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Location: Mystlyk Museum, Pellow Village (Books 1 and 2), Void Ship, Into the Ynnungaap, Adrift, Void War Intro, Halfway Through, First Seal, The Last Chapter: Tomix, Tomix's Saga Epilogue

Quests given

Shops owned

Mystlyk Museum

Izaac: Tomix, my old friend! Meet my new friend, Riadne! But... who is that with you?
Izaac: That's not <Character>, is it? Could it be?

Izaac: Yes, yes, we were very good friends there!

Izaac: You know I've always wanted to study archeology instead of soulweaving.
Izaac: I'm here on an exploratory mission from the Headmaster of Edelia.
Izaac: There is so much just in this one building to study!

Izaac: What was THAT?!

Izaac: I'm going to go check over here, make sure there's no way for them to get in.

Izaac: Riadne?
Izaac: Riadne?!

Izaac: I don't KNOW! I- I heard screams and I ran back. I'd been in another room, making sure they couldn't get in. Barricading the door.
Izaac: And I heard the screams. And then I made my way back and she was GONE!
Izaac: *sob*

Pellow Village (Books 1 and 2)

Izaac: Hello again, <Character>!

  • Talk
    Izaac: Pellow Village is a very mysterious place, if you have any questions, I'd love to shed some light on them.
    • Izzac?
      Izaac: Oh, I believe we weren't introduced properly! My name is Izaac Stellini.
      Izaac: I am one of the youngest history teachers in Edelia, the school of SoulWeaving.

    • Pellow Village?
      Izaac: I'm done with my Ravenloss studying, and since you've opened the Gate, I figured I might learn more about Pellow Village!
      Izaac: It really is a very beautiful place. Pellow Village must have been the most extraordinary district of Ravenloss.
      Izaac: I've heard it was home to all of the ChaosWeaver aristocracy.

    • Murk?
      Izaac: I...actually don't know anything about this..person.
      Izaac: He has opened a shop on the right side of Pellow Village, but I advise you to stay away from it. His objectives are... unclear.

    • Pandora?
      Izaac: From what I've learned, Pandora was a very skilled SoulWeaver.
      Izaac: She was one of the first SoulWeavers in history, as well as a founder of Edelia. She died at the age of 22.
      Izaac: What I didn't know is that she was apparently the one who released all of the wicked Elemental Spirits that roam Lore now.
      Izaac: 7 Corrupted Elemental Spirits were also the ones she released.
      Izaac: I think that's the reason why ChaosWeavers worship her.

    • Edelia?
      Izaac: Edelia, the school of SoulWeaving. Founded many, many years ago by 3 masters of weaving.
      Izaac: Zellaraneish the Swift is the current headmaster. I believe Edelia is really improving since he was chosen as headmaster!

    Void Ship

    Izaac: Whoever this is, go away! My lab is not set up yet!

    Into the Ynnungaap

    Izaac: What about our safety?

    Izaac: Riadne... please.....

    Izaac: Interesting. I didn't know the void was spherica-

    Izaac: Certainly.


    Izaac: What do you mean by that?

    Izaac: The portals! One here and one in Ravenloss! I've linked them, remember?

    Izaac: What?! No I didn't! I'm positive I conjured them!

    Izaac: Bu- but this isn't possible, Tomix! I'm 100% sure I conjured them and if they are gone, someone must have dispelled them!

    Void War Intro

    Izaac: Oh Avatars, I know what Envy did...

    Izaac: Seal of Ativa! He used the very existence of those two people in order to lock the door shut. The only way to unlock them is to-

    Izaac: No, you don't understand. Seal of Ativa is one of the few legendary and forbidden magics. Magics like this don't have any loopholes.
    Izaac: You can't break their rules.

    Izaac: Alone?

    Izaac: Alright, let's take other soulweavers too.

    Halfway Through

    ???: Hello? Is this working? Hello?

    Izaac: Tomix, bad news. We lost a few soulweavers and the majority of them are injured.
    Izaac: Riadne's patching them up and Yashta is doing his best to keep us safe, but there are simply too many void creatures. We have to go back!

    Izaac: Gaaah... yes! You don't have to yell!

    First Seal

    Izaac: Don't!
    Izaac: Riadne... don't wake him up. It's...
    Izaac: It's better this way.

    Izaac: ......
    Izaac: Yes.
    Izaac: I will notify Tomix that the first seal is lifted...

    The Last Chapter: Tomix

    Izaac: Exactly.

    Izaac: Whatever you're doing to Riadne, stop!

    Izaac: It's alright. You're safe now.

    Izaac: No!

    Tomix's Saga Epilogue

    Izaac: Someone has to notify his family.

    Izaac: Yes he did. Take care, <Character>.

    Izaac: I do. At least, I think I'll go first.
    Izaac: Tomix was a friend.

    Izaac: I can remember the day the two of us first met at Edelia. No one could have ever guessed at the time that we would ever get along together.
    Izaac: We were complete opposites. I was the quiet, studious one. He was the angsty teen and a terrible prankster.
    Izaac: We were really a terrible match for each other. We should have been sworn enemies really.
    Izaac: Each of us had our own childhood issues to deal with... and yet we still became the very best of friends.
    Izaac: I think that's the most important thing to say about him.

    Izaac: In all times, before he was banished or on his journey after wherever he went, even if it might not have always been...
    Izaac: ... requited, he was a good friend to everyone that was important to him.

    Izaac: Loyal from the beginning... right up to the very end.

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    Book 3 Front View
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  • Note: Also referred to as Izaac Stellini.

    Thanks to
    -- Hogo for some dialogue.
    -- Stephen Nix for image.
    -- Peachii for old image and correction.
    -- Doomstalker for info and alternative image 1.
    -- Slayer Zach for Full Book 1, Book 3 Front, Side View images, alternative image 2 and note.

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