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RE: =OS= Dragons, Undead & Paladins... oh my! Character Suggestion Thread III

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8/24/2013 2:46:54   

Title:Archfiend Knight the Beast Raider

Name:Archfiend Knight The Beast Raider
Rank:Apprendice -> Veteran -> Master ------> Legendary (Shadow/fire) --------------- Fire Dragon

----->Legendary (Shadow/Earth) -------------- Chimera

-----> Legendary (Shadow/Water)-------------- Hydra

Apprendice: a Archfiend Like in AQW (Archfiend Class) With a baby Dragon

Veteran: Archfiend With a huge experience with taming Monsters Uses a Shadow Shythe to Control them with his Fire Dragon As companion
Whe attacking with Shadow element It's attack The Arcfiend and Whe Attacking with Fire Element the Fire Dtragon Attack.

Master : The ArchFiend Knight Is Armored With a Heavy Armor And The dragon Get his own Armor .

Legendary (Fire/Shadow): The Archfiend Knight now can Ride his Huge adult dragon Tha has on gead a Small red gem

Legendary (Earth/shadow) : The Archfiend after "Death" of his dragon has selected a wild Chimera Tha is Unstpable War-Beast.

Legendary (Water/shadow) :Archfiend Order with his leader Tamed a Powerfull Hydra , Armored Heavy and the Power of Breath a Special poisoned Water.

Backstory (Really?):

A Nulgath Archfiend Knight After long battles with his Long experience in batttling monsters wanted to become the strongest Knight
So has traveled the land for long years trying to begome stronger, With time in has created a camp in dark lands where he started to
tame a Dragon's , Chimera , Wolfs And shadow Beasts.

After Long Years The Archfiend knight becomed His Camp Leader And started to Trains other Archfiend Knight who wanted to become a
Beasts Riders , The Order of Beast riders is Great Enemy of the all paladins and other Protectors of light , And with the end Is started the war Betwen The Order of Beast Riders and the Protectors of Light.
The Order has Tamed Many mithy Beasts in tha a powerfull Dragons , Chimera and even Hydras.

By UnderworldFiend.

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8/24/2013 3:10:07   

Name: Frost Dracolich
Element: Ice/Shadow
Alignment: Nuetral
Rank: Legendary

Controlled: "Foolish mortal. None can thaw my soul."
Enemy: "I will end you quickly. That is my gift."

1 hit: Slashes with claw.
2 hit: Bites.
3 hit: Slashes with glowing claws.
5 hit: Breathes frozen winds.

Character cards:
2x empower
3x 200 damage
2x 500 damage
2x ice wall
2x sacrifice
3x shields
2x sacrifice
2x ice orb
1x void reflection
1x frozen shadow

Frozen shadow: Does DOT on tar get for 4 turns each dealing 500 damage to both players.

Appearance: A skeletal dragon with many spiral horn, empty eye sockets, large wings, spikes down the spine. The body is coated in ice. It has one broken horn and a tail with a mace of ice on the tip. The tail is positioned like a scorpion tail.

Story: While many beasts exist in our realm none is more fearsome than the Frozen Dracolich. As the titan dragon of fire was near death he whent to Nulgath. Nulgath made a deal with him. By giving Nulgath the power to manipulate fire he would be saved from Death. As the beast did so Nulgath had made him into a beast that one day all would fear. The titan draon was so angry with Nulgath. He used his abilities over fire but since he had been tainted by drakness fires power had abandoned him. Nulgath threw him in the abyss to rot. However as he wa s trapped there he found a new element to take him in. He gained the power of ice. As he learned its power his soul, mind, heart and bones began to freeze. Once he was free he took control over the northern lands and swore that one day he would have his revenge. Now any unfortunate travler who enters his lands are never seen again. Beware this nightmare. This mighty beast now works for the fearsome warrior of the plane of darkness Kordon.

Upon victory: Roars to the sky then disapears through shadow.
Upon death: Turns to a ic e statue then shatters.
Upon entrance: Snowy winds blow from behind him.
in game character: Kordron

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8/24/2013 17:47:26   

When will the alignment get put in?
Post #: 278
8/24/2013 17:51:33   
jayk the pikachu

Name:Eagon Leon
Controlled:Long Live Ver!
Enemy:I shall leave your corpse like my Fathers...with your eyes pecked out
1 Hit:He throws the bird on his shoulder at his opponent
3 Hit:His wings detach from him and they fly over and hit his opponent
5 Hit:A Flock of Birds appear and peck at his opponent
Appearance:He has short Black hair and Blue eyes.He is wearing battered old clothes which are
ripped at the chest,revealing his crystal chest and mechanical parts.His mechanical wings are Black like
a crow and one bird sits on his Left shoulder.
BackStory:Eagon as a teenager was thrown out by his parents and fell into a pit where Birds pecked at him for
hours.He was almost dead when Ver saved him.However his Chest was severely damaged and so
were some of his vital Organs so Ver replaced his Organs with mechanics and gave him a crystal
chest.He then went back to his parents but they wouldn't accept him and he killed them.He went
back to the pit and now he has finally left the pit,it has been discovered that he made himself
Mechanical Wings and he is now followed by a flock of birds.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 279
8/24/2013 21:41:47   

Name: Mana Guardian
Element: Fire/Energy
Rank: Master
player: Power OVERWHELMING
Enemy: Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.



Mana has always been a valuable asset to the great high mages. Where the mana flows, those who seek power follow. Where the ley lines of power are at their strongest, the great high mages erected mana wells to help distill such power. At first, such wells were kept a secret. But as time passed, rumors of springs of condensed mana surfaced. To protect the sacred wells from those who seek to abuse it's power, the great high mages constructed the very first mana guardians. Made from enchanted dwarven steel and infused by the very mana they are obligated to protect, the great mana guardians sought to keep the wells safe from the harmful intent of others.
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8/24/2013 21:57:34   

Name: Skal Of Skullholme

Element: Dark / Shadow
Rank: Veteran

Appearence: Skeleton wearing a cloak with heavy black armor, (similar in all aspects to the Black Knight from AQW except the elbows, and knees are shown as bones and the lower jaw can be seen.
Stands at 7 feet or taller, equal to the Ogre Maidens, his eyes are bright red, and glow with a light or darkish red essence, he carries a large axe again, idea of what it looks like is similar to the Black Knight with whatever touch ups you want.
Has a few knives and assorted blades broken or stuck in his armor *arrows too if you can fit it*

Controlled: I am here to serve the Emperor, not his daughter
Enemy: All Hail Lord Sepulchure down with Gravelyn!

His attacks can be similar to the Axe Skeleton but his 3x combo and 5x combo are as follows:
3x combo: He charges forward and slams a dark explosion around his enemy, there are really just three explosions in a row...
5x combo: He stands back a step and points to his enemy and a squad of assorted skeletons (blades skeletons, axe etc) come from his left and charge doing each of their own attacks to the enemy.

Story: Skal was one of the few of the original Undead under Sepulchures command, he has been a General unknown to many due to how few survivors he leaves behind to tell of him, Skal had all worship and more for Sepulchure and his power but once he fell to chaos Skal thought it was his time to become the Emperor and lead his kind into battle, but when his daughter took over Skal and his army shook their heads and turned their backs to the unified good and evil forces. Skal was a strong believer in Nulgath as well and hoped that he would claim the throne that never happened, but when the Evil war took place Skal and his forces marched as part of Nulgath's horde obeying all of the Nation and destroying the false legionaires. Skal hopes that since he now trapped like the rest of us here in this world that he might be able to redeem himself by amassing an army so vast it impresses even Nulgath, and thusly will somehow help him to find his way back to claim the throne from Gravelyn. All Hail Nulgath and Sepulchure, ALL Hail the original Shadowscythe Army!

>In Game Character OverLordSyrexx
AQW  Post #: 281
8/25/2013 3:37:02   
ND Mallet
Legendary AK!!!


Name: Sir Nedric
Rank: Apprentice
Element: Neutral
Quotes: “I always wanted to do magic, but I love being a knight just as much.”
“My job is to protect! The people, the king, the empire and anything else that needs it!”
2-Punch kick
3-Punch kick hammer strike
5-Uppercuts enemy with hammer(like Young Paladin’s 5 hit combo or other similar ones)
Description: https://twitter.com/BecktheBeetle/status/319153995589492736/photo/1
Bio: Nedric looked down at his burnt hands. They were stinging severely, but the real pain was down on the inside. All his life, he had dreamed of being a mage. The only problem is that he had no control over the elements. Every technique that other mages use to harmonize nature with raw mana ended up failing. Often times, he was lucky to escape without severe injury.

He eventually moved onto other things in life, like his parents’ constant demand of him joining the royal guard and becoming a Knight. He wasn’t against the idea outright, he knew it would allow him just as good a chance to protect others, maybe even better, than being a mage. He was a natural with a hammer so it was easy getting into the ranks.

But his thirst for magic never faded. Some say that just a few months before “the dark days” came around, he was often seen entering and leaving the shop of an elderly wizard who often sold tomes, staves and other magical artifacts. He must have been making progress with his dream, otherwise he surely would not have been welcome back into the shop.


Name: Nedric the Exiled
Rank: Veteran
Element: Neutral
Quotes: “The King shall pay for what he has done to me!”
“My family...why?!”
Same as Apprentice animations but with a moose antler.
Description: https://twitter.com/BecktheBeetle/status/319154267191656448/photo/1
Bio: King Sebastian was a kind and benevolent king. He was a big fan of Nedric and he even brought him in to be his personal guard and advisor. Ned, of course, refused but was persuaded eventually by the king. This was actually more beneficial, as Ned came to realize he had more time to study with the wise wizard of the magic shop.

Eventually Ned learned all that he could. He could not learn elemental magic but he had a natural talent for mana manipulation. The wizard remarked that he could surpass even archmages control over pure mana. Raw mana was usually quite useless but it could be used to construct creatures out of it and to use it as an element-less attack. Some archmages have been reported to be able to create quite large explosions under some circumstances but none has survived to tell the technique. The wizard warned Ned that there is much left to discover and that much of what they do know is the result of many experiments and fatalities.

One day, Sebastian came down with a mysterious illness. His court physicians were baffled and were unable to heal him. He eventually passed away. With the King gone, the race for the throne began. It was then that a cruel man named Vincent decided he should be king.

It seemed like an easy choice, very few people liked Vincent, but the same mysterious illness that took Sebastian struck again and wiped out most of the candidates. The only ones left were Vincent and three others who were barely fit to rule their own house, let alone a kingdom. Whispers still echo down alleys that the sickness was no coincidence. Even though it had hit most people, including Nedric’s master, it was obvious that the disease was from human influence and had its targets.

Vincent had won and became King. He cast out much of the former king’s regiment and advisors and replaced them with sadistic and shady individuals. Nedric was kept, for reasons unknown, but much of his advice and suggestions to the new king soon got him exiled. Ned complied, after being threatened to lose his home and family, to leave the city and never return.

Vincent had lied. He had Ned tied up and forced to watch the deaths of his infant daughter and wife as they were burned alive in his small cottage. The screams filled his head and it echoed long after Vincent’s brutes clubbed him unconscious.

He woke up in a forest, bruised and with a clouding fury and depression. He grabbed the first thing in sight, a moose antler, and walked on through the forest. He had no mind. He knew only pain.


Name: Forest Knight Mallet
Rank: Master
Element: Neutral
Quotes: “I have accepted my fate, it’s time you accept yours.”
“I once knew pain, but now I know hope and salvation.”
1- Hammer swing
2- Double hammer swing
3- Hammer throw
5- The words “Moose Mash” flash across the screen and a ball of light surrounds Ned’s hand. He rushes over, punches the enemy and his fist explodes in a big ball of pure white energy.
Description: https://twitter.com/BecktheBeetle/status/319155115607076864/photo/1
Cards: I don't have an exact deck for him but if possible, give him a card called Moose Mash that has the same damage and cost of Power Strike but has a similar animation to the 5 hit combo.
Bio: Nedric eventually regained his senses. Like all wounds, this one healed and he became whole again. True to his nature, he decided to make the best out of things. He knew that, although it was not people, that he would still be helping protect those in need. He traveled the forest daily, wandering to and fro. He sought out hunters, loggers and anyone else who dared to intrude on the lives of woodland creatures. He let them all live, and they carried a message, a warning of sorts, to avoid disturbing the forest ecosystem and any inhabitants.

The numbers dwindled and the forest flourished. He had a peaceful life, one that he owed to ALL of the creatures of the forest, especially the moose. They were the only ones that allowed him near, they were the ones that saved him from the bitter cold of the winter nights. They were the calm that allowed him to understand himself, to start his journey of conquering mana. With them, he learned the secret of mana explosions. Mana reacts violently when it is compressed and released. The secret is learning to let it go before it kicks back, or else the explosion that follows is uncontrollable. Nedric, in commemoration of the beasts, named it the Moose Mash.


Name: Mana Master Mallet
Rank: Legendary
Element: Neutral
Quotes: N/A
1- Moose Mash
2- Double Moose Mash
3- Triple Hammer Throw
5- Balls of light surround both of Ned’s fists. He rushes at the enemy and punches with both fists. A giant ball of light covers both Ned and the enemy.
Description: https://twitter.com/BecktheBeetle/status/319156568329445376/photo/1
Cards:Moose Mash and if possible, a renamed version of Death Flow also called Moose Mash(or anything similar in case it won't work)
Bio: Fate seems to be against Nedric. A once peaceful life soon started headed downhill. Nulgath has come to the land of OverSoul. He wanted complete control of everything and to find more minions to corrupt and join his cause. One of those targets...was Ned’s forest.

It was easy work. Nedric easily dispatched of many of Nulgath’s fiends before they could even get close to harming any of the creatures but the constant attacks left him constantly exhausted. But he persevered and kept fighting. One day, the attacks seemed to cease completely. For a time things had gone back to the way they were before Nulgath came. But this was merely just a calm before the storm. Big Daddy Fiend himself was going to pay a visit to his little pest problem.

Nedric quickly ambushed Nulgath but found himself unable to compete with Nulgath’s power and durability. He could not fight him head on or he would lose. He quickly disappeared back into the trees and launched another surprise attack. The cycle repeated itself for quite some time. Eventually, Nulgath grew tired of the game and called some of his minions to destroy the forest and kill the creatures.

Nedric took the bait. He chased down the minions and defeated them before they could get to his friends. He looked around and couldn’t find Nulgath anywhere. Worried, he rushed off deeper into the forest to check on the safety of the animals. Unfortunately, Nulgath had foreseen this would happen and used Nedric to lead him right to his goal. Nedric stood his ground and was quickly defeated. Knocked aside, he watched with horror at the sight unfolding. Some more of Nulgath’s minions had came and started burning the forest and slaughtering the forest creatures. He viewed on in disgust as the once familiar forms of the creatures were twisted into savage fiends that hungered. The smoke in the air, the intense heat, and the cries of pain and suffering brought him back to the dark days. The savage acts of Nulgath had forced Ned’s wound to be re-opened and torn even further. It rocked him to the core and the whole world seemed to snap.

The mana surged inside him and fought to be let out. It had become truly alive. It lifted Nedric off the ground. His mallet soon followed. The mana forced itself into a copy of the weapon, and then another. They floated around him, listening to his will. His sight locked onto Nulgath, and the Archfiend could smell the power flowing off of him. With a lightning quick movement, one of the mallets had flown across, poised to take off Nulgath’s head. But just as quick, Nulgath caught and slid backwards from the force. Before he could even drop the hammer, Nedric appeared behind Nulgath with the help of a mana speed boost. One moose mash, two moose mash, three, four, five and so on. Nedric pummeled away at the monster until the air was nothing but dust. There was no sign of Nulgath in the crater(years later it would become a lake) as everything settled. But he knew the truth. He was still alive. And so Ned continues onward. He has lost humanity and become a beast of the forest. His prey; Nulgath. But not even revenge will cure the shattered remains of his mind.


Name: Moose Essence Nedric
Rank: Legendary
Element: Neutral
Quotes: “I have avoided a fate worse than death.”
“I have become the ultimate protection for moose-kind.”
1-Moose Mash
2-Double Moose Mash
3-Spinning antler flies at the enemy
5-Moose Stampede!
Description: https://twitter.com/BecktheBeetle/status/319157124607397889/photo/1
Cards:Moose Mash power strike card.
Bio: The world of OverSoul is strange. Many beings can exist at any given time. It seems to be a merger of worlds and "what-ifs." Nulgath was never meant to step in that day. He couldn’t care less if he couldn't capture one forest and enslave new minions from it.

Instead, Nedric fought off the Voids and Fiends bravely. He became a legend among them. A feared legend. They avoided the Moose Forest much like a plague. But not all was sunshine and happiness from that point on.

Many years had passed since Nulgath came to play. The forest was thriving, that is, all except the moose. They were dying out and Ned could see it. He knew what it meant though he hoped it was not true. The only way to save them all was one that would be near impossible to complete. But he must risk it.

All species possess an Essence, a sort of God or higher being. The Essence ensures the survival of their species and vice versa. The death of the species will kill the Essence.

No one knows how to contact an Essence or how to even find them, yet Nedric was determined anyways. He spent countless nights meditating and opening his mind and heart. Eventually, the Essence found him. He brought them to the Essence world, a place for the Essences to hide out and convene in peace and protection.

As suspected, the Essence was slowly dying. Essences differ from gods in that they do age and are mortal. They do have enormous lifespans though. Ned took his stand, valiantly offering his own life to replace that of the current Essence. The Essence asked him if he was willing to abandon the forest just to save a species and he knew he was trapped.

He slumped back down and held his face between his hands. He looked up and the Essence was gone. All that was left was a note.

It read: "Your motives are valiant and I promise you that someone will be there to take your place as the forest's guardian. You know her but a long time has past without you, nor anyone else ever seeing her, except Death. I had some favors that needed taken care of anyways. My power is now your power and the moose species shall live on until your time has come."

He folded the note neatly and used his new powers to transport back into to the forest. Down at his hut, he saw a young girl of about 16, a girl he had not seen for at least that long. She looked up, saw him and waved. Nedric shed a tear looking at the sight of his young daughter, grown up and alive. He waved back, blew a kiss and teleported back to the Essence world.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 282
8/25/2013 9:15:14   
jayk the pikachu

Just Somebody
Controlled:You didn't have to cut me up!
Enemy:Now I'm just somebody that you used to know..
1 Hit:Swings his sword at his opponent
3 Hit:Scratches his opponent with his claw 3 time
5 Hit:Attacks you with a Needle and some Thread
Appearance:His clothes are raggedy and covered in blood.His face is covered in stitches and his Bronze
sword is covered in dents.One of his hands has been replaces with a fiendish claw
Backstory:He was a kid you knew very well a long time ago...but you had a arguement with him about Loyality.
You just swung your weapon at him and cut him up but his anger kept him alive and one day,Nulgath
put him back together.He's nothing like the kid you knew...now he's just somebody that you used to

Kuro Shiro
Controlled:You'll wish you didn't cross my path
Enemy:After i kill you...i may use your corpse for a experiment
1 Hit:He throws a bomb at his opponent
3 Hit:He punches his opponent 3 times
5 Hit:He slashes his opponent 5 times with his massive scalpel
Appearance:Half of his hair is White and the other half is Black.His eyes are Red and his left side of his face is darker than the right side.He carries
a massive surgical scalpel in one hand and a bomb in the other.
Backstory:His odd appearance comes from an incident when he was nine years old, in which both he and his mother were terribly injured in an explosion.
His mother died and his father left him after the incident. Kuro's own body was nearly torn to shreds, but he was rescued thanks to a miraculous operation by Ver.
The skin covering the left side of his face is noticeably darker due to getting skin from his half African best friend who was dying.
Part of Kuro's hair also turned white due to shock. Marked by this experience,Kuro decided to find out who caused the explosion and now he knows...It was Nulgath and
he will do everything he can to get to Nulgath so he can kill him.However,he will kill anyone who gets in his way.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 283
8/25/2013 10:37:10   

character: undead queen
appearance: http://twitpic.com/da92tf
allignment: 0 neutral
Element: shadow
Description: Queen of the bone were waiting for the army to take over the world mostly. The interrupt will not elaborate. When people have a habit of fierce attunement. And eat the spiritual food. By the Imperial Army is waiting to conquer the world reaction to every night quietly. Queen, this bone shaped massively.
1 hit Hand sharpened teeth enemy.
2 hit Using a sharp wings fan of dark enemies.
3 hit Venom deadly enemy.
5 hit The bones are the whole family on a blue ground and attack the enemy continuously.
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8/25/2013 13:41:24   

Name:Andrew Underwood
Alignment: evil
Ranks:Master, Legendary

Appearance:(Master)He is a tall, slender man who wears a grey shirt with a brown vest over it. He then wears a long brown duster over that, he has blue-grey pants, and old-style boots. His skin is pale and he has scars running up the left side of his neck to lower face. His right eye is partially covered by skin, but it is dull blue underneath. He carries a long heroic looking blade lowered so the tip rests on the ground.

Appearance(Legendary) He is now around the height of an ogre if not taller, and instead of legs he has a mass of black shadowy tentacles. His shirt and vest are now also black, his skin is now a grey rotten color, and the upper right side of his face is now skeletal. The dull blue eye now floats in an otherwise empty socket. Lastly he now has a pair of horns, two grey-rotted wings, and a bigger/ eviler looking sword.

Backstory: Long ago, in the earliest years of kingdoms and magic, there was a gorup of heros called The Slayers. They were a group of twenty seven men and women lead by a magician named Andrew Underwood. Their group was dedicated to fighting evil and collecting treasure, over time the gainer praise and knighthood from various kings and creatures. Unfortunately the job of slaying evil was incredibly dangerous. Over the course of seven years their numbers dwindled down to only three; Andrew, Sirus Malone, and Seleena Moonstrider. After losing so many of his comrads Andrew started looking for ways to bring them back, often he strayed from the group to search for information or artifacts. When those turned out to be lies or unusable he turned to dark magic, and started summoning spirits. Eventually Seleena and Sirus put a stop to his magic, telling him he might become the evil their fighting. Around this time word got out that a demon called Arnock the Deathdealer was heading to the surface, if the roomer was true then the world was in great danger. He group decided to find a weapon that could be powerful enough to stop the beast, that weapon was the Hero Blade. Andrew (being the strongest of the trio) was given the sword to slay demon. The Hero Blade was the strongest weapon of light in the land and could enhance the user's strength and speed. When the demon rose the Slayers were the first and last thing it would see. The battle raged on for hours but ultimately Andrew stood victorious, his friends were not so lucky.

With the last of his group gone he turned back to his search for a way to bring them back. He would travel to forgotten islands, dangerous unknown lands, and even to the underworld its self on his search. On this journey he lost his right eye and was left scarred and battered, but he learned what he needed. He learned how to bend and manipulate spirits and how he may reunite them with a body. He also found a way to use the spirits life-force to extend his own life, his right eye was replaced with that of a fallen medusa. He took up refuge in an old castle where he started raising the dead. Over time he lost sight of his old friends and instead focused on the power he now wielded. At this point in his life he had become known as The Necromancer, people started seeking him out for training or to end him. After a while he started stitching together corpses and making stronger and stronger undead. Once he had enough students and undead he started seizing the land around him and building up his castle to its former glory. No an order called the paladins had gotten word and set out to stop him. The paladins were an order of spell wielding knights that had become the armies of many of the good kingdoms. Naturally the assumed they could win with a single, powerful, assault on the castle, but they were wrong. Andrew retaliated and soon a war was started. By the end of the war Andrews school had fallen, the necromancers scattered, he was slain by Morgan Helsing, who at the time was the last remaining paladin in all the lands.

As his soul made its way to the underworld, an unknown being pardoned him from eternal torment. It was grateful for the killing his rival long ago and nearly wiping out the paladins. He became a demonic lich and now roams the depths of the underworld, only coming to the surface to seek out students to train. He currently resides in an unknown location at one of the lowest points of the underworld, collecting souls and reamassing his army...

Cards:attack 100-1 shadow/ attack 200-2 shadow/ attack 500-4 shadow/ life drain-7 shadow/ empower-none/ petrify-6 earth/ poison-6 shadow/ corpse wall(like ice wall except made of corpses)-6 shadow

Ledgendary Cards:attack 100-1 shadow/ attack 200-2 shadow/ attack 500-4 shadow/ life drain-7 shadow/ empower-none/ Stone cold(enemy stunned for 3 turns-9 earth/ poison-6 shadow/ corpse wall(like ice wall except made of corpses)-6 shadow

1 Hit: He stabs with his sword
2 Hit: He raises his arm and two undead rise up and attack
3 Hit: He plunges his hand into the ground and a large skeletal arm pops up to smash his apponent
5 Hit: He raises his sword, the ground breaks open and a giant zombie-type creature bursts halfway out of the ground and delivers the blows

1 Hit: A skeleton pops out of the ground to attak
2 Hit: two deglore pop out of the ground and attack
3 Hit: A portal opens up and the arch lich pops out and attacks using his staf.
5 Hit: A portal opens up under his foe, that person is dragged in by skeletons, the portal then closes, and then it reopens as the skeletons throw him back out.

Death animation: He arches back and erupts into green flame, dropping his sword
Legendary Death animation: a portal opens under him and he falls through saying, "we shall meet again".
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8/25/2013 15:08:04   

K'Jar, The God Slayer
Alignment: Good 25
Element: Fire
Appearance: A four armed demonic looking fire elemental with armour with 3 green eyes, with one on his forehead.

Story: K'Jar, The God Slayer is an Inferno Elemental. (a fire elemental who have reached their full potential.) Long ago he served as the protector of the world, and kept order in check. As time passed by, there came threats. A God, who wanted to take over the world and rule over it with an iron fist of tyranny. K'Jar could not let that happen, so he went right after that evil God knowing that he went right into his own death. On his way to the evil God, he decided to call upon his fellow fire elementals. They fused together into one being, creating the first Inferno Elemental that was more than just a stronger fire elemental. In a war that lasted a thousand years, he finally defeated the God and became known as The God Slayer. He then decided to sleep until the world is threatened by an evil power that can't be stopped by mere mortals. As Chaos now threatens the world, he have returned from his million years of slumber and will not stop fighting until Drakath is reduced to nothingness.

Extra notes:
He is one of the 4 Legendary Elementals, along with his Brothers Sle'Kash, Ghro'Kha and Slath'Tha.
Unlike his brothers, he actually have feelings for humans and other mortal races.
He got a really short temper. (Well, being a creature made out of fire should make anyone a hot-head.)
Among his Brothers, he is the youngest but is believed to be the strongest of them all because of destroying a god.
He got a really smart mouth on him, it almost got him killed once.

Attack and other animations:
hit 1: Punches the enemy once.
hit 2: Punches the enemy twice.
hit 3: Fires 3 large fireballs at the enemy.
hit 5: Turns into a flaming tornado, hits the enemy multiple times and summons a giant meteor on the enemy.
moving: floats forward while setting the ground on fire.
using an ability: Raises its arms and makes them burn even more.
death: Explodes into pieces.
charging: Sets himself on fire.
shield: A wall of fire appears around him.

Player controlled: In my duty in protecting this world, I shall reduce you to nothingness.
Enemy controlled: Facing me? You are either very brave or very stupid.
VS evil player controlled: Today is just not your day is it?
VS evil enemy controlled: Say "hello" to death for me.
VS good player controlled: Don't hold back, mortal!
VS good enemy controlled: Try not to run too much, you may need your stamina to put yourself out.

Slath'Tha, The Destroyer
Alignment: Evil -50
Element: Energy
Appearance: A three armed energy elemental, also known as a Storm Elemental with 6 red demon looking eyes and an axe as a 4th arm.

Story: Slath'Tha, The Destroyer is the most evil among the 4 Legendary Elementals. Nothing pleases him more than destruction and electrocuting people. In the past, he was the strongest among the Elementals but was trapped in a mysterious stone because of destroying villages and killing innocent people for fun. For a million years after being trapped in the stone, he finally broke through. He may be the weakest among them now, but he just keep getting stronger because he is charging is strength by running into lightning during storms. Once he is at full power, he will go on a rampage and kill everything in sight.

Extra Notes:
His evil is so great that some demons are jealous of him.
He hates mortal races more than anything else. (probably why he is killing them so much)
He is even more short tempered than his brother, K'Jar.
To him, peace is nothing but an illusion, while war is his paradise.
He dreams of world domination, and enslaving (or killing) all races even mighty dragons.

Attack and other animations:
hit 1: Summons one lightning bolt.
hit 2: Summons 2 lightning bolts.
hit 3. He charges up and hits the enemy 3 times with his axe arm.
hit 5: He summons a lightning storm of that hits the enemy countless times.
moving: He turns into a lightning bolt.
using an ability: He raises his axe arm and points it at the enemy.
death: He becomes a ball of lightning and explodes.
charging: He electrocutes himself.
shield: A wall of electricity appears around him

Player controlled: Prepare to die, you pathetic bag of flesh!
Enemy controlled: Mortal filth, I am your executioner! Please resist, it's more fun!
VS evil player controlled: Hmph! You call yourself evil? That's a laugh!
VS evil enemy controlled: Bah, another waste of time!
VS good player controlled: I shall enjoy killing you, dead meat!
VS good enemy controlled: Well, look at this another goody-two-shoes to slaughter!

Ghro'Kha, The Mountain King
Element: Earth
Alignment: Neutral -10
Appearance: a titan of rock who have so much rocks protecting him, his head can barely be seen. He can easily be mistaken as a gigantic stone golem. (he is not at his actual size.) His yellow eyes are known to petrify those who try to disturb the balance.

Story: Ghro'Kha is the largest, the strongest, but not the most powerful among the 4 Legendary Elementals. His original size is the size of a small mountain, but sometimes he do shrink himself into the size of an adult dragon. He does not care about the lives of mortals, all he ever cares about is keeping the balance in check. Many who have threatened the world have had their fate sealed by becoming a living statue. But now, he is growing weaker by every moment. In his weakened state, he is still a force to be reckoned with, as his fists are known to cause massive earthquakes as they hit the ground. He believes that it is either Slath'Tha or Chaos that have something to do with him being this weak. So now he won't stop at nothing in order to stop both of them because the balance must be protected, even if it costs him his life.

Extra Notes:
He too, have been sleeping for a million years.
He looks down upon mortals.
He hates all undead because to him, they are abominations.
He doesn't appreciate when humans build towns close to him, this usually have caused thousands of deaths.
He was the one who trapped Slath'Tha in a stone.
He is worshiped by crazy old wizards.

Attack and other animations:
hit 1: Jumps on the enemy.
hit 2: Jumps on the enemy and smashes the ground.
hit 3: Charges toward the enemy with a shoulder tackle.
hit 5: Charges toward the enemy and releases a barrage of punches and kicks and finishes it with a punch to the ground, causing an earthquake.
moving: Just a common run.
using an ability: His eyes starts to glow.
death: Falls apart.
charging: He stomps the ground and channels his rage.
shield: Floating rocks appears around him.

Player controlled: I hope you like statues, because that is your fate!
Enemy controlled: Another puny little mortal to crush? You better start screaming!
VS evil player controlled: Prepare to become a living statue.
VS evil enemy controlled: I will enjoy crushing you like a bug!
VS good player controlled: Pure of heart? You can't save the world like that!
VS good enemy controlled: You have no chance to beat me, if you don't have the guts to kill your own!

Sle'Kash, The Immortal King, King Of The Seas, and Tyrant Slayer (all the names he is known as)
Alignment: Good 50
Element: Water
Appearance: A four armed Water elemental (he is more known as a Tidal Elemental), with 2 cyan demon like eyes, and one green on his forehead. (kinda like K'jar) He also have a blue aura around him.

Story: Sle'Kash is known to be the most powerful of the 4 Legendary Elementals, he can control everything that has to do with water. He once saved an entire country from being burned to ashes by an army of red dragons, he defeated all of them and put out the flames. After this people started to worship him as some kind of god, even though he told them not to. He is not only the most powerful, he is also the wisest among his brothers. He have been awake ever since the beginning of time itself, and that makes him the oldest and the wisest because he have seen everything. Sle'Kash is very interested in mortals, which is why he often looks inside their cities disguised as one of them. But sometimes he just watches from the seas thinking to himself: If only you could spend your lives like this forever, but that is not how this world works unfortunately. However, I rather get a fate worse than death than to fail you.

Sle'Kash was right all along, as they were attacked by the undead. He destroyed all undead, and the humans in the city built a statue of him and Sle'Kash agreed to their plea in becoming their protector. for another thousands of years he protected the city, taught their mages water spells that could not be mastered without his guidance. He even helped their farmers getting a great harvest. All this, until a cruel tyrant became the king. This evil king was known as Tarkus The Heartless. His first act as king, was to use Sle'Kash in war. Sle'Kash refused, but the king would not stop there, he tried to use violence to get Sle'Kash as a slave in his wars. Greatly angered by this, Sle'Kash killed the king and left and never returned. The people, who are now struggling to survive are trying everything they can to get Sle'Kash back. They even offered their most valuable treasures to Sle'Kash, and because of being so greatly angered he refused.

Now all Sle'Kash can do is wander the seas, and hope for a peaceful village where he can help starving people. Disturbed by tyranny, he decides to get out of the seas and hunt down another tyrant king. This time he declares a war. Furious about how the innocent people are treated, he calls upon an entire legion of water elementals. After 5 years of war, the tyrant is dead and the people are very grateful to him. He offered the people peace, and eternal protection if they would accept in becoming Khel'Slethar.(A water elemental hybrid species.) They accepted his gift, and he finally found the peace and freedom he longed for millions of years. However, he was still troubled by the awakening of his younger brothers. He told his people and elementals that they must prepare for battle at all times, because he knew that Chaos has finally come and will stop at nothing to devour the world.

Extra Notes:
He may be kind, but he is quite arrogant.
He would even accept a fate worse than death if it meant to keep the innocent people safe.
He doesn't like Ghro'Kha and Slath'Tha because of their evil against the people.
He can control the entire sea when in it's waters.
As mentioned in the story, he is the most powerful among his brothers... even more powerful than K'Jar.
He doesn't like people who burn things down for their own amusement.
He is looking for a worthy challenge, as he have never been defeated.
He is 100x smarter than his brothers.
He doesn't like being worshiped too much.
If they can prove themselves worthy and got a pure heart, he will show people his secrets.

Attack and other animations:
hit 1: Turns his arms into swords and slashes the enemy.
hit 2: Fires 2 water balls at the enemy.
hit 3: Summons a geyser under the enemy.
hit 5: Summons a mighty tidal wave.
moving: Slides forward, leaving water behind him.
using an ability: The third eye starts glowing.
death: Falls apart.
charging: Goes into a "bring it" animation.
shield: A wall of water appears.

Player controlled: Please run mortal, I can't guarantee your safety if you fight me.
Enemy controlled: Perhaps you will finally be the opponent to defeat me in battle?
VS evil player controlled: As long as I live, you will never harm the people!
VS evil enemy controlled: I can't be defeated by you, not even in your full power!
VS good player controlled: Heh, let's see how long you can last before giving up!
VS good enemy controlled: If you manage to defeat me, I will show you all I know.

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Name: Sekal Of Kra'gal
Alignment: -25 shadow
Element: Shadow
Rank: Master
Appearence: A skeleton wearing thick steel colored armor, carrying a standard sword all undead skeletons are issued.
His helmet is large and thick but his jaw is still seen, he has horns but angled downward, his eyes cannot be seen.
He wears a torn and battered cloak that partially covers his iron clad esq. armor.
He stands fairly tall, around the height of an orc warrior.

1x combo: He runs forward and swings his sword but backflips back (even though he is that tall)
2x combo: He runs forward and jump in the air swinging his blade down (like the axe skeleton)
3x combo: He points to his enemy and throws his sword at him, then runs to grab it out of his enemy
5x combo: He points at his enemy and a squad of skeletons run towards his enemy swinging their weapons only hitting the opponent once each

Controlled Quote: You remind me of him... I HATE HIM.
Enemy Quote: If I kill more of you, I might be able to leave this mongrel horde.

Backstory: Sekal of Kra'gal was not always known as an Evil Commander of the undead army, he was once a young man, strapping, charming, and always punctual. Sekal always knew about the war between good and evil but he never thought the war would cross the mountains to the village in the valley he lived in, but just as all of these backstorys go ONE DAY he and his villagers saw both armies coming from either end of the valley preparing for battle. Sekal, not knowing how to fight aided in taking those who were like himself to a shelter, after a few hours of constant battling the untrained good army had to fall back, every loss they suffered rose from the ground to strike them down, with numbers mounting against them they had no choice. Sekal knew what would happen next, he heard the stories of Undead rallying people in the square and forcing them into their legions. Sekal, to avoid this fate, grabbed a sword and gained just enough courage to ask those around him to run as far as they could while he sacrificed himself, but he was not alone all of those men and boys in the village stood with him no matter what their women told them. Sekal and what villagers joined him ran towards the nearly un-ending horde in front of them, some with tears in their eyes, others with a curled lip or teeth shown, charged the undead, showing only the fear that they wouldn't see their loved ones again. This second battle, only lasted minutes, but it was dare I say, one of the most spectacular, Fathers and sons, shoulder to shoulder swinging their blades, each fighting up to 6-10 skeletons, marvelous... As fate would have it though, good was not meant to triumph this day, and though they fought hard, and took many of the undead with them, they succumbed to the never ending horde like most would in this war. Sekal, like those of his village were ressurected, but something was different about them, they retained memory, knowledge, and emotions, as some of Dage's Undead Legion do today, but Dage did not ressurect them, it was a lone Necromancer named Ray who did this conjuring, Sekal, though knowing he was defeated, knowing what happened, and knowing he can only imagine what undead do to traitors, mearly growled in anger when he saw the horde march over his town, burning everything to the ground, the nercomancer came to Sekal's side and asked: "What troubles you Undead?", Sekal: "You filthy wretch, you killed all of us, young men died, old men, all of us died to protect what we love most, and here you are, chasing after them, what troubles me?, I am troubled that I accomplished nothing, my first act of bravery did nothing to mindless skeletons, the living Undead, killed everyone I knew... what is there not to be troubled by?". Ray: "Do you feel, under powered?" Sekal: "That is an understatment if I've ever heard one." Ray: "Would you like to know what would make you feel MORE powerful?" Sekal: "....?" Ray: "Join us, on our conquest, show us your bravery in the battles to follow, prove to us that you truly do not have fear, that you can at least redeem yourself in your friend's eyes." Sekal: "You dare think I would help YOU and THESE MONGRELS?" Ray: "These mongrels, just wiped out and entire battalion of knights and a regiment of paladins, alongside a quarl from a small rebellion within a town we just conquered in under 4 hours." Sekal: ".... I still would never fight for you." Ray: (chuckles) "They all do in the end, wether or wether they want to or not."

(Kra'gal is the village Sekal lived), (If you think Sekal fights for redemption, you are wrong, though he attacks in the name of leaving this horde, he is slowly growing closer and closer to the dark side (no pun intended), he doesn't know what he looks like anymore, he can't remember some of the key things that make him human, but its already too late to redeem him, all he knows is kill his enemy, hope that the next day his superior tells him he can leave the horde and stop fighting... its too bad this war will never end, and now with Chaos?, hmph, well Chaos better watch out...

>In game character OverLordSyrexx
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Name: Ancient Shrine of Aurum
Element: Earth
Rank: Master

Appearance: The Ancient Shrine


The village of Aurum poured their hopes and prayers into their shrine, and in their time of need, the shrine came to life. This mighty colossus defends Aurum with the everlasting strength of a Dragon, powered by the dreams of its people, never yielding, never faltering in its duty.

Controlled: I shall defend Aurum from all harm!


Just call me Beck!
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Character Name: Necrotic Knight

Quote Name: Rowan

Race: Human


Age: Appears to be in his late 20’s

Element: Darkness

Alignment: Nuetral

Weapon: A long-sword with one straight edge, and a serrated edge on the other, it's tip featuring a hooked end, similar to the Necrotic Sword of Doom, featured in DragonFable. It's hilt is made of bone and adorned with a golden skull, it's blade as dark as Night itself.

Controlled Quote: "I've seen the power of Darkness...now I've made it my own! Vengeance will be mine!"
Enemy Quote: "Nothing will stop me on my path to return my family to life... not even you!"

Appearance: Around 5’9, Rowan is a decently fit young man, with the build of someone who’s worked with both spell and sword on a regular basis. His skin sports a few simple weapon-based scars from training or accident, and his skin is a pale color, since he spends most of his time in the light-absent DoomWood and AmityVale. Rowan’s armor that is extremely similar to that of Artix the Paladin or the trademark Death Knight, save for a few personal modifications. Two “Death-Knight Gold” horned skulls adorn Rowan’s Pauldrons, and two non-horned skulls of the same design are placed on the lower forearms of his arms. Besides that, the armor is identical to that of a Death Knight. His hair is a solid black, with a few streaks of dark brown beneath, if one were to look close enough and a pair of deep, ocean-blue eyes compliment the young appearance.

History: A young man whose father was a Necromancer of the darkest kind, and mother was a High Priestess of Swordhaven, Rowan moonstone has been shown both the Light and Darkness of Lore, and that the two do, in fact, attract one another. His mother kept his Father, Tomas, from the madness of the shadows and he kept Solara Moonstone from being blinded by the light too severely. After his father’s murder by an over-zealous Paladin while on a task from Alteon himself, Solara clung to the only thing she had left. Her son, who reminded her so much of her lost love. While Rowan himself was too young at the time to truly understand the loss of a parent… he did always wonder why his father never came home.

A few years of peace followed and despite their loss, the Moonstone’s had moved on and found a new happiness…until the darkness once again came to snatch away a loved one. When a viscous Necromantress assaulted SwordHaven, Rowan found himself watching from his cottage window, in terror, as the undead fought the Pactagonal Knights and his mother fought the twisted Necromantress herself. Just when he thought his mother was going to succeed, the evil woman released a power like he’d never seen and ended his mother right before his eyes, then fled. The Knights never did figure out the woman’s true reason for attacking the Kingdom. Now alone and sobbing at his mothers corpse, Rowan had seen the Light fail to protect his mother and he didn’t understand why.

So, as darkness pressed at the young man’s mind as he grew older, alone and lost, he saw only one solution. If the Light was not strong enough to defeat the Darkness, then he would use the darkness itself. “Fight fire with fire…” he called it. The young man trained with sword and martial combat from the Pactagonal Knights around SwordHaven, showing a ferocity in combat that the Knights were often shocked by. Once Rowan felt he was ready and had earned enough funds to travel from various jobs around SwordHaven, the young man set off for DoomWood. There, he planned to hunt for the fabled Necropolis and Necromancy University.

The years pass, and Rowans skill with magic soon matched his martial abilities. While summoning was a part of his education, Rowan’s abilities were more focused on pure Shadow manipulation. After a full 6-year education at the Necro U, Rowan began his journey as one to fight the Darkness…using the Darkness itself.

At hearing about an elemental championship, Rowan at first dis-regarded it as an entertaining waste of time…until he heard of the reward, a wish granted to the victor. His first and only thought…was he could wish for his family back, those who the darkness had taken from him.

Knowing the boons that Nulgath has to offer, Rowan has proceeded into the world of OverSoul, seeking the ArchFiend's power...


Blocking Animation: Black orb, similar to the Orb that the Revontheus character uses, but one solid shade instead of separated.

Attack-1: Rowan throws his sword at the enemy, shadow bolts then recall the sword to his grip.

Attack 2: Rowan charges his enemy with a pair of shadow claws, stabbing and clawing for the two-hits.

Attack 3: Rowan summons an undead mage to attack the enemy with shadow spells and runes!

Attack 5: Rowan summons a powerful Orb of Necrotic energy, then launches it at his enemy, where it surrounds the enemy and the swirling shadows chip away, dealing the first 4 hits. The Orb then explodes, dealing the final hit of damage. The Orb is a black and red color with a skull/Nulgath-style rune on it's side.
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Well here goes nothing, Here's my First Contest Entry

Character Name: The False King (False Demragon King as his Legend form)

Rank: Master (can evolve into Legend)

True Name: Zerakon

Race: Half Dragon/Half Demon

Gender: Male

Age: Semi-Immortal (he cant age but he can be killed) True Age Unknown

Element: Fire/Shadow

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (going by DnD logic here)

Controlled Quote: Bow before your new king!

Enemy Quote: Why do you not kneel? Do you wish to die?

Victory Quote: You will make an excellent new servant!

Appearance: Master- Displeased with the Regal appearance of his former self, Zerakon decided to alter his own armor and weapons using his magic as well. Zerakon is about 8 feet tall by human standards covered from head to toe in black and purple armor ,with two skulls on the shoulders weeping lava from the eyes. The chest piece is carved from the ribs of a dragon, The gauntlets and greaves are in the shape of claws, but the right side reflects his dragon half and the left side reflects the demon half. He has two wings, a torn black dragon wing on the right and a demonic wing on the left. His eyes glow against his black skin, covered by a dragon skull helmet with two large horns pointed up at the front, with two small ones behind them. The right eye will glow White, the left one will glow Red. Upon his back is the Exalted Kings Blade, a sword carved using and forged using ancient black rituals and magic. It glows with black fire, being made of bones and sinew. The blade will jut out from a dragon skull, and the sword itself is colored red to contrast the black flames.

Legend- With so much more power and life now flowing through him, the mortal shell could no longer hold The False King. So he transcended this and becomes the False Demragon King, a Dragon about the size of Black Drag, but plated in parts of the mortal kings armor. His sword now useless to him, destroys it and infuses the magic into his claws, turning them into heated flesh rippers of doom. His eyes still glow red and white, and his breath is now a dark reddish flame. His body now has turned a rather sickly reddish brown mud color, like dried blood from the countless people he has slain. His most unsettling feature however is the aura of evil that appears when he gathers his power, as if the very elements of fire and shadow themselves are being forced to bend to his will.

Backstory: Zerakon had it all as a king, he was wealthy, powerful, and his kingdom was prosperous and happy. Everyone loved their king, and he loved his people. However there was one thing he did long for, a son, to carry on his name and his will after he would die. But because of his age, no woman would dare marry him, why this was he never knew, but it was the truth of the matter. It was a secret the king dared to never tell anyone, That is...until He came to visit... It was a normal day until a hooded figure appeared, offering the king a gift in the form of a black sphere. Within it the stranger told the king a powerful spirit resided, that could grant its user any wish. The king, being skeptical of this, but never one to turn down a gesture of good will, promptly took the orb and ushered the man away. That night under the full moon, the orb began to speak to the king as he was preparing for sleep. "You seem unhappy, you desire more do you not?" The king, puzzled, look at the orb and confessed. "Alas I do not have an heir to my throne, for no one would marry a man as old as I." The orb laughed, its eerie sound echoing through the room, before it promptly spoke "Then an Heir you shall have, but one should be careful what he wishes for..." The orb blasted the king, drawing his soul into the orb before it began to transform into a ghastly creature. A demon had come into possession of the kings soul, but was not satisfied with his form, so he began to alter it to fit his needs. Becoming more Draconic and Demonic like in nature, and younger in age, he no longer was the good king Zerakon, he was an imposter, The False King. After driving his new "subjects" to insanity by nightmares and horrid magic's, he found himself bored, and so set out in search of a new kingdom to rule over.


My Second Contest Entry!

Character Name: The Hangman

True Name: John Jones

Rank: Master

Race: Undead

Gender: Male

Age: 25 (as of his undeath he is now 125)

Element: Earth/Neutral

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Controlled Quote: Just another noose for the tree....

Enemy Quote: What sound will you make when your neck snaps I wonder?

Appearance: a pale skinned man dressed in black cowboy cloths, the badge on his chest is a typical sheriff badge, only the base is a skull. There's small tears focused on his hat and at the back end of his cloths, and his cloths are covered in dust. His eyes are sunken and hollow, and on his right shoulder is a Raven which acts as his eyes and voice.

Backstory: John "The Hangman" Jones was a famous executioner from the old days of Oversoul, back when Solace was a town on the dusty planes. John was responsible for putting more then 200 souls to death by hanging, and as such is feared by even the most poor human. Children are told of his cruelty in school, and a law is in place named after him that all guards follow to this day. "All men shall be given a fair trial, even for the most gruesome of crimes." Johns 200th victim was his last...at least when he was still alive that is. A witch, sentenced to hanging, placed a curse upon the him, sentencing him to die by the same method he's killed so many people by. A few weeks later, he was charged with heresy, and sentenced to hanging by the townsfolk. Upon his death however, the curse took hold and reanimated him. He was now an undead, but he could think and kept many of his memories. A raven cut him down, and spoke to him "Your a lucky one arnt you? I guess your my charge then." Without explaining any further, the raven, known as Penance, now speaks for and guides the man on his new goal: Continuing his work where he left off...one soul at a time.

If you would like to give me some feedback, send it to me via PM! id like to know how I did and if I could change things to make my next entry even better! Thanks! Cardshockmasterb24~

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Void Reaper

Viod summoner

Long time ago there was a mage who had perfected summoning spells. While he is conjuring a spell to open a portal to another world he accidentally cast the wrong spell and he opened the void.He lost consciousness when he woke up He was on the void. He wandered the void for many days.One day he lost consciousness and fainted when he woke up he was taken care of a Void Dragon after that he was trained by the void dragon a special kind of magic its called Void magic and taught him how to fight using void magic. One day he saw a opening in the void. A portal to the overworld he got out in the void and now wonder's the overworld seeking more power.

Appearance:Like this http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/056/2/9/void_mage_by_Corvier.jpg

Entrance: He summons a void orb in his hand

Controlled: Void will engulf everything.
Enemy: You Dare Fight me You will perish in to the void

Blocking: he defend with his hand
Hit with shield: stands on his ground
Combo 1: Attack with a small black orb
Combo 2: A black scythe appear and slashes the opponent
Combo 3: Open the void and summon a lesser void dragon and spew violet gas
Combo 5: He opens the void under him and transform himself to a void dragon(medium size) and spews violet fire doing the 1st and 2nd hit, Pounds the opponent doing the 3rd and 4th hit and, slashes the opponent using his claw inflicting the 5th hit

500 attack card-4
200 attack card-2
300 defense card-1
Mark of death-1
Void reflection-1
Life Drain-1

Please pick mine *Cross fingers*
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@Nulgath #oversoul
Oversoul Writing Entry
holy_samuel (Forum name)

Name: Samuel, Angelfencer

Element: Light

Alignment: +0 Neutral

Rank: Master

• Anauel's Wings on his back, with old grey chains surrounding it.
• Bedhead Hairstyle (Vanilla White Color).
• Angel's Halo on the top of head and big Cross symbol on back.
• Wearing Paus holy costume with Old gold cross on its shoulders.
• body figure is moderate muscular. Best template for this would be
something like Seraphim of Ver.
• 2 Holy white small cape with opposite direction surrounding his hands.
• Big Holy white cape with many small holy runes covered his legs.
• Holy Old gold cross around the hands, little rust on it.
• Light attack symbol worn clearly on his middle chest, surrounded by little
Blue aura
• Wields a big energy sword like excalibur in the right hand with a big shining
gold cross. And a clearly blue energy crystal sword like ragnarok and wield
it like undead assasin swords (in aqw).

• 500 attack card – x2
• 100 attack card - x3
• 100 pierce card – x2
• 500 defense card – x2
• Greater Heal– x1
• Might – x1
• Blessed Strike – x1
• Holy Strike – x1
• Retribution – x1
• Penance – x1

Quote Sets:
• Player Quote: I'am the one send by god to fence the good from the evil.
• Enemy Quote: You can across my fence of good if i finish clease your impure body.
Combo Sets:
• Combo 1: Upward strikes with the right sword
• Combo 2: Thrust strikes with the right sword and blast shot with left arm
• Combo 3: Strikes down with magic like cranking a window with mind
• Combo 5: Strikes down with the right sword and following up Thrust with
left sword, summon mana spear and slam it to the ground, cause gigantic
holy explode

A mysterious man once tell me about,"the tale of a angel that create fence between Eearth,Sky,Heaven,Hell". The man's name is Samuel. He given an order from the god to create fence that could restrict the difference between hell,and heaven. Long age has been passed to create the fence. The fence angel, samuel. Have done his order, when he come back to the heaven, mass war between angels and demons is happening. He came at the wrong time, in front of him. The devil, the old dragon. Kill the god. After it happened, he fled from there, after that there was no news from him, many would have guessed that he was also killed by the devil. But, what really happens is that the angel makes a book written all events there. But the situation is reversed.

He named the book the "bible"
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Character name: Renan

Shadow Raptor

Apperance: http://twitpic.com/daff3n

Element: Shadow

Rank: Legendary

Alignment : Evil -50

Description: Raptor is a species known for its great speed after suffering developments, won a pair of wings, now more than ever is super powerful and attack the enemy with great strength, and this attack can come either from the sky as the ground.

Cards: 3x 500 Attack
2x Empower
3x Mark of Death
2x Sacrifice
1x Void Reflection
1x Shadow Fire
3x BloodRage
The player: This ready for battle?

The enemy: You will know the true power.


Post #: 293
8/26/2013 16:24:50   

Character=Pyraxus-Master-found on the giant holes in the map

Apearance=looks like a man covered in heavy armor except he has no legs instead he has whirling spiked chains whirling at his bottom an his hair is burning and he has no eyes in his face only eye holes and his armors has tattoos like the symbiote in aq and it wields a giant dragon headed mace,when attacking the dragonhead mouth opens and roars at the opponent

1hit attack- same as above

3 hit attack-he goes near his opponent and smashes it with his mace then as the mace hits the enemy he disappears then then appears again in the enemys back and his other arm turns into a claw then he slashes his enemy 2 times

5 hit-he transforms into a flaming onyx dragon then roars at his opponent then goes back to normal then smashes his opponent 2 times then claw strikes the enemy 2 times

history-pyraxus was a normal pyromancer until he accidently drank dragons blood mixed with djinn blood now he seeks to destroy the one who turned him into the monstrosity which he didnt know that it was nulgath himself who made it secretly for him,for now he hides within the underground dragon caves of Oversoul,training with the underground lava dragons to strengthen him more

he says at the start of battle=Anhillation of the Old One i seek

at end of a battle(win)-HAHAHAH no one can stop me!

if defeated he turns into a peasant and says- NOOOOOOOOOO!

special cards are

Dark Blood-a black fireblood ball blasts your opponent and dealing 10 fire damage

Cursed Shield -sacrifice your health for defence -15 defence at the cost of 7 health(reccomended for high levels only to use)

lava dragon-looks like a dragon coated with magma stones and lava

found in the holes that pyraxus will be found

history- dragons once ruled the skys of oversoul until they were hunted for their claws,hide,scales and tooth now the lava dragons live underground waiting for the time that a great drsgon will come to save them all and help them rule the skys once more!

1 attack-roars at the opponent

3 attack-roars at opponent then claw strikes then roar again

5 attack-glows very crimson like blood then it grows spikes and roars at opponent 2 times then all spikes blast at his opponent then turns normal and claw strikes the opponent 2 times

Draklos-looks like a huge dracolich has no wings and has a glowing eye and has very long claws and its head is shaped like a lions head-dark element

history-Draklos once a necromancer,draklos studied beast and dragon magic,hoping to get stronger and get hold of the ultimate prize,Nulgaths power so he can rule the world so he went to the underworld hoping to get more power by slaying beasts and enslave their souls but unfortunately he met pyraxus and he challenged him to battle but he lost and now he is being controlled by pyraxus but his memories still remain in his head


Catcalysm-a rune appears in the targets head and then multiple skulls and undead attack the enemy for 15 damage if you staff wont accept then make it 9 damage at least

Deathbreath-you breath causing a poison effect lasts 5 turns

Well good luck to you all(not kidding here really good luck to you all coz i know i wont win)

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Oh yeah i killed raxgore !
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8/26/2013 17:37:39   

Character: Garoth
Element: Chaos
Rank: Master
Appearance: Chaos Warrior type armor with a Chaorrupted Battle Crown. Has a chaotic broadsword with a chaos eye in the hilt and crackling purple lightning animated on the blade. When Player controlled, at the beginning of each battle he holds a chaos orb in his left arm while still holding his sword with his right.

Backstory: There was a mighty city that stood on the northern edge of Lore. It's king, Garoth, was everything a villager could ask from a king, intelligent, fair, and handsome. Then, one day everything changed. It began when Garoth suddenly felt a presence in his throne room. He grabbed his sword demanded that the presence be known. Out of the shadows appeared a small purple tentacle and, being curious, Garoth reached out to touch it. The tentacle suddenly latched onto his arm, Garoth began to cry out as Chaos took hold. As the Chaos took control, Garoth saw his youngest daughter hiding behind his throne, cowering in fear. His last dying wish was that his daughter would be safe and as soon as he finished his prayer, the Chaos had finished it's job. Garoth then created mass armies of Chaos warriors to ravage the nearby lands all while his daughter remained unaffected. It said that to this day, Garoth amasses his army to the north as he searches for his daughter, the last thing that must be destroyed for Chaos to completely take hold of him. As he hunts, nothing can stop his untamable fury for destruction as he spreads Chaos as the herald of Chaos, announcing the power of Chaos throughout the land of Lore. Can you stop him?

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Fight the Archfiend. For the Light!


AQW  Post #: 295
8/26/2013 18:07:31   

Character: Punki And Cirius (fights as one character)

Alignment: between priest and psychic since they are both

Element(s): Light And Neutral
Rank: Master

Apearance: http://i41.tinypic.com/wmnoz.png sorry for the black box it is a character creation screen but i hope you can somehow "oversoul" it if you like it

Backstory: The mice brothers Punki and Cirius are well known for their close bond and teamwork. Punki is a Illusionist a psychic who specializes in fooling his opponent by making them see things that are not there but also packs a few basic mage spells. Punki is a special mouse meaning that he has pink fur which has giving him a tough time here and there but noneless he's happy and loves to entertain others. Cirius is a respected cleric who aids the ill in their home town unlike his brother Cirius is very religious and spend more time reading the bibble than Punki reads spell books. In battle he'll use a cross shaped mace and a shield and will protect his brother and innocent no matter the cost.

Their teamwork is their key to victory Cirius will take the frontline and distract the opponent while Punki sets up illusions and prepares some of his other spells.

Neutral Cards:

1x Neutralize

2x Cat Reflex

Light Cards: (main element)

3x Shield

2x Greater Heal

2x Holy Strike

3x Pierce

2x 500 Attack

1x 200 Attack

Attack Animations:

1 Hit: Cirius strikes with his mace

2 Hit: Cirius strikes and Punki shoots a white sphere at the opponent

3 Hit: Cirius strikes Punki shoots and Cirius strikes again

5 Hit: Cirius jumps and slashes the opponent leaving a rift of light and Punki jumps over the opponent leaving a white rift making it looks like an X


Player: Punki: here we go again Cirius: yepp...
Enemy: Punki: uh Cirius: oh!

hope you like it

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8/26/2013 22:33:53   

@Nulgath #oversoul
Oversoul character entry

Please enjoy my character, is now going to introduce himself to you,"you're up Vraith"...

Vraith:Ahh yes hello for those of you reading my message, my name is Vraith Tome and I am a Necrolord heres my I.d...

My name: Vraith Tome

Element: Shadow

Alignment: I would be evil but until then,0

Rank: Master

What I look like:
-Slender Skeleton(Tall about as infernal fiend)
-Grayish ski...bone tone
-Hollow green lights where eyes should be
-Slightly slouches forward
-Carry's very large scythe emitting a green glow,caries scythe on left hand
-Carry's long staff on back, staff looks like it is made up entirely of bones the top seems to be a skull
-large black cloak that starts from head ends on upper body area revealing rib cage.
-Grayish rags used as pants, ends where above feet,the rags are stained with reddish blood
-On right arm carries a small book or a necronomicon, it is brownish covered in red stains.Book has small skull on it.

My card set:
-Attack 500-4x
-Shadow Fire-1x
-Void reflection-1x
-500 block-2x
-Pierce 200-1x
(can edit if you wish)

During battle stuff...
-Player controlled speech: You dare battle me?I am far beyond even a lich!
-Enemy controlled speech: So you have found me... ahh well just means more undead minions for me.
-Combo one: Strikes with scythe
-Combo two: Strikes with scythe downward then upward
-Combo Three: Book emits a blackish fire, then throws book at enemy 3 times
-Combo Five:Staff from back glows a dim greenish color, then floats toward enemy, summons 5 greenish beams from ground striking the enemy.

My story:
Let me tell you on how life came to this to being a wraith that loves others suffering.When I was young (around 14 years old) I wanted to become someone that helped others, I wanted to become a paladin.I didn't care about fame or glory, I cared if I helped people and saved others.I hated evil more than anything, they...they TOOK MY FAMILY!It happened when I was 6, my family was brutally killed by bandits... then I felt true hatred against those who would hurt others for a stupid reason.
Then at the age of 14 I decided, I wanted to help others i trained until I could become as stronger as Artix, but then IT happened.One day I was walking to hunt some bandits down, I found the same ones how took my family.With out thinking I rushed in there, I lost and injured bleeding out.Then when I thought all was lost a girl came and took me in to her house.Her name was Cassidy, she was sweet,nice and kind of cute.I lived with her until I was 18, then she told me she was a necromancer, I was scared then told her that I was on the path on becoming a paladin.She still accepted me to live with her and be with, her I was happier then ever.Later that day a group of necromancers came to Cassidy's house and told her to come with them, she refused then they where about to strike her with a bronze sword I came out and fought the other necromancers, I killed the enemy necromancers. Cassidy said Oh no there coming.I was scared, we hid in a city slum for weeks we were scared.
It was night and we saw saw green dim lights, and we heard screaming.Many city guards and guard captains where spread across the floor as I heard laughter, a necromancer Known as V.Steven kept laughing and yelling revenge, revenge to those who have hurt me and my family!In a way I saw my self in his position, mad, insane ready to kill.Me and Cassidy ran and ran then Cassidy got shot by a projectile that looked like bones.She told me to never give up on what I want to be then died.I went insane.
I decided life it self was evil, there should not be a mix of good and evil.I spent the rest of my life becoming a necromancer in hopes to get Cassidy back.I spent 30 years in the necropolis learning and learning necromancy.Then I didn't know about life or anything.I decided to become something more, I stole some of the other necromancers items then infused it in my own body.I died.
I woke up in a necromancers lab, this necromancer reanimated me, but he did not know a had a will to be my own.I stood up in my new undead body to become my own person.I lost my "unnecessary" emotions such as sadness.I experienced massive boredom and left the necromancers.the new world did not accept me so I showed them how much power had.This is the new me, the new and improved (Creepy evil laugh).

There's my character creation oversoul, hope you like it.

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8/27/2013 21:13:47   

My name in over soul is elco

Character name is Sand mummy Please do change if needed I want it to look its best
alignment rating is about 25-35
Its element is earth

enemy-the pharos will rule again
controlled I live to serve death

Shield cards
3- 500 shield cards (average or more common one)
2-reflention card Each of 500
3-heal 500

Attack cards
2-100 attack cards
2-100 pierce Attack cards
4-500 attack cards
2-Sand storm deals 200 damage for 4 turns and has a 25% present chance to stun the enemy
1- quick sand stuns for 2 turns
2-shift- deals 900 damage in 3 turns

back round story
Once a high priest to serve a temple that help death over come many enemies
he was killed in battle and death never lets go of a warrior to sever. In the
process he lost his soul and now the sand mummy go on a mission to kill all
those that still love in hope that one he kills will have the same fate. but still
Gives the souls to death in hope to be living once again.

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8/27/2013 22:04:33   

Oversoul Character Suggestion Entry:
- survivor39
This is my character suggestion for Oversoul contest.

Aurelia - Veteran
Element: Water & Energy
Aurelia - Veteran would have mostly water cards (which have a fair amount of renew and refresh) and partly energy cards such as "surge" and of course "energize".
link: http://twitpic.com/danajb

Aurelia - Master
Element: Water & Energy
Aurelia - Master would mostly have water cards ( which have only refresh for water healing cards) and some energy cards such as "storm", "surge" and "energize".
link: http://twitpic.com/danaml

Aurelia - Legendary
Element: Water & Energy
Aurelia - Legendary would have strong water cards such as "powerflow" but no "fresh start" and just 1 or 2 refresh cards and also strong energy cards such as "storm", "surge" and only 1 "chain lightning"(for balance) and "energize".
link: http://twitpic.com/danaow

The full character tree of Aurelia:
Element: Water & Energy
link: http://twitpic.com/danask

Battle Quotes:
Wild/Enemy: "Death by drowning or electrocution?...just pick one!"
Controlled: "Float like a jellyfish, Strike like lightning!"

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8/28/2013 8:42:41   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

As I have had to delete entries for failing to follow the rules, I am posting a reminder here, taken from the OSGD Board Rules

1) Content posted MUST be PG. If you post on this forum, you post in PG. Anything not PG will be removed. Period. End of discussion.

2) Backstory must not have content above PG. That means sexual content, drug related content (and yes, that includes smoking and drinking), and language content inappropriate for PG audiences is not allowed.

3) Keep all your suggestions in ONE post. If you are creative enough to have more than one, they all go in ONE post. Do not double post. Do not triple post, etc. One post, per person, per contest.

4) If you have something removed for content, either edit the suggestion to make it forum friendly, or follow the directions for submitting directly to Nulgath.

5) If you have questions about your entry, contact Mritha or Eukara Vox.

These rules are non-negotiable.

~AE Forum Administration Staff

Posting non PG content is the biggest issue so far, and I can assure you that it will NOT be tolerated. Anyone who fails to follow this rule WILL be punished accordingly. Depending on how severe the content, a temporary forum ban will result. Consider yourselves warned for the final time.

Those who have been responsible enough to PM me, thank you. It looks rather good on you to take the initiative. Though, if you have questions, perhaps PM me before you post them. Just in case. I would rather you not get in trouble while you are trying to get help!

~Eukara Vox, AE Forum Administration and L&L Head Moderator

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