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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread II

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9/14/2012 20:33:29   

Another idea!
Character name: PitBULL
Description: Things are not always as they seem in the world of oversoul.
Alignment 0 OR -5
Stage one: Starts out as an average grey and white "blue pitbull".
Stage two: The pooch starts taking on some bull characteristics, such as their iconic horns and heavier build.
Stage three: Almost completely transformed into a bull, but retaining the pitbull's vicious face/teeth/head.
Concept cards
Shattering charge: cost: 5 effect: breaks all shields.
Vicious bite: cost:3 effect: deals 3 damage and 3 damage the following turn.
Horn puncture: cost:3 effect: 14 damage over 7 turns
Stampede: cost:5 effect 4 damage and 50% chance of an extra turn

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9/14/2012 20:53:32   

Character name: Voidspark
Description: An anomaly spawned by the unpredictable powers of the void, this entity was given sentience by means unknown, and now stalks oversoul with motives as enigmatic as its origins.
Alignment: 0
Stage one: A simple creature appearing humanoid in nature, although completely made up of void magic. As such he appears to be made up purely from tendrils of mana. He wields a sword of pure mana.
Stage two: The being now rides a creature of similar make-up, the creature it rides is very hard to distinguish. Some solidification can be seen on this form, as the second stage has been here some time to grow some armor, such as protection covering about half his head this armor is purplish grey in color and it also spans down from his elbow and has started encasing the lower half of his blade. All in all it is about 50% encased in this natural protection.

Stage three: Voidspark is now riding a horse-like creature and most of their bodies have solidified, The Voidspark is almost completely entombed in the armor, with only half of his face, a portion of one of its arms and a foot not being solidified. His mount has similar protection on his head, and hooves, most of its torso as well as 3 of its legs are completely encased, while the last leg is about 75% protected. His sword is almost completely solidified, save for some of the end of the blade.

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9/14/2012 21:45:31   

Character Name: Soul Reaper
Description: Enraged by Nulgath's gathering of souls, Death himself sent his reapers to compete against Nulgath's army in the war for souls. Soul Reaper materializes more as it reap souls!
Alignment: 0 (Death reaches all, after all)
Stage one: An eerie aura/ shadow with a skull with a pair of glowing eyes wielding a floating scythe.
Stage two: The reaper's physical body become more visible in a form of a skeleton in black cloak coming out from nothingness (he is still only half materialized) with glowing eyes with a purple and blue-ish aura around him. He now wields a bigger and more detailed scythe.
Stage three: The reaper is a skeleton covered in black/ shadow-like cloak and harbors are strong aura with a crow sitting on his shoulder. He now wields a double edged scythe.

Character Name: Death
Hard to encounter, extremely powerful (enough to beat Nulgath if lucky? not as powerful as Nulgath), and low possession rate
Description: Death himself as joined the war for souls against the Archfiend Nulgath!
Alignment: 0
Static Character (No stages): I have 2 ideas for his appearance
1. Shadowy cloaked giant skeleton wielding and commanding multiple floating scythes
2. Death the horseman, Death wielding a double edged scythe (which he can command using magic) in a medieval knight armor riding a pale horse. Both Death and his horse are shadow-like when attacking.

Inspiration: I've always wanted to play as Death! Or if that's too much a reaper would be enough. Or Both would also be extremely nice! Neutral needs a boss monster XD.


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9/14/2012 21:48:44   

Character name: Pegasus Knight
Alignment: Good 40/45
Description: A fabled knight of the sacred Pegasus order
Stage 1: A simple peasent in grey armor on a Pegasus with small wings
Stage 2: A girl with an armored Pegasus looking very confident in fine armor
Stage 3: A powerful women wearing elegant golden armor with a glowing spear
Post #: 29
9/14/2012 22:15:05   


Stage 1... A person in rags with a book that looks like it doesn't belong to him.
Stage 2... The same person slightly flaming with the same book.
Stage 3... A body engulfed by so many flames you can only see the shape of the body, with the book still tightly in hand grip.

This sound like Kenny (Cr now =/) from UR to anyone? (Different backstory, I know, I'm talking about the art)
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 30
9/14/2012 22:15:41   

Character name: I'm not Nulgath
Description: I don't think he's Nulgath... Fail.
Alignment: None
Stage 1: A random peasant
Stage 2: A pretty random peasant
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9/14/2012 22:22:59   

Character name: Agent of Creation
Description: The Agents were thought deities by some, myth by others for centuries. Ancient records talk of winged humanoids glowing with the faint lime green synonymous with creation. They were said to wield weapons forged by the creator himself, and after being enthralled by his power, where charged with protecting the realm of Oversoul. For a very long time, the agents and their great deeds have been disregarded as myth, but with the threat of Nulgath making itself ever present, these celestial guardians have taken up their blades once more.

Stage one: A humanoid that is rather tall and slender, with bronze colored armor wielding a sword that looks similar to an elongated gladius with runes that do not glow. On his head he dons a hood
that appears tan in color, he also wears a cape of a similar shade.

Stage two: The Agent's armor takes on a much more intricate appearance. His sword's runes are now aglow with a lime green as are the edges of his blade, and a similar color can be seen emanating from under his hood in a faint glow. At this stage his cloak remains mostly the same, although it might be pretty torn from battle.

Stage three:This is the true agent, in all his glory. Replacing his cloak are two feathery wings, composed purely of translucent lime-green energy. His blade occasionally has a bolt of lime energy crackle down it, from hilt to point. His hood now has a fairly bright glow and his armor is far more intricate, with etching and small lime runes pulsing on his shoulders.

Concept cards
Ray of hope cost: 6 Effect: heals for 4 and shields for 4
Redeemers edge cost:10 effect: 10 damage and heals for 5
Celestial safeguard cost:5 effect: all damage done to Agent of Creation is converted to healing for 2 turns
Wrath of the heavens: cost 6 effect: stuns and deals 4 damage
Damage is relative.

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9/14/2012 22:31:45   
silver super saiyen

Character name: Worshipper of Naga
description: Members of a cult that worships a great and evil snake god. they believe that the more faith they have in Naga the more of his powers the get.
Alignment: Evil -35
Stage one: A normal human dressed in a hooded dark robe with a staff that resembles a cobra
Stage two: The hood is pulled down revealing two large horns on their head. parts of there body is now covered with dark scales. A tail that resembles a snake now shoots out of their back(rumored to be the staff).
Stage three: They become a large black snake and are now the vessel of naga.
AQW  Post #: 33
9/14/2012 22:36:21   

Character name: Gilded Avaricite
Alignment: -25
Description: In some of the more foul places in Oversoul, there are sects of fanatics that worship the very embodiment of greed. These treacherous folk call themselves the Avaricites, an obvious homage to their false god. Though a majority of these cretins are mere worshippers or priests of greed, a select few are given a rare and powerful gift, that some claim to be from Greed himself. These hulks of men are clad in golden plate and boast strength far outstripping that of a normal man. The plate they wear is said to bolster their endurance and strength to great extents, but in exchange they sell their very souls to eternal servitude in the name of greed.

Stage one: A rather muscular knight in full golden plate armor and a standard looking helm with a rich red cape with golden trim. They wield a short sword.

Stage two: The size of the character is increased substantially and their plate mail takes on a much bulkier feel. They now wield what appears to be a solid gold scythe to match their armors, or perhaps a polearm.

Stage three: At this stage the Golden Avaricite is one of the largest humanoids in the game, towering over most knights and other such creatures. They now wield a massive axe or sword, you decide. On their cloaks they now keep a back-up weapon, of whichever you choose. They also sport a very large kiteshield.

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9/15/2012 0:45:01   
Lil Swinging Axe

shadow sourcer

a person engulfed in shadows that has chaos powers so yes dark purple clouds
Post #: 35
9/15/2012 0:46:51   

Character name: Twilight infiltrator
Alignment: +20
Description: Though darkness is often synonymous with evil the twilight infiltrators are actually forces of good which are aligned with the element of darkness. These elvish assassins are known for their uncanny ability to slip between the shadows and eliminate those who would oppose the forces of good. Masters of the dagger and short sword, these stealthy adepts are recognized as one of the most effective agents of good, when it comes to dispatching enemies. They use a variety of blades and illusions conjured up by the darkness to put down some of the most vicious of foes.

Stage one: An elf with light leather armor, possibly of a dark grey hue. has a face mask and wields a dagger.

Stage two: Same elf with a darker colored armor. The armor itself seems to be etched with runes that glow with a bluish grey. the face mask is now a full head wrap, leaving only his eyes visible. His small dagger is now a kris, that is golden in color. The elf also now dons a rather long cape.

Stage three: The infiltrator is enshrouded in a type of grey fog, he wields his kris in his front hand, while brandishing a short sword in the other. His armor is a very dark shade of grey and his eyes pierce a mysterious shade of bluish grey from underneath the cowl that drapes over his head. The blades he wields are aglow with strange magic and his armor is very intricate with runes and small charms hanging from multiple places, such as his shoulders and elbows.

Concept cards
Camouflage: cost:3 effect: Attacks have a 50% chance of missing you for 3 turns
Envenomed blade: cost:4 effect: 12 damage over 3 turns
Tenebrous attunement: cost:6 effect: next two cards cost 50% less charges
Assassination: cost:12 effect: kills enemy with 25% or less health, if they are above 25% then deals 10 damage regardless of shields
All damage is always relative.

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9/15/2012 1:26:39   
Lil Swinging Axe


if u add slenderman from the myth i would be soooo happy haha who wouldnt wanna play as him
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9/15/2012 2:32:19   

I feel the need to contribute, especially seeing as I REALLY wanna see this

Alignment: -50 (max Evil, these things are said to be the closest thing to pure evil there is)

Backstory: The naagloshii are Navajo demons (I am not Navajo, not Native American at all, but I like mythology, which is how I found their stories, although I'm not exactly sure how accurate they are). Also called skinwalkers, they take a sadistic pleasure in causing pain. They're immortal, semidivine beings, sort of like dark gods, you could say. Most of the skinwalkers are actually humans that learned from the originals, and only the originals carry the name "naagloshii". They're shapeshifters, but the naagloshii in their true forms look like large yellow monkeys with extremely sharp claws. Supernaturally fast and nearly impossible to hurt, much less kill (although it can be done, "immortal" here means they won't die of old age, as such "ageless" might be a better term)

Description: These terrifying demons are masters of disguise. They love nothing more than causing pain, and they are nearly impossible to hurt, let alone kill. If you're unfortunate enough to stumble across a naagloshii, you may as well kill yourself, before the demon does it in the most painful way it can think of....

Stage 1: The naagloshii in it's original form, a large, yellow-furred monkey/yeti creature with long, sharp claws
Stage 2: A large bear-like creature retaining the claws of the first form on all 4 legs, as well as the yellow fur
Stage 3: Copies the opponent's sprite, but retains its own cards

Shadow Element

Special cards (only guesses, I have absolutely no idea what the standards for characters at maximum Good or Evil alignment are, these may be far stronger or far weaker, just suggestions for attack/effect types really):

Maul - 8 Shadow energy. Deals 7 damage and cripples the opponent, cutting any physical damage they do on the following turn in half. Does not affect damage from poison or similar effects, or damage from spells.

Ravage - 10 Shadow energy. Deals 9 damage and applies a DoT effect, removing a further 2 life per turn (Bleeding)

Torment - 0 energy of any type. All damage dealt by the naagloshii on this turn is converted into Shadow energy. Only one Torment can be played per turn. Each card that causes damage has it's energy cost increased by 1 the turn this card is played. Does not apply to damage caused by Ravage's DoT. Does apply to damage from Ravage, Maul and Shapechange, and increases their cost by one.

Shapechange - 15 Shadow energy. Deals 12 damage and gives the naagloshii a shield that can block 10 damage. No other cards may be used with Shapechange except Torment cards.

Possession chance: Nearly impossible
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9/15/2012 2:49:42   

Another one that would rock to see:

Alignment: -35

Backstory: A loup-garou is a type of werewolf, the one most people think of when they hear the word. When the full moon rises, they change and lose control of themselves, killing anything breathing they come across until either the moon sets or the sun rises. Like the naagloshii, they are supernaturally fast and strong, but they lack the resilience of the ancient Navajo demons. This does not for a second mean that they aren't tough. In fact, they are very, very difficult to even hurt. While they do have a weakness to silver, the silver must be inherited from a family member. This is due to an ancient law of magic (for loup-garou are magical creatures, having been cursed by a being of extraordinary power) regarding the power of familial ties.

Description: There' a bad moon rising, and you do not want to be in it's way. Brutally efficient, these "superwolves" are the unstoppable force mentioned in the old paradox about the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object.....

Stage 1: An ordinary, unarmed person
Stage 2: A brown, quadrupedal wolf
Stage 3: A giant bipedal brown wolf. Reminiscent of the Were-King in Adventure Quest

Chaos element

Special cards (again, just suggestions, no clue about how accurate the power levels are)

Infect - 6 Chaos energy. Immobilizes the enemy for one turn and applies a 4-point DoT effect that lasts 2 turns for a total of 8 damage. Ignores shields.

Growl - 7 Chaos energy. Inflicts 4 damage and removes 4 random energy from the opponent's pool. Cannot remove energy that is not there (meaning that if, for example, the opponent only has Fire energy, they will lose 4 Fire energy. If they have both Fire and Water energy, the 4 energy will be randomly removed from both categories, leading to scenarios such as -2 each, -3 Fire, -1 Water and -0 Fire, -4 Water, with an even chance of all possible scenarios occurring)

Savage Blow - 5 Chaos energy. Inflicts anywhere from 1 to 8 damage to the opponent and restores health to the loup-garou equal to half of the damage done, rounded up.

Jugular Strike - 15 Chaos energy. Immobilizes the opponent for 1 round and applies a powerful DoT of 9 damage per turn for 4 turns. 5% chance to apply a status to the opponent that kills them in 2 turns.
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9/15/2012 3:20:34   

Character Name: Fallen Angel

Alignment: Neutral

Description: Even the most purest of beings can fall to the shadows. But these creatures having seen both the darkness and the light now understand the power of both. They use this power for their own personal gain not for the gain any god. This is why the Fallen Angels are feared by demons and seraphs alike.

Elements: Light and Shadow

Stage 1: A female angel with scars and blood all over her body. She has heavily damaged feathered white wings on her back. Her torso and arms are naked with her long white hair covering her breasts. (if that's not too rude :-S) There is a ripped grey dress covering her legs completely except her bare feet. There also a black glow with a white outline around her.

Stage 2: The angel is now wound free with her hair and wings being a light brown. She now wields the Iryerris from the Aqw valencia shop. She is wearing armor similar to the spear native but with the same detail and colour scheme as the Iryerris. The glow is now more intense and now some crosses the same colour surround her.

Stage 3: The angel now has the Dual Iryerris. She also has armor like the shadow mage armour from dragonfable but with the Iryerris colour scheme and detail. The glow also even more intense and there is even more of crosses surrounding her.

Abilities: Not sure what the exact abilities would be but Light would focus on healing and defence and Shadow would focus on damage.

EDIT: I think it would look better if the glow and crosses were black with a white outline instead of dark purple.

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9/15/2012 5:41:30   

Character: Blue Phoenix
Alignment: Good +15
Description: Overwhelmed by goodness this phoenix flames turned into blue flames which gives immense healing powers
Stage 1: Phoenix with orange flames
Stage 2: Phoenix with blue flames
Stage 3: Phoenix with blue flames and a silver amour with blue runes

Element: Light and Fire

Character: Red phoenix
Alignment: Evil +15
Description:Overwhelmed by evil the pheonix flames turned red which game him immense attacking power
Stage 1: Phoenix with orange flames

Element: Shadow with Fire
Stage 2: Phoenix with red flames
Stage 3: Pheonix with red flames and a black amour with red runes
AQW  Post #: 41
9/15/2012 8:46:47   

Character: Flioax
Description: Flioax was once but a humble Wolf seeking more i life..but after Nulgath tainted him he now wishes only to see the pain and sorrow of others

Stage 1: He would be a black wolf with some runes Like this
Stage 2: he would be the same but with red eyes and some wings like this
Stage 3: he would be like a werewolf with red runes and wings that could stand up Here is something that looks like him
Element: Shadow and Chaos,Fire
Abilities: He would be able to use attacks that cause poison at stage 1
At stage 2 he could use more air attacks and would cause less dot and more overall damage
At stage 3 he sacrifices most of his flying skills and defence for pure power and more devastating combos

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9/15/2012 10:43:12   

Character name: Embersilk spider

Alignment: -10

Description: The Embersilk spider is one of the most deadly arachnids to stalk the dark places of Oversoul. With an unique enchantment bestowed upon them by some long forgotten evil doer these creatures are extremely dangerous and those who seek to travel at night should beware their molten webs.

Stage one: A small black spider about the size of a dog. It has dull red eyes

Stage two: The spider is now about one and a half times bigger, it has some noticeable fangs and a non-glowing crimson rune on its back.

Stage three: The Embersilk spider is now twice the size of its original form, it has a few large red stripes running across its body horizontally, and its rune glows with a deep red, as do it's eyes. It's fangs are twice as long as they were in stage two.

Concept cards
Cinderweb: cost:3 effect: attackers take 2 damage. lasts 3 turns
Fiery Entanglement cost:5 effect: stuns for 1 turn and deals 3 damage for 2 turns
Healing warmth cost:2 effect: heals 6 hp over 3 turns
Flaming safehaven cost:6 effect: invulnerable for 2 turns

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9/15/2012 15:52:26   

Character name: Purifier
Alignment: 30 good

Description: A gifted spellcaster on a crusade against all that is foul in Oversoul, this manipulator of the arcane has a natural gift and can bend both fire and light to his will. With these two elements at his disposal he is able to reduce his opponents to ash and rejuvenate himself constantly, so that he never has to rest in his fight against the wicked denizens of the world.

Stage one: A young mage in standard white healers robes, with a white orb of pulsating light emanating from his right hand. He has a hood concealing some of his face.

Stage two: The Purifier now wields a small flame in his hand and a short staff in the other, the wooden staff's head is a large white stone. The purifier's robes are now very light grey in color and have with the shoulders now with metal guards.

Stage three: Abandoning his staff the caster now has a ball of light in one hand and a ball of flame in the other. The metal shoulder guards now have a ball of light embedded in a facet near the center of the shoulder armor. His hood has been traded in for a large white wizard's hat with a large brim. His eyes are aglow with an orange glow reminiscent of fire. His robes are now fairly detailed with gold embroidery as well as a number of small charms hanging from various parts of the cloth. optional: The caster appears to be faintly glowing with holy power, in a pulsing pattern that varies from almost completely invisible to pretty recognizable.

Concept cards
Blinding light cost:3 effect: enemy has a 50% chance of missing on attack for 2 turns
Conflagrate cost:3 effect: destroy enemy shields
Purify cost:5 effect: deals 4 damage to enemy and removes all harming effects from Purifier
Healing glow cost:5 effect: heals 9 over 3 turns
Ashes to ashes cost:9 effect: heals Purifier for 5 health and applies 15 damage dot to enemy. dot does 3 damage a turn.

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9/15/2012 15:57:42   
Elite Chaotic Ninja

Character: Oversoul Unleashed
Alignment: You choose...
Description: You have become slightly bored with all this flying around and body hopping, and need a way to make up for your lost time. Suddenly, you gain access to reserves of power you never knew existed inside you, and can become semicorporeal at will. This ability strengthens as you advance in power, and now your claws hunger for blood...
Stage 1. How the oversoul looks now: Wraithlike, skeletal floating creature, no legs, tattered hooded robe, vicious claws.
Stage 2. Body becomes slightly more solid, Eye sockets start to glow a more intense blue, claws become sharper.
Stage 3. Aura of blue flames with ghostly skulls encompasses you, body pretty solid but still faded out, Azure flames trailing from eye sockets, Claws are razor sharp and are glowing adorned with mysterious runes.
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9/15/2012 16:23:37   

Character name: Phaxian Crusher
Alignment: neutral

Description: The massive Phaxians of the plains are renown for their large stature and impressive strength. These great warriors are adept at wielding a mace or a gargantuan axe and can dispose of dozens of men with ease. Though they have great endurance they often go in to battle without heavy plate mail and rarely sport a shield, the benefit of this is that they can use both of their hands to flatten to opposition.

Stage one: The Phaxian Crusher is a very large bipedal elephant-man. They walk on the flat foot of an elephant but wield their 2 handed weapons with human-like arms. The first stage Phaxian wields a standard 2 handed mace with a large metal ball fastened to the end of a long wooden shaft. For armor the Phaxian wears a dull brown sleeveless shirt and a pair of pants which are a darker shade of brown. At this stage the Crusher has small tusks starting to protrude from its face.

Stage two: Now the Phaxian has a chain mesh shirt without sleeves, and pants of a similar make up. The Crusher has long tusks coming from its mouth and wields a mallet and has a scar running down it's face, as well as a few nicks on it's ear. The Phaxian is much more muscular now then it was in stage one.

Stage three: A symbol of Phaxian might, the crusher is now adorned with light plate which covers his torso, his thighs and fore-arms. The parts not protected by this plate are covered with light chain mail, save for his upper arms and feet as well as his head. The Crusher now swings a large 2 sided axe, which, besides a few rather large nicks in its' blades, looks razor sharp. The Phaxian has a number of scars across his face as well as on his upper arms. One of it's tusks has been cut in half, and is capped with a gold cap. This creature is very muscular, and screams pure offensive power.

Concept cards
Flatten: cost:7 effect: 4 damage and stun
Obliterate: cost:6 effect: breaks all shields. If enemy has no shield then 7 damage is dealt
great stamina: cost:5 effect: heals 10 hp over 5 turns
Phaxian might: cost 8 effect: next 3 attack cards deal 150% damage rounded up.
pulverize: cost:7 effect: 9 damage

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9/15/2012 16:28:18   
Elite Chaotic Ninja

Character:Void Dragon Alpha Arakor
Alignment:Evil -50
Description:This Void dragon hs the prime specimen, An alpha dragon thought just to be a myth.
Stage 1. A giant Void Dragon With red eyes and curved teeth.
Stage 2. Arakor has larger horns and wings, and his body has shifted to a semierect stance.
Stage 3. Arakor is towering at his full height, His wings and horns the largest on this titan, his curved claws on his forelegs-turned-arms ready to carve up his foes. His sharp, venomous fangs drip blood from a fresh slaughter.
Post #: 47
9/15/2012 16:40:12   

Time to see what i can do*cracks knuckles*
Character: Liofavv
Alignment: Good 50
Description:Liofavv was a lion who after eating a enchanted being was powered by good
Kiath The Millenium knight sought him out to be his soul partner
Now they fight to end evil

Stage 1.A white lion who is fast strong and willing to aid those in need
Stage 2. A white lion with thunder around him and runes he scares most but he means no harm
Stage 3. A fully grown lion with wings runes and crackiling energy around him
All who look at him get stuck in a trance

Character: CroLiax
Description: After Cryax was freed a evil force used magic to clone him and use Croliax to comabt Cryax
He is special because like cryax he cannot change his appearence while he can get stronger he cannot change his form/armor
he would be cryax's opposite in the sense that he has life draining and block moves..he has one skill that heals the foe..but gives him more power in exchange

The stranger of The Chythian
Description:in the old legend of the millenium knight there is a starnger who was"slain" by Kiath
While it appeared that way he just manifested himself in another form
Because of the attack Kiath did to him his body cannot evolve...
So all he can do is use the foes power against them

He is ??? because he slays good..and evil

that is it..until the next post!

More ideas!

Character: Gillias the stone beast
30 good
Description:Gillias is known in folklore to have once been a beast who destoyed all evil in the land every 100 years
One day a stranger came and turned him to stone stopping he anti evil attack
Kiath the Knight freed him and can call upon him to attack those who challenge good

Stage 1. he would be a giant Lizard with a lion's body and 4 wings
He cannot evolve further or else he will turn BACK into stone

Desription: throughout time there have been stories of a monster being seen
He has been known to scour through lakes and sometimes drag even the strongest of foes into a whole
Most call him Kruitaj the soul eater..But he has no name
Nulgath Himself is angered by the fact he eats the souls of those he wishes to abosrb..So he sends his void beings to end him..but after a war..no one has seen the odd being again

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9/15/2012 18:03:01   
Lord Hades

Name: Talanthal, the Scholar.
Neutral -10
Description: Talanthal was once mortal, a powerful mage in his own right. But his thirst for knowledge led him to a forbidden book...a book of secrets. Now, he is much more.

Stage 1. A generic wizard, like Murray from AQW's Citadel. (Starts with Neutral cards.)
Stage 2. The wizard's eyes glow blue, and his hair becomes firey. (He also gains Light and Dark cards.)
Stage 3. The wizard is enveloped in a dark purple aura, and flames dance around his character rune. (He also gains Chaos cards.)
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 49
9/15/2012 18:49:05   

Character name: Forgotten Legend
Description: He was once a hero feared by all the evil in the land until Nulgath crushed him. He survived, but was left with a shattered soul.
Alignment: Neutral/ -5
Stage one: A middle aged man in an armor full of claw marks and a large hole in the chest, holding a sword on his shoulder.
Stage two: The armor is now whole, and he has taken a stern pose with the weapon, holding it with both of his hands.
Stage three: His confidence and power regained, he now holds the sword with one hand, and wears a confident smirk on his face.
Inspiration: A rather melancholic piece of music I heard in an elevator, and wondering what would happen to the Young Knight in the future.

Edit: Good point, I totally forgot about necessity of a soul here...fixed it.

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