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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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7/14/2013 18:30:29   

I just want to start this off saying that the elements of chaos, lightning and earth are completely ignored-these characters fill that void for earth.

Alchemist (Veteran)- King's Alchemist (Master)- Midas (Legendary)

Alchemist- Earth/Shadow hybrid
200 Atk x6
500 Atk x2
Stonewall x2
Crush x2
Poison x2
Transmutation- Discards 4 cards to gain health equal to the atk points discarded. x1

Appearance- Armor similar to that of the paladin (veteran) except burnished metal instead of gold trim, leather breastplate with glowing green centerpiece, poison bottles instead of a sword and leather face mask/goggles instead of the helmet.

1 hit combo- throws a small bomb
2 hit combo- throws a small jar, which explodes (1st hit) then raises his fist for 2nd explosion (2nd hit)
3 hit combo- pulls out knife and bottle, combines them to make a glowing green knife, then vanishes and appears behind opponent to hit with knife.
5 hit combo- opens his cape to show large amounts of tiny bottles that all rain down on the opponent.

Enemy-My concoctions will cripple you.
Player- how will you fight with the strength being sapped from your limbs?

King's Alchemist- Earth/Shadow Master
500 atk x3
Poison x4
Stonewall x1
Petrify x2
Crush x2
Transmutation x1
Earth Boulder- earth's death flow x1

Appearance- similar to Alchemist but bigger with studded metal on the leather and more ornate armor w/gold trim and extremely complex headgear, as well as an extra pair of mechanical arms coming out of a techno-cape gear assortment

1 hit combo- mechanical arms get two bottles, mix them, then throw the product on the foe.
3 hit combo- turns opponent to gold, then picks up opponent with arms and slams him on the ground for 3 hits
5 hit combo- turns self to gold giant and stomps on foe.

Enemy: I make gold for the king. Sometimes that's through alchemy, and otherwise through killing infidels such as you.
Player: Feel the power of science!

Midas- Earth Legend
500 atk x1
Stone Strike x1
Fortress (2000 def) x1
Mountain Strike x1
Crush x2
Petrify x4
Earth boulder x1
Transmutation x1
Gold Transmutation (8 energy, converts up to 1600 def to an attack that uses double the defense converted, but cannot attack next turn) x1

Appearance- Colossal golden titan larger than the dread fiend.

1 hit combo- touches the opponent who briefly turns to gold.
2 hit combo- touches a small tree which is flung at the opponent
3 hit combo- touches opponent, then slams him back down on the ground for 3 hits.
5 hit combo- sinks his hands into the ground, and then the entire world turns gold and a massive earthquake hits the screen.
Petrify- turns the opponent to gold
Any defense card- small shrubs/trees are turned to gold.
Gold transmutation- one hand is thrust into the ground where golden streak hits opponent and erupts

Enemy: You'll make a fine addition to my collection.
Player: Gold! Muahaahahha! Gold!

Other ideas: this is both a character suggestion and a suggestion for Delta phase so ill list the character here:

Parasite- Shadow Apprentice
small tentacled worm
Cards-same as rat
Animations-strike with tentacles, nothing exciting
Enemy- Your body and your strength will be mine.
Player- Let's test this new vessel!

At level 4 if you choose to rank up you fight one veteran character of your choice from your current character stash and it becomes infected ________ with shadow versions of its powers.

At level 10 you become symbiote-again with shadow versions of cards the character would normally have (e.g. fire witch's fireball-shadow fire) except with new card infect which allows you (for the low low cost of 20 energy) to make your opponent attack itself once with whatever attack cards it was going to use.

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7/15/2013 15:08:12   

Name: Frogzard Sneevil Rider

Backstory: It's just a Sneevil riding a Frogzard.

...What, you want more? For a SNeevil riding a Frogzard? Fine. (Grumblepeoplethesedaysgettinggreedyforcharacterbackstoryandwhatnotgrublegrumble...)

The Zardrider has a long and epic liniage and history. After a great war of sneevilkind, the Sneevil King on one side got the idea of taming and riding Frogzards. From there, the Zardrider became a great and epic legend among sneevilkind.

Looks: Apprentice: A armoured sneevil riding a armoured zard.

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DF  Post #: 252
7/22/2013 8:37:36   

Name: Pit Grinder

Backstory: The Pit Grinder was once a mighty beast. It did what it wanted, it took what it wanted, and nobody could do anything! That is long ago, and most of it's clan is gone. However, the Pit Grinder still stand proud!

Looks: Normal Pit Grinder, but when you lvl it up/evolve it, then it gets more armour and scars.

Element: Earth

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 253
7/29/2013 4:03:56   

Gonna try something different for this one, Write the looks and stuff in a journal entry.

Name: Dracopyre

Element: Earth/Shadow


Journal Entry 1

I have heard rumors in this part of the forest, of some kind of winged beast. These claims all seem to say the same thing: It looks like a strange amalgam of Vampire and Werewolf, with the wings of a dragon. Rumours also state that the archfiend Nulgath was in the area. It is possible the two are linked, that Nulgath has made some kind of new monstrosity formed from dragon, bat, and wolf. Whatever it is I must hunt it, for none are safe.

Journal Entry 2

Have not seen hide nor hair of the creature I am hunting since the dead werewolf 3 days ago. It would appear that the creatures of the night hate this beast also, for there was a fight there. Clearly the beast also has some level of sentience, since said wolf had been bashed in the head with a tree branch. If it knows I am hunting it I may well be next.

Journal Entry 3

I was wrong. The hunter has become the hunted. ALl this time it has been following me. I see eyes in the distance, the eyes of a draconic beast. It is watching, ready to strike. Well it shall not find this meat easy to eat. I have the weapons of the hunters ready: The holy water to strike a vampire, the silver blade of my father, and I have coated the blade in rare and expensive Dragonsbane Metal for this task. If all else fails, I have placed strategic fire points around the camp. The years have taught me that when all else fails, fire always works.

Journal Entry 4

I have been bitten. The beast wishes to turn me into more of it's kind. The fight went poorly. Nothing seemed to harm the beast. The blade was turned away quick as lightning, the water did not so much as sting. It fought with tooth and claw and bite. Fire drove it off in the end, but too late. It still watches from a distance, waiting...

Journal Entry 5:

It talks to me in the mind. Surrender, it says. Join us it says. You will know power beyond imagining. Just join the Dracopyres. Bask in the gift of the Archfiend that you have been granted. I fight now, but for how long?

(This journal was found in a forest clearing south of the Paladin Camp. No trace of the writer or these monsters were found. It is believed that the Shadowslayer who wrote this was seeking help from the bite. Either he died or succumbed to the infection.)

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7/29/2013 13:39:20   






(card name:# of cards)

3)Death Flow:2
4)Spider Bite:3

Spider Bite is a special card only spiders can have,it heals u based on the damage u deal when u add it to a attack card or special attack card.


OS Char name:Archon-I


The strong suvive and the weak perish
Post #: 255
7/30/2013 8:22:39   

Soul Stalker

Character: Soul Stalker(Soul Eater)
Appearance: Click
Allignment: -35 Evil
Rank: Master
Element: Shadow
2x 200 damage card
4x 500 damage card
3x 500 defend card
7x Life drain
5x Mark of Death
Sacrifice:Attack for 500 damage for the cost of 400 health.
Empower:Discard 1 card to raise an attack by 300
Poison: 6x Inflict 1200 damage over 4 turns

Controlled: Your blood is soo cold.
Enemy: I see your death!

ArchLich's animations

My OS Char Name:MakeItStop

Void Shaman

Character: Void Shaman(Void)
Appearance: Click
Allignment: -35 Evil
Rank: Master
Element: Shadow
2x 200 damage card
4x 500 damage card
3x 500 defend card
7x Life drain
5x Mark of Death
Sacrifice:Attack for 500 damage for the cost of 400 health.
Empower:Discard 1 card to raise an attack by 300
Poison: 6x Inflict 1200 damage over 4 turns

Controlled: Your blood is soo cold.
Enemy: I see your death!

ArchLich's animations

My OS Char Name:MakeItStop

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 256
7/31/2013 13:04:30   
Cyber doom5

Name: M.A.R.S.
Rank: Legendary
Evolves From: Volt Engineer
Main Element: Fire
1X Meteorite
1X Chain Lightning
1X Arc Lightning
1X Scorch
3X Shield
2X Energize
5X 5 Damage fire
2x 2 Damage cards fire
1X Super Charge
1x Incinerate

Enemy: HAHAHAHA, My lifes Work is Complete Let the whole world tremble
Possessed: This bad boy is 2 tons of mechanized death, better run before it steps on you
Victory: Phase one complete

The earth shudders and black smoke fills the air, a shadow is cast across the land, and it steps into view. The sound of gears grinding and pistons pumping fill the air, and with each step the ground shakes, nearly as tall as the surrounding homes, the mechanized behemoth. A glass canopy opened with a hiss of air escaping the pressurized cabin. A man with a metal fist emerged from the machine, claiming it was his final victory in life. As if planned, nearly as soon as the man arrived, a small squad of hex voids and abyssal priests attacked. The man jumped back into the machine, the two front arms folded back, a cannon arm and a Tesla coil arm appeared, with that he let loose a massive fire ball that engulfed the priests leaving no more then a pile of ash where they once stood, and once the coil arm finished charging it lets loose three bolts of lightning frying several of the hex voids. Nulgaths minions attacked but they were repelled by the machines shielding, the machines main arms folded out again and from the two metal hand sprouted Gatling guns which proceeded to pummel the enemy with fire until they retreated. The town was saved by the mysterious man in the machine, and as quickly as he had arrived he was gone again leaving a cloud of smoke in his wake.

Single Hit: Steps forward and steps on the opponent
Double Hit: twin flame throwers appear from the torso of the machine engulfing the opponent
3 Hit: The hand flip around and Gatling guns appear and mist the enemy with a cloud of bullets
5 Hit: The back arms fold out and a ball of fire and a bolt of lightning hit the enemy
Defeat: the arms and legs fall off, and the cockpit falls to the ground cracking the canopy
Victory: the canopy opens and volt engineer does his victory cheer

Creator: Cyber Doom5
Oversoul: Infinity

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DF MQ AQW  Post #: 257
8/2/2013 9:20:38   

Soul Collector Lich

Character: Soul Collector Lich(Soul Eater)
Appearance: Click
Allignment: -35 Evil
Rank: Master
Element: Shadow
2x 200 damage card
4x 500 damage card
3x 500 defend card
7x Life drain
5x Mark of Death
Sacrifice:Attack for 500 damage for the cost of 400 health.
Empower:Discard 1 card to raise an attack by 300
Poison: 6x Inflict 1200 damage over 4 turns

Controlled: I am Soul Collector
Enemy: I see your Soul!

ArchLich's animations and Soul skull attacks

My OS Char Name:MakeItStop
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 258
8/3/2013 21:23:03   
Cyber doom5

The Hollow

Rank: Master
1X Corruption
3X Poison
1X Neutralize
3X Shield
1X Blood Rage
4X Sacrifice
2X Life Drain
3X 5 Damage
2X 2 damage

Enemy: Can you hear the emptiness that is our souls
Possessed: Nightmares and fear shall drown this world
Victory: Hollowed are we


Since the dawn of time man has feared the dark, plagued by nightmares of what could be lurking with in. They were said to be born from the darkest fears of man, there souls hollow and empty, lacking neither emotion nor pity, they lurk within the dark waiting for the moment to strike and hollow the soul of man. When one draws near to its prey,the victim is plagued with horrifying nightmares, and then they awake hollowed and soulless. The most frightening thing about these creatures is that no two Hollowed look alike they all take on the aspect of fear as seen by man, the most well known of the Hollowed is, Zero the mighty Hollow Dragon,the legends state that it lurks in every shadow waiting for a prey that it has stalked since it created mankind.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 259
8/3/2013 23:04:52   

Name: (I had a couple ideas)

Whichever seems better

How to obtain:
Boss fight in Oblivion's Nightmare Dungeon?
Encounter in a special location on the map?

http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=blabivix standing on a black cloud. Maybe holding a different weapon, Or even no weapon at all.

(Yes I dedicated my AQW character to this idea)



Enemy: I've fought many like you, the outcome is always the same.
Controlled: Congratulations, you'll be the next soul I claim...

200 Damage Attack - 3
500 Damage Attack - 3
Defend - 2
BloodRage - 2
Life Drain - 2
Mark of Death - 2
Poison - 1
(Total of 15)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 260
8/4/2013 0:42:16   

character name: virgo

character type: lightning

how to obtain: only in random PvE matches. has 0.1% to fight

rank: legendary

appearance: she has blond hair with blue tips, that whips around as if in a storm. she has ball's of electricity in her hands. her eyes are pure blue-yellow. she has tattoos on her body, just random markings. she has a large scratch through one eye. she is wearing a mainly cloth armor, blue and yellow, with metal spiked shoulder pads. she has high boots with spiked tips. she is floating of the ground, and the screen is lighter on her side, as if lightning is flashing. she bobs up and down, and glares at the enemy.

one hit combo: lightning shoots from her hand, zapping the enemy and having a 0.3% chance to stun for one turn
two hit combo: she shoots the balls of lightning from her hand, hitting the enemy for two consecutive strikes
three hit combo: floats over to the enemy, and traces a circle with her finger. three lightning tentacles come out, hitting the enemy three times (has a 0.1% chance to stun for two turns)
five hit combo: roliths hammer falls from the sky, landing in front of her. she spins it around her head, and two zaps of lightning fly out and hit the enemy. she then runs forward and hits the enemy with the hammer twice. finally she heads back, then turns around and throws the hammer, dealing the final hit

enemy: i have nothing to say to you worm
controlled: you dare challenge the queen of asgard?
victory: as it should be
defeat: the real fight begins now!

200 dmg- 2
400 dmg- 2
500 dmg- 3
defend- 2
chain lightning-1
super charged-1
electric arc-1

i also thought of another!

name: globos

rank: veteran

element: earth

appearance: he looks like an old man, with a bald head and green ruins on his head, and he has a beard full of leaves and twigs, and he is meditating on this earth. he is wearing green nomad robes, and his hands are blindly reaching out in front of him. his eyes are closed and he has small antlers.

that is all i can think of for tonight, so ya! i will leave the rest up to the team

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8/15/2013 17:31:02   

Character: Sneevil
Rank: Apprentice
Element: Neutral and Water
x3 100 attacks
x2 200 attacks
x2 500 attacks
x2 Shields
x1 pierce
x1 Power Strike
x1 Fresh Start
x3 Water Rapids
Appearance: General Sneevil.
Enemy: I need your boxes!
Controlled: No boxes? Wrong!
DF  Post #: 262
8/17/2013 2:01:02   

Character: Treasure Chest Trap
Rank: Legendary
Element: Earth
x3 500 Attack
x1 Empower
x1 Defend
x3 Stone Wall
x1 Stone Strike
x2 Petrify
x2 Mountain Strike
x1 Neutralize
x1 Corruption

Quotes: N/A

Well, this is pretty self-explanatory; it would be the same for the most part, what with the recognizable earth and poison animations. This card set solves its "boss-cards" problem and let's us play as the ONE character in OverSoul that can be fought, but cannot be controlled by a player. The empower is there because I think it does 800 at times; it's happens sometimes. If I am mistaken, the empower could be replaced by another 500.
Post #: 263
8/23/2013 18:13:59   
Lord GrimDusk

Character Name: Dante the DeathLord
Rank: Master
Element: Shadow
Alignment: -30 Evil


3x 500 Attack
2x Empower
3x Mark of Death
2x Sacrifice
1x Void Reflection
1x Shadow Fire
4x BloodRage


As player: Fear me!
As enemy: You've met a horrible fate, haven't you?
Victory: N/A


Dante looks somewhat like this Click Me!
Only difference is that he has black hair, red eyes,his armor colors are black for the plating, and red for the glowing eyes of the skeletons, and his Death Sword is black all over with red runes running down the blade.

His 1 hit attack animation is him swiping at the enemy with his Death Sword.
His 2 hit attack is him double slashing the enemy with his Death Sword.
His 3 hit attack is he shoots a black fireball at the enemy which deals two hits of damage and then jumps on the enemy and slashes him/her.
His 5 hit attack is him summoning a dracolich out of a red portal which breathes 5 hits of fire on the enemy.
His victory animation is the same as Degore.

I hope you like my character suggestion of Dante the DeathLord!


I seem to have forgotten the backstory...


Dante was a young, spoiled prince. When it came time for him to take control of the castle, he turned his parents' castle of light into a dark, evil castle of death. All the servants were made undead, along with the family dragon. Dante then went into a life of a rich man, but one day it had to end. His time had come for Death to take him, but he resisted. He signed a contract with Nulgath to become a powerful Death Knight, and got more than what he wanted. His armor became black as Death's robes, his blade dark as midnight, only glowing with the evil red light the runes on his blade emitted along with the eyes of his armor glowing evilly. He became the most powerful Death Knight in all of OverSoul, and was undefeated. He proclaimed him self the "DeathLord," and made all opponents he faced undead. He traveled the land, making all Humans undead. Then there was the humble town of Amityvale left, home of Artix Krieger. He tried to take the town, but Artix defeated his countless legions of undead and turned them back to life. Dante then retreated to his castle, where he has been ever since his first and only defeat... for now.

Again, hope you like my character!

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8/23/2013 18:50:48   
darkknight skull

3rd Character Contest(Backstory)-
Character Name-The Glacial Chimera
Elements-Ice/Water/Neutral (Main element is Ice)

-Three 200 Attack
-Two 500 Attack
-Three Ice walls
-One Snow orb
-Three 500 defend
-Two Fresh Start
-One Powerflow
-One Healing spring
-One Neutralize
-One Corruption

-A legend for told of a poacher of rare creatures. He was once a famous and very talented alchamist, but he
was sent out of the castle, he lived in for his entire life, because of his dangerous experiments,by the king.
He went into hiding and wanted to take revenge on the king that banished him. So, he decided
to create a beast that would ruin the king's kingdom and it's people. He spent the rest of his life, collecting whatever powerful creature,
he could get his hands on. When he collect enough dragons,lions,fiends,etc. he combined them, and he was never heard by anyone ever agian.
Some say the beast ate him, while others say he combined himself to the beast. But, whatever happened to him he got his wish
the beast went into the kingdom, and it was the greatest tragedy the kingdom had ever had. It wasn't something the royal knights
have ever fought, it could shatter their armor with a flick of its claws if it wanted. When the kingdom crumbled down to ashes.....
the beast was never seen since then,there were reports of people seeing it but when they try to look there was nothing, so
the people consider it a myth, a hallucination by the people who claim to saw it. But, the king,now a old man, which have
no similarities with his old self anymore said these words before he died, "the Beast is very much real, like you and me
it lives,breathes,and smells...when the beast is on the move there is no stopping it."

Comments-The backstory might be a little long, but I hope you enjoy this.

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8/23/2013 19:14:46   
Lord Coxy
Its Coxy Time

Oversoul name: Coxy

Ice Cream Monster

Have an awesome day now
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 266
8/23/2013 19:37:58   

Just in case if it's not seen with the hash tag.

Montague Dezgardo the Void Prince


Loganus the Beserker

Rayzu Dezgardo the Void Lord

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8/23/2013 19:59:00   
The Jop

Name: Resonance
Element: Energy
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master

• A tall, thin lady
• She only has a few black hairs on her head which are all standing on end• Wearing a pale brown coat that reaches to her feet, over a white shirt and pants (the mental asylum's guards' outfits that she stole)
• Has a black machine strapped to her back, with 4 red lights on the bottom, 2 on top of 2, that flicker one at a time. It's held together with exposed wires that are coming out of the machine (the machine from the mental asylum that was used on her)
• Two tesla coils are attached to either side of the machine on her back, which she takes out to attack with
• The tesla coil in her right hand is emitting purple energy, and the one in her left hand is emitting yellow energy

• 200 Attack x2
• 500 Attack x3
• Defend x3
• Electric Arc x3
• Storm x2
• Energize x1

Controlled Quote: "You may feel a slight shock, but it will all be over soon..."
Enemy Quote: "I'll make your last battle a memorable one."

Combat Entrance: Rubs her hands together and smiles.
Casting a Spell: Rubs her hands together and smiles as orbs of energy come together over her head
1-Hit Combo: Swings the purple tesla coil at the opponent and catches it when it bounces back
2-Hit Combo: Brings the two tesla coils together to make a current of energy that strikes the opponent
3-Hit Combo: Raises her left hand up to the sky and the opponent is struck by lightning from different directions
5-Hit Combo: Holds her coils to the ground and then a large orb of energy rises from under the opponent and into the sky
Upon Victory: Looks to her left and right and then runs off
Upon Defeat: The machine on her back shakes as it releases energy and then it explodes. Then she falls on her face.

Story: She was a teacher for many years until she witnessed a portal opening in the town of Solace and a multi-eyed demon emerging. What she saw through the portal was unimaginably horrible; legions of undead and contorted fiends stood just outside the portal in a vast, blue wasteland. She ran and escaped with her life, but she began telling her students what she saw and speaking of the possibilities of multiple universes, parallel to their own but with major differences. Word of her teachings spread through the students' parents until she was forced away from the school and committed to an asylum. She underwent months of brutal electrotherapy until she lost much of her long-term memory and accepted her living in the asylum. That was until the day that she saw one of her previous students being taken into one of the asylum's cells for continuing to believe and spread the message she had taught him. She didn't remember his name, but was knew that she was upset that they captured him and that she had to do something. That day instead of sitting back while she was electrocuted, she redirected wires while the guards' backs were turned so the machine backfired and electrocuted them. While they were stunned she took some of their outfits so she would not be suspected as a patient of the asylum and she smuggled some of their machinery to protect herself if she had to. She made it out safely and now searches the land of Oversoul to recover her memories and continue her life as it was before she was committed. She hasn't yet found her old school or any of her friends who might recognize her despite how her appearance has changed, but she can't look back.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 268
8/23/2013 21:01:20   

Name: Gral The Rotten
Element: Shadow
Alignment: -25 Dark / Shadow
Rank: Veteran

Fully cloaked in black
Stands at around 7 feet or slightly taller
Pitch black cloak
Hood over head however in the hood is nothing but three red eyes on his left very slanted and thin
The eyes should appear and disapear
No pupils, they look like red lines sideways
Never shows his hands until the fighting starts

Attack 100 x3
Attack 500 x2
Defend 500 x3
Void Reflection x2
Mark of Death x2

Control Quote: You.... you are the one I've seen before...
Enemy Quote: I was... not... looking for you... but... the other...

1x combo: He explodes into black fire and slashes his opponent with his hands (finally visible they appear as pitch black blades for fingers, similar but smaller than the Skexis Fiend's)
2x combo: He explodes once more but appears behind his opponent and stabs his enemy with both hands (singular for the 1st combo)
3x combo: He presents one of his hands up in the air, and six tentacles fly from his cloak (the tentacles are mechanical in nature and have three pronged fingers and a red pupiless eye on them) each pair of them attacks as one attack.... so to limit over animation...
4x combo: Combine 3x and 1x...
5x combo: He starts to fall through the ground and appears directly in front of his opponent and grabs him and black electricity from his clawed hands electrifies his opponent then makes a huge black firey explosion at the end.

Victorious: one claw comes out of cloak and grasps the air tightly and turns into black fire and dissapears
Defeat: Explodes into smoke like the Headless Horseman and Drago

Gral was once a man, troubled by his past. Gral grew up as a child in a village conquered by a fierce necromancer, this necromancer one day on Gral's birthday realized that during his war with the light that he needed new troops to reinforce the now perma-dead. This necromancer came to his village and killed all in sight, but Gral's loving mother sent him at the to that day age of ten to run into the nearby forest, Gral looked back only to see the flames of his village and a hideously deformed creature saying a spell to rezzurect all those who were being slaughtered like cattle. Gral ran for days maybe even weeks in the forest, but he was lost and hopeless. Gral soon found a skeleton patrol, so hurt by the sheer thought of these mindless things killing his parents he ambushed them only to see his parents as part of the force coming to kill him. Gral was frozen, and soon... stabbed... he fell to the ground, unable to know who did what or how to him, as he thought this, he looked up to see his mother, no longer alive to be the one who struck him. Gral's mind went black... but then he saw a dot, a light, a red light at the end of the black room he was in, it said to him in a tone no one could possibly fathom, "Come with me, we... we... will find him... we will have him... as... he us...". Gral wasn't scared now, he reached for the light, and all the black nothingness around him wrapped around him, he felt empowered by something impossibly dangerous, but equally wise. It was an old creature, Gral didn't care what it was, as long as he got his chance... and now, he's looking for this necromancer, hunting him, the one they call... ..........
AQW  Post #: 269
8/23/2013 21:59:10   
Cyber doom5

All my Entries to the Writing Portion of the Oversoul Contest 3
The Hunter
The Horde, A vast writhing mass of evil and chaos, manned by creatures of nightmarish form, and ruled by a monarch unseen by most, and those who see it are never lucky enough to live. This nightmarish world is overflowing with malice and dread, longing to be unleashed upon other worlds.

It is spoken of in the whispers of the Overworld, that a man wanders the world; it is unknown what he seeks whether it is redemption, revenge, or forgiveness. Wielding twin swords, trophies from his last kill, enchanted by the blood of what he hunts, the key to a nightmarish plane of existence.

Long ago in a small village lived a young boy. The village was peaceful and never experienced violence. The boy lived with his parents in a small house near the village and he had a happy life, parents that loved him, friends, and a great community he could count on, little did he know that one day soon his world would come crashing down around him. It was a bright sunny day, the boy was returning home from playing in the woods, as he approached the village he saw a rising cloud of black smoke, it floated through the air giving an ominous vibe. A look of horror dawned upon the boy’s face as he ran towards the village, but what he saw would frighten most people to death. He gazed from the top of the hill overlooking the town at a massacre, blood flowed in rivers and the dead littered the streets. Screams from the far side of town filled the air, and the boy ran towards the sound of death, and as he rounded the corner, he stopped dead in his tracks, before him stood a tall menacing insectoid creature with three long claws on each hand, it head was cloaked and all that was visible was its piercing read eyes, blood dripped from its claws like rain, and with one fluid motion the screaming stopped and a body fell to the ground. The creature cast its gaze upon the child and let out a ear shattering screech, the boy turned to run but was surrounded by three other creatures Identical to the first. They circled him as if deciding what to do, but what happened next shocked even the creatures. The boy asked why, he asked why all his friends and family had to die, the creatures where stunned, never had their prey dared to speak to them. They the child stood there showing very little fear in the face of these monsters, and asked what they were, the creatures responded with one name…..Skexis. The Skexis drew nearer and nearer to the boy, and then they stopped, as if they were listening to something only they could hear, and in a flash they were gone, leaving the boy to standing in the crumbling ruins of his perfect little world. He dropped to his knees and began to cry, that day he vowed to hunt every last Skexis until the entire species was wiped from the face of the Overworld. The person he was died that day, and from his ashes rose The Hunter.

Years went by and that Innocent boy turned into a master demon slayer, he was known to duel wield swords carved from the claws of the Skexis that he slayed, and as everyday went by he grew closer and closer to find the entrance into the horde where he planned to confront the Monarch of the Skexis, he believed that if the Monarch where to die all the Skexis would die with it.

To those who witnessed him in action, he was described as a tall muscular man, clothed in a black trench coat, his torso was plated in armor forged from celestial steel, around his waist a chain was wrapped that witnesses described him using to bind the fiends before he destroyed them, on his belt was a holster holding a revolver with bullets forged of celestial steel, a substance that severely burns most creatures of darkness.

As the years went his legend grew, but unfortunately where ever he went so too did disaster, he was despised by nearly all villagers, most of the demon hunters revered him as a hero, but none of that mattered to him, he had his mission and he will not stop until he finishes it.

Name: The Hunter
Element: Neutral
1- Neutralize
1- Surge
1- Death Flow
3- Power Strike
4- 500 damage
2- 200 damage
3- shield


The First

A long time ago there was a man named Jeremiah Stain. He was one of the most wicked people who ever lived, and the worst part about him was that he was very clever. Coming up with new ways to kill and ruin lives. The number of peoples who's lives he had ruined where as numerous as the stars in the sky, he left a trail of blood and sorrow in his wake. Fortunately he was finally captured and put to death after a 16 year murder spree. As his soul stood there looking at his body, a dark figure appeared and told Jeremiah that his time had come, and that judgement awaited. Jeremiah not ready to depart this world, tried to make a deal with death, to prolong his judgement he would help death reap the souls that are ready to move on to judgement. Death interested by the offer, simply smiled and vanished. The world rushed by in a blur, the next thing Jeremiah knew he was standing over his own grave. The Ground fell out beneath him and he plunged into the darkness. He awoke in a dimly lit chamber, darkness surrounded him on all sides, in the center of the room stood a ominous statue of death, with the same smile he had before he had departed after there deal. In the statues hand was a stone, as Jeremiah touched the stone all the color seemed to vanish from the world he watched as his already pale skin turned a ghostly white, and his clothes turned a dull grey. when he looked back to the statue the stone was gone and was replaced by what looked like a small metallic seed, the seed suddenly rolled from the statues hand and fell to the earth. upon contact trees began to grow around the metal seed which had transformed into a scythe blade. He stood there gazing upon the most amazing weapon a grim looking skull with piercing orange eyes that seemed to gaze hungrily at him. And lastly when he looked back at the statue it was holding a white stone mask with a soulless expression. The mask suddenly leaped out of the statues hand and latched on to his face, it felt as if it were melting to his face, it was a pain worse then any torture devised by man. When the pain stopped, he looked up and he was standing in a field, no a abandoned graveyard, he snapped the scythe from the ground and found that it was incredibly light. The tranquility of the field was broken by the sound of a family walking through the field, most likely not even knowing that it was once a graveyard, Jeremiah noticed that he no longer could see there human forms, he only could see their souls. Now being a murder at heart he did what he did best. With one swing of his scythe the 4 family members souls were ripped from there bodies and devoured by the scythe, the energy from the souls passed through the scythe into Jeremiah. He had never felt so "alive" he went as far to say he felt like God. Over the next few months he continued killing countless innocent, death so busy cleaning up the mess Jeremiah made, was unable to stop him. One day though as he was about to reap a mans soul the man offered the same deal to him as Jeremiah once did to death, Jeremiah stared at the man, though his mask hid all emotion, Jeremiah had a wicked smile, he felt they were to of a kind, only someone as clever as himself would think to bargain with death, Jeremiah knowing not to be as foolish as death, only gave the man a small portion of his power and a small dagger to be used as his reaping tool. "From this day forward you shall be known as The Second," Jeremiah proclaimed, "The Second?" the man asked, "Yes for i am The First, the first to make a deal that weakened deaths hold over the world,"
From that day on Jeremiah Stain was no more, and there was only The First.
The First and Second went on for years slaying soul after soul and creating a gathering of beings known as Deathseekers.


Soul Warden

When the overworld was young two beings battled for control over this bountiful world, The Light, and The Dark. They would wage century long wars which were viewed as day and night, and even warriors of the light and dark took up arms against one another. Finally The Dark took the upper hand and as the last of the lights power withdrew from the overworld, darkness fell, souls turned as black as night and blocked out The Lights influence, and all went silent. Nothing moved, it was as if the world itself was gone. High in the heavens above,, a plan was being put into motion, and something was about to be born. The most skilled blacksmith ever to live was, in the name of The Light forging a suit of armor from a large amount of rare mineral, known as Athrilite, the strongest metal ever discovered; light and built to withstand large amounts of damage. When completed the armor was enveloped in the last of The Lights power, and taken to the realm of light, where it would be prepared for phase two of the final plan. Deep in the Atheral Planes of magic, a race of creatures made of pure mana live under the constant fire of storms, created by the use of magic in the overworld. When these beings come of age, they are marked with a sacred symbol of there gods. One lone being was marked with a mark that had never before been given, The mark of the most powerful god, the mark of infinity. While in the Atheral Planes, this being would have access to limitless power, but nearly as soon as he was given the mark, an eerie glow enveloped him, and when he opened his eyes he was standing in a tranquil place, he some how stood on top of an ocean that seemed to go on forever. Before him shined a faint light, pulsating, as if threatening to go out.

"You have been chosen......" a faint voice echoed

"Chosen? For what" asked the Atheral

"Chosen to be an eternal guardian of light," it replied

"What?" he asked

"My world is in peril, darkness threatens to devour my world...... it needs a guardian...... it needs you, Infinity" it replied

"Infinity? Who is that?," asked the Atheral

"That is your name, you posses the mark of your god known as having infinite power, so from this dayforth you shall be named Infinity," whispered the voice "Will you help save my world, and help save my people?"
there was a long pause as Infinity thought over the proposal, and then he said

"I will do it, i cant stand idly by and let innocent people suffer," replied Infinity.

There was a blinding flash of light, and before Infinity stood a shining suit of armor that seemed to radiate an unseen power.

"Your kind can not exist physically in my world, so your spirit must be bound to this armor, and you will not have access to the majority of your power while in my relam, so you must return here every so often to replenish your power," echoed the now unseen light

"How often will i need to return here?," inquired Infinity

"Every 200 years," answered the voice

"And how much of my power will i be able to draw upon?" asked Infinity

"You will have access to some of your infinite power, and it will manifest its self as your strength and agility, but arcanic power will come directly from me," replied the voice.

With that infinity touched the suit and the world started to fade to black.

The silence was shattered by a blinding light streaking across the sky, and a thunderous boom as it hit the overworld. Far off in the distance a shining golden tower cast light high into the heavens, as if daring all the forces of darkness to just try and attack it. All the dark souls, and demons who's power clouded out the light began to spiral towards the last beacon of light. A Lone figure stood atop the shining tower, a being clad in a shining silver armor, wielding a katana that seemed to shine as bright as the sun, he watched a wave of pure darkness, hatred, and evil, that covered the entire horizon roared towards him, and Infinity prepared to slay all who dared stand in the way of light.

Years later

A lone black tower stands in a vast sandsea, the sun blazes overhead, yet all shadows in the area seem to defy it and are drawn to the tower. The ground surrounding the tower is littered with massive boulders that slightly resemble parts of ancient machines. War machines lay in ruins, standing testament to the lose of those who dared to attack the tower. Within the tower beyond the darkness and silence, stands a lone being, with once shining armor, now dulled with age, it stands as if waiting for the next fool who seek to threaten the tower and its dark secrets.

Human Life:
Later on after the final battle against the Dark, Infinity died and passed through the Gate of Oblivion returning to the overworld. Upon returning to the overworld he lost his memory, and wandered the overworld trying to discover who he is and his purpose in the world.
In human form he retains the increased strength that he had as an atheral, he also retains a low level connection to the Infinite dimension, which allows him to channel mana for spells, it also allows him to use his 5 hit combo the Infinity Cannon. He also still possess his katana forged by The Light.

For the complete story of what happened next in the Battle for the Shinning tower click the [link]
Name: Infinity
Element: Light
1x 2 dmg
4x 5 dmg
3x shield
2x Retribution
2x Heal
1x Greater Heal
3x Holy Strike
1x Blessed Strike

Enemy: Gaze into the infinite Light
Victory: Yet another sees the light
Possessed: You shall feel the power of the the light

3 hit: He throws his Katana at the enemy and it slashes as it slashes the enemy the sword begins to glow brighter until it returns to his hands.

5 hit: Infinity raises his hand and a large seal with an infinity symbol in the center appears, energy is drawn in and fired as a beam of light.

Color Scheme:
Armor: Dull silver
Crystal:Dark Blue
Eyes: Green
Katana Hilt: Dark blue and Gold
Katana Blade: Shining Silver
Chains: Steel
Cape: Dark Blue, with Silver trim at the bottom


The Blood Reaper

Did you ever wonder what happened to a vampire once they die? well they go to a place so terrifying that only the most powerful can survive, beasts lurk in the dark that seek to prey on the weak. Typically there is no way to escape this hell for monsters, but in the case of vampires only on the night of a crescent blood moon, can the soul of a vampire be resurrected, but with a body destroyed and a soul to powerful to be contained in a human body the soul must be placed into a powerfully enchanted weapon. The weapon's will is so strong that it can literally destroy the mind of its wielder and posses the body to use it. Usually when one of these creatures is born they are given a human sacrifice to posses, and are sent on missions of revenge to destroy those who have done the summoner wrong. The first Vampire was the most powerful to ever be sent to the afterlife and was the first to be reborn in this process, being reborn into a scythe, but instead of obeying that which summoned him , he turned on his summoner and shredded his mind so badly that it drove him insane, which made him the most deadly of his kind. The being over the centuries he walked the earth, became known as the Blood Reaper, and was present at every single bloody battle in human history to drink the blood of the fallen. It has been said to be a sign of the Apocalypse when the Blood Reaper starts reaping the blood of the innocent, when he leaves the battle fields of humanity, let the gods have mercy on all of the poor souls who are on his menu, because it is believed that after centuries of drinking the blood of fallen soldiers the being with in the scythe is more powerful then death itself. When reaping blood from the living, the blood flows like small rivers trough the intricate designs of the blade, eventually converging with in the center eye and absorbed into the vampires soul, only a single drop is left after the reaping, and it is shed like a tear off the back side of the blade, It is unknown why this happens, but it can only be thought it is what little remains of the human hosts soul weeping at the loss of life.

Name: Blood Reaper, Death in Red
Rank: Master
Element: Water

Sorry if this post is to long i didnt know if i should break it up or make it one post I leave it up to the AK's to decide

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Name: Zaki
Appearance: A human figure covered with the transparent, yellow, kneeling shape of the Zaki. The Zaki is a large humanoid figure with 4 eyes and a foreign symbol in its forehead, from which extends a white line down its face, down the neck, stopping at the chest, from where it spreads out into the limbs in a straight line, then spiraling around them until it disappears at the fingers/toes. It's expression is indifferent as it stares at the host body, following its arm movements. Its arms/legs are shackled to the respective limbs of the host body.


Since ancient times, there was a race of creatures called the Zaki. They originated from deep within space, in a place unknown to all including the Zaki themselves, as they were expelled by it long before they had the capability of thought. This alien race is incapable of existing of its own accord and as such seeks a host body to inhabit, that is the only instinct the Zaki are born with. Upon locating a body, the Zaki forcibly transfer their being, their soul, into the host, forcing a coexistence between the two.

Although, the coexistence may be short lived as the Zaki proceeds to assimilate the host's soul, learning all of their existence, their knowledge, their skills, their talents and, at times, their feelings. It can be said that the being dies, then, reborn anew, gifted with grand magical power and knowledge. This power and knowledge stems from the Zaki itself, who while defenseless in its original body, has been able to find a body with adequate functions that may permit it to comprehend itself. In its comprehension, it gains its power and knowledge.

For the Zaki, for reasons unknown even to them, are powerful beings, with great magical power. They realize that they were born with great power, restricted by the quality of their host, and great knowledge, restricted by the limitations of the mind. Yet, they still have the misfortune of knowing nothing important about themselves, such as their origin or their purpose. So these godlike beings, bound by the shackles of mortality, live forever lost and living the life its host once had...

Present time, the existence of the Zaki is all, but forgotten, if even known at all. The Zaki themselves have forgotten their history, transferring from host to host as each die, they forget their own memories and are further baffled by their existence. Now, they know nothing, except their great power, and their mentality is more akin to that of the more mortal beings such as humans. So, with the Zaki now reduced to mere powerful beings with the inevitable corruptible mentality of all mortals, one who may be aware of their existence must ask: These beings, do they bring hope...or despair?

Element: LIGHT
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Doesn't matter, but MASTER or VETERAN may be good.

Entrance - The Zaki's host body walks in from the edge of the screen and halts. There is a flash as the Zaki's transparent body materializes.
Victory - The Zaki body dissipates and the host body puts on a victory pose.
Shield: The host body performs a guarding animation. The Zaki shape naturally follows and puts its large arms as a shield in front of the host.
Hit (With Shield): A magical force withstands the attack.
Hit (Damaged): A magical force resists part of the attack, causing the host body to strain its body from the part that DID get through. The Zaki shape follows the animation.
Defeated: The magical force breaks, the host is pushed back, the Zaki follows suit as it dissipates, then the host falls to its knees, then flat on the ground.

Attack 1: The host (not Zaki shape) teleports in-front of the foe then unleashes a punch, which is followed by the Zaki shape (whose punch does reach) and creates an explosion.
Attack 2: The explosion is 2-hit.
Attack 3: The Zaki's shape glares at the enemy, causing a 3-hit explosion.
Attack 5: The Zaki shape dissipates and merges with the host. 5 orbs form behind the host body, each shoots 1 laser from the middle screen, up to the opponent's side. The areas where the laser traces explode, creating the 5 hit.


(5) 100 Attack Cards [LIGHT]
(1) Holy Strike
(1) Retribution
(2) Penance
(2) Enpower
(2) Energize
(1) Charged

Explanation on composition: Zaki's Deck is a tri-elemental deck that has openings for CC due to its 2 Energize. Its standard attack cards were designed for those possibilities as well, but to compensate for its possible lack of CC, it is outfitted with Holy Strike and Retribution, in addition to 2 Penance and Enpower to discard Energize/Charged if necessary OR any Energy cards you CC that are giving you consistent problems. It seems quite interesting, considering this is a deck that can benefit greatly from either LIGHT/ENERGY/DARK customization and can be played a couple of ways.
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These are all for the backstory section of the competition, as you can probably guess.

Also, I might post more suggestions soon by editing this post!



Entry #2:

OverSoul Game:

Character Suggestion:

Forum Name: Woohooman

IGN: Supa Hot Fire (Not My Artix Account Name)


Name: Murk Sprite

Element: Shadow

Alignment: +0 Neutral

Rank: Veteran



• Small thin body figure, similar to the muscularity of Darkon, and the body size would be slightly smaller than that of the fairy characters
• Grey skin, with intricate swirling patterns (almost like tattoos) along the legs, arms, and side of the chest
• Long light grey hair that covers the eyes at the front, and drapes over the shoulder to around a quarter down the torso (also the hair is slightly messy)
• a delicate small nose with slightly upturned nostrils, and an open mouthed grin, full of tiny triangular teeth
• Cloth wrapped around the waist, with a section in the middle hanging down (like a loincloth)
• Medium bat sized wings (using the same colour scheme as the body/skin) on the back of the sprite (also has a flapping animation for this)
• Very long slender fingernails, almost as long as the forearm that are slightly curved (like long claws)
• A cloud of fluctuating greyish smoke hangs around the sprite



• 100 Attack x2
• 200 Attack x3
• 500 Attack x3
• Empower x2
• Life Drain x2
• Blood Rage x2


• Player Controlled Quote: I shall tear every last scrap of flesh from bones!
• Enemy Quote: Let the mist consume you.
• Victory Quote: You will make a good meal for my brothers and sisters!


• 1 Hit Combo: You fly over to your enemy and slash once with your claws
• 2 Hit Combo: You fly over to your enemy stab once with your claws, and uppercut with your claws right after
• 3 Hit Combo: You raise one of your hands up in front of you, and another Murk Sprite appears (in a poof of smoke) in front of your enemy then attacks, then directly after another Murk Sprite appears in the same way behind your foe, attacking once again, and finally you fly up and deal the final blow
• 5 Hit Combo: The Murk Sprite's silhouette flashes 3 time behind him (about x2 larger) in white bursts of light and dark orbs swirling around him before he grows about x2 larger, he then flies up to your foe and releases a frenzy of strikes using his claws (and each time he hits there is an explosion of grey smoke and orbs around the enemy)



Name: Murk Elite

Element: Shadow

Alignment: +0 Neutral

Rank: Master (Evolve Murk Sprite At Level 10)


Evolution Appearance:

• All the same features as the Murk Sprite (+the features listed below)
• Helmet that consists of a a strip of metal across the eyes (you can't see the eyes through the visor) with a slit cut in the middle, acting as a visor, and ornate bull like horns coming off the top (the mouth and some of the hair is still visible)
• Shoulder pads and a strip of leather going diagonally across the chest
• A stone dagger with a leather bound handle tucked in a cloth strip around the waist (along with the normal loincloth)
• Instead of only 2 bat wings, there are 4 (2 larger ones, then 2 smaller ones directly below those, all with flapping animations)
• One of the hands is clad in a metal gauntlet (same colour as the helmet) there are no claws on this hands, and gripped tightly in the gauntlet is a slender stone sword with scratches and dents (battle worn look) with a slight curve to the blade and a leather bound handle, similar to the one of the dagger


Evolution Cards:

• 200 Attack x3
• 500 Attack x3
• 500 Defence x2
• Empower x2
• Life Drain x3
• Blood Rage x2
• Shadow Fire x1

Evolution Quotes:

• Player Controlled Quote: I am loyal to Necrotal! Prepare to be stripped of your life force!
• Enemy Quote: Necrotal shall feast upon your soul, weakling!
• Victory Quote: Hail Necrotal!

Evolution Combos:

• 1 Hit Combo: Same combo as "Murk Sprite"
• 2 Hit Combo: You fly over to your enemy stab once with your claws, and stab with your sword right after
• 3 Hit Combo: You raise your sword up in front of you, and another Murk Elite appears (in a poof of smoke) in front of your enemy then attacks, then directly after another Murk Elite appears in the same way behind your foe, attacking once again, and finally you fly up and deal the final blow
• 5 Hit Combo: The Murk Elite raises his sword and points it at your foe then a set of open jaws (similar to the face on the "Sacrifice" card, but in profile) shoots out of from your sword in an explosion of black and grey orbs and mist, it flies toward your enemy and clamps down once on your enemy before disappearing, then a mist appears around your foe and giant blackish icicle shaped shards come crashing down on your foe 4 times (in slightly different locations each time) and each time one hits your enemy the screen flashes white and there is a brief explosion of the grey and black orbs


Story: (It's the same for both the Murk Sprite and Murk Elite)

There are some forces so evil that not even the most Divine of forces would dare confront them. Necrotal, an millennia old Abbysal Lord, is one of these forces. It is said that if you gaze upon his truly animal like skull, your very life force will be sucked out of you within an instant. But all things must grow weak and die at some point, whether you are a god or a simple farm peasant. Everything has a weakness. Necrotal's weakness turned out to be the mere passing of time, his strength and power slowly dwindled away as centuries passed… But Necrotal would not die without a fight.

As a last resort when Necrotal's fate seemed to be sealed by Nulgath himself, he created a new species of sprite, created from darkness, hate, and everything people feared most. He called them "Murk Sprites". He gave them bat like wings for agile movement, and rows of razor sharp teeth, so pristine they could slice through a knight's armour like a hot knife through butter. He also gave them the ability to consume life force, which they would bring back to him as a way of sustaining himself.

But the divine forces realized that Necrotal was attempting to cheat death, so they sent their most holy warriors and paladin to confront him, but Necrotal had left nothing to chance. He had created a special guard for himself, by carefully selecting the strongest of the Murk Sprites and imbuing upon them unimaginable power, and an unquenchable bloodlust. He called these guards "Murk Elites".

After the lives of countless warriors and paladins had been sacrificed in battle against Necrotal's Murk Army, it became clear that sending anymore soldiers of any sort would be a waste of their lives… It also made Necrotal stronger with every soul he devoured… His power was endless… And so the divine forces backed down from their feud with Necrotal.

To this day Necrotal hides in a cave so deep within the world, it is said that a mortal being would implode in such high pressures… The only visible trace that shows that Necrotal still lurks beneath the earth are his loyal servants, the Murk Sprites.


Hope you enjoy!!!

(I also colour-coded stuff, because of the size of the post!!!)

~Removed entry 1, check your inbox.

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Josh Lycanthropy

Name: Forge Master

Appearance: The Forge Master is a a gigantic humanoid that wears a tattered old black cloak that covers his torso, a tattered black kilt that is held up by a golden belt, golden gauntlets, boots, and a roman helm. He wields a golden hammer that he uses to build the greatest of weapons and armors. His face is hidden inside his helmet, and his height is on par with the male ogres.

Story: Since the ancient times, the Forge Master has lived atop his mountain awaiting those who were able to survive against the countless dangers on his mountain. Once they reach the summit, they will meet the Forge master, and he will respond as such, "Welcome traveler, what do you seek from me?" His loud booming voice echoes throughout the mountain. The travelers would ask for many different things, such as powerful weapons, enchanted amulets, or even the sturdiest of armors. However, if a traveler were to challenge the Forge Master to a battle, they would be quickly squished and the remains would be used to build items for those less foolish. What? What if the challenger wins you ask? Hmm, I suppose there would be a slight possibility that that may happen, even the Forge Master can have "Off Days". Well, if the challenger can somehow get lucky and win against the Forge Master, he would then reward the challenger with a rune stone containing a portion of his soul. This stone will allow the wielder to become a smaller version of him (The height in which I explained above, he's a lot bigger than that in person). And finally after the Forge Master builds the traveler whatever they asked for, the traveler leaves with their loot in hands. Leaving the Forge Master to wait for his next visitor...

Element: Energy and Neutral

Rank: Legendary

Controlled: "That thunder you hear is not lightning, it is me."

Enemy: "Few who challenge me live to tell the tale."

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Name: The Fallen Gentleman

Element: Light

Appearance: The Fallen Gentleman looks like a sophisticated Gentleman, except that his attire is WRONG somehow. His suit looks like it is made of light until you get closer and see it made of bright souls. His cane looks dapper until you look at it and realize it is the polished bone of a age old creature, topped with a diamond stolen from the heart of a mountain left to die. And his while his hat may look like a normal top hat... dear lords, is that Light Dragonskin? Yes. Yes it is. (Note: This gentleman is supposed to look like a ordinary gentleman until you look closely. I'm honestly not sure how you can make all this look so normal and sophisticated to those not in the know and so it appeals to me and others who like that stuff, yet still appeal to the evil crowd, but I have faith in the team's abilities.)


Journal Entry One:

I don't know what happened to me. I was running from some ruffians who wished to show me a world of pain, and suddenly I end up in some kind of strange forest instead of the good old streets of London. This place is quite odd too. Some tiny creature with wings asked me if I was okay. A fairy of some sort I would guess, but such a thing would be mad. Clearly I have turned to madness.

Journal Entry 2:

Either I am insane, or this is not my own world. Many things are different here. They have not had any form of Industrial Revolution or machinery of any kind as far as I can tell. The people of this land seem to live a simple life unburdened by such things as politics. However, it would appear they have their own set of issues. Some kind of monster, neither living nor dead, attacked today. It was horrifying, some skeletal being that would not go down no matter how many times I hit it with my cane. When the guards defeated it and I said such, they just laughed and said the Paladins dealt with much worse then that. What place of evils have I tumbled into, that this aberration is but the least?

Journal Entry 3:

I just want to go home. This place is not for me. Some people say that in the north lies a being that grant wishes, a being known as Nulgath. However, they point out that he is a Archfeind of dark renown. In my own world I would be against dealing with such beings, but he seems like my best option of returning home. I set out to the North.

Journal Entry 4:
At long last, I found the being known as Nulgath. Alas, while VERY imposing, he is a disappointment. When I asked him if he could return me home, he said "Alas, I lack that ability, being banished here myself. You had best learn to deal with it." I was crushed, but then he said "Of course, I CAN give you the power to research how to get home to your own world. And all I ask in return is that when you DO discover the secret, you share it with me, and me alone. You can have 24 hours to decide. Then I will appear before you and you will make your choice."

What do I DO? This may well be my only chance to escape this nightmare. But if I give that beast the power to travel between worlds, he will surely abuse it. My own world may well be next. I must think on this.

Journal Entry 5

I took the deal. When asked I said "I will take the deal on one condition. You leave my world alone." Funnily enough, he agreed, after pointing out I was in no place to make such conditions. I will go through the rites and gain the power needed.

Journal Entry 6

SUCH POWER! I feel so much strength flowing though me. Nulgath tells me I am now attuned to the element of Light, since he thinks there a connection between Light and travel. And yet, this power is tainted. I can feel it. Nulgath has dome... SOMETHING to me. I hear a voice in my head, trying to make me swear loyalty to the archfeind, locking down my full powers until I bow down and hail him as my master. THIS WAS NOT IN THE CONTRACT NULGATH!

Journal Entry 7:

Huh. Well I'll be dammed. It WAS in the contract.

Journal Entry 8:

Well, you know, finally broke down and swore Nulgath as my lord and master and ETC. I think I got the short end of the stick here. At least I kept most of my mind, except I now can only act out Nulgath's will. Fortunately, his will is that I do research. Unfortunately, said Research involves horrific acts like burning down villages, killing innocents, using their souls as sacrifices, you get the idea. Fortunately again, Nulgath has turned off that little conscience voice that tells you not to do these things because it's wrong, so time to get to work.

Journal Entry 9:

Man, I was such a wuss back then. The acts of evil I do in my masters name now are much worse then what he initially forced me to do. Alas, no progress on the multidimensional travel. Maybe this hero soul will do the trick...
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8/24/2013 2:20:28   

Name: Death Void of Nulgath


Story: LINK
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