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RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions

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1/16/2019 16:58:53   

Where do I find Sugar Gobbler ?

It's related to AQ's holloween seasonal event "mogloween", as this was months ago that would make the item unavailable. If you have questions in the future of a general nature please do use AdventureQuest Q&A. The Dev topic should only be for very specific and Dev only questions unrelated to basic day to day inquiries. ~afterlifex

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AQ  Post #: 276
1/25/2019 0:28:53   

Question 1
Hey, I think the weapon standards in Master List of Game Formulae may be off.


Special Base/Random: (1+10/Proc)*(1+0.03*PowLvl)*(1+MIN(2.1462*PowLvl+10.399;200)*(1+0.066*PowLvl)/16/(0.00375*PowLvl^2+0.5625*PowLvl+5.25))
Special Lucky Strike: round(100+(PLvl*6.6),0)%

But, plugging in Proc = 0.2 and PowLvl = 153 gives me ~1002 for SBR% and 1110 for SLS%, much lower numbers than 1488 and 1665, respectively.

Can I get a confirmation on the correct standards?

Question 2
I had a post (http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=18072479) bookmarked for monster standard reference, but it appears to have gone private for some reason.
This post regarding standards for comparisons has AMD and HP, but I believe the earlier post also had monster stat values given. Would it be possible to get those in the current post?

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AQ  Post #: 277
1/25/2019 0:44:16   

@Above Kaelin hasn't updated the master list of game formulae since 2014, it's pretty outdated.

See patch 44 notes for the expected numbers for weapon special.

As for the post going private, the forum auto-deletes most threads after a given period of inactivity, it's generally recommended you save any important information you found in a thread in some other form, like a notepad.
AQ  Post #: 278
1/25/2019 0:59:20   

Thanks, but now I'm even more confused haha.

The BTH formula seems right, But when I try to calculate SBR:

(1+10/0.2)*(1+0.03*153)*(1+MIN(2*153+30, 5*153, 250)*(1+0.066*153)/16/(0.00375*153^2+0.5625*153+5.25)) = ~561, which is even further off! Also, there is no formula for SLS given.

Re: missing post: The "Access Denied" given is different from the standard deleted post message, and the post in question was a stickied topic.
AQ  Post #: 279
1/25/2019 6:08:59   


(1+10/0.2)*(1+0.03*153)*(1+MIN(2*153+30, 5*153, 250)*(1+0.066*153)/16/(0.00375*153^2+0.5625*153+5.25)) = ~561, which is even further off!

That's because you used 0.2 instead of 20 as the proc, the formula works if you use it as 20~

I was honestly a bit confused at first, but tried using 20 just in case and it worked~

Also, there is no formula for SLS given.

SLS didn't change from the latest numbers, so it should still use the old formula... That said, the formula for SLS in the master list is outdated IIRC... >.>

From a spreadsheet I have, the formula is apparently this one: =ROUND(ROUND((ROUND(ROUND(100+(PowLvl*6.6),1)*(1+10/PROC),0)*1),2),2)

Re: missing post: The "Access Denied" given is different from the standard deleted post message, and the post in question was a stickied topic.

Was the post from the Equipment Comparison subforum? If it was, the post might have been made private when it was merged with AQ Q&A. In this case PM AfterlifeX about it and he might be able to help you~
AQ  Post #: 280
1/25/2019 9:32:04   

Ahh, interesting. I was treating proc as a decimal going by this from the guide:


Theoretical Weapon Special Advantage: *(1 + 0.1/Proc) (Proc is the weapon special rate. For the default 20% rate, the multiplier is 1 + 0.1/0.2 = 1.5. The exact effect is different because weapon specials typically ignore player stats and will do extra base/random damage to compensate.)

Although now I realize they use 0.1 in the numerator instead of 10!

SLS also works for me, though I have no idea what those outer 2 ROUNDs or that *1 are doing =p. Probably placeholders in case they need to make a quick change?

Thanks for all the help :D
AQ  Post #: 281
1/25/2019 16:13:39   

The ROUNDs I don't know either, the *1 is there as a placeholder to the part of the formula that interacts with the number of hits of the special and the BTH lean of the special~
AQ  Post #: 282
1/26/2019 7:23:53   

Disclaimer: I am aware items get fixed whenever staff feels like it and there are no active plans to find specific cases to update. I simply feel like this weapon has fallen *really far* from current standards.

100% proc Ranged weapon.

> Old stats had its Base & Random based on Magic weapons, because it was a Magic weapon and used full stat bonuses from CHA.
Source: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22172288

> Then the weapon was changed to be a Ranged weapon and its Base & Random were adjusted accordingly.
Source: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22252772

However, during this change, the special-special was not buffed accordingly. At least, the info subs make no mention of the Element Shield becoming stronger:

This deals -50% damage, and you get an Element Shield (all elements, -(25/1.4)% damage, 3 turns).

As it is now a Ranged weapon instead of a Magic weapon, it should not get a -(25/1.4)% reduction for 3 turns (75% for 1 turn), but a -(33.333/1.4)% reduction for 3 turns (100% for 1 turn).

Also, you guys have buffed 100% proc weapons and specials in general a little. It would make the special-special a bit stronger, but I don't think this would make the status stronger... Or does it?

Thank you!
AQ  Post #: 283
1/26/2019 12:44:20   
Primate Murder

@ above

A 20% special is worth 150% melee.

Therefore 50% of the special is worth 75% melee - which is what the current status is worth.
AQ DF  Post #: 284
1/26/2019 12:51:37   

Question about Poelala/Dunamis/Thernda:


We've updated stat assumptions for items that use your expected stat like Poelala:

Primary: =MAX(MIN(MROUND(2 * Level + 30, 5), 5 * Level, 250), 10)
Secondary: =MAX(MIN(MROUND(4 * Level + 32 - Primary, 5), 5 * Level - Primary, 250), 0)
Tertiary: =MAX(5 * Level - Primary - Secondary, 0)

Primary would obviously be INT/STR/DEX, but how is CHA treated? The checks for Lepre-Chan treat CHA as a main stat, so does this mean it is impossible to get a full boost for the level 10/30/50 tiers, or is CHA treated as a secondary stat?

AQ  Post #: 285
1/27/2019 5:59:47   

why are we able to convert Terrapin Shell into Torrentacles in the Upgrading System but not the other way round?
AQ  Post #: 286
1/27/2019 8:13:47   

@Primate Murder: Aye, that seems to be correct, but with each change this weapon has undergone, it has come with some sort of buff. Why is it that I pay more damage for the same damage reduction?

Is it perhaps, the weapon's special-special has always been OP instead?
AQ  Post #: 287
1/27/2019 17:37:35   

so, are they gonna change the way the stat cap effected builds or is it just gonna stay like this, because whats the point of increasing stats if its just to get us back to where we were before?
AQ  Post #: 288
2/2/2019 7:18:17   
child of satan

In regards to the increase in stats from 200 to 250, how do we go about getting more stat points to raise our stats? I went to the stat trainers and it just says I have used up all my points.
AQ  Post #: 289
2/2/2019 7:22:35   
Primate Murder

@ above

You don't get any extra points. If you want to train your stat higher, you first have to untrain another stat.
AQ DF  Post #: 290
2/2/2019 7:28:50   
child of satan

Thanks for explaining!
AQ  Post #: 291
2/4/2019 10:41:17   

Anything special planned for Chinese New Year?
Post #: 292
2/5/2019 5:26:14   

Is drag and drop inventory sorting possible? Just been wondering for a while.

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AQ Epic  Post #: 293
2/9/2019 2:08:10   

Death Knight's 'explosion' attack does not seem to be damaging themselves anymore despite there being a pop-up saying that it did 'a numbered mount of damage' but it doesn't seem double-edged to them anymore, a bug or intended?

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AQ  Post #: 294
2/11/2019 19:45:31   

Is the Carmilla (from morningstar quest) sprite meant to the the new default Vamp or is it a special one?

Is there anything I can do to have my character appear on the top x-guardian player list? And how often is the list refreshed?

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 295
2/15/2019 9:55:17   

Why is Titanite Destroyer doing 16-48 Magic Damage at lv150? Shouldn't it be 12-36 or something for Magic, cos 16-48 is Melee and Ranged(yes both are correct here but Magic is wrong).
AQ  Post #: 296
2/22/2019 1:16:26   

so yeah this is kinda a big issue, i gave Z-tokens to try and change my permanent no drop item from Shield of Awe!!! back to Ultraguardian Shield, and it took my z-tokens but didnt give me the Ultra guardian shield, and now whenever i go to the guardian tower to try and change it, the permanent option no longer appears, pls help! D:

infact, i can't swap to any other permanent no drop now :(, pls fix!

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AQ  Post #: 297
2/24/2019 3:08:06   

Just something random, could Bullseye Spear be updated with a top-tier plvl153 version?
AQ  Post #: 298
3/15/2019 12:45:23   

I have a question about how the Morningstar Crosses work with the updates in Game Engine 44. From its infosubs here, the crosses have... "if in the Morningstar armour, it deals +25% damage and changes from the +2% damage boost that 100% proc no special weapons have, to the +9% one that 0% proc no special weapons have." The +25% damage boost is clear, but in the update to Game Engine 44, here, it says that "0proc weapons have gone from +9% additive damage to *1.08 multiplicative damage" and "100proc weapons without a proper "special" special have gone from +2% additive damage to *1.1 multiplicative damage."

From what I remember, the damage modifiers for weapons are applied by the balance engine itself according to what tags the weapon has, so the Morningstar Crosses should have been affected by this update to the balance engine, right? Does that mean that they now go from *1.1 to *1.08 instead of +2% to +9%, meaning the Morningstar Crosses are actually becoming slightly weaker than they should be?

Edit for clarity- either way, the weapon's damage is being boosted by an amount large enough that it's a nice buff to use it in the armor, so I don't consider it an issue- hence posting it here for clarification rather than as a GBI.

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AQ DF  Post #: 299
3/15/2019 13:29:12   

Moving this over from Q&A:

According to the 'pedia, Bat Swarm uses a CHA save for its Bleed status, whereas pretty much everything else uses an END save. So the question if the Bat Swarm entry is correct, does the monster make a roll based on the first Bleed status it received or based on the most recent one stacked on?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 300
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