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Bear (1)

Location: Zorbak's Prank, Frenzy at the Forge, Ninth time's a charm, The Cat Who Walks Through Dimensions, Swordhaven Forest, Reagent Race, Dark Forest, Deeper Wood, Forest Gate, Forest Primeval, Wild Wood, Wolf and Bear, Red Riding Hood, Croftward Bound, Desolation Ruins, The Perfect Year, Hide n' Seek, The Lost Egg of Orion, Yulgar's First Date, Proof of Innocence, Timelines, A Lincoln Log to the past, The Great Moglinberry Caper, Verdant Glade

Level: 5 / Scaled
Element: None
Damage: 3-8 / Scaled
Damage Type: Melee

HP: 104 / Scaled
MP: 0 / Scaled

Stats: STR: 0, INT: 0, DEX: 0, END: 0, CHA: 0, LUK: 0, WIS: 0
Defenses: Melee: 5, Pierce: 5, Magic: 5, Parry: 0, Block: 0, Dodge: 0
Offenses: Crit: 0, Bonus: 0, Boost: 0%

Resistances: None

Attack Type 1 - Crawls up to you and bites you for one hit of 100% Melee damage
Attack Type 2 - Crawls up to you and uses its arms to throw down on you for one hit of 100% Melee damage

Gold gained: 2 / Scaled
Experience gained: 25 / Scaled

Alternative Image
Alternative Image (A Lincoln Log to the past)

Thanks to
  • xaidan for location.
  • ~Quiet Beserker~ for recreation of entry.
  • .Shadow// for attack images.
  • Robofire2 for location.
  • Stephen Nix for corrections and attack images.
  • Occavatra for A Lincoln Log to the past alternative image.

  • Stephen Nix -> RE: Bear (All Versions) (2/24/2012 19:33:48)

    Bear (2)

    Location: Wolf and Bear

    Level: Scaled
    Element: Nature
    Damage: Scaled
    Damage Type: Melee

    HP: Scaled
    MP: Scaled

    Stats: STR: 20, INT: 5, DEX: 5, END: 0, CHA: 0, LUK: 0, WIS: 0
    Defenses: Melee: Scaled, Pierce: Scaled, Magic: Scaled, Parry: 0, Dodge: 0, Block: 0
    Offenses: Crit: 15, Bonus: Scaled, Boost: 0%

    Resistances: Immobility: 30, Light: 25, Nature: 25, Ice: -20, Metal: -20

    Attack Type 1 - Walks up to you and changes into a bear and attacks you through his spirit for 7 hits of melee damage
    Attack Type 2 - Walks up to you and jumps up and claws you and claws you back on his way down for a total of 2 hits of melee damage

    Gold gained: Scaled
    Experience gained: Scaled


    TFS -> RE: Bear (All Versions) (10/19/2019 22:01:35)



    Location: The Plot Thickens

    Level: As player
    Damage: Scaled
    Damage Type: Melee
    Element: None

    HP: Scaled
    MP: Scaled

    Experience rewarded: Scaled
    Gold rewarded: Scaled

    STR: Level*25/8
    DEX: 0
    INT: 0
    CHA: 200
    LUK: Level*5/4
    END: Level*5/4
    WIS: 0

    Melee: 20 + Level/10 + LUK/20
    Pierce: 20 + Level/10 + LUK/20
    Magic: 20 + Level/10 + LUK/20
    Block: 20
    Parry: 20
    Dodge: 20

    Crit: LUK/10
    Bonus: Level/5
    Boost: 0%


    Attack Types
    Attack Type 1 - Approaches target and punches it twice, dealing 2 hits of 125% damage.
    Attack Type 2 - Approaches target and punches it, dealing 1 hit of 125% damage; stuns target for 2 turns.


    Also See: Challenger Bear?

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