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Location: The Nec-snow-mancer, Snowfang the Dragon, What REALLY Happened, Trouble in the Woods, Jack and Lumberjack, Hide and Snowseek, Frallmar's Lair, Frostval in Falconreach, The Unboxing, A Quiet Night

Quests given

Shops owned

Frostval 2016

The Nec-Snow-Mancer


Tinsel: So neat, so epic!!!

Tinsel: So much!!!

Tinsel: So, this is how-

Tinsel: Me first! I was born 1.2 minutes before you!

Tinsel: Yay! Okay! This is how it started...

Tinsel: We were all making snow creatures for the Annual Frostval Snow Sculpting Contest.
Tinsel: Everyone was making the scariest monsters we could imagine!

Tinsel: Yes! They are scary!

Tinsel: Of course not!
Tinsel: I was making a Snow Tog!

Tinsel: Are too!

Tinsel: As I was saying...
Tinsel: We were all making snow creatures and Chilly was making a GIANT snow dragon!
Tinsel: It was massive! It was something so skillfully made that...
Tinsel: ... that it could only be created by DARK MAGIC!

Tinsel: It turns out that Chilly was cheating and using the contest against us! He brought all of our creations to life!
Tinsel: He tricked us into making his army for him!

Tinsel: Yes! I watched him bring his dragon to life with my own eyes!
Tinsel: It was the most terrifying dragon I had ever seen! It look like it was even more powerful than Akriloth!

Tinsel: It was!

Tinsel: He has always been an evil moglin! He always beats me at games! And does better in school! And makes better snow creatures!

Tinsel: Yeah!
Tinsel: But luckily, we had the Hero on our side! He was going to put a stop to evil Chilly!
Tinsel: Once Chilly saw the Hero, he ran for the mountains in the distance to make a bigger army!

Tinsel: He would need one in order to beat MY Hero!

Tinsel: The Hero finally arrived at Chilly's evil lair after defeating the SUPER STRONG Tog that I made for the contest!
Tinsel: I would have won it, too, if Chilly hadn't messed it all up!

Tinsel: Shh! Holly! I'm telling the story! And it is Chilly's lair!
Tinsel: Anyway, once <Character> had reached Chilly's lair, he was attacked by his massive dragon!

Tinsel: The hero stood over Chilly and his dragon, victorious!

Tinsel: Oh yeah! My Hero would never hurt a Moglin!

Tinsel: Then the Hero came home, Chilly got grounded, and now we are celebrating his/her victory!

Tinsel: Were you there? No! That's what happened!

Tinsel: Hush!

Tinsel: Thanks, <Character>!

Snowfang the Dragon

Tinsel: Did too!

Tinsel: Who-

Tinsel: Fine...

Tinsel: It was a short while ago, right here in the village!

Tinsel: *Sigh*

Tinsel: Who even IS Snowfang?!

Tinsel: Uhm wha-

Tinsel: Oh, you're actually singing? Ok then...

Tinsel: What?! Chilly? He doesn't look like that! AND he's the bad guy!

Tinsel: Ok...

Tinsel: I guess it was ok...

What REALLY Happened

Tinsel: <Character>!

Tinsel: Come on! Let's go!

Tinsel: I'm gonna make a Snow Tog!

Tinsel: This is gonna be so cool!

Tinsel: Wha-?

Tinsel: No! That's not it!
Tinsel: The dragon made off with her doll!

Tinsel: But...I saw it!
Tinsel: I saw you make that dragon, Chilly!

Tinsel: <Character>.
Tinsel: Did... did you get it?

Tinsel (thinking): My Snow Tog was cooler!

Tinsel: But what about the dragon?

Tinsel: Well...

Tinsel: ...
Tinsel: Yes.

Tinsel: Hand-holding is embarrassing, okay?!

Tinsel: The Super Mega Giga Ultra Hyper Frost Wyvern! SMGUHFW!

Tinsel: To work together...

Tinsel: Not to exaggerate...

Frostval 2017

Trouble in the Woods

Tinsel: <Character>!

Tinsel: It's the veeeery last thing!
Tinsel: The Frostval Tree!!

Tinsel: But we got to wait until they're back... It's boring.
Tinsel: Why can't we watch them pick the trees?!!

Tinsel: Yay!

Tinsel: Me too!

Tinsel: But why does Chilly get to go and not us?

Tinsel: But I want to go on an adventure too!

Tinsel: You would?!!

Tinsel: And you, Mr Yeti!

Tinsel: Duh! Who else would be?

Jack and Lumberjack

Tinsel: Bye!!

Tinsel: Pffff... We handled things just fine!

Tinsel: Ah ha! We've got you, Jack!

Tinsel: Woohoo!! We won!

Tinsel: Yes! You have to try them!

Tinsel: Nice job, Jack!

Frostval 2018

Hide and Snowseek

Tinsel: Ah HA!! I found ya!


Tinsel: We did it!

Tinsel: Hurry! Three points for Team Frost Moglin!!
Tinsel: Ya put up a good fight, but you can't beat a frost moglin's sniffer in a snowy forest!

Tinsel: Well, I could go for another round of Hide and Snowseek...
Tinsel: ... if the competition isn't too intinimated!

Tinsel: I mean...
Tinsel: Intidima...
Tinsel: Intimina...!
Tinsel: Ini...
Tinsel: ... intimidated.

Tinsel: Oh yeah?! You think that's FUNNY?!

Tinsel: Aaaaaaaahh!!

Frallmar's Lair

Tinsel: It won't! I told you I could scare it off!
Tinsel: Well, I thought scary things at it! That probably helped!
Tinsel: I'm telling you, it was all me! I scared it off just by looking at it!

Tinsel: <Character>!
Tinsel: Yep! I scared away that big ice snake!

Tinsel: We're here for you! I'm sorry about your pa, Jacek...

Frostval in Falconreach

Tinsel: Surprise!

Tinsel: Tonses of presents!

Tinsel: Millions bajillions.

Tinsel: Yes!

Tinsel: That's a secret.

Tinsel: Just grab one!

Tinsel: Waaaaah!

Tinsel: Waaaaaah! I don't like thiiiiis!

The Unboxing

Tinsel: Holly!

Tinsel: Don't compliment the enemy!

Tinsel: Maybe you're stoopid!

Tinsel: Whoooah! You're the best!

Tinsel: E... em... empty?!

Tinsel: You were awesome...

Tinsel: W-what *sniffle* what is it?

Tinsel: Y-yeah!

Tinsel: Haha, groan! You are so silly, <Character>!

Tinsel: Stop it! You're... you're making Holly blush!

Tinsel: Is there still time?

Tinsel: Woohoooo!

A Quiet Night

Tinsel: <Character>!

Tinsel: No, hehe!

Tinsel: I ate a bug.

Tinsel: Uncle Warlic!

Tinsel: YAY!

Tinsel: And then it swoops... AND EATS THE PRINCESS, RAWR!!!

Tinsel: Mwahahaha!

Tinsel: No, that's stupid!

Tinsel: Is!

Tinsel: Yeah, I want to play something else.

Tinsel: Yeah, magic us something to play with!

Tinsel: Oh, another one!

Tinsel: Haha!

Tinsel: SNOWFIGHT!!!


Thanks to Jay for image.

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