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=OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread II

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9/12/2012 19:55:33   
Hollow Knight

OverSoul will be a unique game since you'll be able to play as nearly any type of character or monster.


There is no standard character model in Oversoul. Which means almost any kind of character you can think of can be played in Oversoul as long as they aren't too big. The Character Tree allows characters to make dramatic transformations from say a human to a vampire, werewolf, slime, clouds, inanimate objects, clowns, birds, ninja, swarm of bugs or even to a dragon.(Medium sized dragons.) The possibilities of progression are endless!

Alignment Character Chart:

Above is a small list of character types you can expect to find in your alignment. And there will obviously be a variety of each type as well as new kinds of character to be added as the game progresses! Including suggestions like a Moose and Cybernetic Moose.

This begs the question, what types of characters would you like to play as in OverSoul? What would they evolve into? Would they be Good, Evil or Neutral?

This thread is only for character submissions only. Please use the Character Suggestion Discussion Thread for any feedback and opinions you have on the subject. Thank you! ~Balu OverSoul ArchKnight

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
9/12/2012 20:03:33   

Ok new thread means NEW IDEAS!


Rokital The eternal

Decription:Rokital was once a dragon who hungered for his redemption
One day a archangel descended and he was freed for the abyss..The angel promised freedom for his service..Accepting he now Fights for good

For redemption!

50 good
That is just stage 3

1 and 2 are
Stage 1!

Stage 2!

So what do you guys think?

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DF  Post #: 2
9/12/2012 20:11:13   

Character: Pyromancer
Alignment: Evil-10
Description:Once a wizard of some renown, this spellcaster's heart now burns with vengeance, channeling the volatile might of flame
Stage 1... A person in rags with a book that looks like it doesn't belong to him.
Stage 2... The same person slightly flaming with the same book.
Stage 3... A body engulfed by so many flames you can only see the shape of the body, with the book still tightly in hand grip.
Inspiration: AQW and DF.

Character: Terramancer
Alignment: Neutral
Description: This group of men and women have the power to control the trees and earth. Being able to manipulate the earth itself gives them unfathomable power. Very few turn to use their power for evil; but those who will, have a strong mind and are almost impossible to possess.
Stage 1...A small, normal child with leaves poorly hidden under his sleeves.
Stage 2...An older person who's hair is tinted green and leaves still hiding under his sleeves.
Stage 3...An elder man who's hair is long, green, and leafy, who gave up on hiding his leaves. Sleeveless garb is is wear.
Inspiration: After writing about Pyromancer, I stepped on a rock.

Edit: @Zuester That is epic! almost looks like a yu-gi-oh! dragon.

Thanks Poodlemeister!

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 3
9/12/2012 21:22:35   

another good one zeuster, optional geek pretty good for the first suggestion post ;)
AQW Epic  Post #: 4
9/13/2012 8:12:09   

Character: Bakunawa "the Devour-er of Moons"
Alignment: Neutral(or should it be Evil 50)
Description: "It lives in an ocean of souls and is one of the few dragon gods of the underworlds,it was said to have eaten 6 moons and plans to eat one of the last moons in its prime,it is reborn on every failed attempt to eat one of the last moons,and lastly one Must have a soul with a larger than a legion to possess it"
Stage 1...It appears as a Small sea serpent with small arms n legs , a red tongue, whiskers, gills, small wires at its sides
Stage 2...Appears to be larger than 1 but now has two sets of wings, one is large and ash-gray while the other is small and is found further down its body.Its head has a dragonic tattoo/rune glow on it
Stage 3...Much larger than before,the dragonic tattoo is replaced w/ a 3rd eye, its mouth can be the size of a lake(metaphor) and main 4 fangs bigger than before and it scales are much paler with some rune markings[looks like a oath,pledge/contract] glow in it(extends from neck to tail).
Inspirations..bakunawa(a legendary deity/beast in epics of Philippine mythology),(some modified parts)AQW

(I'm not gifted in the art of bringing this beast to life ,so image may vary to your imaginations)
(If there is someone brave enough to take on the challenge in bringing these beast to life,I salute you)

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Post #: 5
9/13/2012 9:46:30   

That would be cool...I still don't know how it would make it's way around. It is a sea serpent right? Maybe it could float?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
9/13/2012 10:04:50   

Yay! My phoenix is approved by nulgath!

Anyway I have an idea about when phoenix is evolved from tier 1 to 3.
Name: Phoenix
Alligment: Good 50
Tier one: The phoenix doesn't really looks different than the other phoenix, all of the features are common. E.G: Have claws, the color is orange, the eyes color is orange,etc.
Tier two: The phoenix has more feature than tier one and also looks more good than the tier one. E.G: The wing of the Phoenix start to becomes blue( not all of them, some would be orange like tier one), The eyes of the phoenix start to become a bit blue and there is some kind of a armor but the armor doesn't cover all of the parts.
Tier three: The tier three is the last stage. Its eyes is light blue, The wing start to change to blue but there is still some orange color but it is little, The eyes is also blue, the armor start to become full except in the head and wings.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 7
9/13/2012 14:04:08   

Character: Demon Rebel

Allignment: Evil -40
Description: "these are the humans that could resist the full transformation into an abomination"
Stage 1: A man with long black hair and a grim look, wearing a long white coat and a Katana.
Stage 2: The same man with the coat a bit darker, and wings sprout from his back. the same Katana.
Stage 3:the coat is black and torn, he wields his katana that glows now, from his mouth you see pointy teeth and his wings became bigger.

Inspiration: None, i just like long hair + Coats.

Character: MelliŽl

Alignment: Good +40
Description: A woman with a passion for fighting, she is as beautiful as she is strong.
Stage 1: a woman with blonde hair, green eyes, a royal coat with a golden rapier on one side.
Stage 2: The same, but the sword is unsheathed and she floats a bit and glows. (As if her power is increasing)
Stage 3: She has big white angel-like wings, the rapier is held with 2 hands and her hair blows around in the wind.

Inspiration: A story i wrote long ago, i thought this might be a nice good character.

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Post #: 8
9/13/2012 14:07:06   

Character: Undertaker
Alignment: Evil
Description: Even though most undertakers prepare dead bodies for a proper funeral, this one prepares them for death itself. With his main ability being striking his enemy with shadow, his mind is very strong and is also very hard to possess.
Phase 1...A man in a suit and top hat with a cane.
Phase 2...The man is now wearing a tight frock coat and is hat is slightly worn out from his battling.
Phase 3...The man now has graying hair under his really worn out hat, and his cane is now glowing with runes.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 9
9/13/2012 14:22:22   

Character: Warmaster
Alignment: Good
Description...In times of need a Warmaster will rise to a kingdoms defense and will give their life to serve their ruler.
Phase 1...A human in bulky but plain armour
Phase 2...The humans' armor now has some curvy designs engraved into it.
Phase 3...The engravings now burn orange and a coat of arms in engraved onto the breastplate
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 10
9/14/2012 0:35:44   

Character: Entropic Ravager
Alignment: evil
Description... Relatively new to the world, first appearing after Nulgath was flung in to the world of Oversoul, these vicious entities were unleashed from their home in the abyss. Wielding wicked rune blades these chaotic warriors were born for battle and thrive in the fray. The mortals of Oversoul should beware the Entropic Ravagers.

Phase 1... A slender humanoid with light plate of a dark grey color, with a royal purple trim and a faceless helm, besides faintly glowing purple eyes. He dons a light grey cloak, which appears to be fairly thin. Wields a dimly glowing long sword, purple glow

Phase 2... Similar to phase one, only with heavier plate, small spikes on shoulders, brighter glowing eyes and the helm now has horns. Its cloak is now quite a bit heavier in appearance. Its sword now glows much stronger

Phase 3...At this point the entropy Ravager takes on a more barbarous look, with plate mail on the lighter side of heavy, spiked gauntlets and vicious spikes on shoulders. The helm now has piercing purple eyes and wicked horns. At this stage it's cloak now has a sword matching the one it wields on top of it. The longsword which it wields is now aglow with runes running down its blade.

Concept cards
Edge of the abyss cost:4 effect: deals 4 damage and ignores shields.
Void blast cost:8 effect: deals between 6 to 10 damage at random.
Aftershock cost 4 effect: enhances an attack card so that the half of the damage it does will be dealt again over the course of 2 turns.
Randomizing factor cost:5 effect: 2 damage and randomizes half of the opponents charges if the attack deals damage.

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Aint nothing like being creative.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 11
9/14/2012 0:43:01   

@Optional Greek a suggestion for the description: Once a wizard of some renown, this spellcaster's heart now burns with vengeance, channeling the volatile might of flame
No problem Greek, glad i could be of assistance.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 12
9/14/2012 1:37:40   

Character: Creatures Of The Derp
Alignment: Neutral
Description: Derp has found its way into Oversoul. None can resist the Derp. DERP

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
9/14/2012 9:02:03   
i like bounty hunter

Character: Evil Rock
Alignment: Evil
Description : A Evil Mysterious Rock :P
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 14
9/14/2012 13:14:19   

Character: Oonet
Alignment: Evil -50
Description...It is said this loyal server of Nulgath is sent out to thwart all threats to his domain and is ruthless in its' work.
Phase 1...A dark blue demon with a greatsword. Human sized in height.
Phase 2...The demon now has glowing runes on his torso and greatsword, is also taller
Phase 3...The demon is now Nulgath sized with runes covering its' body. The greatsword is also now sends off sparks of electric power.

Sorry, but I had to
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 15
9/14/2012 13:55:18   

Character: Oblivion
Alignment: Evil -40
Description: This shadow creature is a loyal servant of the archfiend Nulgath. While none knowns what is beneath the hood, it it though to be something VERY scary...better not look!
Phase 1...Shadow Fog
Phase 2...Dark elemental
Phase 3...A dark thing wearing a brown whatever you call it!
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 16
9/14/2012 15:36:01   

mummy lol
AQW  Post #: 17
9/14/2012 17:37:11   
Renegade Reaper

dark alignment
found in castles
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
9/14/2012 17:58:58   

Name: Delharian Knight

description: "A knight heralding from times immemorable, his lethality in close quarter combat should not be doubted."

*poodlemeister helped me. Thanks*

alignment: Evil -40

attack type: shadow

Phase 1... A pale looking man in a trench coat and is the same height as bloodknight but is thinner , has long shaggy hair up to his back , and has black eyes with white pupils, and has a Small Black dagger

Phase 2... He now has a wide brimmed fedora

Phase 3... He loses the dagger and has four bony claws on each hand

his trench coat and fedora are a dark gray

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Post #: 19
9/14/2012 18:00:04   

Description: Its a pony, and it has the awesome powers of a void fiend and...wait... Nulgath gave the power of a void knight to a pony?! WHY??!?
Phase 1...A pony wearing forst void armour
Phase 2...pony with void knight armour
Phase 3...pony with dreadfiend armour.

...uh oh...what have i just done...

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
9/14/2012 18:59:52   

Monstrous Crab
A giant crab monster, with huge pincers , and a harshened look, native to the dark depths of the sea, this great beast can be a powerful ally... if you can posess it. Even through it looks quite menacing, its even more dangerous than it looks. Focuses on defense and defense breaking (unblockeable, shield destroying, etc).
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Water
Look 1: A Red-orange giant crab, with a shiny and clean shell
Look 2: The Crab has seaweeds all over it, and its pincers look sharper, and longer
Look 3: The Crab now has a spiky and dull shell, its pincers and legs looks quite armored, full of spikes and bigger
Post #: 21
9/14/2012 19:54:16   
Ryu Dragonmaster

How about a Dragon-human Hybrid

Main element: fire
Allignment: Neutral possibly even evil

Phase 1: Looks mainly human, with some small dragonic features, maybe some fangs, and pointy ears
Phase 2: gets light scaly looking skin, more dragon features, Claws, some small wings sprouting out their back
Phase 3: Skin looks completely scaly Dragon looking eyes, little fire bursts comes out of mouth when breathing, Full fledged wings, claws, fangs, pointy ears

Inspiration: i like Dragons

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AQ AQW  Post #: 22
9/14/2012 19:55:35   

Character name: Sentinel
Alignment: Good +20
Description: One of the guardians of humanity, this knight has risen to the task of protecting the innocent with great endurance, heavy armor, and a hint of healing magic.
Stage 1... A young knight wearing light chain mail and a light cloak of bright red. Wields a small buckler.
Stage 2... The same knight ,although this time around he dons a skull cap and solid plate mail. He wields a kite shield of remarkable size
Stage 3... The apex of armor, this knight has a flowing cloak of deep crimson which appears to be slightly torn from battle, as well as having either a corinthian helm complete with scarlet plume or a full helm, similar to the cliche templar's helm. His armor is now very bulky and is etched with intricate patterns and he has some awards, such as red ribbons and the like, on the left side of his chest. He now wields a tower shield of massive stature.
Inspiration: The knights of feudal europe are in my mind the paragons of order and justice, as such i envisioned this character with grey steel plating, as so its not too eye catching while still being intimidating, reflecting the modesty of these timeless warriors.

Concept cards
Healing glow: cost:2 effect: heals for 5 damage over 5 turns
Guardianship: cost:4 effect: shields for 7
Divine favor: cost:5 effect: the next attack to damage you heals you for the amount of damage instead
strike: cost:1 effect: deals 1 damage, ignores shields

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 23
9/14/2012 20:16:02   

@shobujd How about for the description something like "A knight heralding from times immemorable, his lethality in close quarter combat should not be doubted." Just a suggestion.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 24
9/14/2012 20:30:35   
Lord Hades

Character: An'Hadel, the Resurrected
Alignment: Good +30
Description: Once a human warrior in day long gone, the Resurrected was awoken by the same strange energy that allowed you to retain your form as a soul.
Stage 1. A knight with ethereal blue skin and ghostly flames licking his armor.
Stage 2. The knight gains bulkier armor and a shield, and runes appear on his shoulders.
Stage 3. The knight's armor becomes silver and slims down, a ring of white runic symbols appears behind him, and his sword becomes a mace.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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