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Jay -> Khvorost (5/10/2019 23:55:47)


Location: First Halo -> Quests! -> Khvorost
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Coming Home
Release Date: May 10th, 2019

Objective: The peaceful ocean's waves at night. What else to do but relax, wait for your journey's end, and chat?
Objective completed: Seems like Khvorost has a history. Where will he go after this? And what awaits you back in the Land of Dragons?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Flood
(3) Shockwisp
(3) Small Puddle
(1) Tempest
(1) Thunderhead


Smuggler's Stormpather (I-VII)

Access to KV Loot for DCs.

  • Mazurek joins you as Guest A.

    *Khvorost, yourself, and Mazurek are sailing back towards the Land of Dragons at night.*

    Khvorost: So. About that favor, <Character>?
    <Character>: ...
    Mazurek: Ye didn't.
    Khvorost: It, it was a life or death situation! I had to offer my services. You know how it is.

    *Mazurek stares at Khvorost disapprovingly.*

    Khvorost: You know, you know what? I think we're even. I get this wonderful free cruise around the seas, after all.
    Mazurek: One way trip. I nah be shippin' ye back thar.
    Khvorost: Come now, Maz, you're joking right? I didn't even get a chance to pack—
    Mazurek: Th' Magesterium may 'ave turned a blind eye t' ye afore, but aft helpin' <Character> escape?
    Mazurek: They'll be lookin' fer any excuse t' drag ye in front o' that god o' thars.
    Khvorost: But, but my collection of vintage Murshrom Brew! My miniatures! All of my—
    Mazurek: Likely already seized.
    Khvorost: I... I see.

    *Khvorost, yourself, and Mazurek pause for a moment.*

    Khvorost: Hey, hey <Character>, do they have Murshrom Brew in the barbarous— sorry, the Land of Dragons?
    <Character>: I don't think so. Sorry, Khvorost. If there's anything I can do to help— you did help me escape, even if it was a bit of a bumpy ride.
    Khvorost: That's... that's...

    *Khvorost doesn't know what to say as he begins to grasp the reality of life away from Azaveyr.*

    Mazurek: If ye nah be lookin' t' sail wit' me, thar be a place ye might enjoy makin' yer new home.
    <Character>: Ravenloss!
    Mazurek: Aye. An ancient underground city full o' ye weaver types and whatnot.
    Khvorost: A city— a city of weavers? In the Land of Dragons?
    Mazurek: I spent some time thar meself. Made some... good friends. Includin' <Character> here.
    Khvorost: Other weavers. That sounds nice. I could, I could maybe live there. Other chaosweavers...

    *Another moment of silence follows, as you're unsure whether to inform Khvorost about the status of the Land of Dragons' Chaosweaver population.*

    <Character>: Well, about that...
    <Character>: Actually...
    <Character>: Say, Khvorost, how did you end up becoming a chaosweaver? Isn't chaosweaving illegal in the Shapeless Empire?
    Mazurek: Oh no. Ye didn't, <Character>.
    Khvorost: It is, it is a dashing, daring tale! And since you've requested it, I will so very graciously share my epic of pain, loss, recovery, and skulduggery!
    Mazurek: Th' short version, Khvorost.
    Khvorost: Hmph. So be it.
    Khvorost: Well, well, it started when my good—for—nothing parents abandoned me on the steps of Edelia.
    Khvorost: Swaddled me up. Left me on the ground. Never saw 'em again.
    Mazurek: How do ye even remember that?
    Khvorost: Tis true, tis true. A poor babe, alone and forgotten, taken in by the school of weaving.
    <Character>: Really?

    <Character>: What, were you raised by the teachers?
    Khvorost: Okay, okay, I was actually a bit older. Old enough to attend and board. But I never did see my parents again. Don't know what happened.
    Khvorost: Edelia was a good place. If just a bit... boring. I mean, you couldn't blame me, really.
    Khvorost: Living, learning, working and playing, all in the same place? It was just. So. Boring.
    <Character>: Blame you for what?
    Khvorost: I mean, I mean, seriously. They wouldn't even let us out without a chaperone. It was just the same thing day after day.
    Khvorost: I needed some excitement.
    Mazurek: Wha' did ye do?
    Khvorost: Can, can you imagine? Just classes and chores day in and day out. Anyone would have gone—
    <Character>, Mazurek (in unison): KHVOROST!
    Khvorost: Hm? Oh, oh, as I was saying. I was expelled.
    <Character>, Mazurek (in unison): ...
    Khvorost: Now, NOW, you want me to give you all the salacious details? Well, I certainly can't resist.
    Khvorost: There was this country kid. From some family, from around Mortem, I think? He, well, I don't remember his name. I gave him some silly dare.
    Khvorost: Didn't think the kid would actually try it.
    Khvorost: Well, well... he did.
    Khvorost: Broke his way into the headmaster's office. Went ahead and started trying to weave with the headmaster's spiritlooms.
    Khvorost: As you can imagine, he got expelled on the spot.
    Khvorost: Of course, they kicked me out after that, too.
    <Character>: Wait, you don't mean—
    Khvorost: Oh yes. Didn't help that I had a disciplinary sheet longer than I was tall. Simpler times.
    <Character>: No, I mean, you were the one who got Tomix expelled?!

    *Mazurek appears enraged by this revelation.*

    Khvorost: Was that his name? Pasty looking annoying kid, red hair?
    Mazurek: That's it. We're tossin' ye o'erboard!
    Khvorost: Wait, wait up! Did I say something wrong?
    Mazurek: Tomix be dead, Khvorost! Ye set 'im on a path that led 'im through much pain 'n sufferin', even t' th' end!
    Khvorost: Now, now look, I was just a kid! I was bored! If I'd have known that he would mean so much to you—
    Mazurek: This ain't about ME. I wants ye off me vessel. Now.
    Khvorost: <Character>? Some help? Oh, oh! This can be the favor you owe me!
    <Character>: I... I...
    Lookout: Cap'n! Cap'n! Storm approachin', fast! Lookin' tah be magical o' sorts!

    *Mazurek reluctantly knows she must prioritize everyone's safety over Khvorost, for now.*

    Mazurek: We'll deal wit' ye later.
    Mazurek: ALL HANDS ON DECK!

    *You and Mazurek fight alongside each other, defeating various elementals the storm has brought on deck. Afterwards, the storm passes, and Khvorost comes out of hiding.*

    Mazurek: Ye can come out now. We nah be throwin' ye t' th' sea.
    Khvorost: <Character>! Make her promise!
    <Character>: Maz—
    Mazurek: Ye 'ave me word, Khvorost. Ye may 'ave set Tomix down his path, but wi'out that path, none o' us would 'ave met 'im.
    Mazurek: 'N we were better fer havin' known 'im.

    *Mazurek takes a moment to reminisce about Tomix.*

    Mazurek: Nothin' like a scrap t' clear th' mind.
    <Character>: I still can't believe— what are the odds that you, the chaosweaver who helped me escape from Nieboheim, were the boy who got Tomix expelled?

    *Khvorost, yourself, and Mazurek ponder this unlikely series of events.*

    Khvorost: I do... I do feel guilty. Now that I'm older.
    Khvorost: I've helped smuggle people out of the Shapeless Empire. Bring them down to the shore. To boats like Maz's.
    Khvorost: I've seen, I've seen families torn. Torn over all manner of issues. From forgetting some trinket. To choosing who to leave behind.
    Khvorost: I know what I did— I know I ruined that boy's future.

    *Khvorost, yourself, and Mazurek are still processing all of these new revelations.*

    <Character>: So... What happened after you were expelled? How did you end up chaosweaving and smuggling people out of the Empire?
    Khvorost: Now that, that is an interesting question! I taught myself!
    <Character>: You taught yourself chaosweaving?
    Khvorost: Well, well, I had the basics of soulweaving from Edelia. And I am extraordinarily talented.
    Khvorost: It took much, much hardship, though. I couldn't stay in Tkaanie.
    Khvorost: But in the Shapeless Empire... I had to live... uncomfortably. To avoid the Magesterium. As you saw— it takes just one.
    Khvorost: One slip-up, and you're food for the Shapeless.
    Khvorost: I had to be the best. To survive, see. And with time, I think that may have rubbed off on my dear Ruuma. My soulally.
    <Character>: Didn't you say he was an Elemental Spirit of Arrogance?
    Khvorost: He is, but arrogance comes in many forms. Most of the time now, he's off on his own.
    Khvorost: Doing whatever he does in the Plane of Elemental Spirits. But he does come to my aid. When necessary.
    Khvorost: Isn't, isn't that right, Ruuma?

    *Ruuma is nowhere to be found.*

    Khvorost: He cares. Really! I'd be— I'd be lost without him.
    Khvorost: Anyway. Anyway. I got good at hiding from the Magesterium. Or maybe they stopped looking.
    Khvorost: I made my living as a smuggler. Helped people out of the Empire.
    Khvorost: It was, it was a good life. Always exciting. Always watching my back. Never a boring moment.
    Khvorost: Then, then, one day, I helped some foreign hero escape the city in a hurry, and well, here we are.
    Mazurek: Khvorost may 'ave his regrets, but he ain't a bad person. Nah anymore, at least. Right, Khvorost?

    *Khvorost glances away from Mazurek, appearing to still be hiding something about their history.*

    <Character>: I see. You've certainly led an... interesting life, Khvorost.
    Khvorost: Yes, yes, well. I do what I must to survive.
    Khvorost: Speaking of which. I'd— I would like to claim that favor from you.
    <Character>: Right now? Here?
    Khvorost: If you don't mind. Could...
    Khvorost: Could you tell me about Tomix?

    Khvorost: I like a good story.

    *You and Mazurek smile after hearing Khvorost's request.*

    <Character>: Of course.
    <Character>: Mazurek, do you think you could help too?
    Mazurek: Aye.
    <Character>: It all started with the Corrupted Elemental Spirit of Greed...

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Loot for DCs - opens KV Loot for DCs.

    Other information
  • Guests are removed upon beginning this quest as of January 29th, 2021.

    Next Up: A Petal Falls

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