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RE: =AQW= Class Discussion Thread

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1/18/2019 23:18:03   
you stop

^ I heard people use VPN for that, and a youtuber with the name of Maicompdr (I believe he's also from Brazil) even recommends doing such.
AQW  Post #: 176
1/19/2019 5:38:34   

Well as a person whose cheap and was really desperate for AC's.

I use VPN back then to do offers and still weren't able to earn some anymore.
I was able to get some, but not long.
AQW  Post #: 177
1/19/2019 8:43:51   
you stop

Well payment issues aside, I still think it's a fair point to compare calendar classes due to them simply existing. What I do think to be absurd, however, is a team filled with calendar classes most especially Eternal Chrono due to its ability to buff all other calendar class's powers on par with StoneCrusher.

Meta will be what's available regardless if certain individuals can't get them, regardless if Calendar Classes are a whole another league. But those classes aside and even removing VHL/LC/LDK in the list, I think I should make another tier list for that.

My current list would then be something like this:
1. Glacial Berserker sitting at the very top
2. SC and EPL competing depending on Boss's HP and how hard it hits.
3. Chaos Slayer and/or Necro on this spot maybe?
4. Daimon is interesting to note as well. Good nukes and good sustain as well as a powerful autoattack scaling with Intellect.

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AQW  Post #: 178
1/19/2019 9:16:51   

My general point was more that calendar classes, due to their difficult of access to some people, need the ", but" of "they are actually quite costly at 6k ACs, so not everyone will be able to afford them, plus they need far more attention to be used properly", and I would argue VHL needs a similar ", but" of "it's the most difficult farmable class to obtain, and require quite a bit of inventory space to farm", and that can be paraphrased in any number of ways to make it shorter.

Plus, I still feel very strongly that ease of use is a point that should be brought up, I can speak for myself as someone who farmed every single non-rare 0AC item in the game(barring the newest Void Warlock set, I am working on it...), and I would not have been able to pull that off if I wasn't using VHL to farm most bosses, as I could literally not look to the screen most of the time, only glancing when my peripheral vision caught a drop, and I would have burned out on the game LONG before I finished that if I was actually using a Calendar class and having to pay attention to the game, and I can prove I am not the only one who plays the game like this, considering Hardcastle McCormick has said in this very thread that he is not even sober most of the time when playing the game.
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1/19/2019 10:44:51   

How does IC compare to SSOT in terms of soloing?

(Immortal Chrono)

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1/19/2019 11:15:11   
you stop

TBH Immortal Chrono and SSoT start becoming very minimal effort, if not completely brainless, classes at some point in time. IC being that you just have to count temporal rift stacks on the enemy while SSoT is you just looking at the cooldown of your 5 and pressing 3 at the right time. So difficulty wise, I don't think that any class should be an issue. I can't say much for Corrupted Chrono since I have not touched on it since I ranked it up. Also slight note to @Edme, it's Corrupted and not Chaorrupted.

As for method of obtaining, that's debatable. Some find it easy to just get 25$ while some dont. Those who can afford it still has to choose between using the money for in game rares or the hefty price tag of the class but that's about that. VHL is what would be "harder" to obtain per se. It takes about a month of farming while you can earn so much more than just 25$ in the same time period. For those not old enough to work yet, though, I'd have to point my fingers to VHL.

@above: IC has potential to outdamage SSoT if it crits often. SSoT is more consistent dps. IC also happens to be easier to learn and so it's what I would recommend having if you're choosing between the two. But just for general convenience, I'd pick SSoT since that class can farm as well. Other than these, the two classes are very good rivals in DPS with neither being extremely stronger than the other.

If anything, however, I would like to also point out that IC scales better with Damage Boosting weapons than SSoT does.

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AQW  Post #: 181
1/20/2019 0:45:56   
Edme MacHeath

I'm also not entirely sure VHL is even the best jack of all trades, despite what people say.

I think it's actually possible for SSoT to farm at a higher DPS than VHL. VHL just seems comparable to blazebinder but without the autohit consistency(I mean it has 2 autohit/crit skills but also 2 that don't). SSoT seems to go closer to Abyssal and Vampire Lord levels during skill 5. I've easily seen SSoT beat blazebinder times. and I've only sometimes seen VHL do the same, which seems dependent on what mobs I face.
And the significant DPS it has in soloing also helps.

The whole difficulty argument doesn't seem so much as a reason for VHL being the best jack of all trades, so much as it's an argument to use it as "A jack of all trades" over SSoT sometimes.
Which is clear distinction.

Even if VHL was faster. and I do not think it is, atleast objectively across all mobs, I don't think the difference is enough to account for the difference in soloing speed, which is almost certainly a much wider gap.

I guess VHL is the tankiest class (GT I guess moreso.) Maybe that accounts for something. I guess in that sense VHL could be argued as a better jack of all trades, but SSoT also just becomes it's own group dps with support, having any chrono class with support does so, and I think people undervalue how valuable a chrono class is in any group over any other kind of dps.

So perhaps they're both equal. But I'm not entirely sure it's exactly level enough for it to simple be "they're equal, end of story" VHL just feels somehow as if it's a lower tier.

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AQ  Post #: 182
1/20/2019 6:27:45   
you stop


I guess VHL is the tankiest class
while this could put VHL up a notch, I do not think of it as a big deal. SSoT is tanky in its own right. It has blinds as well has being a dodge class in general helps this. Arguably so, VHL is indeed tankier but the amount of bosses in which VHL's tanking ability is needed, not so much. To say that a class is a jack of all trades means that in every scenario (also counting the number of special cases), the class will be arguably good.

Given the points you presented and this point I said, I think SSoT is arguably better.
Farming = equal, debatable
Soloing = SSoT
Group DPS = SSoT scales better
Tanking = Equal. There will be cases where VHL is the better class but let's face it, how many of those actually exist?

Support, I find this a funny niche but VHL + Harb + SSoT + SC actually fully blinds a boss with SSoT being the staple class here.

Though most definitely, I would still prefer using VHL for general usage simply because it's so much simpler to use.

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AQW  Post #: 183
1/20/2019 15:09:30   
Hardcastle McCormick

^While SSoT has super high potential for group DPS, it's also true that if you try to use it with randoms that aren't using any support classes, mana can be a challenge since the boss will be attacking other players except in the few second intervals when you use the 4 skill.

Everyone keeps saying thereís a ďwide gapĒ between SSoT and VHL for soloing. But Iíve been directly comparing them a bunch lately and havenít really seen that much of a difference for solo DPS until you get into longer fights. At 200k health SSoT is maybe 3-5 seconds faster, but at lower health pools than that Iíve been hardpressed to make them anything but near-identical, with lots of combo experimentation...

Iíve even seen a YouTube video (at 10:31) comparing their DPS against the doomknight overlord boss with the specific intent of showing how much better SSoT is, and in that video they seemed to be on the exact same track until about 250k hp in, where SSoT started really pulling ahead. Perhaps that video just did a poor job, but people have specifically been saying the difference in DPS is noticeable at low HP amounts, and even when you use SSoT ďsuboptimallyĒ so I must be missing something.

For specific data:

Against Hive (42k HP)
VHL best time: 9s
SSoT best time: 9s

Against Undead Artix (101k HP)
VHL best time: 19s
SSoT best time: 24s

Against Queen of Hope (216k HP)
VHL best time: 42s
SSoT best time: 37s

Now I'm aware that my using Spiral Carve and Burning Blade of Abezeth may have slanted the results toward VHL slightly, but that shouldn't really be an issue if SSoT outclasses it so completely.

It's also worth noting that these results can favor VHL due to the nature of SSoT's "burst" combos. Since SSoT is about doing large bursts of damage and then slowing down, bosses with certain values of HP will fit more neatly into SSoT's combo pattern than others.

Lastly, VHL's damage fluctuates a little bit depending on how many crits you get with 5, whereas SSoT produces relatively consistent results ASSUMING you make no mistakes(except in the scenarios where a lower level boss randomly "misses" several attacks in a row, causing you to not have enough mana to maintain the DoT properly).

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AQW  Post #: 184
1/21/2019 8:22:05   

What are you all talking about, the real jack of all trait class is Chaos Slayer Class.

Now i don't think there will be a "jack of all trades class" considering that they don't want to make a class like those. If such exist, It will encourage players to abandon all of the other classes in the game and dependently rely on that particular class. Without doing this, all classes will be good in their own way/role. but either than that, it would be interesting if such class exist, SSoT is kinda close but it sometimes beat by another in certain aspects. Now i like the idea of that scenario but if such exist, i don't think it will be good and it will change the entire meta. So I'm glad that classes has their own mechanic, ups and downs, and role speciality, or atleast one thing that kinda troubles itself from.

They better not make that Chaos Finale Class Prototype to be it lol

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AQW  Post #: 185
1/21/2019 9:38:58   
you stop


If such exist, It will encourage players to abandon all of the other classes in the game and dependently rely on that particular class.
Mate I have but two questions, have you seen SSoT/VHL clear speeds in AoE farming? Have you seen their Solo DPS? VHL and SSoT are jack of all trades.
AQW  Post #: 186
1/21/2019 10:27:27   

i have. and yes you're right. classes like VHL and SSoT kinda makes it. Still the class are capable to, hitting plenty mobs, strong DPS, and soloing capabilities. Im sorry if i did not understand the "jack of all trades" fiasco. though all you've discussed here is how it can just do the 3 things that they we're already capable of (if not intended). I thought that it includes supportive aspects and PvP potential. Again if i minsinterpreted the entire discussion well...here all i could say.

"No class will always fit for anyone cause everyone wants and has a different playstyle in using classes."

And yes my argument from before kinda throws that off but again, the idea "jack of all trades" only being based on those 3 category?, fine if thats the main topic or the defenition you've all made. then i would agree that VHL and SSoT as a "jack of all trades"

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AQW  Post #: 187
1/21/2019 19:22:37   
Edme MacHeath


For specific data:

Against Hive (42k HP)
VHL best time: 9s
SSoT best time: 9s

Against Undead Artix (101k HP)
VHL best time: 19s
SSoT best time: 24s

Against Queen of Hope (216k HP)
VHL best time: 42s
SSoT best time: 37s

Now I'm aware that my using Spiral Carve and Burning Blade of Abezeth may have slanted the results toward VHL slightly, but that shouldn't really be an issue if SSoT outclasses it so completely.

It's also worth noting that these results can favor VHL due to the nature of SSoT's "burst" combos. Since SSoT is about doing large bursts of damage and then slowing down, bosses with certain values of HP will fit more neatly into SSoT's combo pattern than others.

Lastly, VHL's damage fluctuates a little bit depending on how many crits you get with 5, whereas SSoT produces relatively consistent results ASSUMING you make no mistakes(except in the scenarios where a lower level boss randomly "misses" several attacks in a row, causing you to not have enough mana to maintain the DoT properly).

I have no idea how you got such slow times against Queen of Hope. I've soloed Aranx which has basically three times that amount of HP in like less than 45 seconds before with enough awe triggers.
Something about these results just looks wrong, both the VHL and the SSoT don't quite hold up. I'm questioning these results heavily.

I've tested SSoT and VHL in the past before and I wouldn't claim SSoT was faster if I wasn't sure.

Are you getting atleast 20,40,60,80k and so on from the DoTs? Although i'm not sure how much more it is with 30% rather than nothing. As soon as you hit the 2nd cycle you should be doing significantly more damage with SSoT than VHL.
You're claiming spiral carve and burning blade of azebeth are helping vhl more than SSoT when in fact the opposite is true. If you're using neither on both classes they actual should be performing about the same, it's when you start using spiral carve and boosts on both that SSoT widely performs better than VHL against anything that doesnt die from 1 skill cycle from VHL.

The class should atleast double it's DoT for the first two cycles and then increase by a wider margin.

I'm sorry but your results seem paternistic and none of them seem to be real. I just can't accept these as actual results because none of them make any sense. It was hard even that you even somehow got EPL to be faster than GB. But this is too much. I can't.
They all just look like botched numbers.

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AQ  Post #: 188
1/21/2019 22:50:11   
you stop


the idea "jack of all trades" only being based on those 3 category?
What is your idea of jack of all trades then? Can do anything and everything? By then youre being absurd.

Jack of all trades here simply means I can just forget all classes and equip a single one and be done with the game. Self sustaining and powerful at the same time. Jack of all trades here means I can do what I need to do, aka kill things. SSoT and VHL can do that. They dont have to have different playstyles like Healing, Support, etc. They have enough damage to forget support.

An example of why damage has to be prioritized is a simple question of should I use LC or SC? We all know SC has better supportive capabilities, no question there. But if LC's own damage, along with its supportive skills, can speed up a killing faster than SC can, why use SC? In the same sense, the best team to be made is one filled with calendar classes.

Why prioritize all other unnecessary traits just to be called "jack of all trades"? SSoT and VHL can more than do the job with their damage. Their damage is what makes them jack of all trades, because I can use them in any scenario and they wont be too inferior to other substitutes.

If you simply wish to seek a class than can do every little bit of everything then fear no more, Lightcaster is here lol
AQW  Post #: 189
1/22/2019 3:57:11   
Hardcastle McCormick

@edme macheath
Well after further testing and some experimentation with better skill orders, I eventually got a 31 second time for SSoT against Queen of hope, and a 38 second time for VHL.
So you're right, those were basically botched numbers since I wasn't doing enough trials.
But you're gonna need to tell me the correct skill order for SSoT because I'm definitely not getting double DoT every cycle. I'm seeing something like 20k, then 30k, then 40k, then 50k...
The only time I see the DoT jumping by bigger margins than that is when I get well timed Spiral Carve procs - which was the only way I managed to beat my original time for the Queen of Hope.

There are multiple videos showing Eternal Chrono soloing Aranx in 40 seconds with the assistance of potions and boosting items, but you're saying SSoT can do that with nothing but Spiral Carve?
Just how high would the DoT have to go to get a time like that??

Also I never remember making any direct comparisons between EPL and GB... You must be thinking of when I argued that EPL could be faster than LDK in short fights due to LDK's comparatively lower crit chance and initial DPS before stacks.

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AQW  Post #: 190
1/22/2019 4:11:34   

since you're all talking about calendar classes...this is me asking, is using hybrid enhancement for SSoT any different?
AQW  Post #: 191
1/22/2019 4:23:30   
Hardcastle McCormick

^The main difference is that your crits will be much much weaker, causing the DoT to also be weaker.

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AQW  Post #: 192
1/22/2019 9:59:38   
you stop

Anyone got a working combo for the 7 digit crit on Corrupted Chrono? I know a tester named Shiminuki (not his tester account) did it already but I cant be bothered to watch his stream for it.

Also if anything, should I replace SSoT/EC as my standard soloing classes any time soon? I'm slightly disappointed in C.Chrono's crit rate but it might be worth my time learning anyway.
AQW  Post #: 193
1/22/2019 13:32:36   
Edme MacHeath

40 seconds on eternal seems about right without potions. I've personally seen people do it in around 35 with spiral carve and boosts. With potions it should be significantly faster as the right potion can actually make EC do more damage than Aranx has HP in a single nuke.
SSoT usually does it around 45, it's a somewhat slower class than Eternal potentially but eternal needs to rely on getting crits on it's nuke while SSoT is basically handed crits during 5.

SSoT should be waiting I believe. 7 or 8 auto attacks before the 5 wears off. In which you should be technically starting off by pressing 3, 5, 4, 2, 3 as much as can be possible, while also using 2 atleast once while 5 is turned off. 3 is used right at the moment before 5 wears off.
I think every now and then you can run on mana and be forced to do 5423. but that also lowers your DPS significantly so don't run low on mana..I think somebody had an even better cycle but that's the one I use and it works for me.

I'm not particularly sure what 30% is supposed to have you expected per DoT. But I too often see people getting like 9k DoTs or 15k DoTs on the first DoT when it's easily possible to get up to 20k+ with spiral carve, some people seem to use mana vamp with SSoT but don't be fooled there.

SSoT has the odd occurence of 4 somehow making the DoT doing more damage if you press it immediately after 5, I'm not sure why that is specifically because it doesn't do anything damage wise.
Somebody had a longer explanation of SSoTs cycles before me and i'm not sure who it was. I've personally easily been able to hit well into 6 digit territory before with nsod. I'm not sure it's possible with no boost though. SSoT as soon as you hit a certain cycle you're upwards of like 7-8k DPS and VHL is stuck around 3k-3.5k So I guess at a boss with 42k HP it's possible to for them to perform similarly but I don't expect they both got 9 seconds, that's almost impossible for them to get the exact same time.

I'm really sad everyone can't get the exact same results with calendar classes at this point. I've personally seen people struggling to hit 100k with eternal and then others having no problem hitting several times that.
I feel there's something in the nature of these classes that screws with my efforts to provide results people can be satisfied with.

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AQ  Post #: 194
1/22/2019 15:46:12   
Hardcastle McCormick

^Well it just goes to show I shouldíve known to NEVER take SSoT advice from YouTube, since the videos that are the easiest to find are typically 100% wrong, or donít go into enough detail to even be worth considering.

The one constant in my combo experiments is that Iíve never once used 4 immediately after 5, so that could be making all the difference.

For the record, I JUST started using Eternal Chrono a couple days ago and havenít had much trouble getting it to hit around 200k with burning blade, whereas Iíve been using SSoT for 2 whole years and Iím only just beginning to understand it.

Edit: so just to be clear, I should be doing a different combo than 35423 after the first cycle right? You said only to do 5423 if I run low on mana, what should I be doing if I'm not low? Is there ever any point to doing 54323 for multiple DoT ticks, or should I be avoiding that? What about 53423? I don't understand how to make 35423 work after the first cycle since it often produces lower damage and only 1 DoT tick... I've had it drop from 40k in the 2nd cycle to 13k in the 3rd cycle just from repeating that combo, so I'm obviously doing something wrong. I have no trouble getting the first DoT to be in the 20-30k range with the combo, but after that I have no idea how to maintain it properly.

Edit 2: okay ONE time I randomly saw a 60k figure for the 2nd cycle but I have no clue how that happened. I did 352423 for the first combo, then 2 between cycles, then 35423 again without delaying the last 3 and it produced that massive number. But in the next cycle it dropped down to 14k...

Edit 3: it feels like I have to do 53423 for the 3rd cycle otherwise I lose all my damage. Once I started doing that I got much better results...

I have a better idea of how to consistently kill Queen of Hope in 31 seconds now, but I'm still quite clueless as to how one could kill Aranx in under a minute. You would have to get like 80k DoTs within the 4th cycle right? I'm still fundamentally not understanding what exactly determines whether you completely lose your DoT damage or not. In my absolute best runs so far I've gotten the DoT from 20k to 30k to 35k to 40k all the way up to 60k where I usually lose it, but by that point more than 45 seconds have passed.. which is WAY slower than what the class can apparently do if you're able to add 20k every cycle.

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1/22/2019 23:15:07   
you stop

^ I heard someone suggest that on the third cycle of doing 53423, you should go back to 5423 then alternate from there

also i might be doing something wrong but my first nuke is always at 15k then escalates to 35k immediately then every other nuke after that is just plain 35k. im not seeing 40k or 60 or even 80k any time .-.

EDIT: nvm hit 55k hue

Also I'm quite curious how to kill Aranx too in sub 60s. Im using the class on Ultra Akriloth which is a similar HP boss but ye, results are just getting me sub 2 minutes (usually 1:30 mark). Although I have quite beaten the said boss with Eternal Chronomancer in under a minute provided I crit about 5/6 nukes.

More Side Notes:
1. I also encountered the same issue with Hardcastle wherein on my 3rd round, I just instantly drop to 15k damage.
2. I have found a working combo where I go 35423 (or just 5423, whichever is more available) twice then on the third round, I go 53423. I just keep at this single, single, double DoT cycle and it seems to be working fine.
3. I also refrain from pressing 3 before 5 if 5's cooldown is before the 10-11 oclock spot. I have found that this somehow lowers the damage if 3 is pressed before 5 is on the said cooldown spot.

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AQW  Post #: 196
1/23/2019 16:28:28   
Edme MacHeath

You shouldn't be hitting 15k on the third cycle. Something is widely wrong with that low of a DoT.c That's like only possible if you did bad on like the 1st DoT. That's already way too low for the second DoT much less the third. You can easily hit higher than 15k on the third cycle even if you used neither boosts or awe. So I have no idea why you are hitting 15k
I'm not sure why that's happening that easily shouldn't be happening. If I figure that out and experience I'll try to look into it.

You should be expecting 80k on the 4th nuke. I however have not experienced 15k DoTs anywhere.

I know somebody had a better explanation on how to kill aranx by getting double DoTs every time and I don't have the long explanation memorized. I only remember that I was able to reproduce it.
I think it involved 20,40,60,80,100,120,140,160 which added up to 620k in DoTs. which is roughly how much HP aranx have, or it could've double 5 cycles.

The buildup damage might actually be key too, it's like around 10k+ with an awe proc which is guaranteed to crit during 5. so that's 10k per buildup.
Once you start doing over 40k per dot, SSoT is doing lik 50k,60,70,80k in the span of like 10 seconds which is consisten due to crits, which is why I had said that there was no way VHL should be outpacing SSoT.

Personally I've experienced that using 3 for it's damage boost increases my DoT by around 4k on the first, 8k on the second and so on. Using 4 somehow seems to do even more of a difference which is odd because the sooner it's used the more damage the DoT seems to do.
I see everyone else using 5and then 3 instead of 5 and then 4 which I know seems like it would be better but it's somehow not. I still cannot figure out why using 4 sooner makes the DoT higher.
I'm not sure what SSoTs conversion rate is something like that 1 auto seems to add like 3-4k damage to the DoT

I personally go for double DoTs whenever I can as it basically cheats SSoT into 6 digits.

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AQ  Post #: 197
1/23/2019 18:03:01   
Hardcastle McCormick

Iím saying I have runs where Iíll do 20k on the first cycle, 40k on the second, then 2 ticks of 40-50k for the 3rd cycle. After that my damage either nosedives to 15k (not only is this ďpossibleĒ without getting a low initial DoT, but it plagues MOST of my attempts) or goes up by increments of 5-10k and almost never goes any higher than 60k within my 4th cycle. If you are able to reproduce the double DoTs ingame as we speak can you please describe which combo patterns are used for the individual cycles?

Itís preposterous to act like itís ďimpossibleĒ to get subpar results with SSoT when not only did I have a lot of trouble getting the combos down for queen of hope, but Iíve literally never seen someone produce results like yours with my own eyes. Not in game or in a video anywhere.

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AQW  Post #: 198
1/23/2019 19:21:43   
Edme MacHeath

3,2,5,4,2,3,2,3 repeat twice and third time you may be forced to do 3,5,4,2,3,3, or even 5,4,2,3 if absolutely necessary (Hopefully not because that both means you didn't maximize timings/mana regain from attacking or somehow did something else wrong) 3,2,5,4,2,3,2,3 is what should be aimed for most of the time as it both gets 3 uses of 2's mini nuke damage, gets a damage buff and gets two DoTs if timed right, and assuming you got a spiral carve which likely will crit if during 5, you should ABSOLUTELY get atleast 20k on the first DoT. If not I'm absolutely flabberghasted as how you didn't.

You start out with 3 and 2 to lose some mana wait alittle bit between 3 and 2 to gain some mana. 5 to lose some more, then 4 to both regain mana and advance the DoT for that odd occurrence, then use up your gained mana on 3,2, 3. At which point your DoT should be 20k at the very least or you must've not timed something right.
At which point the auto attacks during 5 should've given you just enough mana to do this cycle once more. At which point the auto attacks during the second cycle likely force you switch to a secondary cycle. At which point you should be able to move back to primary cycle for two times.

And so on the cycles go... Prepare to be disappointed if you time something wrong or run out of mana.

With NSOD this gets you actually up to 60k DoT on the first with a spiral carve proc, 51% boost from NSoD or if you went for double DoT you should expect 30-40k DoT twice. potentially even closer 50k DoT twice.
This is the difference between no boost and NSoD which is closer to 3x damage but not quite, more like somewhere around 2.5x or abit higher.

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AQ  Post #: 199
1/24/2019 21:40:03   
Hardcastle McCormick

^I understand 5, 4, 3, 2, 3, and I understand 5, 4, 2, 3, 3, and I understand 5, 4, 2, 3.

However 5, 4, 2, 3, 2, 3 is extremely inconsistent for me. I can OCCASIONALLY get the last 3 off before 5 fades, but 80% of the time I just lose it. I don't know how I can possibly time anything differently to make it work since there's even a gap where I can't do anything before the last use of 2. It feels like it only works when it does due to lag. It would make sense if it's the best combo, but I can't seem to pull it off every cycle even when I do have enough mana.

Also in your 2nd paragraph you make no mention of 2, 3, 2, 3. You explain everything like it's just 5, 4, 3, 2, 3, so I'm not sure which to follow.

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