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Location: The Final Showdown, The Firmament, Ex Somniis Fabula, Child's Play, Breaking the Mold

Quests given

Shops owned

The Final Showdown

Voidstar: Even in the darkest corner, she will be seen.

Voidstar: We will be watching.

The Firmament

Voidstar: Including a much larger threat that we imprisoned epochs ago. How Valtrith managed to find their vessel and absorb it, doesn't matter.
Voidstar: What matters is that they are now free.

Voidstar: Excuse me!? With Shadowscythe!

Voidstar: The first of the Maleurous is on the move.

Voidstar: We... can't meddle.

Voidstar: CELERITAS!

Voidstar: Go.

Ex Somniis Fabula

Voidstar: Elaborate.

Voidstar: Pity them if you wish, but be assured that should they be left to their devices, Lore would become uninhabitable.

Voidstar: We will not interfere as long as you do your duty as our Champion.

Voidstar: As to the matter of today.

Child's Play

Voidstar: Where were we?

Voidstar: Does it matter?

Voidstar: Nonetheless, we are going to aid you this time.

Voidstar: You will obey the Avatars, Sally.

Voidstar: That's not the purpoŚ

Breaking the Mold

Voidstar: We have returned the child to her place of origin.

Voidstar: They may be fighting amongst themselves for power.

Voidstar: Champions. We understand that our missions for you are difficult.


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