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Location: The Final Showdown, The Firmament, Ex Somniis Fabula, Child's Play, Breaking the Mold, No Rest For Dragons, The Angel's Tomb, Remnants at Rest

Quests given

Shops owned

The Final Showdown

Voidstar: Even in the darkest corner, she will be seen.

Voidstar: We will be watching.

The Firmament

Voidstar: Including a much larger threat that we imprisoned epochs ago. How Valtrith managed to find their vessel and absorb it, doesn't matter.
Voidstar: What matters is that they are now free.

Voidstar: Excuse me!? With Shadowscythe!

Voidstar: The first of the Maleurous is on the move.

Voidstar: We... can't meddle.

Voidstar: CELERITAS!

Voidstar: Go.

Ex Somniis Fabula

Voidstar: Elaborate.

Voidstar: Pity them if you wish, but be assured that should they be left to their devices, Lore would become uninhabitable.

Voidstar: We will not interfere as long as you do your duty as our Champion.

Voidstar: As to the matter of today.

Child's Play

Voidstar: Where were we?

Voidstar: Does it matter?

Voidstar: Nonetheless, we are going to aid you this time.

Voidstar: You will obey the Avatars, Sally.

Voidstar: That's not the purpo—

Breaking the Mold

Voidstar: We have returned the child to her place of origin.

Voidstar: They may be fighting amongst themselves for power.

Voidstar: Champions. We understand that our missions for you are difficult.

No Rest For Dragons

Voidstar: There is no time to explain!

Voidstar: Champions, one of the Maleurous has become active.

Voidstar: We apologize.

Voidstar: <Dragon> is here because the e–

The Angel's Tomb

Voidstar: This Maleurous threat has been extinguished.

Voidstar: When maintaining a balance, it is difficult to not... overcompensate.

Voidstar: It was, but like all the Great Dragons, they are reborn in time.

Remnants at Rest

Voidstar: Imminent. Threat.

Voidstar: A titanic weapon that, should it achieve full control and functionality over, threatens to crush all of Lore.


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