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A Dragon's Day Out

Location: Book of Lore -> A Dragon's Day Out!,
Location: Sunbreeze Grove (Book 3) -> Left -> Dove -> Quests! -> A Dragon's Day Out!
Requirements: Completion of The Hatching / Dragon Hatching
Release Date: June 17th, 2023

Objective: What exactly does your dragon get up to when you're not around...?
Objective completed: A partnership of hero and dragon, a legend for the ages!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) Bear
(7) Boardrake
(4) Gorillaphant
(10) Tog


Drahaj (I-IX)

Access to DDO Loot for DCs.

  • Equips Baby Dragon / Toddler Dragon / Kid Dragon.

    *At "your spot" by the cliff's edge near Oaklore Keep, your dragon is sleeping; your dragon slowly awakens.*

    <Dragon>: (*Mumbles*)
    <Dragon>: (Yaaawn.)

    *Your dragon looks around drowsily.*

    <Dragon>: (<Character>?)

    *There is no response.*

    <Dragon>: (*Sigh*...)
    <Dragon>: (<He/She/They> left me, again.)
    <Dragon>: (All alone. By myself.)

    *Your dragon initially appears saddened by this realization.*

    <Dragon>: (Time to conquer the worl—)
    <Dragon>: (Oh, what's this?)

    *On the ground before your dragon is a handwritten note that reads: "Have a few errands to run, will be back later! Behave and have fun!"; your dragon squints as if trying very hard to read it.*

    <Dragon>: (If only I could read.)
    <Dragon>: (Oh well! It's time to get busy!)

    *Your dragon flies to Sunbreeze Grove and finds company in Elysia, sitting atop her tea table.*

    <Dragon>: (... and that's how I rescued <Character> from a bunch of princesses who humannapped <him/her/them>!)
    Elysia: That's... so exciting, <Dragon>!
    Elysia: I'm glad you stopped by for a visit! We should do this more often!
    <Dragon>: (Well, it's not like I had a choice. I've been abandoned.)
    Elysia: Umm...
    <Dragon>: (I woke up today after a nice dream of snacks worshipping me, and my hero wasn't by my side to give me a good scratch. Or to do my bidding.)
    Elysia: I forgot how dramatic you can be!
    <Dragon>: (I'm not being dramatic!)
    Elysia: Anyway, how IS <Character>? It's been a while since I've caught up with <him/her/them>.
    <Dragon>: (Oh, umm... fine, I guess.)

    *Elysia doesn't appear convinced by your dragon's dismissive response.*

    <Dragon>: (Uh... well, alright. It's been tough. For <him/her/them>. And me. Mostly for me.)
    Elysia: <Dragon>.
    <Dragon>: (*Sigh*)
    <Dragon>: (I can see that <he doesn't/she doesn't/they don't> really sleep well sometimes.)
    <Dragon>: (And from time to time <he skips/she skips/they skip> breakfast, because we have to go help someone or save the Lore for the hundreft... handred...?)
    <Dragon>: (Anyway, for yet another time. I'm worried <he isn't/she isn't/they aren't> eating enough!)
    <Dragon>: (It seems like after <he was/she was/they were> unfreezed, <he has/she has/they have> to be there for literally everyone else...)
    <Dragon>: (So... I guess... it felt weird to wake up without <him/her/them> by my side again...)

    *A brief pause follows your dragon's confessional response to Elysia.*

    Elysia: That's... the life of a hero I suppose, little one.
    <Dragon>: (I know, I guess... but <he has/she has/they have> been too much of a hero lately. Like, chill out, sit down... buy me snacks. You know?).
    Elysia: ...
    Elysia: I... have an idea!
    Elysia: Why don't you make a nice gift for <him/her/them>? Something from the heart, something that tells <him/her/them> that you care.

    *Your dragon considers Elysia's idea.*

    <Dragon>: (Hmm...)
    <Dragon>: (Okay, I like that idea! It's good that you helped me come up with it, I really like you, dragon lady.)
    Elysia: Uh, thank you!
    <Dragon>: (I will go ask others what I should get for <Character>, bye!)

    *Back in Falconreach, outside of Cysero's Superstore, your dragon approaches Cysero for advice.*

    <Dragon>: (Green mage. I need help and you'll have the honor to help me out!)

    *Cysero turns to face your dragon.*

    Cysero: Oh hi there, <Dragon>! What can I do for you?
    <Dragon>: (I'm trying to find a present for <Character> and— wait, you can actually understand me?)
    Cysero: Of course I can!
    <Dragon>: (Weird, I was just doing this for fun...)
    <Dragon>: (Anyway! I need to find a good present for <Character> and I don't know where to start looking!)
    Cysero: Have you seen my store?
    <Dragon>: (Well, yes... but I don't exactly have your little thingies to pay for stuff.)
    Cysero: Ah yes! Schnozzberries ARE delicious!

    *Your dragon pauses following Cysero's seemingly unrelated response.*

    <Dragon>: (What?)
    Cysero: I grow them every year! They go great with so many things! I'm so glad you brought it up!
    <Dragon>: (I... I never mentioned... schnozzberries?)
    Cysero: Wow, you're so talkative today, <Dragon>!
    <Dragon>: (You... can't actually understand me, can you?)
    Cysero: Schnozzberry pie does sound like a good idea!

    *Your dragon breathes fire at Cysero, annoyed by his apparent pretense of understanding.*

    <Dragon>: (I don't know what I expected. I'll find someone else to help me!)

    *Cysero watches your dragon fly off.*

    Cysero: ...And here I thought a Schnozzberry pie would be a great present for <Character>.
    Cysero: Welp, back to work standing here!

    *After implying Cysero did in fact understand your dragon, the scene zooms in on Cysero's face before fading to black; scene fades back in outside of the Falconreach Potion Shops, where your dragon is eating a slice of bread.*

    ???: Hey... psssst.

    *Your dragon continues eating the slice of bread, unphased by whoever is trying to capture their attention.*

    Zorbak: Psssssssssssssssssssssssst!
    <Dragon>: (What?! You sound like a deflating tog!)
    Zorbak: Good, I got your attention.
    Zorbak: Listen here, bud. I have a proposition for you. I've seen you flying around town, asking people about... things, I guess. I can get you things.
    Zorbak: All you need to do is help me out with something.
    <Dragon>: (... And what is this 'something'?)

    *Presumably unable to understand your dragon, a brief pause follows their response to Zorbak.*

    Zorbak: Okay, I'll take that as a yes.
    Zorbak: So, I want you to gather sticks and leaves, while I dig out this hole.
    Zorbak: This will be a Twilly hole, you see? A hole for Twilly. You know Twilly.
    <Dragon>: ...
    <Dragon>: (I'm in.)
    Zorbak: I'll take that one as a yes, too.

    *Your dragon fights their way through the forest, battling various woodland creatures and collecting piles of leaves and sticks along the way; once five piles of leaves and sticks are collected, your dragon regroups with Zorbak to cover a hole in the ground.*

    Zorbak: Alright. I'm gonna go put out some moglinberries and tell Twilly to—
    Twilly: Gaaaah!
    Twilly: I'm sorry, I didn't know it was your stuuuump!

    *Twilly runs straight over the hole, somehow avoiding falling in; the tog chasing Twilly is not so fortunate.*

    Twilly: Oh, phew! Thanks, guys! You just saved me from an angry tog! I took a nap on a stump and apparently it was—
    Zorbak: UGH!
    Zorbak: Of all the—
    Zorbak: You know what? No. Forget it. I'm cursed, that's what it is.

    Zorbak: Cursed!

    *Twilly appears confused by Zorbak's outburst, unaware the trap was intended for them.*

    Twilly: Oh noes, what happened? Did I do something wrong?

    *Initially unresponsive, your dragon reminisces of a time shortly after The Hatching.*

    <Dragon>: (Remember when I almost ate you? Good times.)
    Twilly: ...Why are you looking at me like that, <Dragon>?

  • Equips player's saved class.

    *Later that evening, back at "your spot" by the cliff's edge near Oaklore Keep, your dragon returns to find you.*

    <Character>: Heeey! There you are! I've been waiting for you for hours, didn't you get my note?
    <Dragon>: I can't read, you dummy! | *Exasperated groan*

    *You appear surprised you hadn't considered that fact before.*

    <Character>: Oh.
    <Character>: I... didn't think about that. I really should teach you how to read some time!
    <Dragon>: So... why did you leave me? | *Questioning grumble*
    <Character>: Ah, I just had some errands to run, escort a villager, rid a cave of pests for a nice lady and—
    <Dragon>: You're doing that... that thing again. | *Quiet, sad, growl*
    <Character>: <Dragon>, people need me. People need us! The dynamic duo! If we can help, we should!
    <Dragon>: I know, but... | *Hesitant hiss*
    <Dragon>: *Sigh* We'll talk later about this. Because I'm tired. | *Sleepy slump*
    <Dragon>: By the way, I made a... gift for you. | *Proud yet defiant grumble*

    *You appear caught off guard by this revelation.*

    <Character>: I'm sorry, what?
    <Character>: I think I was struck by temporary deafness. What's this?
    <Character>: You? A gift?! For me?!
    <Dragon>: ...If you're gonna be like that, I'll tear it to shreds. | *Angry roar*
    <Character>: Haha, fine, fine! Sorry!
    <Dragon>: ...Here. | *Presentory growl*

    *Your dragon has gifted you with a plushie in its own image.*

    <Character>: <Dragon>!
    <Character>: I love it so much!
    <Character>: And you made this?
    <Dragon>: So... you like it, yes? | *Curious and eager purr*
    <Character>: Yes! Very much yes! Thanks, partner!

    *Your dragon appears bashful from your praise.*

    <Character>: And... I actually have a little something for you too!
    <Dragon>: You— You do? | *Surprised head tilt*
    <Dragon>: Well, of course you do, I just gave you something, so you have to give me something too, yes yes! | *Accepting and self-important roar*
    <Character>: Here you go!

    *Your dragon happily wears its new Birb Hat.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens DDO Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • An HP/MP healing pad is located at the start of the quest.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Gathered some leaves and sticks!
  • This quest continues once all 5 piles of leaves and sticks have been collected, NOT once all the monsters are defeated.
  • Completion of this quest will unlock the Birb Hat for the player's Kid Dragon in Kid Dragon Accessories.

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