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Bringing Home the Bacon

Other names: Bacon Origin, The Search Begins

Location: That A'Way! -> Valencia -> Quests -> Bacon Origin -> The Search Begins
Requirements: None
Release Date: January 16, 2009

Objective: Valencia has asked you to find out more about the rare bacon element. Can you find anyone who knows more than the rumors you've heard?
Objective completed: Chickencows are ruled by a ... rooster god?!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Biter
(5) Boulder Elemental
(3) Thunderhead
(2) Wind Elemental


Blade of the Mount (I-III)

Breeze Bolt (I-III)
The Baconing (Staff)

Zeuster's Edge (I-III)
The Baconing (Dagger)

The Baconing (Mace)

ChickenCow Armor
Colorful Treasure Chest
Light Treasure Chest
Mottled Egg
Shaking Treasure Chest
Striped Egg

Valencia: I'm glad you're here, <Character>, I have a little favor to ask of you. It has to do with a very rare element I've recently heard about.
<Character>: Rare Element?
Valencia: Well you've heard of elements like Ice, Wind, Earth and all? This element is strange, though. It appears to be... bacon.
<Character>: Bacon!
Valencia: Exactly. Bacon. Now, in all my wanderings I've never come across such an element, which is why I am very interested in learning all about it.
<Character>: Bacon is pretty interesting.
Valencia: I really want to know more about element bacon! Please see what you can find out!
<Character>: The Search Begins!
Valencia: You might want to start hunting for information in the Falconreach Guardian tower. I know its library has many tomes full of obscure information.

Chiku: Hello, <Character>! How can I help you?
<Character>: I'm looking for any information you have on element bacon, and it looks like I have a ton of searching to do in all those books...
<Character>: ... unless you know something that might help me instead?
Chiku: I know each of those volumes by heart, and there's not a thing in them about element bacon, I'm sorry.
Chiku: From what I can tell, the bacon element is relatively new to this area. I haven't seen any mention of it in the older writings we have.
<Character>: I see. Do you know anything else, possibly?
Chiku: Well, I don't. But I might be able to help you find someone who does. I've heard of someone up on a mountain to the east who might know more.
Chiku: Some hermit, maybe; the traveller I spoke to was a bit dazed and didn't say much more than "...So bright! ... So wise!... Blblblblblargle"
<Character>: Blblblblblargle?
Chiku: Oh, at that point he started blowing bubbles in his oatmeal.
<Character>: ... Are you sure he was... sane? Because it sounds like he was more crazy than dazed.
Chiku: Do you have any better places to look for information?
<Character>: Now that you mention it, no. Valencia said to start my search here, and it looks like you're sending me on a wild-goose chase...
<Character>: after some hermit who may or may not actually exist.
Chiku: Exactly. Good luck!

???: Greetings, moooo-rtal. *cough* Ahem, pardon me. Frog in my throat.
<Character>: Gadzooks!
???: No, god. Zeuster. Which is to say, me.
<Character>: You're a chickencow!
Zeuster: Close. I'm the chickencow god. What did you expect?
<Character>: I don't know. A hermit or something. Maybe a wise old retired martial artist looking to dispense wisdom with a big stick in the guise of training.
Zeuster: He's two mountain-tops over, sorry. If you make your way down now, you might be able to reach him before sunset.
Zeuster: Be prepared for a lot of wood chopping and water carrying though.
<Character>: What? You know what, nevermind. I just want to know about bacon.
Zeuster: Bacon is tasty, if a bit greasy. Does that help?
<Character>: ... *sigh* Everyone's a comedian.
Zeuster: I prefer to think of it as dispensing wisdom with humor. Why do you ask about bacon?
<Character>: Do you know anything about the element bacon?
Zeuster: Why yes, yes I do. But who are you to be asking about that?
<Character>: I'm, uh, just curious?
Zeuster: I did not ask you why you were asking about element bacon. I asked who you were to be asking. That knowledge is not for just anyone.
<Character>: Oh. Well, I'm pretty deserving, honest! I can, um, fight things and win. And help people. Do you need help with anything, maybe?
Zeuster: Hmm. I suppose you could prove your worthiness.
<Character>: Oh, yes! I'm good at proving things. Why, just the other day-
Zeuster: Fine, fine. You can start by doing a little chore for me and if you prove successful at that, we'll see what else you can do.
Zeuster: I'll leave the details with your nosy friend by the ostentatious statue in the woods.
<Character>: How do you know about Valencia?!
Zeuster: Omniscience is handier for more than impressing chicks at parties.
<Character>: Don't gods usually like big golden statues, though?
Zeuster: Yes, we do. But this one isn't of me, now is it?
<Character>: I see your point.

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