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Xan Bossfight

Location: Time Travel Fairies Time Tours -> Wrath of Xan -> Face Xan's Wrath, Timeline (Book 1) -> The Orb Saga Wrath of Xan -> Face Xan's Wrath
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 26th, 2007 January 1st, 2010

Objective: Xan is unlike any villian we have ever fought before...
Objective completed: You have stood up to Xan and are hailed the hero of Falconreach. Now, the people look onto you for inspiration as they rebuild.... Falconreach shall spread its wings again!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Xan - Boss

Cysero's Orb
Patch the Barber
Pyre Spy

The Last Board of Falconreach

Xan: *Cackle Crackle* HAHA... HAHAHAHA! This is the end!
Xan: Now... get out of my way while I finish this.
<Character>: No!
<Character>: We have defeated all four million waves of your fire monsters and the townsfolk are safe...
<Character>:... and as long as there is still one unburnt board left in Falconreach to defend... you will have to get past ME!
Xan: What? You? YOU are going to stop me? HAHAHA Now that is funny!
<Character>: Leave now Xan. This is your last warning.
Xan: HAHAHAHA! I am trying to figure out who is more insane... me? Or you!
Xan: Perhaps you have me confused with the garbage that attacked here previously.
Xan: *Staring at you with fire filled eyes* You will not last 3 rounds against my fire magic.
Xan: ... and when I finish you HAHAHAHA my flames will engulf every last person and thing in this town!
<Character>: I have never felt a power like Xan's before... but I must try, the people of Falconreach are counting on me!
<Character>: For Falconreach!

  • Battle
  • Heal
  • Flee... Done / Quit

    If you battle after a couple of rounds:
    Xan: Now, to finish you! HAHA! *Casts fire spell*

    At this point you will lose the fight.

    After the battle:
    Xan: What's this? Still alive? Well well well, you might have proven an interesting challange...
    Xan: ...If I didn't have the Pyronomicon magnifying my abilities.
    Pyre Spy: *Whisper whisper whisper*
    Xan: Oh? Warlic, you say? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a wonderful day!
    Xan: Too bad for you hero. I was going to finish you quickly, but now I leave you to a slow death.
    Xan: Farewell <Character>. I've got a meeting with an old friend. HAHAHHAH! See you in the afterlife!

    Everything fades to black...

    <Character>: It's so dark...
    <Character>: ... why is it so dark...
    ??? #1: Over here!
    ??? #2: Are we too late?
    <Character>: ... is this the end?...
    ??? #1: I've never seen anyone hurt this badly...
    ??? #1: Can you do anything?
    ??? #2: I'm trying.
    <Character>: ... What... What is that sound...
    <Character>: ... Those voices... my friends...
    ??? #2: It's working!!
    <Character>: ...My friends still need me...

    You can see clearly now... the rain has gone

    <Character>: *Blink blink* Wow, did anyone get the number of that gorillaphant that ran over me?
    Twilly: It worked! I was able to heal him! That was close <Character>. Xan nearly finished you off.
    <Character>: XAN! Is everyone... Did anyone get hurt?
    Serenity: Don't worry <Character>, we're all fine.
    Grams: Yeah, we had a few burns but Twilly was able to heal all of us that needed healin'.
    Reens: Ash, Cysero and the Guardians are still looking for people in the wreckage and helping who they can.
    Yulgar: We weren't able to do much for town. All that is left is a... single... unburned board.
    Cysero's Orb: Hey, you on the ground... want to buy a weapon?
    <Character>: Falconreach... is gone. I'm sorry everyone, I really let you down.
    Patch: Are ye kiddin'? Ye saved all of us, hero! You were the only one who was able to stand up ta' Xan. We'd be dead if not fer you.
    Konnan (thinking): Xan would never do all this without a reason. I have to find out why he destroyed town.
    Aria: Thanks to you, we are all alive and well. That is the important thing. We can rebuild Falconreach! And it will be better than it ever was!
    <Character>: You're right! We CAN rebuild it! A single unburned board is all we need to get started.
    Yulgar: We're behind you all the way <Character>! We'll help any way that we can.

    Reens!: Absolutely!
    Grams: Yer darn tootin'!
    Patch: Here here!
    Serenity: Yeah!
    Cysero's Orb: Wanna buy a weapon?

    <Character>: Thanks everyone, but the best thing that you can do is get your shops back up and running.
    <Character>: People will need weapons and potions and... uh... haircuts.
    <Character>: I'll rally the other heroes. We will donate as much gold as it takes to rebuild Falconreach! Any questions?
    Aria: Why are you still laying on the ground?
    <Character>: It is actually rather comfortable down here. Now, let's get moving!
    <Character>: Great! Lets get moving!

  • You did it!

    Thanks to
  • Bakuryu the Mole for entry rewrite.
  • Sagrym for additional dialogue and corrections.
  • Gabriel Castro, Peachii, SalvationXI, and Voodoo Master for corrections.

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