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Location: The Final Showdown, The End?, The Firmament, Ex Somniis Fabula, Child's Play, Breaking the Mold

Quests given

Shops owned

The Final Showdown

Celeritas: You cannot hide the girl, Warlic.


The End?

Celeritas: By the light! Where have you been?!
Celeritas: Do you have any idea how worried your father and I have been? He's been sending knights out for weeks trying to find you!

Celeritas: Necromancer?

Celeritas: Indeed.
Celeritas: Very well my daughter. If you wish to aid this boy in his battle against the minions of darkness...it is your right, as the Princess of the Light.

Celeritas: You have done well, Ash.
Celeritas: Kneel, and accept your reward...
Celeritas: Rise, Ash...

The Firmament

Celeritas: Given that you both have prevented the world's destruction.

Celeritas: Nevertheless, a group of beings that are aligned with Disc-

Celeritas: NEVERTHELESS... They follow the ideals and philosophies of the types of what the Mysterious Stranger was.

Celeritas: It calls itself Sinnocence.

Celeritas: What an... archaic way to look at things.
Celeritas: It is evil, you are good. The balance must be kept. Just dispose of it.

Celeritas: The geriatric human female is right. We've been watching over this world for far longer than they sleep.
Celeritas: We ARE the gods of this-

Celeritas: It happened again. Its influence grows.
Celeritas: I apologize, humans, you weren't supposed to witness this.

Ex Somniis Fabula

Celeritas: Welcome, Champions.

Celeritas: You must be wary of discourse with the Maleurous. They will plant the seeds of doubt in your mind.

Celeritas: Of war. Of destruction.

Celeritas: Most curious.

Child's Play

Celeritas: Far to the north.

Celeritas: Your previous experience will prove invaluable in this situation.

Celeritas: We know you are more than capable of keeping her safe. Her expertise in the matter is unparalleled.

Breaking the Mold

Celeritas: Perhaps we should have better forseen the... complications of such assets. Your concerns will be taken into consideration.

Celeritas: It is in their nature.

Celeritas: We must deliberate on these matters.


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