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Alone Together

Location: Friday the 13th - Mr. Nameless -> To the War! -> Alone Together, Friday the 13th - Remthalas -> To the War! -> Alone Together
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Child's Play, 100% War Meter
Release Date: December 17th, 2019

Objective: It's time to confront Mr. Nameless and put an end to his evil machinations! This is for Frostval!
Objective completed: It's not your fault.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Mr. Nameless / Mr. Twinkles



*You and Uaanta are standing by the bonfire in Frostvale town and announce your victory to Mr. Nameless.*

<Character>: It's done, Name— Mr. Nameless! We've won! We're done with your "game"!

*The Maleurous mask disappears from the sky and suddenly Mr. Nameless—a torn-up and unwanted old teddy bear—appears before you and Uaanta.*

Mr. Nameless: It's... It's NOT FAIR!
Mr. Nameless: I can't EVER be beaten at MY game! You CHEATED!

*Mr. Nameless removes and replaces his snout with one expressing an angry frown.*

Mr. Nameless: You and your FRIENDS!
Mr. Nameless: Yes, it's... it's because you have FRIENDS, isn't it?!
Mr. Nameless: You have HELP!
Mr. Nameless: If I had friends, REAL friends, I would have WON!!
Mr. Nameless: Well I'm not done YET!!

*Mr. Nameless removes and replaces his snout and eyes with new ones appearing even angrier than before.*


  • Battle! - begins battle with Mr. Nameless... or does it?
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Friday the 13th - Mr. Nameless or Friday the 13th - Remthalas.

    *Just as you and Mr. Nameless prepare to battle, Sally interrupts.*

    <Character>: S-Sally?!
    Sally: Stop it!
    Sally: He's hurting!
    Mr. Nameless: W-what is this kid on about?
    Uaanta: Sally, get back here, young lady!
    Sally: No!
    Sally: Mr. Nameless.
    Mr. Nameless: ...
    Sally: Would you like to be my friend?

    *A moment of silence follows Sally's unexpected question.*

    <Character>: What?!
    Uaanta: What?
    Mr. Nameless: W-what...?
    Sally: You said you had no friends. I can be your friend.
    Sally: I don't like when toys are in pain.
    Sally: I don't like when they're alone and have no home.
    <Character>: Sally, he's been attacking a village of defenseless moglins!
    Sally: For a grown-up, you're so stupid! It's because he's lonely!!
    <Character>: Um. I don't know if that justifies—
    Uaanta: Shh.
    Mr. Nameless: ...
    Sally: Mr. Nameless, you must have been alone for so many years...
    Sally: Your owner was a bad, mean person for abandoning you.
    Sally: They're not here anymore... but I am!

    Sally: Forever!
    Mr. Nameless: You're...
    Mr. Nameless: ...

    *Mr. Nameless replaces his snout and eyes with ones depicting a softer expression.*

    Mr. Nameless: Who are you?
    Sally: *Giggles* I'm Sally! Your new best friend!
    Mr. Nameless: ...
    Mr. Nameless: Do you— Do you mean it?
    Sally: Yes, silly!
    <Character>: What is happening?
    Uaanta: I'm not entirely sure. We better be on guard.
    Mr. Nameless: Do you really want to be my friend...?
    Sally: Of course! We can play and have tea parties and have all the fun in the world! *Giggles*
    Sally: Some people might be mad at you for attacking stupid moglins, but I don't care about any of that!
    <Character>: Should we do something about this?
    Uaanta: I... I don't know, <Character>. The Makers told us to... but...
    Mr. Nameless: I...
    Mr. Nameless: Y-yes.

    Mr. Nameless: Yes, I will be your friend, Sally.
    Sally: Yay! Super!

    *Mr. Nameless smiles, for the first time.*

    Sally: Mr. Nameless, can you make Frostvale normal again, pretty please?
    Mr. Nameless: Yeah... Okay.

    *The snow globe encasing Frostvale shatters, and everything is seemingly back to normal.*

    <Character>: I did not see this coming.
    Uaanta: Neither did I...
    Sally: From now on, you're Mr. Twinkles!
    Sally: Let's go, Mr. Twinkles! Take my hand!
    Mr. Twinkles: ...

    *The newly renamed Mr. Twinkles looks down at Sally's open hand hesitantly, then grabs it, and smiles again; all appears to be going well, until a dark blue hand dramatically pierces through Mr. Twinkles' head, retrieving his soul, and killing him; everyone is in shock at this unexpected event.*

    Remthalas: It is free.

    *Sally looks up at Remthalas in shock, then lets out an intense scream, turning to black and pulsing with blasts of green and black darkness magic.*

    Remthalas: As for you... it's past your bedtime.

    *Remthalas clicks his fingers and puts Sally to sleep.*

    <Character>: Remthalas!
    Uaanta: What have you done to her, demon?!
    Remthalas: She's just asleep.
    <Character>: What are you doing here?! Why have you done this?!
    Remthalas: What does it look like? I'm doing your job for you.
    Remthalas: Honestly, you're almost making me regret choosing you.
    Uaanta: I'll put you to rest!
    Remthalas: *Sigh* Wouldn't that be a blessing.

    *Remthalas clicks his fingers again, this time putting Uaanta to sleep.*

    <Character>: Uaant—
    <Character>: What do you want?!
    Remthalas: I want to free you.

    Remthalas: I want you to help me free others.
    <Character>: I'm not going to help you!
    Remthalas: *Sigh* You simply need to be properly motivated...

    *Remthalas clicks his fingers for a third time, putting you to sleep; as you fall backwards, you seem to enter the dreamstate, falling into the ocean, where Remthalas is waiting for you.*

    Remthalas: How fascinating are the dreams of children.
    Remthalas (briefly): Of those young ones who have not experienced enough of the world that their minds imagine, create, to fill in the gaps.
    Remthalas: Of those young ones who have not experienced enough of the world that their minds imagine, create, to fill in the gaps.
    Remthalas: Tsk tsk tsk, really, what were you thinking.

    Remthalas: Bringing a child on such a dangerous quest.
    Remthalas: Well, we have the Avatars to thank for that.

    *Remthalas pauses momentarily.*

    Remthalas: I wonder...
    Remthalas (as Sally): I wonder what would happen if a child who, through sheer will refuses to grow up, were to have her dreams magnified.
    Remthalas (inverted): Shall we find out together?
    Remthalas: Shall we find out together?
    <Character>: Mhmmm mhmmh mmmh!
    Remthalas: Oh, please excuse me. I like to monologue in peace, if you don't mind.
    <Character>: Mmmhh mm!!
    Remthalas: As I've said, you need to be properly motivated.
    Remthalas: Reach the child before the last sand falls and she'll be free.
    Remthalas: Fail to do so... and it's okay.
    Remthalas (briefly): It wouldn't be your fault.

    Remthalas (briefly): Hero.
    <Character>: Aagh!
    <Character>: *Pant*

    *You take a moment to process Remthalas' challenge.*

    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: SALLY!

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • After first completion, Book of Lore will no longer direct you to Friday the 13th - Mr. Nameless, but Friday the 13th - Remthalas instead.

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