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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread II

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9/15/2012 18:56:19   
Lord Hades

@Kaizoku: If he has no soul...how can we possess him? It's a great idea, but it needs a bit more work on that aspect.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 51
9/15/2012 19:24:48   

Hades: Wouldnt that make it even easier to posses? We overcome the soul to claim the body not the other way around.

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9/15/2012 19:34:44   
Lord Hades

Right, but when we fail, the error message "Your victim's soul has eluded you" appears. So it seems that having a soul is a sort of prerequisite for possession.
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9/15/2012 19:43:36   

Glad to see i'm not the only one posting in this thread.

Character name: The forgotten
Alignment -35

Description: Once a knight in service of the human empires this being was sucked into the abyss by some mad wizard's twisted experiment. Time is not the same in the abyss as it is here, a week could be hundreds of years, or mere seconds, such is the unpredictability of the abyss. No one knows how long the Forgotten was lost in that dismal place, but when he was finally relinquished from that dreadful plane of existence he was not the same. Twisted and tormented by the foul magic that governs the abyss he now seeks to end all that dwells in Oversoul, seeing everyone and everything as an enemy.

Stage one: A warrior wearing classic knight gear, plate mail, full helm, sword and kite shield. All of his gear has a peculiar purple hue.

Stage two: At this stage the Forgotten begins to take on some very unnatural characteristics, such as horns sprouting from his helm, his eyes glow dimly with a deep purple. The very shape of the knight begins to take on a more savage feel, almost what a werewolf looks like halfway through transformation, very distorted but still recognizable as something that was once a man.

Stage three: The Forgotten is now completely reshaped by the powers of the abyss. He appears to be a demon, with a hulking body, dropping his blade, he now has 5 gruesome claws per hand. His plate mail seems to be mostly broken off, with some small parts, such as boots remaining on, albeit in a state of horrible disrepair and barely being held together. His helm has been broken off revealing an almost pitch black face with a sadistic grin showing his razor sharp teeth. His eyes are a piercing bright purple and he has wicked dark grey spikes running down the length of his back and down his large tail. (He has a tail)

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9/15/2012 19:47:05   

@kaizoku for the description why not write "but left with a shattered soul." Would solve many problems.

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9/15/2012 19:50:50   

@ poodlemiester you are not alone..i am always here in this thread..Watching O_O
DF  Post #: 56
9/15/2012 19:54:23   

@zeuster Yeah i love seeing what people come up with, and i love writing um, if you haven't noticed. :p I think i'm at like 11 so far.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 57
9/15/2012 19:56:41   

@poodlemiester do not worry..you have done more than most..i think i have done about 24 or so
DF  Post #: 58
9/15/2012 19:57:37   

@zeuster Nice! You do some really great writing.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 59
9/15/2012 20:00:39   

@poodlemiester thanks you to
DF  Post #: 60
9/15/2012 20:03:55   

Heh i just do what i can to make the game better for everyone.
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9/15/2012 20:11:40   
Lord Areswe

Character name: Viscera shaman
alignment: Evil 10
Description:Gifted with the powers of prophesy this mad shamen reads the future with the intestines of small animals, although of course the Viscera shamen could make an exemption in regard to an enemies internal necessities.
Stage one.A wild looking man dressed in tribal robes with red circles around his eyes brandishing a totem in one hand and a small knife in the other.
Stage two.His appearance becomes more reserved he wears a robe of an undefined animal fur and carries a mace with a boar skull attached.
Stage three.The mace now has wicked curved knives instead of tusks his cloak is stained red and tattoos extend crawling snakelike over his body.
difficulty:medium(he is used to hearing the call of gods and is generally all to happy to serve them...)
Suggestion ability:doomscry Completely deplete the opponents shields after 2 turns (on each side)
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 62
9/15/2012 20:32:32   

Character name: Tenebromancer
Alignment: 0

Description: Though these manipulators of the darkness love the shadows they are not necessarily evil. In the great conflict of good vs evil tenebromancers are about as indifferent as any other elemental wizard, often fighting for the cause they see fit. The tenebromancer excels at warping the darkness and bending it to his will. Unlike necromancers the tenebromancer does not raise the dead or tamper with the life forces of his foes, but rather blast his opponents in to oblivion with his stygian craft.

Stage one: A young looking wizard with a dark iron short staff in his right hand, and a book with a dark grey cover in his other hand. His robes are black and not baggy, his robes have a hood, which he wears concealing a majority of his face.

Stage two: The tenebromancer has traded his hood a for a small wizards hat. His face is now revealed, showing that his eyes are pitch black. His skin is very light ad his hair is very very dark. His iron staff is now adorned with a skull which is etched with runes that pulse black. He now holds the book open and a light black glow is permeating from it. His robes take on a heavier look, like there are more folds of the cloth, They are less tight fitting. His sash is now adorned with a few small dark purple orbs.

Stage three: The caster now has a large brimmed black wizard's hat and his robes are very magnificent and flow to the floor down past his feet making them look like they meld in to the floor. The book he holds open now has the appearance that a flame or glow is constantly pouring out of it. The flame/glow is black. His staff's skull is now grey in color and ablaze with black flame, with the runes glowing purple in color. His robes are embroidered in gold and his sash now has numerous orbs and small skulls or other trinkets hanging from it. His pitch black eyes now have the appearance that there is shadow escaping from them( Similar to the doomknight's eye animation from dargonfable only black).

Concept cards
Shadow spear: cost: 3 effect: 2 damage ignores shields
Grasp of the night: cost:6 effect: 3 damage stun
Blacken: cost:4 effect: transfers 5 charges to darkness
Midnight claw: cost:4 effect: 9 damage over 3 turns

Well thats it. My tenebromancer. Sorry if the flames are too hard to do, if so you can get rid of them if you so wish.

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9/15/2012 20:36:55   

Hey zeuster, if you are still lurking and you posted in the other thread, were any of you're ideas chosen?
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 64
9/15/2012 20:44:14   

@poodlemiester i really do not know about that
I have really no idea..i wonder
DF  Post #: 65
9/15/2012 20:56:52   

@zeuster I think Milton should keep us posted on who he chooses to add to the game. On a side note, Giant doom ants!

Character name: Doom antilian
Alignment: -30

Description: The antilians are massive ants which grow to the size of a horse and sport massive strength and a pair of pincers that are capable of slicing through plate mail as if it were paper. They serve their queen unquestionably. This one seems to have had a run-in with a doomknight and has been converted to their cause.

Stage one: A huge ant, as stated above, about the size of a horse. This is deep red in color and it's eyes are piercing red in color.

Stage two: This time around the antilian has some parts of itself in doom knight plate, similar to that in dragonfable or aqw. This armor protects it's legs and about half of its body as well as making it's pincers take on new appearance. They look serrated now, as well as having cryptic runes carved in to them which pulse with a bright red.

Stage three: The transformation is now just about as complete as it will get with the antilian almost fully encased in the red and intricate armor of a doomknight. Wicked spikes rise from its head, as well as at it's legs joints and above where it's numerous legs meet it's body. The eyes of this creature now glow deep red and crimson bolts of energy occasionally crackle around random parts of it's body.

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9/15/2012 21:16:58   
Lord Hades

Name: Wolfram, the Weaponsmaster
Alignment +40

Description: In his prime, Wolfram was the greatest knight the world had ever seen. Even in old age, he has, as he says, "more skill in his pinkie-bone than all of the King's warriors."

Stage 1. An elderly man in bronze armor, wielding a broadsword.
Stage 2. The man gains a shield and his armor becomes silver.
Stage 3. He is mounted on a warhorse, and both he and the horse have golden armor.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 67
9/15/2012 21:20:49   

im gonna make a king for the knight

i have to draw it first though because i get ideas from my drawings and books i read

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9/15/2012 21:24:32   

Character name: IceSoul Dragon

Alignment:-10 to -50 evil

Description:This dragon was never sopposed to be alive, yet alone dead. Now it brings vicious ice storms across the land.

stage 1:(-10 evil) Normal dragon with blue and black assets with glacial coloured markings all over its wings.
stage 2:(-30 evil) dragon with 4 wings and ice spikes running down its body and ice body parts. coloured black and icey blue and eyes are are not eyes they are a glowing energy of ice animation.
stage 3:(-50 evil) IceSoul looking dragon with black fur sprouting out its legs, neck, and tail. it has six wings and spikes of soul ice all over it back side. the symbols are black all over its body and they glow ominusly. It has a constant storm following it and it freezes(turns the colours around it icey blue)all things around it.

attacks: should be ice based and full of nasty surprises like undamagable for 3 turns, total health heal and 3 turn stun.

level of spawn: very rare and a 50% capture rate.

this came only from my mind and is creative.

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9/15/2012 21:24:52   
doomknight powa

Name: Light fiend (30 good)

Description: Once a fiend of Nulgath, these fiends were caught doing something none should ever do, disobeying Nulgath! However, they happened to be caught on a good day, Nulgath was full from devouring so many souls over the course of the past week. He let them off with a "warning" and by warning I mean that he banished them to the deserts of oversoul, hoping they would die slowly from the light. However, they had established a camp and over time have grown to appreciate light, thus making it their source of power.

Stage 1: A yellowish imp/fiend look with bright white eyes and glowing claws. Similar to a demon but it looks more... "good"
Stage 2: A bit bigger version of stage one with larger claws and a faint yellow/white aura surrounding it. There are some faint white runes also. It also has some light golden armor.
Stage 3: Still getting bigger with even larger claws and a very prominent aura and runes. Full golden armor and also sports a gleaming tail.

Felt left out, so I came up with this. I actually like it :D

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9/15/2012 21:28:01   
Bloody Fist

Name:Armpit Fiend

Alignment: evil -100

Description: accidentally created by siunotlim (or just nulgath any one of these are fine) during a cloning project. These fiends use there stink to destroy there enemy's very soul and capture them in there armpits.

Capture rate: 77%

Stage 1: Baby Nulgath with big biceps and have hairy armpits

Satge 2: Bigger Nulgath with a eviler look and stinkier armpits

Stage 3: Nulgath look alike but with hairy armpits and a smiling face

AQW  Post #: 71
9/15/2012 21:30:10   

hey anyone like my post
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 72
9/15/2012 21:31:18   

yes i do Alpha
Post #: 73
9/15/2012 21:34:06   

How do people like my posts
@below..i like most peoples(as long as they are creative and are NOT complete rip offs ) So yes

< Message edited by Zeuster -- 9/15/2012 21:38:59 >
DF  Post #: 74
9/15/2012 21:38:05   

zeuster urs are creative but do u like mine :D

@above thx and it would be nice to have a spirtual elemental dragon in game so yeahhhhh

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