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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread II

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9/15/2012 21:40:31   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!

Modern Zardman(evolution of Cave Zardman).
Super Zardman(evolution of Modern Zardman. Basically a superhero Zard).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 76
9/15/2012 21:43:31   

Troll fiend

Capture rate: .01%

Most skills are direct hits.

Has a very ugly face.
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 77
9/15/2012 21:46:14   

Let's get some more dragons going!

Character name: Razorwing the reborn
Alignment -50

Description: Razorwing was once a majestic red dragon, and one of the mightiest of his kind. When Nulgath was flung into Oversoul Razorwing was sent by the broodmother to see if this new entity was a threat to the brood, upon coming in contact with the archfiend Razorwing was was enthralled with Nulgath's "gift" of demonic power. Over the course of a few days the dragon began it's transformation from a creature of great grandeur into a wicked monstrosity gone mad by the foul whisperings of the void. He now patrols the skies of Oversoul on an endless quest to destroy all those who would oppose the void general Nulgath.

Stage one: A large red hornless dragon with runes running across its body down it's tail. The runes are similar to those found on Nulgath's weapons in aqw.

Stage two: The dragon now has fiendish horns sprouting from it's head, which wrap down making their points facing forward. It's teeth have turned from white to dark grey similar to Nulgath's armor in color. It's eyes glow red and some of it's body is now a dark grey similar to Nulgath's armor in appearance.

Stage three: About 60% of razor wing has been replaced by this dark grey "armor" and his upper jaw is lined with very long teeth. The runes which adorn the dragon now glow a vibrant red, as do his eyes. He has grown 2 new sets of eyes above his previous eyes, mimicking Nulgath's. All in all He looks about 60% archfiend 40% dragon.

I know a very small number of legendary monsters will have 4th forms, if you like this guy maybe this could be the ultimate form?
Stage four: Complete change in to Nulgathian Drake. Full demon plate similar to Nulgath's. The transformation is complete. Orange energy crackles across the whole of his body and his eyes glow n ominous green.

Concept cards
Dark augmentation: cost:4 effect: increases the damage of all attacks by 3 at the cost of 2 life for 3 turns
Abyssal flame: cost:8 effect: deals 4 damage and an additional 6 damage over 2 turns
Demonic armor: cost:7 effect: reduces all damage taken by 2 for 8 turns
Void claw: cost:4 effect: ignores shields and does 2 damage, as well as randomizing 4 of Razorwing's opponent's charges.

All damage is relative.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 78
9/15/2012 21:48:29   

Can everyone give me HONEST opinions of my suggestions from 1-10 how well i m doing? This is my second day ever doing this. :p
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 79
9/15/2012 22:33:14   

Character name: Alloy elemental

Description: Though most terramancers and golem makers focus on simpler materials such as wood or clay some shapers create masterful constructs of pure metal. Incredibly durable and horribly lethal these creations dubbed "Alloy elementals" are the apex in golem crafting. With enough experience these creatures are able to arm themselves to the teeth literally. Due to their nature their only significant weakness is that of energy.

Stage one: A slender metallic humanoid with no recognizable facial features and no defined lines.

Stage two: With more experience comes more power, the alloy elemental has begun "defining" itself with rugged edges and many small spikes. It's left arm is made into a very large, and very sharp blade.

Stage three: The vague outline of a face can be seen on this elemental's head. Most of this creature is very well defined with large metal horns protruding from it's head. Both of it's arms are blades, with the right arm being serrated. A number of large blade like appendages can be seen protruding from it's back. This creature is just bristling with smaller spikes as well.

Concept cards
Natural resilience cost:4 effect: Reduces all damage taken by 2 for 3 turns
Bladed cost:8 effect: 2 damage to all attackers for the duration of the fight
Serrated blade cost:3 effect: 9 damage over 3 turns
Reform cost:4 effect: heals 8 over 4 turns
Unbreakable cost 8 effect: if you were to die within the next 3 turns you will instead be left at 1 hp

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9/15/2012 22:37:17   
Bloody Fist

Pirate of Nulgath

Once a pirate who plundered Nulgath he was then sent to the abyss and turned fiend.He is now part of the Abyssal pirates who plunder from villages, kingdoms,and even other pirates.These group of fiends all the most selfish fiends in the entire abyssal army.

-50 evil

difficult capture rate

Stage One :a pirate grunt with a fiendish face and a fiendish grunt armor

Stage Two : Pirate swordsman with a fiendish look has 4 eyes

Stage Three : Pirate captain with sic eyes and a fiendish pirate armor

This is just my take on the Abyssal Pirate

Let me know how it is plz

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AQW  Post #: 81
9/15/2012 22:40:01   

Isn't -50 a little high for a pirate? I thought that was for top-tier monsters. Maybe -40. Other than the over-the-top alignment i found the idea pretty fascinating, albeit a lack of detail when it comes to describing the creature. If you would please tell me how I am doing, that would be great too.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 82
9/15/2012 22:41:19   
Bloody Fist

Well its so high cause some how its gonna look really cool gotta let Nulgath make the art
AQW  Post #: 83
9/15/2012 22:44:34   

Yeah I get you, I usually go in to pretty deep detail, I like knowing what I might get. Rate me now plox! :D
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 84
9/15/2012 22:48:32   
Bloody Fist

I really like the Razor Wing. I wonder if it will fit on the screen since its a dragon?
AQW  Post #: 85
9/15/2012 22:52:44   


description: blademaster are warriors with high mastery and efficiency on using swords and blades.

alingment: 20 good

stage 1: a rookie with a wooden blade
stage 2: a skilled mercenary with a steel katana and a slash scar in his face.
stage 3: a light armored warrior with dual katana and high mastery on blades

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 86
9/15/2012 22:56:12   

@Bloody Fist: Nulgath already announced there would be dragons, like the golden dragon on the roster so I assume it will fit. Like anything else? I have like 15 entries.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 87
9/15/2012 23:06:57   

Character name: Dusk elemental
Alignment: 0

Description: These rare elementals can only form on the threshold between day and night. When formed they are very unbalanced and will fluctuate between darkness and light before finding perfect equilibrium. Due to their peculiar nature these beings are invulnerable to both light and darkness based attacks making them exceedingly unique in the fact that they do not have an elemental weakness.

Stage one: A very light grey elemental which is more defensive than offensive, using a number of shield cards and healing spells to stay alive. Has a small weakness to darkness.
Stage two: This time it is very dark and specializes in offensive combat, often rushing the opponent with quite a few shield bypassing attacks as well as hard hitting attacks. Has a small vulnerability to light.
Stage three: A perfect shade of grey this being is one of the only to have no elemental weakness. They utilize their dark nature for rapid attacks that can get past shields with a very low charge cost and also can release a few big attacks, the ultimate being "nightfall" which would cost 7 charges and do 9 damage. Due to their light nature they can heal very well and are able to throw up quite a few decent shields, making the character the ultimate in all-around gameplay.

Note: I think that the charges this character uses should be neutral, as with 50/50 light and darkness cards charging up would be a serious pain, and the creature would die without being able to use itself to the full of it's capability.

As with all my posts, any and all feedback is welcomed.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 88
9/16/2012 0:01:15   
xGreen Warriorx

^ You've got some good ideas.

I would like there to be a Chinese dragon:
Character Name: Chong Qi
Alignment: 40 or 50 Good.
Elements: Fire, Light, and Neutral.

Stage 1: Chong Qi
A small Chinese dragon (meaning no wings and a big head), with fireball, heal and might special cards.

Stage 2: Evolved Chong Qi
A larger version of stage 1 with back spines. Has fireball, heal boost (heals 10), strength (adds 5 dmg to an atk card), and life drain special cards.

Stage 3: Master Chong Qi
A massive dragon with six legs and long talons. Special cards are lava ball (15 dmg), XL heal boost (heals 20), power (adds 10 dmg to a card), and life drain.

Sorry if my numbers are scaled completely wrong, I'm just trying to give you an idea.

Note: Is most vulnerable to ice.
AQW Epic  Post #: 89
9/16/2012 0:19:30   

Thanks man, and the chinese dragon seems unique, i don't doubt it will get in game.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 90
9/16/2012 0:46:54   

Character name: Djinn
Alignment: -35

Description: A Djinn may only be controlled by one who possesses a fire orb, as fire orbs are exceedingly rare, so are Djinns. A Djinn's upper half is humanoid with red tinted skin and a draconic face, complete with horns. The Djinn's lower half is composed of flame, making his torso and head the only viable means of damaging the Djinn. Even if you manage to fell this beast It will merely be sent back to the plane of fire, where it can be resummoned by the possessor of the fire orb. Djinns have a reputation for being the most rebellious of all summoned elementals.

Stage one: I think this character is unique as it has 2 different monsters in one, albeit only one is used in combat. The first stage is a commoner-looking man wearing clothes similar to the peasent's but male instead of female. In his hand he holds a fire orb and in front of him is a large Djinn. The commoner has a smirk on his face and the Djinn burns with a low flame.

Stage two: The Djinn burns quite a bit brighter now and the peasant's commoner clothing is now singed all over. He now has a look of fear on his face.

Stage three: At this stage there is no more "peasant" and the Djinn holds the orb in his left hand. He burns with much larger flames than before and his eyes glow with power. The orb he holds occasionally crackles with red-orange energy.

Concept cards
Blood boil cost:2 effect: 8 damage over 4 turns
Spontanious combustion cost:5 effect: 5 damage to self and 9 to oponent
Molten claw cost: 5 effect: 4 damage ignores shields
Elemental flame cost:5 effect: destroys 6 enemy charges
Reduced to cinders cost:8 effect: negates the effect of all shields and healing spells for the next 4 turns, and deal 5 damage over 5 turns
Plane tap (stage three only) cost:10 effect: shields for 10 and increases all damage dealt by 2 for duration of the battle

Sorry if someone has already suggested Djinn, this is just my rendition.

As always, any and all comments are welcome.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 91
9/16/2012 1:09:31   

Character name: Gaea
Alignment: -40 (Gaea's been depicted as a pretty twisted being in a lot of fictional works. The ancient Greeks didn't see her as such, but she'd be Neutral if I didn't make her Evil, and she's way too powerful for that)

Backstory: Gaea is a figure from Greek mythology (And Roman, but I can't remember her Roman name. Her husband, Ouranos, is Uranus though, and her son Kronos is Saturn). She's the mother of the Titans (Kronos, Krios, Hyperion, Oceanus, Iapetos, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas, etc., there are tons of them). She's the Earth goddess, and by far the most powerful of the Greek gods and goddesses. She's been portrayed in several works (of fiction) as a really evil being, in some cases even attempting to bring about the end of the world. An oath sworn upon Gaea was believed to be the most powerful oath possible by the ancient Greeks, because nobody could escape the Earth at that time.

Description: The embodiment of the very earth itself. Her wrath is inescapable, and those who evoke it will quickly find themselves trapped beneath the earth, never to be heard from again...

Earth element

Stage 1: A woman wearing a simple Greek robe
Stage 2: The same, with mud around the lower half of her sprite (she was often depicted as half in the earth itself)
Stage 3: Stage 2 carrying a large staff made of mud and stone

Special cards:
Imprison - 8 Earth energy. Immobilizes the opponent for 1 turn and inflicts 6 damage

Shear - 7 Earth energy. Inflicts 4 damage and applies a DoT dealing a further 12 damage over 2 turns.

Stonewall - 5 Earth energy. Provides a 10-point shield. The shield is treated as being Earth-element. Piercing attacks do not work against this shield, and instead damage it.

Devour - 12 Earth energy. Inflicts 9 damage to the opponent. If Imprison was used last turn, damage is 27 instead of 9 and cost is 20 instead of 12.

Feedback on any of my suggestions (Naagloshii, loup-garou and Gaea at time of writing) always welcome. The others are on page 2.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 92
9/16/2012 1:14:22   

@so0meone Why not personify her earthern nature more, like in stage 2 and 3 she has some plants on her being, or a vine going around her arm? Possibly green tunic later on? I would guess someone of such great power would be pretty astounding to behold. Just my 2 cents, if you have any comments on the guys i have made, feel free to share.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 93
9/16/2012 1:18:13   

@Poodlemeister: Yeah, I did consider that, plants and vines are a bit more Demeter's thing though =/ that was the part I had trouble with there, personifying the earth. I love your ideas, I'd give 'em a 9/10. I would really like to see a few concept cards, but that may just be because that's my favorite part of the suggestions xD
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 94
9/16/2012 1:53:53   

Character name: The Deepdiver
Alignment: -50

Description:Not much is known of the ancient Deepdiver, other than that he and his ship were lost in a great lake long ago. He is said to be imbued with great strength and endurance by the artifact he once sought out on the lakebed, but at a great cost. He now roams at the lake bottom waiting to be liberated from the artifact by anyone mighty enough to do so.

Stage one: A human in kevlar-like rubberized cloth diving suit, which appears to cover most of his body, although he wears a heavy bronze diving helmet. He wields a harpoon.

Stage two: The Deepdiver now appears in a full atmospheric diving suit, you know, those huge metal ones that look totally cliche and awesome. He wields a boarding axe

Stage three: His appearance is similar in stage 2 as it is in stage 3, with the same suit, though this time around pulsing aqua runes can be seen all over his bronze suite. An ominous aqua glow can be seen coming from his helmet and he wields an anchor with the aqua runes running down the handle and up across both sides of the head of the anchor. A chain from the end of the anchor is wrapper up the Deepdiver's right arm.

If you are confused about what stage one looks like just google old diving suit and voila.

For the Deepdiver I really just wanted to give purpose to farming the lake. I believe that the deepdiver could be a very powerful creature and extremely hard to encounter like a 5% chance encounter and a 30% possession rate. I imagined him to be like THE reason for farming the lake when someone went exploring, to give it purpose well in to the later levels in the game.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 95
9/16/2012 1:58:08   

@so0meone Thanks, man. I really enjoy reading your ideas. Sorry for the late reply. That deepdiver took forever to make work. And I still think it sucks.
ALSO i have concept cards on many of my previous creations now. Like 6 of um or something. Tell me what you think.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 96
9/16/2012 6:58:04   
Soulweaver Zard

*Room grows dark*
My turn

Alignment: -25 Evil
Possession Chance: Difficult

The Camo-Fiend once led multiple Camo-Beasts in an assualt on a once great kingdom. Now, the kingdom forgotten, it's army slain, it seeks to destroy the kin of heroes.

Stage 1: A figure of a fiend, barely visible.
Stage 2: The fiend flickers, allowing you to get a glimpse of him sometimes.
Stage 3: The Camo-Fiend is now fully visible, roars and disapears.

Special Attacks:

CamoFlauge: Prevents up to 15 damage for 1 turn. (Charges neutral)

The first of many! Rate and enjoy

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AQW Epic  Post #: 97
9/16/2012 7:14:55   

Character name: Unlucky Skeleton
Alignment: -15 Evil
Possession Chance: Very Hard (What'd you expect, it's not your lucky day!)
Where to find: Graveyards on Friday 13th
Description: Appearing only on the unluckiest day of the year, this skeleton had bad luck in life, and it seems that death doesn't give him any rest either...

Stage one: A battered looking skeleton with a ragged armor and a tattered black cape. He wields a broken sword with a horseshoe on it.

Stage two: Starting to embrace his bad luck, the skeleton is now wielding two swords and larger shoulder pads, his eyesockets blazing bright red.

Stage three: His/her final form, now wearing a larger suit of dark armor with skull designs, and a massive sword with a black cat face on the hilt.

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 98
9/16/2012 8:30:54   

Character name: Chloarax
Alignment: good 10
Possesion Chance: 0.1%
Where to find: Ice hills
Description: Only few are chosen to be the avatars of ice itself
Chloarax was once a manifestation of the ice lord himself
Now he seeks to continue what he was chosen to do
Stage 1: He would be a knight with draconic traites
Stage 2: He would become more dragonlike and now have wings and more armor
Stage 3: he would become a half dragon knight with most dragon traits with the armor of a knight

Character name: Hiakzen
Alignemnt: Neutral
Possesion chance: 10%
Where to find: Path To the sky
Description: Kiakzen was a monk who trained every day to protect the valley of the sky
The air lord noticed this and gave him power to combat evil.and good...He now stays and sees if those who wish to enter are worthy
Stage 1: He would be a monk..but with a tiger tatoo on his arm
Stage 2: he would get wings and his tatoo would be gone
Stage 3: he would become a tiger with wings and runes following him

Character: Judgment
Alignment: good 50
Possesion chance ???
Description: throught history all beings that decide they have a great destiny must undergo a test
Judgment is the being who decides the destiny of those people
If pure he lets them pass
If evil he drains there soul and feeds it to the abyss

Stage 1: he is a knight(but a lot taller) with a axe
Stage 2:He would get runes and his axe would get light around it
Stage 3: He would get the armor of a paladin with souls around him and his axe would grow to the size of his body

so how do you guys like it so far?

DF  Post #: 99
9/16/2012 8:40:11   

Haven't log in for a while so here are my other suggestion entries...enjoy :
Alignment:PURE NEUTRAL,Encounter chance: They rarely show themselves so I dunno
Name: Dracossennin
Description: "A silent n deadly few,watching from the shadows while taking no action in the wars of good n evil,powerful yet possessing them have high cost" (You think u possess them but in reality they Possess u)
Stage 1.. A man/woman in grey robe w/ left shoulder exposed has alpha tattoo on it ...wears baby dragon skull as helmet under robe
Stage2.same as 1,but Robe reduced but now w/exposed lower body it wears some sort of gi for lower body,eyes have pale n cold glow
Stage3..Robe and helm now removed their face have 5 little horns(1 near left eye,2 in cheeks,1 near left chin,n 1 larger than the previous 4 on the upper right of head) hair is color is silver ,they have pale greyish skin n have a moderately muscular bodies,upper body filled w/ cold runic tattoos , their hands don omega symbols,lastly eyes have a cold darker glow...
Inspirations:Dragons,Martial arts,Sage legends

Alignment: 30-35 good
Name: (Needs a epic Name)
Description:"Beings empowered by fire , they one of the children born of nature's fury with a spirit as free as the wild,one must learn to be one with nature to tame the spirit of such creature"
Stage 1... A 6ft humanoid with a head of a horse with a tribal tattoos on the upper body down to the lower body(biggest tattoo on shoulders)..it wears acc. like nose ring, 6head piercings(2 for ears,4 for mouth) all made of bones..it also has horse feet..and a long mane
Stage 2 ...Still same but 6.2ft in height and its humanoid hands has paws in the middle of its hands(shaped like a horseshoe but more like of a omega symbol)..its tattoos emit little electricty...and its lower body muscles looks more like a fused human n horse
Stage 3...Almost 6.5ft tall...its finger tips look a lot like hooves..the tattoos become living fire along with its mane and paws...
Inspirations...Horses lol,humans,fire,lightning

NOTE1:My first entry on page1 is a floating sea serpent , is moderate in size (forgot to mention that),it can devour moons due to its elastic mouth(think of a anaconda devouring an elephant
NOTE2:I don't have illustations for entry 2 n 3 so again image may vary from ur Imagination.
EDIT: fixed the some parts,used to much B in texts

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