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All you need to know about Warrior

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11/2/2012 11:51:00   
  Hopeful Guy

Hope Upbringer! (DragonFable)

A Guide to Warrior

By Hopeful Guy & RamDF

Contents: CTRL+F to browse!

{WAR1} Introduction
{WAR2} Pros and Cons
{WAR3} Skills
{WAR4} Stats
{WAR5} Strategies
{WAR6} Other Classes
{WAR7} Credits


Warrior is one of the 3 base classes- alongside Mage and Rogue. It is the more offensive one and a good choice when facing single enemies. It was the first base class created, and uses swords, axes, maces, and scythes. If you find anything wrong in this guide, please PM me.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent against single enemies
  • Reasonable nerf skill- Strength Strike
  • Excellent combos; Power, Double, Triple
  • Power negates the use of Attack
  • Final can OHKO most monsters


  • Very few defensive skills
  • Weak Multi
  • Throw is useless if you have Power
  • DoT is fairly weak



    MP Cost: 6
    Level unlocked: 9
    Cooldown: 0 turns
    Effect: 175% damage

    Insanely good skill; basically negates the use of the Attack button, and if you have decent Crit, it makes Final look weak. Use this as a core part of your offensive strategies. Also, if you're not sure which move to use, Power is generally a good choice.

    MP Cost: 7
    Level unlocked: 8
    Cooldown: 5 turns
    Effect: 100% damage, +20 Bonus for 5 turns

    Not very useful- Bonus doesn't really do much, as you barely miss anyway. Only use this if you are facing an enemy with more than 20 or more Melee/Pierce/Magic defence.

    MP Cost: 3
    Level unlocked: 7
    Cooldown: 5 turns
    Effect: 100% damage, prevents enemy from running away.

    OK at its job, I suppose. Enemies barely ever run away anyway, though. It's also unpredictable as to when an enemy will run away.

    MP Cost: 3
    Level unlocked: 6
    Cooldown: 5 turns
    Effect: 175% Pierce damage

    This, I suppose, is only useful between levels 6-9. Once you unlock Power, you basically have access to the same skill, but with Melee damage (that's a good thing). Power also has no cooldown; Throw does. It's also exactly the same skill as Rogue's one, except with less MP cost and more cooldown.

    MP Cost: 17
    Level unlocked: 5
    Cooldown: 15 turns
    Effect: 100% damage, enemy stunned for 3 turns

    The mana cost and cooldown can be quite a pain at lower levels, but otherwise, this is a good mid-level defensive skill that gives you an opportunity to knock some health off the enemy. If you are facing an enemy with Immobility resistance of over 50, don't use this.

    Defensive Stance
    MP Cost: 11
    Level unlocked: 4
    Cooldown: 5 turns
    Effect: +140 Parry/Block/Dodge, +50 Boost for 2 turns

    Dodge/Parry/Block is fairly useless; the game engine randomly selects one to use and then rolls to see whether it was successful or not, and 140 is not a very good chance. The Boost, however, could be quite useful, but generally, you're best off skipping this move outside boss fights.

    MP Cost: 11
    Level unlocked: 2
    Cooldown: 5 turns
    Effect: 120% damage, +20 Boost for 5 turns

    A reasonable offensive buff skill; WarCry->Double->Triple->Power->Power is a very good combo in terms of offense- if you use it, you will do 1062% damage- replacing WarCry with Power, this drops to 885%.

    Double Attack
    MP Cost: 4
    Level unlocked: 2
    Cooldown: 3 turns
    Effect: 2 hits of 75% damage, requires last hit to have connected

    Ah, yes. The most potent combo Warrior has- WarCry-> Double->Triple, with a fe1w Powers after it, is an obvious yet incredibly powerful combo. This is a must-use skill, and should always be followed up with Triple.

    Triple Attack
    MP Cost: 9
    Level unlocked: 3
    Cooldown: 0 turns
    Effect: 3 hits of 75% damage, after Double.

    Although the cooldown is 0, Double is required to use this, and its cooldown is 3, so its cooldown is effectively 3. That's no reason not to use this, however; it is the most damaging move in Warrior's main offensive strategy. Another must use.

    Mana Strike
    MP Cost: 7
    Level unlocked: 4
    Cooldown: 0 turns
    Effect: Attacks enemy's MP

    Not the most useful skill, as the only non-bosses I can think of that use mana are Deft Minx Fairy, and the Minx Fairy. Of course, there are a few more bosses, but still, they are about 1% of bosses.

    Multi Strike
    MP Cost: 14
    Level unlocked: 5
    Cooldown: 3 turns
    Effect: 1 hit of 120% damage to all enemies.

    A decent multi, with low cooldown. However, the mana cost is pretty high for low-levelled players. It just attacks all monsters. However, this is pretty much the go to skill in battles with multiple enemies, obviously. 120% damage is also an improvement from the usual 100%.

    Strength Strike
    MP Cost: 7
    Level unlocked: 10
    Cooldown: 5 turns
    Effect: 1 hit of 100% damage, -20 Boost to enemy for 5 turns

    A very reliable defensive skill- as Ram points out in Strategies, for each time you use it, you negate 1 turn worth of damage. The cooldown makes this almost an infinitely loopable skill. The only real decent skill in Warrior's otherwise awful defence.

    MP Cost: 4
    Level unlocked: 11
    Cooldown: 5 turns
    Effect: 1 hit of 50% damage, 20% damage DoT for 5 turns

    Theoretically, this is 150% damage, i.e. a Double without having to use any other skill. However, in practice, most normal enemies don't last 5 turns, so it's best on boss fights.

    Final Blow
    MP Cost: 8
    Level unlocked: 18
    Cooldown: 15 turns
    Effect: 1 hit of 125% damage, guaranteed to crit

    Well, this is the perfect skill if you have less than 50 Crit, and it's also a reliable skill for 1v1 battles. I recommend use of this, but less and less as you level up.


    Here are a few builds that should work fairly well for you. Note that these builds are guidelines; not something that MUST be used.


    Level 80

    STR: 200
    WIS: 75
    END: 120

    Level 70

    STR: 200
    WIS: 75
    END: 70

    Level 60

    STR: 200
    WIS: 35
    END: 60

    Level 50

    STR: 200
    WIS: 35
    END: 10

    Level 40

    STR: 160
    WIS: 35

    Level 30

    STR: 110
    WIS: 35

    Level 20

    STR: 60
    WIS: 35

    Level 10

    STR: 20
    WIS: 25


    Level 80

    STR: 200
    WIS: 25
    END: 170

    Level 70

    STR: 180
    WIS: 25
    END: 140

    Level 60

    STR: 160
    WIS: 25
    END: 110

    Level 50

    STR: 120
    WIS: 25
    END: 100

    Level 40

    STR: 100
    WIS: 25
    END: 70

    Level 30

    STR: 80
    WIS: 25
    END: 40

    Level 20

    STR: 30
    WIS: 25
    END: 40

    Level 10

    WIS: 25
    END: 20


    Level 80

    STR: 200
    WIS: 45
    LUK: 150

    Level 70

    STR: 200
    WIS: 45
    LUK: 100

    Level 60

    STR: 200
    WIS: 45
    LUK: 50

    Level 50

    STR: 200
    WIS: 45

    Level 40

    STR: 195

    Level 30

    STR: 145

    Level 20

    STR: 95

    Level 10

    STR: 45


    This section was completely written by RamDF. Now then. Warrior has immense potential when it comes to strategies. So here goes!


    Most Damaging 1v1 Rotation: Warcry -> Double -> Triple -> Power -> Power and repeat.

    Note: Many would ask why I have omitted Final Blow from this. The reason is that it loses its worth at about level 40. It does 125% damage, and definitely crits so that's 250% damage. At about level 30 to 40, you'll crit regularly enough to do more with Power (350% damage with crit), Double Blow (300% with both crits, 225% with 1 crit) and Triple Blow (450% with all 3 crits, 375% with 2 crits, 300% with 1 crit) than with Final Blow. At the same time, this does not mean it's completely useless: until about level 40 or when your crit seems sufficiently high, it is recommended that you use Final Blow when possible instead (while using this rotation during the cooldown of Final Blow).

    This would ideally be the combo with the highest damage output; however, we know that bossing requires defence too. Thus, we now get into what are the useful defensive skills in Warrior. I'll talk about them and how/when you should use them.

    Stun is obviously going to be one of the most useful defensive abilities unless your opponent resists immobility by more than 60~70 (otherwise, you'd normally pull off at least 1 out of every 2 Stuns). Don't even try it when your opponent resists Stun by about 85 or more - it's probably not going to work. When your opponent has about 30 to 50 resistance to immobility, note that it is still somewhat risky in the sense that you could end up wasting the turn if your opponent resists the immobility effect. 15 turns cooldown is also a long wait between one chance of a stun and another. On monsters that resist 0 to 30 immobility, it is an excellent move which would truly be the very best defensive feature of the armour.

    Keep in mind too that it is best to use it as early on in the battle as possible - that way, the cooldown will also end earlier in the battle. For example, if you use it on Turn 5 of the battle, you can only use it on Turn 20 next. But if you use it on Turn 1, you can next use it on Turn 16 itself. You may ask how this even helps. Well, let's assume that it's Turn 16 (or 17 or 18 or 19) and your opponent is in sight of victory; in the first case where you delayed your stun, you would only have gotten one opportunity to use this awesome move and can't use it again because the cooldown isn't over. However, by using it a few turns earlier on Turn 1, you get to use it again on Turn 16, where you can stun your opponent and pull back the match before you lose it.

    Thus, by delaying your stun, you could be missing out on an opportunity to use it once more so use it very early since it has a long cooldown.

    Defensive Stance not just gives you your standard Defence skill but also gives you +50% damage for the next 2 turns so you can use it without being afraid of missing out on the damage you could have done on that turn instead (it still lowers your damage output by a bit though). It's not terribly reliable but could ultimately reduce the damage done to you without sacrificing too much damage yourself.

    Strength Strike is the most reliable defensive skill as it definitely reduces opponent damage by 20% for 5 turns. Doesn't seem like much initially but taking a closer look, we basically negate 1 turn of damage for every 5 turns. Furthermore, this only has a cooldown of 5, which means that your opponent can be doing only 80% damage for the whole battle. If it last 20 turns, he would have only done 16 turns worth of damage. Meanwhile, Strength Strike also does 100% damage so it doesn't compromise on your damage that much.

    Warriors frankly have horrendous defence, perhaps one of the worst in the whole game; so you should invest into trinkets and weapons which can provide you defence/heal you - also, the amount your HP potions heal can come in handy and so keep your alchemy level high.

    Potions will probably be the warrior's best defence. Keep your alchemy levels high so that you don't end up dying in tougher battles. You can train the amount your HP Potions heal in Reens' potion shop (the left-most shop on the screen to the left of Falconreach's main screen). HP Potions can heal up to 600 HP (at Skill Level 40), and considering you have a whole 1200 HP extra, that's going to be VERY, VERY, VERY useful.

    Trinkets like Soul Purifier can also be very useful - look into defensive trinkets which don't have extremely high cooldowns. I won't list all the useful trinkets in this guide, though, that's in the DF Encyclopedia and I think there's also a guide on it here in the Guides section.

    Some weapons also have a chance of healing; I'm referring to some of the weapons you get from Frostvale, which have a 5% chance of healing you (as an on-hit special). Warriors don't do that many hits per attack so they won't benefit much from this in my opinion. Still, this is an option.

    So, that's about it for bossing. Warriors have good offence but if you want to excel in this aspect, you'll need good defence/healing from other sources like potions and trinkets, and also know how to utilise your defensive skills to their fullest.


    My strategy here would normally focus in

    1) Finishing the opponent off in the least number of turns. (first priority)
    2) Finishing the opponent off while consuming the least MP. (second priority)

    If the amount of damage your opponent does on your HP is a concern, add a Stun or a Defensive Stance where necessary while using the armour.

    If You Have Less Than 50 Crit:

    The opponent's HP is within 100 to 175% HP of your normal attack: Use "Power" to finish him off in one turn consuming the least MP.

    The opponent's HP is within 175 to 250% HP of your normal attack: Use "Final Blow" to finish him off in one turn consuming the least MP.

    The opponent's HP is within 250 to 325% HP of your normal attack: Use "Power" and then "Double" to finish him off in two turns consuming the least MP.

    The opponent's HP is within 325 to 350% HP of your normal attack: Use "Power" twice in a row to finish him off in two turns consuming the least MP.

    The opponent's HP is within 350 to 425% HP of your normal attack: Use "Power" and "Final Blow" to finish him off in two turns consuming the least MP.

    The opponent's HP is within 425 to 550% HP of your normal attack: Use "Power", "Double", "Triple" to finish him off in three turns consuming the least MP.

    The opponent's HP is within 550 to 625% HP of your normal attack: Use "Final", "Double", "Triple" to finish him off in three turns consuming the least MP.

    Anything above that, use: Warcry -> -> Double -> Triple -> Final -> Power and repeat. Substitute "Power" for "Final" while it cools down.

    These are general guidelines to take down opponents fast; note that it would be wise to use skills like Stun if the monsters have substantial HP and do a fair amount of damage, especially at lower levels.

    Above 50 Crit:

    Same combinations as above, except replacing "Final Blow" with "Power" where possible. Also, because of your crit, you'd probably require less turns to finish off your opponent.


    Here, there are really too many possible combinations to do a very in-depth analysis. Just note that the warrior's multi-strike is the worst out of the three base classes - 120% damage to all opponents with a 3 turn cooldown. So, my strategy would be to use this Multi when possible but, during the cooldown, focusing your attacks on one opponent and killing him off, before proceeding to the next one. Also, you may want to stun one of them to reduce damage (because you're facing 2 monsters here).

    3 opponents usually deal hefty damage - I'd recommend you target one of the opponents and that one down first, as quickly as possible. When this targetted opponent has been reduced to less than 120% HP (240%, if you believe in your crits), use the multi to finish him off and damage the others at the same time. Then use the 1v2 strategy. Also, put your Stun and your Defensive Stance to good use throughout the battle.

    Other Classes

    You should move towards these classes at around level 25, as Warrior will not get you far in the mid-to-high level range.


    This can do more damage than all Warrior's best moves just by spamming Attack. This silver lining has two clouds, unfortunately: one cloud is that you need to have a DA for 2 years, then either buy 40000 DCs (DragonCoins) and the armor, Necrotic Sword of Doom, DoomKnight Helm, and DoomKnight Cloak all at once for $64.95, or buy one package each 6 months of 10000 DCs for $19.95 until you reach the 4th package. The other cloud is that it makes the game a cakewalk. See here for the guide.


    The second best defensive class in the game, after DragonLord, and about 3x more damage than DL. Costs 1800 DCs. Of course, Doomknight is tenfold better offensively and defensively, but still, the second best non-DmK class offensively and defensively is no mean feat. Kathool Adept is slightly better offensively; there is a negligible difference. See here for a guide.

    Kathool Adept Armor

    The best offensive class in game, aside from DmK. Costs 1800 DCs. The main qualms are the ridiculous mana costs (Shadow costs 264 MP). OKish defence and an excellent class overall. Guide here and here.


    The third most powerful class (non-DmK) and it's FREE. However, a Dragon Amulet is required to use the right hand side of the skills. A very good offense is slightly let down by the defense, but still very reasonable. Guide here.

    Frost Moglin Armor

    An excellent class- 4th best damage in game and an infinite Blind makes this VERY awesome. What's even better is that it's free at Frostval, with no Dragon Amulet required to use the right hand side of the skills! That's why, for the Frostval season, it is the best non-DA and non-DC armor. However, to use it all year round you need a DA and 1000 DCs for an Armor Closet. Guide here.


    A very reasonable class. Does good average damage and it can beat Meltface Akriloth. Also, it can drain full enemy mana, useful against the aforementioned (Deft) Minx Fairies. Not bad, overall. The guide is here.

    DragonLord Armor

    It's lousy at offence. But defence? AMAZING! Infinite heal, infinite mana regen, +50 All, a working shield (Melee Defence). Guide is right here, and we have another one over here.

    ChickenCow and Evolved ChickenCow
    CCA and ECCA have major bugs that allow them to do close to 5000 damage in one turn. There is the Firebrand/lock/line bug, where the special stays activated once triggered. This is considered bug abuse and is not recommended. There is also the bug where it adds STR/INT/DEX damage boost to every hit. Guide for you here.


    Deathknight. A 15% HP steal, powerful offense, decent defense, but high mana costs. Still an excellent class. Guide right over here.

    PumpkinLord and Evolved PumpkinLord
    Like FMA, these are awesome seasonal armors, for Mogloween (however, to use it all year round you need a DA and 1000 DCs to buy an Armor Closet). Eternal Night and Final are unbelievable, it can get +25 All. Downside is the high mana costs. Guide.


    A good defensive class, with several good defensive moves. Has some interesting offensive moves. Guide here.
    GPS Mk 2

    Infinite blind, and a spammable 200% damage hit after that. Pretty cool. Also features a mana regen and a heal. Guide here.


    A DoT class, and its best DoT can do 300+ damage A TURN! However, the mana costs are extremely high (50+ for many skills). Here is a guide to using this armor.

    Most other classes are slightly less powerful (in my opinion) than the Warrior, like Ninja and Pirate. I don't really recommend them for use unless you are attempting to unlock the Quest Log Badges for these respective classes. However, I shall still give you a summary of these classes.


    Ninja. Deadly Strike, Dokuse, and Inbo are pretty useful, but aside from them, the other moves are pretty lacklustre. For example, Fade only gives +80 Dodge, only about 10% chance of blocking. Guide here.


    Arrrr, Ninja's counterpart be as lacklustre a class, mehearties. Ye has good skills, arrr, like summonin' ol' Crackers or the Pirate Ghost, swab. Shout 'n' 1st Mate Aid be good defensively, yarr. Yet the rest be underpowered, landlubbers. There be a guide, maties.*

    * In English: Ninja's counterpart is just as lacklustre. It has a few good skills, like Summon Crackers or the Pirate Ghost. Shout and 1st Mate Aid are good defensively. However, the rest is underpowered.


    The real reason this is so hated is that the left-hand side of the skills (except for Heal and Protection) all involve a 20% chance to do something. The DA side of the skills are actually not too bad. However, they are fairly expensive on the MP, they are Light element fixed, and there are better classes for DAs. Guide here.


    This class is okay-ish for Rogues, but not for Warriors. This is because nearly all the skills hit Pierce damage, but there are better classes. If you are going to use it, read the guide.


    This class is no good against anything but dragons. Against dragons, it's still not so good. It's a real pain to train too, with only a 30% chance each time you try to get the Enchanter's Stone. Also, 9 skills are DA-only. Overall, NOT recommended. Guide.


    AE, for being awesome
    Everyone who works in the DF Guides and Pedia. This guide has used a lot of info from there!
    You, the reader, for reading.

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