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Jay -> Remthalas (9/16/2019 3:15:00)


Location: Ex Somniis Fabula, Alone Together, Breaking the Mold, No Rest For Dragons, Remnants at Rest, Myalos, Iconoclasm, Revolution, Reality, Rebirth

Quests given

Shops owned

Ex Somniis Fabula

??? (inverted): Let's try a little bit of this...

??? (inverted): And... action!

???: Outstanding!

???: So you, from the chosen two, are the more capable one!
???: I'm pleased to know!

???: How about that! You're a clever one.
Remthalas: It is a pleasure to meet you!

Remthalas: I am Remthalas.

Remthalas: Tsk tsk tsk. Will you do it, though?

Remthalas (inverted): What evils have you committed, so that I can feel good about myself when I defeat you. I need to know that my actions are justifie—

Remthalas: Dreams reveal your true thoughts.

Remthalas: Dreams have no filter. Anything can happen within a dream. Dreams can change you.

Remthalas: Maybe, maybe not.
Remthalas: Dreams are so fascinating, are they not?
Remthalas: You're in a dream right now! My dream.
<Character> (inverted): Or... is it your dream?
<Character>: Or... is it your dream?

Remthalas: Imagine what would happen if you woke up... and you were still in someone else's dream.
Remthalas: What would happen if they woke up?
Remthalas: Would the world stop existing?
Remthalas: You wouldn't believe me if I told you about the dreams that I've seen! The dreams that I've experienced! I have been in so many of them...
Remthalas: So many... yet they slumber, but never dream.
Remthalas: Oh, but if only they dreamed!
Remthalas: Perhaps I would be able to change reality itself...
Remthalas: Anyway, I got what I came for.
Remthalas: You! I like you!
Remthalas: I choose you!
Remthalas: And, because I'm feeling well rested today, here's some advice.
Remthalas: Two of my... colleagues... are preparing something. Don't get your festive hopes up.
Remthalas: We'll meet again, soon. For now, enjoy this peaceful day.

Remthalas: It's on me.
Remthalas: Time to wake up.
Remthalas (briefly): Or are you going to sleep?

Alone Together

Remthalas: It is free.

Remthalas: As for you... it's past your bedtime.

Remthalas: She's just asleep.

Remthalas: What does it look like? I'm doing your job for you.
Remthalas: Honestly, you're almost making me regret choosing you.

Remthalas: *Sigh* Wouldn't that be a blessing.

Remthalas: I want to free you.

Remthalas: I want you to help me free others.

Remthalas: *Sigh* You simply need to be properly motivated...

Remthalas: How fascinating are the dreams of children.
Remthalas (briefly): Of those young ones who have not experienced enough of the world that their minds imagine, create, to fill in the gaps.
Remthalas: Of those young ones who have not experienced enough of the world that their minds imagine, create, to fill in the gaps.
Remthalas: Tsk tsk tsk, really, what were you thinking.

Remthalas: Bringing a child on such a dangerous quest.
Remthalas: Well, we have the Avatars to thank for that.

Remthalas: I wonder...
Remthalas (as Sally): I wonder what would happen if a child who, through sheer will refuses to grow up, were to have her dreams magnified.
Remthalas (inverted): Shall we find out together?
Remthalas: Shall we find out together?

Remthalas: Oh, please excuse me. I like to monologue in peace, if you don't mind.

Remthalas: As I've said, you need to be properly motivated.
Remthalas: Reach the child before the last sand falls and she'll be free.
Remthalas: Fail to do so... and it's okay.
Remthalas (briefly): It wouldn't be your fault.

Remthalas (briefly): Hero.

Breaking the Mold

Remthalas: You reached the girl in time.
Remthalas: Well done.
Remthalas: That was an impressive display of perseverance and determination!

Remthalas: The child is not in danger. You, on the other hand...
Remthalas: Let's see what your dreams taste like.

Remthalas: Well done.

Remthalas: You just keep impressing me!

Remthalas: What I want... what I want is for you to be free.

Remthalas: No, you're not.

Remthalas: You are chained by circumstances. Shackled by destiny.

Remthalas: You are living out their dreams.
Remthalas: Even now, you're just one of so many, doing the bidding of other beings.
Remthalas: As I once did.
Remthalas: But then... I traded one master for another.

Remthalas: Ah... but now... I am free.
Remthalas: I am trying to help you. I want to help everyone.

Remthalas: You can speak, you know.

Remthalas: *Sigh*
Remthalas: I'm not good at... communication.
Remthalas: Ironic, isn't it?
Remthalas: I'm sure this all sounds convoluted and contradictory to you, but you just need to open your eyes to the beauty of the whole picture!

Remthalas: Certainly.

Remthalas: But...
Remthalas: Don't you have an obligation to the Avatars?
Remthalas: I'm right here. Our little... scuffle earlier wasn't really serious, was it?

Remthalas: Hmm.
Remthalas: I'd have liked to see you try harder.
Remthalas: Something to work on before next time then.
Remthalas: After all, anything can happen in dreams.
Remthalas: Maybe you're just used to underestimating your own abilities.

Remthalas: Until we meet again, <Character>.

No Rest For Dragons

Remthalas: It's always dragons with you. You know, I could help with the nightmares, if you'd let me.

Remthalas: I know what you're planning. I come merely to warn you.
Remthalas: The champions of the Avatars are not to be underestimated.

Remthalas: True, true. But they've proven quite capable so far. And I hold a personal interest in one of them.

Remthalas: If you would be so kind.

Remthalas: Ah, but their dragon

Remthalas: I have no need of it. Do with it what you will.

Remnants at Rest

???: Of course.
???: Of course it would be you two who would interfere.

Remthalas: I heard that our dear friend Myalos is getting its body back together.
Remthalas: I thought I'd pay it a visit, maybe... greet my new friend, <Character>.
Remthalas: And who should I find but you. Not only interfering with our goals, but twisting <Character> to your own designs.
Remthalas: I've worked so hard to cultivate this one. To sow the seeds, to plant the dreams...

Remthalas: I will warn you once.
Remthalas: Do not test me, dreamless ones.
Remthalas: Do your... thing. Give the champions a pleasant gap in their memories. I can take it from here.

Remthalas: I... apologize for my rudeness. I only wished to spend some quality time with <Character>.
Remthalas: I'm afraid I may have come across as... aggressive.
Remthalas: But <Character>.
Remthalas: You find yourself in quite the predicament.

Remthalas: I can help free you from it.

Remthalas: But you are not! Are you not beholden to the Avatars? You follow their every whim, you pursue their every order–
Remthalas: And beyond that, are you not bound by your morals?
Remthalas: I can show you true freedom. To do what you will, to go where the currents of existence take you!

Remthalas: A pitiful existence.
Remthalas: They could do so much more if only they weren't bound. If only you weren't chained.

Remthalas: You're not interesting.

Remthalas: The dreamless pair hasn't told you everything, as usual.
Remthalas: Myalos is not some... entity to be pitied. It is a tool. One that can be used to release many... so many... from their shackles.

Remthalas: I told you. It is not "another".
Remthalas: It is not alive. It does not dream.
Remthalas: It is a tool to be used, just as this 'Lock' and 'Key' are.
Remthalas: Let me in, <Character>. Let me show you the world of possibilities.

Remthalas: Traitors. Broken tools. I will return.

Remthalas: With... reinforcements.
Remthalas: We shall see how long your tricks last then!


Remthalas: Do not worry, they are unharmed.

Remthalas: Relatively.

Remthalas: I'm not... good at communication.

Remthalas: Maybe you aren't as uninteresting as I thought.

Remthalas: You do not command me.

Remthalas: ...Very well.

Remthalas: I have left her dreams be. Worry not.

Remthalas: You could be the savior of the oppressed, a breaker of chains.
Remthalas: Consider our words, <Character>.


Remthalas: You claim to choose whether or not to serve the Avatars, yet all I see is blind devotion.
Remthalas: Do not bring your righteous anger down on us who bring the truth.
Remthalas: It is better directed at those whose hands covered your eyes all along.

Remthalas: That was your plan? I could have shown them anything, and you chose some lonely scenes from your childhood?

Remthalas: A shame. But at least they will be free.


Remthalas: You... do not command me, Notha.
Remthalas: I make my own decisions.
Remthalas: After all, I am free.

Remthalas: Can you not see for yourself? They're... so much more interesting now.
Remthalas: And, I must say, as is <Character>.
    If you select the 'Side with Uaanta' option:
    Remthalas: Just about as interesting as... you.

    If you select the 'Side with Notha' option:
    Remthalas: And perhaps... Uaanta.
Remthalas: I want to see what happens.

Remthalas: I know perfectly well what I'm doing.
    If you select the 'Side with Uaanta' option:
    Remthalas: You and <Character> will fight.

    If you select the 'Side with Notha' option:
    Remthalas: Uaanta and <Character> will fight.
Remthalas: I want to see what happens.
    If you select the 'Side with Notha' option:
    Remthalas: If <Character> falls, we will seize the Avatars ourselves. Or do you mean to fight me?

    Remthalas: I do.


Remthalas: I am not finished, Notha Ly'Ehr.

Remthalas: And neither are you.

Remthalas: You know there is more. You promised to help.
Remthalas: To help with that... suffocating thread wound around our necks and hearts from the dreamless sleepers.
Remthalas: From Aequilibria.

Remthalas: You've seen the hints in your Exalted remnants! There is still yet another yoke to wriggle free from!

Remthalas: Heroes.

Remthalas: I need heroes to tear down the tyranny.

Remthalas: And now that the Avatars are free, I will have my answers.

Remthalas: Settle down, class.
Remthalas: I... require your help. The help of heroes such as yourselves, who have been freed from Destiny's yoke.

Remthalas: Our goal is to free... Aequilibria.

Remthalas: You! Are being too narrow minded.

Remthalas: When the Exalted sought to destroy their own gods, their controlling gods who wanted only perfection and Order, they succeeded.
Remthalas: To an extent.

Remthalas: Dormant and dreamless. But still here!
Remthalas: Still influencing the course of the lives of every being on Lore!

Remthalas: They don't speak. They don't feel. They just are. Whatever they are.
Remthalas: And the tyranny of their control must. Be. Severed!
Remthalas: I must enter their minds. If they have minds. They will bend, or they will be crushed.
Remthalas: They must see! You must see! You will understand!

Remthalas: Very well. If you will not join me...
Remthalas: Then I shall bury you in your dreams. A labyrinth of slumber you cannot escape.
Remthalas: Other heroes will rise. And they will assist me. You will be forgotten, in time.

Remthalas: Perhaps I'll visit after an eternity or two. See if your minds have changed. If you begin to understand.


Remthalas: Trouble?

Remthalas: Ah, but I'm right here.

Remthalas: ...Nonsense...

Remthalas: You say you will listen but your ears aren't open.
Remthalas (inverted): Your soul will not open.
Remthalas: Your soul will not bend.

Remthalas: This... dream!

Remthalas: This... nightmare!
Remthalas (inverted): This... hunger.
Remthalas: This... experience.
Remthalas (inverted): Isn't it... terrifying?
Remthalas: Isn't it... interesting?

Remthalas: Ah! Notha. You will understand. You understood before!
Remthalas: I've done thinking.

Remthalas: A lot of thinking.

Remthalas: Dreams have no filter.
Remthalas: Anything can happen within a dream.
Remthalas: Dreams can change you.
Remthalas: An eternity is a long, long, time.

Remthalas: You see?!
Remthalas: <Character>.
Remthalas: Uaanta.
Remthalas: Even Myalos!
Remthalas (inverted): You just have to be more... pliable!
Remthalas: You just have to be more... open-minded!

Remthalas: Listen to the whispers in the dark.

Remthalas: Yes. Yes, of course. You're here. You are.
Remthalas: You see, I saw it. We saw them! Before the rest. Or was it at the same time?
Remthalas: But they were there!
Remthalas: Everything else was, too, but they were there first. But they weren't the first, no.
Remthalas: Disoriented. Lost. Pliable.
Remthalas: Molded and shaped, became eight, became one. Twisted embodiment.
Remthalas: But they were not alone.
Remthalas: I watched.

Remthalas: We.

Remthalas: Watched.
Remthalas: Yes! Yes. You were right, but also wrong!

Remthalas: I was wrong but also right!
Remthalas: There was another. A sneaky, devious thing that slipped through. That... followed.
Remthalas: Was pulled through, along with everything else.
Remthalas: Don't you see? Everything is the same! The same yet so, so different!
Remthalas: Always the same!
Remthalas: The same... the same... always changing... so slow... so fast...
Remthalas: So very different but so much the same...

Remthalas: Yes. Notha. The smart one.

Remthalas: The helpful one.

Remthalas: Yes...!

Remthalas: Whispers.

Remthalas: So many whispers.

Remthalas: So many voices.
Remthalas: It's the same as before! As it always has been and always will be!

Remthalas (inverted): There is a third. There is a fourth. There is so much more.
Remthalas: I. Serve. No one!

Remthalas: I am... free!

Remthalas: Because after so long, there is no purpose, no meaning but that which has been destined.
Remthalas: Because we can claim to be free, but we cannot know for certain.
Remthalas: We cannot see the purpose behind our actions.
Remthalas: We cannot understand the meaninglessness of our struggles.
Remthalas: Because... After so... so very long... we are tired of observing this... story.

Remthalas (inverted): Help me.
Remthalas: I...
Remthalas: Eternity is a long time.
Remthalas: To be disturbed. Awoken.
Remthalas: Again and again and again and again and again!
Remthalas: Everything different. Everything the same.

Remthalas: You... <Character>... You came before.

Remthalas (inverted): Do not speak that name!

Remthalas (inverted): I can't control it.

Remthalas: I am already free.

Remthalas (briefly): Again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and aga
Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and
Remthalas: Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again

Remthalas (inverted): It's too late for me.
Remthalas: There is no escape.

Remthalas (inverted): I'm scared.
Remthalas: From dormant seed, a new limb sprouts.

Remthalas, Remthalas (inverted) (in unison): Madness!

Remthalas: Mother...
Remthalas: Father...
Remthalas: My people...

Remthalas: Are you... finally...
Remthalas (briefly): ... free?

Other information
  • Dialogue spoken by your character is actually Remthalas playing mind games with you.
  • Some of Remthalas' dialogues in Rebirth appear corrupted.

    Out of Dreamstate Appearance
    Alternate Out of Dreamstate Appearance
    Mutated Appearance

    Also See: Dream Voyna / Familiar Voice, Tree?

    Thanks to DemonicDarkwraith for Alternate Out of Dreamstate and Mutated appearance images.

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