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Trivial Bugfix Log

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6/3/2017 1:24:36   
  In Media Res
 Happy Prideloween!

This is for bug fixes that are too small to mention in any really big thread, and which probably no one cares about.

2017 June 3
  • Literally an hour and 20 minutes of bugtesting later, Insightful Ultraguardian Robes should be fixed.
2016 May 20
  • The Thernda guest now actually works. Thanks to Ophanim for noticing!
2015 Dec 10
  • The Scarab pet no longer burns you while it's hidden.
2015 Oct 24
  • The Guardian Tower war room is now less horrible.
2015 Sept 18
  • A Light in the Dark should be available again.
2015 Jul 23
  • Fixed the stat rolls on the Fujin quest for... like, the fourth time. Clear your cache to get the SERIOUSLY THIS TIME fixed version.
2015 Jul 19
  • Ballyhoo now has more stuff.
  • The Minotaur Maze now no longer randomly teleports you back to the beginning. Clear your cache.
  • The Legends of Lore gauntlet now has visible buttons.
  • Typooooooooooos
2015 Jun 17
  • The Legendary Warrior should produce fewer Blue Scrolls of Doom.
2015 Apr 30
  • Fixed the Space Astramorph to be backwards-compatible with WF. Whee, lookit me, using fancy words like "backwards-compatible"! It's almost like I'm a professional! *squees*
  • Fixed some graphics bugs with the ninja flyrtles.
2015 Apr 29
  • Typoooooooos
  • Fixed some minor bugs with the Mr. Banjo Stiltsocks and Vile Love monsters.
  • You can once again take Rilithia's shield for the Bishop Finch quest.
2015 Apr 28
  • Angel Bells is now working this time. Seriously!
2015 Apr 27
  • Fixed the Frigid Reaper so that it doesn't reset when you re-equip it.
  • Fixed the Big Trobble in Little Syna's preloader so that it doesn't bork the first time you load it. This... theoretically shouldn't require you to clear your cache or anything.
2015 Mar 29
  • The Defensive Dragon Bow now glows properly when triggered.
  • Typo fix in Logos's description.
2015 Feb 17
  • Cyclone Wyvern Form should now have the proper art.
2015 Jan 21
  • The Radiant Shuriken now actually checks that you have enough MP to use its effect. Thanks, Koree!
2014 Dec 31
  • Guardian Leathers now follow your custom colours, like they should've for the past few years. Old bug is old (and squished).
2014 Dec 2
  • The Lv107 Artix Doll G weapon and the Lv107 ElBhe Doll G are now properly marked as Guardian-only. If you're an adventurer, then you can no longer use the item - you can either put it in storage as some kind of trophy, or sell it.
2014 Nov 5
  • Fixed that bug with Aerodu armour where your face reset to the default face when you drank a potion. While I was there, I also made your weapon/shield visible at the bottom of the screen.
2014 Oct 29
  • Robina's shop is now clickable again. Refresh the page.
  • Fixed an incredibly minor problem in the Fujin quest where the player wasn't appearing on-screen for some dialogue. Clear your cache to get the fixed version, if you really care about it (like I do <3).
  • Fixed some typos in the Gambler's Blade and the Chessmaster's War on Paxia. Again, clear your cache.
2014 Oct 22
  • Re-fixed the endless loop in the White-Washed Walls quest.
2014 Oct 21
  • Fixed the Corpsicle pet's Freeze Weakness. Looks like the new version of the status isn't as backwards-compatible as I thought it was :(
2014 Aug 19
  • Cloaked__Nocturu Dagger -> Cloaked_Nocturu Dagger
  • Fixed a game-hanging bug with Paladin's Oath.
2014 Aug 14
  • Fixed some typoes in the following: Miss Fixit's quest with Kamui, the unbeatable Ramleoness monster, HoM: Darkovian Ultimatum, the Defender Orb quest, the Trigoras quest, the first Slaxe/Obelisk of Darkness quest, Blackhawke upstairs in the Inn, Vince's dialogue in Isle d'Oriens, April Fools' 2013, Facing the Darkness, the Kindred quest, The Past Unravelled III, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree
2014 Aug 7
  • Removed some debug code from Flawfish.
  • Re-arranged the dialogue bubbles in the Nemesis quest.
  • Fixed typoes in: Absol-ution Part I/III/IV, Nowhere, Golems at Granemor, the Rogue Knight monster, the Isle d'Oriens books, LSCv1.
2014 Aug 5
  • Mittens no longer tries to d'awww your opponents while she's hidden.
  • Fixed some trivial bugs in the Taladosian, Nemesis, and Defender Orb quests.
  • In Epic Quest 14 - Queen of Hearts, Safiria no longer helps you if you're a Dracopyre/Werepyre.
  • Ultra Magma Akriloth has been removed from the Into the Void quest. My desire to see you all die will have to be sated in other ways <3
  • Fixed some flashing buttons in the Bundorable quest.
  • Fixed the preloader in the Battle of Flowers and Clash in the West.
  • Vince no longer sends you to THE PAST when ejecting you from Isle d'Oriens.
  • The Missing Miss Fixit quest now handles dying/fleeing properly.
2014 July 30
  • Robina's shop is now be bug-free. Seriously this time!
  • The Iz Mah Howze quest now no longer gives you a bad guest. Clear your cache to get this fix.
2014 July 29
  • Finished re-organising the Truphma quests in Robina's.
  • The Fujin quest is now accessible to Lv11 characters.
  • The Bun-Bozo's damage is no longer typoed.
2014 July 25
  • Fixed some bugs in the Frag and Flash grenades.
2014 July 17
  • Cap'n fixed the weird thing with the Guardian server not updating properly. Thanks, Cap'n!
2014 July 8
  • Trigoras can now be killed by PWD.
2014 July 1
  • The Knight super-hub now actually works. Also, super-hub is now a word.
2014 June 13
  • Lord Arrgthas no longer blocks the buy/sell buttons.
2014 May 27
  • The skull head should now be the correct size. No more giant skulls for you :(
2014 May 26
  • The Rune Golem's head no longer blinks weirdly.
  • Found and terminated that ninja Frostval tree hiding in Battleon.
  • The demon-Wabbit is now less clunky.
  • Tytoas are now tagged as flying monsters.
  • Lord Arrgthas should now produce fewer BSoDs.
  • The Dragon Morphs war no longer gives adventurers DS Twilly.
  • The Communicant Quest's story mode is now a bit less clunky.
2014 May 01
  • Poelala's pop-up properly produces ... uh, the boosts that she gives.
2014 Mar 21
  • Fixed minor bugs with Paladin's Oath, ___ Master Emblems, Arctic Tempest, and Horo-Show Shield.
2014 Mar 15
  • The LSCv2's Gogg form now actually provides a BTH boost.
  • The Gecko Helm face is now actually rare.
  • The Horo-Show shield got the same spit-shine that Overlord got.
2014 Mar 11
  • In the Spell Scroll quest, six is no longer equal to three.
2014 Mar 10
  • The Overlord shield should now be able to kill monsters with its damage. Yay, game engine update 38.0!
2014 Mar 09
  • The Razorwing pet should actually work now.
2014 Mar 08
  • Crystal of Restless Shadows now heals you at the end of your turn, rather than during the misc's turn. Also, you pay its SP cost at the beginning of your turn, and you get a refund if you unequip it.
  • King Malinius's hands no longer match your character's skin colour.
  • The Scholar Class armour's hand now match your character's skin colour. (Malinius stole it! D: )
2014 Jan 13
2014 Jan 12
  • The Homework Cannon should actually be working now. Maybe.
2013 Dec 31
  • The Isle d'Oriens library is now its own place, rather than just being in another file. I've had to mess around with a bunch of things pointing to it, so let me know if I missed anything.
2013 June 26
  • The Angel Guard should no longer give NaN healing.
  • While I was there, I changed it so that summoning her no longer takes a turn.
2013 June 5
  • The Asgardian shield series now uses DEX/INT for inflicting the status, not END.
  • Fixed a minor bug with the above save.
  • In order to simplify things, the Hydro Halberd is now considered an axe.
2013 May 13
  • Warlic's mirror will now properly refuse to change your face if you don't have enough Tokens.
2013 May 2
  • Trivial update to the status system to get Player Entangle to actually work.
2013 Apr 20
  • The BuzZard and DracoVamPlantess now have the proper modifier for their Harm poisons.
2013 Apr 14
  • The Tinkerererererer armour's shield is now working.
2013 Mar 23
  • As below, but with the Daylight Savings Time shield.

2013 Mar 22
  • The Airenal weapon should work with the initiative menu now. Emphasis on "should" ^^;

2013 Feb 25
  • Draykwing now recognises the Shadowslayer/Nighthunter armours as Shadowslayer/Nighthunter armours.

2013 Feb 9:
  • In the Death's Domain quest, you now have the option to take the permanent skull face, or leave it.
  • I'm pretty sure that I fixed the whole "Backlash display error" bug. Clear your cache to get the new version.

2013 Jan 29:

2013 Jan 22:
2013 Jan 8
  • The Demon Warrior monster no longer deals double the damage he's supposed to. Sorry about that.
2012 Dec 17
  • Robina now gives you the Battleon Nightmare quest, but only through her Ranged Weapon Shop.
  • Robina in Yulgar's now redirects you to her shop, since I'm too lazy to keep both places updated.
2012 Dec 8
  • Fixed some rounding errors in the Z-Blade Scythe.
2012 Dec 2
  • Cleaned up the Thunderbird's art.
  • Halved the damage done by the EDoT Carnax Head.
2012 Dec 1
  • Nerfed the Sea Squirts' Chi Shield, so that the Lv30 one is now beatable at Lv30. Ditto for the Sea Fiend and Jacques.
2012 Nov 8
  • High-level treasure chests are no longer ridiculously large. Sadface!
2012 Oct 27
  • P÷wer Shard: Hogg will now kill you if you try to exploit it to gain HP.
2012 Oct 15
  • The turtle in the EbilCorp Complaints Department (the Woodland Pack one) should now be doing damage.

2012 Oct 12
  • Fixed the Onroith's Rage series so that it matches the Sacragon Claw series.

2012 Sept 21
    # Fixed the Communicant Plate's cape, so that it doesn't always follow the same settings as the Overlord Plate's cape. Clear your cache to get the update.

2012 Sept 17
    # Fixed a bug with pack monsters. While I was there, I rolled my experimental thing that lets you target individual monsters in a pack.

2012 Sept 16
    # Fixed the Jester monsters, so that now they can actually use their skills.

2012 Sept 09

2012 Sept 08
    # Made it so that you can see/click on the weapon on the Dragon Leathers armours. Also fixed that thing with its head.

2012 Sept 06
    #Embrace the Shadows (the ElBhe spell) should now seek elements correctly.

    #I, um, kinda left some debug messages in the TwEbil guest, to make sure that I was doing things properly. They're no longer there. I don't think that anyone noticed, though, which is good.

    #The Cure can now cure your... dracopyrism? Dracopyricity? Dracopyreness? turn you from a Dracopyre into a human. Also, you can no longer convert from a Dracopyre to a Werepyre.

    #If you're a Lv10 ShadowSlayer/NightHunter, then you can now have your class restored. Visit your trainer, and try to go on a quest.

    #The Bishop Finch quest has been fixed. He's now accepting your pieces of Frankencarrots.

    #Fixed the Forest Demon's art.

    #Grimweld and the Werepyres now use the updated elemental compensation. Thanks for testing!

2012 August 28
    #InfernoZard, HelZard, and BlizZard are no longer dealing twice the intended damage on their breath weapons. Sorry, we forgot a /2 there. If you're anything like me, then they should OHKO you less often now.

    #The Summon Eukara guest is no longer dealing twice the intended damage on its two-hit attack. Again, we forgot a /2 there.
    ##While I was there, I added an error handler to the summon spell, just in case the guest fails to load for some reason.

    #The JoltJumper Warbow has had its damage fixed. Previously, its normal attack was dealing 100% damage (instead of 90%). Also, its special wasn't calculating damage correctly, so it was doing approximately *11/15 the damage it was supposed to be doing.

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AQ  Post #: 1
12/27/2012 15:09:57   

While playing the Triple Challenge there is a character (looks like Green Leprechaun) With a "FIGHT" icon to click. If you forget to click all three "FIGHT" Icons the battle freezes at some point and requires restart.
Post #: 2
12/27/2012 17:34:16   
  In Media Res
 Happy Prideloween!

Thanks for the report - it's been fixed.

Unfortunately, this isn't the right thread to report bugs in. This thread is for bugs that I've already fixed. There's a Monster Bugs thread a bit down - you should use that to report monster bugs.
AQ  Post #: 3
6/27/2013 0:14:37   

I have 90 endurance and 85 intellect. Ok so my MP is 1396 ,but my HP is differend every day. The biggest problem is that it's ever less than it should be. At the moment is 1209. Please fix this problem.
Post #: 4
6/27/2013 13:41:01   
  In Media Res
 Happy Prideloween!

This is intentional - we went through a couple Game Engine Updates that changed your HP a couple times.

Unfortunately, this isn't the right thread to report bugs in. This thread is for bugs that I've already fixed. There's a Game Engine Bugs thread a bit down - you should use that to report bugs like that.
AQ  Post #: 5
3/7/2014 11:23:08   

This is too little to mention but there's a typo here, it should be event(s) not even.

AQ  Post #: 6
3/7/2014 11:43:53   
  In Media Res
 Happy Prideloween!

Hey Elshobokshy!

First off, this thread is for me announcing fixed bugs that don't really belong in any other post. You should submit your bugs in the proper thread, such as AQ Typos.

Second, that's intentional. She's using "even" kinda like Snagglepuss does. "Improvements! Fixes, even!"
AQ  Post #: 7
7/15/2014 3:53:37   

It's probably none too startling, but my armor seems to cause a small graphical bug with the character page.
AQ AQW  Post #: 8
7/23/2014 23:54:08   
  In Media Res
 Happy Prideloween!

Thanks for the bug report! I've fixed it. Clear your cache to get the fixed version of the armour to appear on your armour.

Also, this thread isn't for reporting bugs - it's for me to list all the minor bugs that I've fixed that don't fit anywhere else. If you want to report a bug, then you should use one of the threads below - specifically, the above bug would go in the Graphics Bugs thread. Thanks in advance!
AQ  Post #: 9
10/16/2018 14:37:56   

From Twilly in Battleon, Revisit the Tutorial! quest gets stuck in a loop.
Post #: 10
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