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Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> The Thorns -> Fear
Requirements: Completion of Theano: A Thorn's Story
Release Date: January 12th, 2019

Objective: People are missing, strange creatures are running around... what is going on in Verteroche?
Objective completed: Turns out that the Phobeist was hired by Theano. Whatever he has planned, it seems he's one step closer to its completion.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(4) Decrepit Manaphage
(7) Feargeist
(1) Phobeist, (1) Feargeist - Boss

Thorn Member

Brand of Emryhs (I-VIII)
Glow of Emryhs (I-VIII)
Piercer of Emryhs (I-VIII)

Access to TTHF Loot for DCs.


*A ship appears to be docked at Verteroche Crossing; the pier crawling with Thorn members. Inside, Theano and a woman, a Phobeist, are having a conversation.*

Phobeist: It's nice to finally work with another scientist, such as yourself.
Phobeist: And out of all my customers, you've certainly been the most... interesting...
Theano: Your creatures have served the Thorn well.
Theano: As long as you keep supplying the Thorn with them, we will continue to fund... whatever it is that you do.
Phobeist: Excellent! You'd be surprised how hard it is to make a decent living studying primordial Lore.
Theano: Probably because no one cares...
Phobeist: Careful, Thorn. You wouldn't want your worst fear to show up, would you?
Theano: The only "fear" I have, is being trapped with those who are incompetent.
Theano: Which is my current predicament.
Theano: Instead, focus your energy to take care of one last thing for me.

*Theano exits the ship and returns to the pier.*

Theano: I detest that woman. Remind me to deal with her after the ritual.
Thorn Member: Yes, sir.
Thorn Member: The Hero has been spotted near the town, Commander Theano.
Theano: Perfect.
Theano: Release more Feargeists!

*A Thorn member opens a box and unleashes a dark purple gaseous creature; a Feargeist.*

Theano: I know that they won't keep <Character> down, but I do love watching her/him squirm.
Theano: And I would very much like to know what this "Hero" of ours fears the most.
Theano: In a few moments, release some of those garbage Manaphages as well. Let the Feargeists get a head start.
Thorn Member: Yes, sir.
Theano: Once you are done, head back to base. It is almost time for the ritual.

*Meanwhile, you appear to be running through the Crossroads north of Falconreach.*

<Character>: I'm glad Belle's training with Warlic has been going well.
<Character>: She's already made amazing progress.
<Character>: "Manaweaving", she calls it.

*While you are running, you pass a notice board covered with missing person flyers, and come to an abrupt halt. You turn around, and approach the notice board for closer inspection.*

<Character>: What's going on here?

*You hear rapid footsteps and a thud as someone falls down nearby.*

???: HELP!
???: You have to help me! They... They're after me!
<Character>: Who?! Who is after you?
???: Right there! Ahhh!!!

*The unknown man appears to be lifted into the air by an invisible force, and is carried away with a scream.*

<Character>: What was that?!

*You follow in the direction of where the unknown man was taken, battling the at first invisible Feargeists, as well as Decrepit Manaphages, until you reach the Verteroche Crossing pier, and board the ship.*

Phobeist: I figured those Feargeists wouldn't be a match for you. No matter!
Phobeist: I'll take care of you myself!
<Character>: Who are you!? And where is the person you kidnapped?!
Phobeist: All in due time, little one.
Phobeist: First, let's see what you truly fear.

*Runic symbols swirl around one of the Phobeist's eyes.*

Phobeist: Very interesting...
Phobeist: Should be easy enough!

*The Phobeist simply raises a hand, and suddenly everything is not as it seems; surrounding bookcases and a table are all that remain of the room you were just standing in as everything else, including the Phobeist, has vanished into a sea of darkness and purple stars. The SMUDD has appeared, and seems to be looking down upon you ominously.*

<Character>: What!?

<Character>: No! That's not possible!!!

*A crowd of ghostly villagers suddenly appear, relying on you to rescue them all.*

Villagers: Look! It's <Character>! Everything will be okay, s/he'll save us!
<Character>: Where did those villagers come from?!

*Suddenly, your feet are frozen in ice, much like the ice you were frozen within for five years.*

<Character>: Ice!?

<Character>: Nononononono!

*The SMUDD roars and blasts the villagers with his breath, presumably killing them all. As you are frozen, you are unable to save them and must watch and listen helplessly as they scream.*


<Character>: NO!

*The SMUDD leans in closer to you.*

<Character>: Stop...

*The SMUDD lunges at you, appearing to devour you before everything fades to black abruptly. A text adventure mini-game loads.*


You find yourself standing in a small room. It feels cozy. Type HELP for a list of COMMANDS
Please note: You are not able to type in FULLSCREEN.

  • Click in the text input field beside the flashing > to input commands.
  • There are multiple solutions to beat the mini-game, including good and bad endings.

  • Mini-game solutions:

    1. Type take fire 3 times (bad ending).
    2. Type look window 4 times (bad ending).
    3. Type look fire 6 times (bad ending).
    4. Type take rose, take nobody, use nobody, use rose, use window key, go north (good ending).
    5. Type take chair, use chair, take rug, use door key, use chair 51 times (good ending).

    <Character>: What... what happened? He... he was back! And he... he...

    *You turn around to look where the villagers once stood.*

    <Character>: No. <Character>, it's not real! Snap out of it!

    <Character>: It's just that woman's tricks!
    Phobeist: Maybe...

    *The darkness subsides, and suddenly you find yourself in an ice cave; Jaania's face appearing to be sculpted into one of the walls, the Rose emblem in place of her left eye. Beneath it, your pet Dragon is completely trapped within a block of ice. There is only one expression on your face; fear.*

    Phobeist: Or maybe I really am your worst nightmare!!!

    *Fear appears to be taking over you now, but you keep fighting through it.*

    <Character>: This. Needs to. Stop...

  • Battle! - begins battle with Phobeist and Feargeist.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Falconreach (Book 3).

    *Defeated, the Phobeist falls to one knee, her illusion spiralling away as you return to reality.*

    Phobeist: Easy, easy! You win!
    Phobeist: Look, I was only doing business for my research. I have no stakes in this!
    <Character>: With who?!
    Phobeist: Some man with a god complex named "Theano".
    <Character>: What?!
    Phobeist: I'm supposed to send him another shipment of Feargeists in a day or two.
    Phobeist: *mumble*Never really told him they aren't made for fighting. *mumble*
    <Character>: Where?! I need to save all those people you kidnapped!
    Phobeist: Some base in the woods. Just south of here.
    Phobeist: He mentioned a ritual he was planning, if that makes a difference.
    Phobeist: He wouldn't tell me anything about it. Shame, too. That stuff is right up my alley.
    <Character>: Whatever "ritual" Theano is planning to do with these people, it can't be good...
    Phobeist: Probably.
    Phobeist: Now, if that is all, I must get going.

    *Without further hesitation, the Phobeist disappears before your eyes.*

    <Character>: Where did she...
    <Character>: Nevermind, there's no time! I have to get Belle!
    <Character>: We need to put an end to whatever Theano is plotting before anyone else gets hurt!

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens TTHF Loot for DCs.

    Thanks to
  • Shadow X Ascendant for mini-game solutions.
  • BluuHorseOfficial for additional mini-game solution.

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