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Fiamme / Fire Avatar

Location: The Final Showdown, Diplomatic Mission, Wargoth Approaches, The Firmament, Ex Somniis Fabula, Child's Play, Breaking the Mold, No Rest For Dragons, The Angel's Tomb, Remnants at Rest

Quests given

Shops owned

The Final Showdown

Fiamme: NO! This is too much, my anger burns.

Diplomatic Mission

Fire Avatar: What were you saying about Nythera's power over flame?

Wargoth Approaches

Fiamme: <Character>, it was... horrible.
Fiamme: I tried to fight it... I blunted my powers as much as I could, but....
Fiamme: The Blue Mage... is this world's only hope.

Fiamme: ...
Fiamme: He's your only hope.
Fiamme: Bring him back.

The Firmament

Fiamme: You have been summoned to our council, because Lore is in danger.

Fiamme: Aligned with Darkness!

Fiamme: Does it matter?

Ex Somniis Fabula

Fiamme: You spoke to it!?

Fiamme: They are bringers of cha—

Fiamme: For in that doubt, the seed flourishes.

Fiamme: You may return for now, our Champions.

Child's Play

Fiamme: Its presence has been located in the far reaches of the Northlands.

Fiamme: It possesses toys. That's how it infiltrates its preys' territories.

Breaking the Mold

Fiamme: Well done, Champions. The Nameless presence has disappeared.

Fiamme: It is a possibility.

No Rest For Dragons

Fiamme: You must go, now! The Maleurous is already getting away!

Fiamme: We could try to catch up. The Champions could intercept–

Fiamme: The Angel of Azaveyr was a champion of her people. A powerful mage and mighty warrior.

Fiamme: We will send you as close as we can to their sanctuary. It is a place of Doom, and must be cleansed.

The Angel's Tomb

Fiamme: To question is to give in to the enemy.

Fiamme: The Savior and Destroyer are no exception.

Remnants at Rest

Fiamme: The active Maleurous this time is Myalos. An ancient... spirit.


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  • Peachii for location link and additional dialogue.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for original entry.

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