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RE: Occavatra's Collection of Fiery Masterpieces and Crystals

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6/22/2017 20:27:11   


A young moglin who was raised with his twin sister, older half-brother, father, and stepmother in a mansion that gleamed with radiance in a village in the Greenguard Region known for its massive library and herbal shops. Vincent had stood out from amongst his siblings for being kind-hearted, tender, and impartial to everyone who accepts others for who they are. Unfortunately for the little moglin, his quiet, peaceful life came to an abrupt end when an army of deadwoods attacked their home and it was somehow exhumed in flame. Only Vincent and his twin sister, Jenna, managed to escape by jumping out of a window, carrying only their belts and several books that meant a great deal to them along with them. One of which was a book on soulweaving that Vincent managed to keep with him since the day a transfer student from Tkaanie came to lecture at the library. Vincent and his sister had lived in Doomwood Forest for around three years since the presumed loss of their family to attempt to build a new life. He was thankfully able to spend his days studying soulweavers not because he was interested in doing so himself, but he wanted to study the minds of those whose calibers lie within the four weaving families. His studies, along with newfound responsibilities of taking care of himself, caused him to be stubborn, yet passionate and more empathetic. Eventually, he and Jenna joined Occavatra and co. on their journeys that took place before the Hero was thawed and even met Tomix three times where he requested to have his weapons enchanted with Lanrete’s help in exchange for a favor that Vincent had no reluctance of saying no to. It is not certain why Vincent would turn to Tomix for guidance, but some may say that he saw a bit of Occavatra in him and vowed to become a kinder individual to people and animals.

Above Vincent in the Deviantart post located in the link enclosed is an orange button you can click on to change his facial expression for him to either show happiness or anger. Compared to common moglins, Vincent and his twin sister were excited about being on the battlefield as combatants for their healing magic along with a fusion of light and shadow in them respectively granted them a tremendous edge over their foes, but they are only strong enough to handle a single battalion at a time if the two of them fight together. For Vincent, he has taught himself to use shadow magic without succumbing to its maddening influence. This might explain why he is so peaceful and kind for unlike Occavatra, he has found solace with darkness in his soul. His gun is a replicated and modified Dragonburst from AQW while his primary weapon is a recolored SoulForged Sword.

From Happiness to Anger Interactive Animation

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6/22/2017 20:35:52   

Peaceful SoulForged Sword
A unique Soulforged Sword crafted by Tomix and Lanrete as a request for a green moglin before he embarked on a dangerous path in exchange for a favor that Tomix took with him to his grave.

I was going to go with a regular dark-based Soulforged Sword to give to Vincent to keep it simple, but sentimental value toward DragonFable had compelled me to not only replicate this sword but to design it to be a unique version by coloring it to match the color schemes and patterns that Tomix bears. Both the sword and the recolored Dragonburst gun are both a representation of Tomix, the fact that Vincent can use shadow magic in battle, and his interest in the minds of soulweavers, chaosweavers, soulsmiths, and fleshweavers. Engraved on the sword's blade are the bright and powerful words, “Jesteś dla mnie bohaterem,” just to show that the representation of the sword is heard loud and clear. (Hint: The engraving is written in Polish.)

And before anyone asks...

Tomix’s soul is not fused to that sword. The soul is actually a darkness-based elemental spirit that was given a fraction of Tomix’s power while the sword was being forged. Vincent made that request to the soulweaver for a crucial reason. He looked up to another broken soul whom Tomix reminded him of and the young moglin wanted to show that soul a bit of kindness that meant something to him.

Deviantart Image
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6/22/2017 20:40:25   

Peaceful SoulForged Sword Shrine


Not long after Ravenloss was unvoided and its inhabitants received word that Tomix sacrificed himself to save Lore from Envy’s disastrous plans, a team of heroes in Falconreach along with three inhabitants of Ravenloss created a shrine for the former in Silkwood Park not far from Pandora’s statue by placing a replica of Vincent’s sword on top of their custom altar to commemorate his selfless and brave act.

Animation on Deviantart
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6/29/2017 19:52:31   


Jennifer, commonly addressed as Jenna by family and average friends growing up, is a moglin coated in pure white fur that was raised with her twin brother, Vincent, and older half-brother in their family’s estate located in a village known for its massive public library and herbal shops. She is kind-hearted, empathetic, and studious like her siblings, but she is perkier and playful. Whenever she would visit her family’s library, she would enchant every single book in the room to fly off of the shelves and revolve around the air. Once she pointed at a good book to read, she summons that book to her little arms and the rest of the books are magically shelved the way they were before the moglin enchanted them. Sometimes the spell can go wrong and she’d accidentally make a mess in the library, much to Vincent’s dismay. Unfortunately, for Jenna, her carefree lifestyle came to an end when the village was attacked by an army of deadwoods and their home was somehow set ablaze. She and Vincent fled with all that they could carry, but while they escaped unscathed, the same may or may not have been said for their parents and half-brother. The two moglins built a life in a distant town in Doomwood Forest for three years since the attack. Jenna was terrified of darkness and creatures of the night so she spent her spare time practicing her light magic should an army of such monsters attack the village. This had caused her to become less afraid of darkness and remains as playful as she always was. Eventually, she and Vincent joined Occavatra and co. on their travels and even joined a fellow cat-lover named Gr4vity on an expedition in a Vizalian cavern where she forged a replica of the older woman’s wand and a handgun that contains five Crystal Seeds and a bundle of corundum stones. Jenna’s newfound weaponry and playful personality are two factors that have given her a deceptive quality; innocent, immature, and vulnerable in appearance, but cunning, deadly, and clever when she ceases the moment to strike.

Above Jenna in the Deviantart post located in the link enclosed is a blue button you can click on to change her facial expression for him to either show contentment or cheerfulness, which is fits her perky and playful personality. Compared to common moglins, she and her twin brother were excited about being on the battlefield as combatants for their healing magic along with a fusion of light and shadow in them respectively granted them a tremendous edge over their foes, but they are only strong enough to handle a single battalion at a time if the two of them fight together. For Jenna, her light magic is strong enough to nearly impair an enemy with blindness and is especially deadly to vampires, werewolves, and necromancers. Recently, she donned an Aquamarine Cloak that she got from Trinki Bell as a gift for telling off a Rose soldier when he tried to lure a few of her fellow fairies to his side to study them with his fellow comrades and she keeps her weapons by her side even when they are sheathed. Her gun is a modified and recolored Shifting Crystal Pistol with crystals from a corundum tree to replace the existing color-changing crystal and the base and trim colors match that of Verlyrus’s fur texture. The young moglin only met the box cat one time when he accompanied Occavatra and his group on a trip to distribute food to their village, but it was a fond memory kept close to her heart and that inspired her to forge the replica of Gr4vity’s wand; Anderson’s Purring Wand.

From Contentment to Cheerfulness Interactive Animation
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6/29/2017 20:03:38   

Anderson's Purring Wand
An artifact encrusted with bright light crystals and an ever-watching feline’s head that serves as a purr-fect wand to a mage that has a fondness of cats and can’t get enough of them.

Much of the design process was thankfully straightforward, but the crystals’ textures was challenging to draw exactly as it was when I first sketched the wand because they weren’t coming out nice so I took a more simplistic approach, which turned out to work the way I liked to be. The cat head’s fur texture had a lot going on and it took a bit of trial and error to color in the lights and shadows without omitting much of the detail if resizing the finished product was a necessity, but I found this part of the design process to be a fun way to experiment with hues that belong to the same color. After I finished the wand itself, I ended up recoloring it into three more recolored versions while keeping the original for Jenna intact. From left to right, the wands’ respective owners are Jenna, Miran Tideturner, and Gr4vity. To briefly summarize the origins of Anderson’s Purring Wand, its original owner was a member of Duat family who owned a large panther to protect his treasure and chamber that contains the history of the family that predates the elemental wars from many millennia ago. Many years later, the wand remained buried in the temple where the member of the family lived after his passing until it was discovered by Trey Surehunter during a hunting trip with his daughter, Valencia, and her friend named Miran Tideturner when they were both young children. After the trip was over, Miran was given the wand behind Trey’s back who wanted the relic for himself, which was what the girls were oblivious to at the time. Miran kept the wand with her as a secondary weapon into her adulthood and after moving in to Falconreach, she met a courageous cat-lover named Gr4vity who took an interest in the wand. When she was denied the wand, Gr4vity refused to give in to the temptation of stealing it so she fashioned a replica of her own with Cysero’s help. Although Gr4vity cherished the wand, she preferred using a blunt object to give her foes an old-fashioned K.O. to draw a battle to a close within minutes after it started. That's why her replica of the wand became her secondary weapon. Sometime later, the tables have turned when Jenna took an interest in the wand as well while she accompanied Gr4vity on an expedition in a Vizalian cavern and much like the cat-lover herself, the young moglin forged a replica of her own with the use of the cavern’s crystals and her own light magic. Unlike the other versions’ owners, she used this version of the wand as her primary weapon, which has given her a powerful advantage against her foe. As for the original Anderson’s Purring Wand, it remains in Miran’s possession to this day, much to her satisfaction and contentment.

Anderson's Purring Wand (All Versions, including its EpicDuel counterpart)
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7/18/2017 22:28:18   

Occavatra (six years old)

A mysterious, sorrowful kid with a hidden secret in his heart. He lacks the audacity and courage to befriend other children or people, fearing that they would hurt him because his supposed dark destiny in his adulthood left him scorned and afraid of others. He, instead, prefers the company of books in his village's library for he feels greatly attached to the written words within each page that he reads. The little boy can read a single book from cover to cover for hours and not even look up from his surroundings, which was fine with him. He preferred a distraction than another torn scar or broken heart. Even though he is not often seen by library patrons or students, few have reported that they've heard echoes of sobbing on the top floor, which was the origin to a rumor that the floor was haunted by a banshee. Not even the most curious would approach the child for he would quickly turn them away and resume going back to looking for a good book to read. Will there be a smile on his face again?

This incarnation of Occavatra is based on most of my early childhood drawings when I drew yellow shirts on whenever I drew myself. While recreating that memory, I could feel a sense of nostalgia as I recolored the child's shirt, trousers, and shoes. It granted me a childlike feeling that I haven't had in ages, which is why this design is special to me and I'm glad I could finally flesh it out through the use of not only DragonFable's style, but my own unique touch as well such as creating this version of Occavatra's hair a second time. Looking back to when I drew his hair the first time, which was two years ago when I first touched Flash, I thought it was awful. That was why I used applied knowledge from my years of growing as an artist to recreate the boy's hair and even though it's a pixie cut, I'm much more satisfied with the end result than I was back then. Also, I would like to thank Ergotth for his feedback on the hair, which has allowed to resize it slightly to a more flattened appearance. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did recreating that childhood memory. :) By the way, if you're wondering why Occavatra is carrying the Book of Lore like Archivists do, it's because it's a copy that one accidentally left on his table and the little boy thought it was the library's so he swooped it from a wooden table and kept it by his side for a long while until the owner claimed it and Occavatra got a copy of his own as he grew older.

Alternative Image

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7/18/2017 22:38:15   

It's amazing how much time flies when I practice whenever I can. Compared to the present, I was pretty much a novice, but I never quit trying my hardest and now, I have no problem drawing some hairstyles. :)

Alternative Image

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7/21/2017 9:27:08   

Chaosweaver Amon (twelve years old)

An older child from an ambitious soulweaving family that has migrated to the Kingdom of Greenguard from Azaveyr nine centuries before Swordhaven was founded. The family desired to spread the knowledge of soulweaving to the inhabitants of the massive continent and raise cultural awareness to scholars and open-minded students, which they’ve been successful with as the kingdom solidified and prospered over the years. Currently, the soulweaving family resides in Galicia, a center of education and fine arts, where they regularly donate tomes and scrolls that document Azaveyr’s ancient history to the town’s prestigious library. His family’s giving reputation has opened a door to a bright future for Amon, but he did not desire to live in his their shadow for he greatly admires a notorious war hero named http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=18648608 and strived to study Chaosweaving to be like him. His aspiration caused him to be secretive and rebellious by pretending to obey his parents’ every order for show, including what he would be studying at Galicia’s library. His parents hoped to settle back in Azaveyr to enroll Amon in Edelia University and in order to get him ready, they greatly encouraged him to go to the library as much as he can to study knowledge on soulweaving that the family and many visiting scholars have contributed. Amon had willingly contributed, but as usual, it was a front to prevent them from discovering his dark path. Much to the young boy’s chargin, documentation on chaosweaving and fleshweaving are heavily scarce in the town’s library, which is why Amon was forced to find what little books have written about the dark side of the weaving arts, but he didn’t give up on his search. One day, he paid a visit to the top floor hoping that he’d find the knowledge that he long desired, but he, instead, found a timid boy six years younger than he reading alone and feeling sorry for himself. Amon had heard about the boy’s supposed dark fate, which made him curious as to why an innocent kid would be scorned so badly and if he knew how to navigate the library more than he could. As a twist of fate, he and the young boy became extremely close to each other and over time, their friendship became sincere for they both understood each other’s disgruntled feelings about their current lifestyles and the boy felt a great deal of warmth and happiness in his heart as long as Amon was by his side. Unfortunately, when it was time to Amon to leave for Azaveyr on his sixteenth year, the youngsters were forced to say goodbye to one another and that heart-breaking moment would be the last time they would lay eyes on one another. Once the aspiring Chaosweaver left the village, his ambition would be set into motion and there would be no turning back.

The design pictured is my depiction of Chaosweaver Amon four years before his enrollment in Edelia University and his beginnings as an outcast. His hair was trickier for me to design, but thankfully, redesigning the rest of this version of him wasn’t hard. My favorite part of it was the redesign of the widow symbol seen on parts of his cloak because the glow the runes omitted and the gradient shading in the center was intriguing to me. The symbols are fancier, but they are still quite mysterious as they appeared to be two years ago.

Alternative Image

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7/21/2017 9:32:07   

Two years ago, I was too reliant on using lines to show detail, but as I naturally learned that lines are basically a grid, I nowadays only use lines for borders or blend them in with textures if necessary. At least, the 2015 version has a neat retro vibe to it that I admire and that makes me proud of how far I came since I started using Flash.

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7/21/2017 13:57:20   

Wow, your artwork has certainly improved, even since the beginning of this gallery. I think the majority of it comes from your improved linework.
My favourite now would be the doom amulet.

There are still a couple of miscellaneous issues.
Some of your weaponry appears quite flat-- the textures are quite complicated, and the shadows appear to be blended into the textures. Try creating textures first, then overlaying shading over the top, in conflict with the lines of the texture.
The majority of texture is actually created via light and shade rather than colour. All I can really suggest is finding a tutorial on cell shading, or closely inspecting some of Tomix's assets from the game.

Padawan Young Occatrava's hair is, while undoubtedly better than two years ago, still fairly strange. Hair has no defining outside edge, as it is comprised of many strands of different length.
Hair is difficult to draw, as-- unlike most things-- the sketchier the linework is, the more realistic it looks. To recreate a sketchy look using vectors requires a larger number of lines than most people would expect.
Texture of hair is mainly derived from the linework (even if the linework is removed afterwards). Typically with cell shading there'd be one or two depths of shadow, and highlights. Anime and manga would provide a good reference for this.

Keep up the good work!
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7/21/2017 19:46:35   

@Shiny_Underpants Wow, thank you. I really appreciate your encouragement. It means a great deal to me. Hair is still a weak area that I need to work on so I'll be practicing that more as I begin redesigning my old characters and drawing new ones. I'll keep your recommendation in mind since anime and manga styles may have better texture examples while real-life images give me a general idea of what certain hairstyles look like. You may have a point on the textures on some of the weaponry drawn because I tend to worry more about light and shadows so I'll definitely take your word for it since you're clearly more familiar with the way textures and shading work when it comes to art. Weaponry like swords is still one of my strongest suits because outlining them is easier, but if I were focusing on designing a more detailed-oriented masterpiece, it would require some more study. I mostly certainly will keep going and getting better because my curiosity for the world around me still lingers. I appreciate your concise honesty and feedback. Thanks a bunch, Shiny. :)
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8/12/2017 19:43:31   

Library Candlestick

I'm currently putting together a library background that has Occavatra and Amon in it reading together so I made this elegantly-shaped three-pronged candlestick to go with it to illuminate the room, however, the two boys could read okay without it because Occavatra's eyesight in the dark is stronger than it is when he is out in the light, but there'll be more than that another time. I decided to take Shiny_Underpants's advice when feedback was posted so I gave the candlestick highlights on most of the edges seen after I watched a tutorial on shading that I believe I understood and I was happy to see that the end results from both the sketching and vectoring process came out excellent. The three flickering flames that comprise this candle, when viewed from nearby, have given me a sense of hope and strength for not only they represent my chosen element, but after spending the week going through a dark tunnel, the flames lit the candle, allowing me or those who choose to navigate the library previously mentioned to find their way through the vast corridors of the upper floor and if lucky, be more easily able to seek desired knowledge. The flames are courtesy of the AQW team and I added filters that allowed them burn brighter and beautifully even in the dead of night.

Animation on Deviantart
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8/13/2017 0:54:00   
Wolf Rider

Looks great, Occ! Such pretty flames.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 63
8/16/2017 14:20:10   

@Gingkage Thank you so much, Ging. I think the flames are a nice touch too because their bright colors along with the glowing light that each flame produces gives the candlestick a sense of eerie and mystery. :)
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8/16/2017 14:32:32   

Occavatra (ten years old)

A child torn up over having to say goodbye to the best friend who kept him company for four years since they met. After the now sixteen-year-old departed their hometown to attend Edelia University, the boy had completely lost hope that another would provide him the same solace, let alone see past his dark fate. Immediately after his friend was out of sight for what seemed like for good, the boy dove into the library and headed toward the balcony where the two of them read together and hid himself in a pillow, intent on never being spotted by another soul again to avoid dealing with heartache over loss a second time. His distraught state had caused the rumors about the library being haunted to become more widespread and believable, deeply discouraging most of the library visitors from going upstairs. As a result, around half of the student body from another school that spent the majority of their time studying in the library had failed to complete homework assigned to them that day. What was most spine-chilling and curious to one of the visitors was that he reportedly heard the “banshee” whisper the name of a shadow lurker who had not been seen or heard of for centuries since his disappearance. Once the heartbroken boy realized that the lurker who visited him four years ago was not returning for him, he ascended deeper in the library to a section on the top floor few visitors could find because there, the bookshelves were arranged like a labyrinth. The boy seated himself onto a couch and tearfully laid himself down on the cushions to cry himself to sleep as day turned into night. At this point, only one who knows his or her way around the building and who had been watching him would be able to find him at ease…

Much like his younger counterpart, this version of Occavatra is based off one of my old drawings, but as I got older, I began to prefer red over yellow on a shirt because it is my favorite color and that stuck to me since then. The character himself had grown up slightly over the chronological four-year period with noticeable differences in his appearance. His hair is darker now and he is now wearing a red shirt that was given to him by his father when his yellow shirt no longer fit him. In other words, he had slightly matured, but still stuck with the same timidity. In his left hand is a Straight Edge dagger that I modified with more detail to make it realistic compared to its AQW counterpart. For example, its blade now contains highlights in its center and at the top part where the reflecting light is at its brightest. While Occavatra and Amon were still spending their time reading with each other, the former came across this dagger on a dirt road on his way to the library so he picked it up and kept it with him to protect himself against one who tries to hurt him again, both by brute force and taunting. Fortunately, the boy had little need to use it because the library’s corridors kept both him and his best friend hidden from a majority of the other visitors. In addition, I would like to thank Ergotth for his feedback on the hair, which has allowed to resize it slightly to a more flattened appearance.

Alternative Image

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9/7/2017 21:38:53   

Raging Tide Of Oceanus
A blade forged from razor sharp rain during a tremendous storm that left collateral damage to Braughlmurk Cape centuries ago. Because it deceptively resembles a trainee's sword, its wielder can cut through ice as if it is simply paper.

I designed this sword from memory while I tried out Adobe Animate CC for the first time while I was taking a break from homework at school. I was thankful that it turned out to be splendid despite my intention for it to be a simple approach, but although Animate's features such as smoother line adjustment impressed me, I still enjoy the comfort of my version of Flash much more. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Image on Deviantart
Preview Image
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 66
9/9/2017 10:21:50   

Can I just say that I really adore reading the backstory you give to your characters? It's wonderful. I also really appreciate how you give background details to the HOW or the WHY you made something a specific way.
DF  Post #: 67
9/11/2017 22:27:46   

@holdinglines Why, yes you can. I'm so glad you like my descriptions and details on each design I made. It truly means a lot to me, HoldingLines. I always do my best to be honest about them because every work of art has a story behind it both in reality and fiction. I've had years of practice and writing item descriptions for AQW alongside Sora helps my writing stay sharp too. ;)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 68
9/11/2017 22:31:49   

Breath of Zyphos (2017 version)
A majestic structure-like weapon said to contain the breath and possibly the life force of Zyphos, a wind titan that once hailed from the Dwarfhold Mountains.

Note that the dome-like weapon's previous status as a wand is a misnomer. Back when the ancient civilization it hailed from was prospering, that's what it was called before it was classified as a staff. It has been Irene's favored staff since she was a little kid when she found it in the VurrMen Ruins on the only occasion she ran away from home. It has aided Irene on numerous occasions and as she grew up, its hurricane-like power grew with her. Nowadays, combined with Irene's magic, the wind channeled from within can knock a heavy-armored foe off of its feet. Anyway, I had some fun redesigning the Breath of Zyphos inspired by eastern architecture, which was what I originally intended to go for in the previous version. Although I kind of succeeded there back then, it could not compare to this new version, which I now found to be breathtaking because of the effort and inspiration I found through my research.

Deviantart Image
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9/11/2017 22:35:01   

Irene (ten years old)

The inquisitive daughter of two wealthy landlords in a remote village north of Swordhaven. Growing up at a young age, Irene would spend her time with the other highborn girls to have tea parties and gossip about topics such as a new dish on the menu at their favorite restaurants and what knights from Oaklore in shining armor is on duty on the current week. Over time, however, Irene felt she did not belong for she was more fascinated about the wonders of the town around her, the world beyond, her own magic, and eventually, the timid village boy that would spend his days in the local library by himself. She went to tea parties less and less often as she grew older and spent more time studying from her parents' bookshelves and the local library with her rebellious, but caring older brother whom she saw as a protector. When Irene was seven years old, she ran away from home and wandered into the VurrMen Ruins where she would find an ancient wind staff that would strike to her as a beautiful relic worth keeping; Zyphos's Breath. She eventually returned home and life went on until one fateful day where she would meet the boy that struck her curiosity since she heard him cry over the departure of his dearly-loved friend. Her friendship with the boy surpassed the pain of losing her brother who ran away when their parents disowned him.

I'm currently trying to spice up Irene's appearances now that my Flash art has been improving lately, but as I became more inspired and wrote more ideas about Occavatra's backstory, I decided that it would be best to design Irene's ten year old counterpart, the very age she first met the young man himself. Drawing her hair properly was difficult as it usually is when I stylize hair, but I was fortunate to have managed with the help of my sketching skills and remembering advice from Assassin Order, my other fellow artists on the EpicDuel team, and my BoH clanmates so I still remain thankful for their help and will continue to be knowing that they'll be there for me. The diadem that Irene is wearing is an entirely new concept because in her teen years and adulthood, she is never seen wearing a head accessory. Irene still keeps it with her as a memento of the family she left to start anew in Falconreach with Occavatra for the diadem was inherited from her grandmother who wore it on her wedding day after her father, a kind geomancer, forged it from the crystals that reminded him of her. The history is all the more reason Irene treasures it like a priceless museum exhibit.

Deviantart Image
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 70
9/11/2017 22:40:57   

Two years later, The Breath of Zyphos has become a beautifully crafted three-faced mage's weapon ready for war and empowering its user with much the strength and velocity of a wind that exists in a hurricane. If such vast magic is used as a lifesaver, it will serve you well. The wind titan that bears the staff's name would be proud today.

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10/8/2017 10:10:34   

Sedimentary Planetesmial Wand
A wand that can call forth destructive rocks within several feet from its caster to save it from even a DoomKnight's wrath. Forged by Dragonlord Occavatra with some consultation from Seth Juron to honor geopetal's legacy in DragonFable.

As the description states, I do have Seth Juron to say thanks to for his constructive advice on drawing the leaves that are growing on the wand because I still need practice drawing foliage, but I am getting better compared to when I drew my first leaf in Flash. What I have managed to accomplish for the first time when animating the wand is curving the motion tween paths to create a circle. That way, the stones and smaller emeralds have are within the glowing emerald's "orbit" rotate around it vertically, hence why these objects are referred to as "planetesmials." It took me some adjustments and checking each path once or twice to get them to curve as I would like them to so the rotating objects don't bump into each other by mistake. I originally wanted to finish and post it before October began, however, something came up and I had to wait two weeks before I could, fortunately, finally wrap up the wand's animation and learn something new. Geopetal, if you're reading this, happy belated birthday!!! :D

Animation on Deviantart
Geopebble Redesign (with Draconic Polearm of the Emerald and Sedimentary Planetesmial Wand)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 72
10/8/2017 10:12:16   

Volt Conductor
On the day that Dragonlord Occavatra lost all hope, a hero held him close and gave him the confidence he needed to stand up again. This heart-stopping blade was forged in his thanks.

This is the second sword that I designed in Animate CC using the skills that I knew beforehand, but this time, I decided to put more effort into it with a couple of references and take my time for I was coping with being unable to draw, moderate on AQW, and help with the DF Encyclopedia for two weeks because of a boot error on my laptop that I took in to get fixed. I felt helpless and deeply crushed. I was terrified that everything I worked towards for the past several years would come to an end. I was afraid that I would not be able to draw again, knowing that my work would be potentially lost. Luckily, at the end of those difficult two weeks, the weekend came and everything remained unharmed after my laptop was repaired. The weight over the inability to help the AE community and practice my digital artistic abilities as often as I desire fell off my shoulders and I felt hope and passion once more. These two feelings are what I believe that the element of this blade represents as well as my newfound friendship with one of the new moderators on AQW, which I had come to cherish during that difficult time and will continue to do so to this day. If it weren't for Void, this new moderator, I probably would've been in a worse position. All I can say to him is thank you for sticking around and getting me through these past two weeks. You've earned that sword, buddy. :)

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Warmonger DragonJax

You art has good vibes, I love it
How about you recreate one of my weapon drawings in flash. I have always wanted them done . If you are up for it here is the drawing
Link for Chaos weapons
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10/8/2017 11:13:49   

@Warmonger DragonJax Thank you so much, Warmonger. It means a lot to me that you said that about my art. Sadly, I might not be able to vector your sketches right away, however, I added it to my to-do list so that when I get the chance to, I'll get started. The weapons are well-detailed, including your choice of lighting on the katana's blade. Awesome job. ;)
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