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Location: The Nec-snow-mancer, Snowfang the Dragon, What REALLY Happened, Trouble in the Woods, Jack and Lumberjack, Hide and Snowseek, Frallmar's Lair

Quests given

Shops owned

Frostval 2016

The Nec-Snow-Mancer

Holly: It was SO cool!!!

Holly: We have so much to tell you!

Holly: No! I want to tell him!

Holly: Fine! But you are probably going to tell him wrong!

Holly: Okay!

Holly: Togs aren't scary!!!

Holly: Sorry...

Holly: What? Were you even there?

Holly: Wait! That cave is Snowfang's...

Holly: Let me tell you what really happened!

Snowfang the Dragon

Holly: You boys and your violence! That's not what happened.

Holly: Nuh-uh!

Holly: I will!
Holly: It's the story about Snowfang the Dragon.

Holly: Long ago, in a village far, faaaaar, like REALLY far away...

Holly: Faaaaaaaaaaaar away!

Holly: Two beautiful princesses were playing in the snow.

Princess Holly: Oh, silly princess Flake! You know that can't happen, but you are my bestest friend and I'm so glad to hear you say that!
Holly: They were having a lot of fun... when suddenly, mean old Snowfang attacked!

Holly: You don't know?! There even is a song about him!

Holly: Snowfang the dragon...

Princess Holly: Whatever could it be?

Princess Holly: Princess Flake! What are you going to do with her?!

Princess Holly: A feast?!
Princess Holly: Is there nobody who can stop him?!

Holly: No, he's not! He's the hero of this story!

Holly: Ok fine...

Princess Holly: My Hero!

Holly: And so, the handsome and dashing knight returned Princess Flake to the beautiful Princess Holly!
Holly: And they played happily ever after! The End!

Holly: See, Mr. IceMaster Yeti? That's what happened!

What REALLY Happened

Holly: <Character>!

Holly: It's here! The annual snow sculpting contest!

Holly: Mhmm!
Holly: I'M going to make the coolest, most dashing-

Holly: And you'll go riiiiiight here, next to him...~
Holly: This is a really special spot, Princess Flake! I hope you'll keep it warm for me~!

Holly: Huh?

Holly: No...!!
Holly: Princess Flaaaaaake!!!!!!

Holly: Waaaaaaaaaah!!!

Holly: *hic*

Holly: Princess Flaaaaaake...!!

Holly: *sniffles*

Holly: Princess Flake!
Holly: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Holly: So... so cool!

Holly: Thank you for helping, <Character>!

Holly (thinking): My knight in shining armor...

Holly: So... you want us to give him a hug?

Holly: Oh, all right!

Holly: ...

Holly: Let's see... How about... Mr. Twinkl-

Holly: Yeah!

Holly: To work together...

Holly: Not to exaggerate...

Frostval 2017

Trouble in the Woods

Holly: You're back!

Holly: We are!
Tinsel & Holly: The Frostval Tree!!

Holly: And when they're back, we get to decorate them!

Holly: Yeah! I want to see them pick the trees!

Tinsel & Holly: Yay!

Holly: Whaaat?!

Holly: Hey! I wanna come!

Holly: Yeah! I wanna go with Chilly too...

Holly: Awww...

Tinsel & Holly: You would?!!

Holly: Thank you so much, Mr. Snowfang!!

Holly: Do you think whoever took them lives in that cabin over there?

Holly: I was just asking...

Jack and Lumberjack

Tinsel & Holly: Bye!!

Holly: I'm ready to go whenever you are, Chilly!

Holly: Right where we want you!

Holly: Let's do it again!

Holly: They're so yummy...

Holly: It's beauuuuutiful!

Frostval 2018

Hide and Snowseek

Holly: We've won!

Holly: Hurry! Three points for Team Frost Moglin!!

Holly: That was fun! Come on, let's do it again!

Holly: Intinimated?

Holly: Pffffffffffff!!

Holly: Hey! Quit it, you two!
Holly: If you two don't stop fighting after each round then I'll have to put my foot down!

Holly: Aaaaaaaahh!!

Frallmar's Lair

Holly: Do you think the mean beast is going to come back and eat us?
Holly: The loud noises stopped though. Do you think Icemaster Yeti tied that giant snake into knots, and threw it over the moon and-
Holly: Shh! I think I hear it coming back!

Holly: Icemaster Yeti!
Holly: No, Icemaster Yeti is here! I told you he tied it in knots-

Holly: You're not alone!

Princess Holly Appearance

Thanks to Jay for image.

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