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A Dark Letter

Location: Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Next Page -> A Dark Letter
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Noxus Fumes, Completion of The End?
Release Date: November 12th, 2010

Objective: Vayle receives a proposition from an un-named letter writer who wants to use her power in return for letting her use his to get back at you for killing her brother!
Objective completed: Next step: To Amityvale and Vayle's hideout!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Boardrake
(2) Bone Fire
(1) Necroslime
(1) Shake Spear
(2) Shoulder Blades


Shadowrune Cape
Dark Shadowrune Cape
Dark Mechawings

Dark Emperor Helm
High Dark Emperor Helm


*Vayle is in a room, surrounded by skeletons, as she reads a letter...*

<Character>: Tomix! You are busy, I know. You are always busy! But...
<Character>: I need your help. Time grows short, and the evil I fight against is moving forward quickly.
<Character>: I can FEEL it in the air!
<Character>: If I am going to stand against Sepulchure and thwart his nefarious plans-
Tomix: What plans are those?
<Character>: He is attempting to gather all of the Elemental Orbs.
<Character>: We are racing against each other, each trying to find the Orbs before the other.
Tomix: I see. That is indeed a necessary quest! I thank you for spending so much time helping me.
Tomix: We are both on incredibly important missions.
<Character>: I knew you would understand! So you will help me?
<Character>: Right now, neither Sepulchure nor I control the Darkness Orb. It isn't even an ORB right now!
<Character>: It is fused to the soul of a woman I know.
Tomix: Fused to the SOUL? You have my attention, <Class>. Continue.
<Character>: Yes, her name is Vayle. And I think...
<Character>: I think she is not quite a friend, but also not quite an enemy.
<Character>: I would welcome your help in tracking her down and talking to her.
Tomix: Yes, I can understand why you would want aid finding someone like that.
Tomix: Soul-fusions... they are highly dangerous and not well-understood.
Tomix: I will do what I can to help you find her. And possibly, if all goes well, more.
Tomix: Do you know where to begin looking?
<Character>: I have some idea where to start. It will give us a clue, hopefully.

*You explore the Necropolis until you find a diary.*

  • Complete Quest!

    Next Up: Memory-Demons

    Thanks to
  • Verlyrus and Ishmael for updated quest requirement.
  • Peachii for corrections.

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