joules?
Eric Greydawn: Declare war?
<Character>: No, I don't think that's the way to go...
Oishii: All we have to do is is follow the trail up—

*Oishii looks up at the sky as she hears a noise coming from above; her smile drops at once.*

Oishii: —to the armory and confront Joules right there.
Oishii: Everyone, take cover!!!

*A bunch of giant fruitcakes have been catapulted at the group; although everyone in the area is safe, the same cannot be said for their belongings that got damaged upon impact.*

Voltabolt: My Robotz!!
Gretel: My house!!
Oak: Our Barrels!!

*A defunct Tog-Bot lies still, crushed by the fruitcake that landed on it; you looked alarmed.*

<Character>: ...Fruitcake?
Guardian Kain: MONSTERS!!

*Twisted creatures made entirely of fruit begin to invade Falconreach within seconds.*

Oak: Looks like we are surrounded.
<Character>: I heard Guardian Kain. It sounds like he's at the east gates!
Eric Greydawn: Good. Let's fight our way through and face this enemy on OUR terms!

*You take off, battling the fruit around town as you head over to the eastern side of town to reach Guardian Kain; up on the wall, he looks down at his fellow guardians fighting the invaders with great worry; luckily for him, you, Eric, and Oak have arrived.*

<Character>: Guardian Kain!
Guardian Kain: <Character>? What a relief! Everything has gotten out of hand.
<Character>: We know. We had to fight our way through mobs of monsters WHILE we were getting rained on by... fruitcake. It's ridiculous.
<Character>: It's happening all over Falconreach!
Guardian Kain: Yes, and all of the Guardians are off fighting the monsters.
<Character>: What happened?
Guardian Kain: Have a look and see for yourself.

*Two fruitcake golems are seen on the ground level, staring up at the the walls.*

<Character>: Golems? How—

*The golems load the fruitcakes and fire; it turns out that they are the ones causing the fruitcakes to rain down on Falconreach.*

<Character>: ...Oh boy.
Guardian Kain: They're getting ready to launch another wave! Archers! Shoot them down!
Oak: Strange creatures... so that's how those monsters got inside the walls.
Eric Greydawn: We can help the Guardians by clearing a way to the gates. The Guardians can handle the rest of them.
Eric Greydawn: <Character>, those golems are the REAL issue. We need to stop them, and quickly... before this can further escalate.
<Character>: Right. I'm on my way. This will NOT turn into a full blown war on my watch!

*You hurry off the wall and run outside the eastern gate to face the fruitcake golems; you instantly realize that taking them down to slices will take a bit more work.*

<Character>: ...I hate catapults when I am not using them.

  • Battle! - begins battle with Fruitcake Golem.
  • Extreme Battle! - begins battle with 2 Fruitcake Golem.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Thankstaking Storybook.

    *After you defeat the Fruitcake Golem(s), the quest is able to be completed.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens Whistling Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Stepping on a circular shadow will result in a fruitcake thrown at you, resulting in a severe subtraction of your HP; avoid the shadows to stay safe from the onslaught.

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