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The Final 13th

Location: The Final 13th! Darkness Attacks! -> Elysia -> Imminent Darkness -> Sepulchure Attacks,
Location: Time Travel Fairies Time Tours -> Final Thirteenth -> War Opener,
Location: Timeline (Book 1) -> The Orb Saga The Final 13th -> The Final 13th: Introduction
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Falconreach Havoc
Release Date: May 13th, 2011

Objective: Sepulchure begins his attack on Falconreach!
Objective completed: Sepulchure begins his attack on Falconreach!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Guardian Kain


Ash: <Character>! Come quick...
Farmer: *huff* *puff* *wheeze* <Character>...!
<Character>: Are you hurt? What's wrong?
Farmer: It *gasp* ..It's coming.
<Character>: What is?
Farmer: Sepulchure is coming..!
Ash: Oh no!!
<Character>: If it's war he wants, that is what he will get. Let's end this.
<Character>: Ash.. go tell the guardians.

Meanwhile, in Sepulchure's fortress...

Drakath: Sire.. We will soon be there.
Sepulchure: Excellent.
Drakath: Final preparations are being made.. it will not be long.
Sepulchure: See to it. Do not fail me, Drakath.
Drakath: !!!
Drakath: *gulp* Y-Yes sire.
Sepulchure: Falconreach...
Sepulchure: Prepare yourself.

In the Guardian Tower

Guardian Kain: Status report.
Guardian: Sir! The heros have been pouring into town as news is spreading of the coming battle. Also, our scouts have not yet returned.
Guardian Kain: What of the villagers?
Guardian: The able-bodied have been given weapons, and those who cannot fight have been moved to the center of town.
Guardian Kain: Excellent. Alright, outfit the archers and get them ready to be positioned.
Guardian: Yes sir!

<Character>: Kain.. how goes it?
Guardian Kain: As you know, Sepulchure is advancing from the North...
<Character>: Yes, but knowing him he will try to surround us.
Guardian Kain: That dog... Aye, our forces will need to be spread out evenly then.
<Character>: He will soon be here...
<Character>: We should have the archers in place as soon as possible, the mages charging their mana, and the bladesmen lining up.
<Character>: We need to be ready for anything.
Guardian Kain: Agreed. Ok, you heard him/her.. let's get moving.
Guardian: Yes sir!

Guardian Kain: <Character>, I want you to lead the main defense.
Guardian Kain: May the fates shine on us this day.

Guardians running around the town preparing..

Ash: <Character>!
<Character>: What is it, Ash? We need to hurry.
Ash: <Character>! I want to fight.
<Character>: Ash..
Ash: The guardians told me to stay with those who cannot fight, but I want to help defend Falconreach.
Ash: This is my home! I have the right to defend it!
<Character>: You've come a long way, Ash...
<Character>: I would be honoured to have you fight beside me.
Ash: You.. You really mean that?
<Character>: I do.
<Character>: Stay close to me... There's no telling what Sepulchure will try.
Ash: Ok, <Character>. You can count on me!
<Character>: We should get go--
Guardian: <Character>!!!
<Character>: Come on!

Guardian: <Character>.. he's here.

Sepulchure's fortress on their way...

Sepulchure: Unleash doom.
Drakath: Yes, Sepulchure.

Chests of doom boxes flew towards Falconreach

<Character>: No! It's too early..
Ash: <Character>.. Can we win this?
<Character>: I-- I don't know.
Guardian: Th-there are too many of them! The sky is filled with these beasts!
Guardian: Hold it together! Now's our chance to knock as many as we can out of the air before they get here!
Guardian: ARCHERS!!!
Guardian: FIIIIIRE!

Sepulchure: Hmph.
Drakath: Sire, it has begun.
Sepulchure: By mine own hand, Falconreach shall burn!

Sepulchure standing on the top of the fortress

Sepulchure: FALCONREACH!
Sepulchure: On this day... you will know your place in the order of things.
Sepulchure: The tale of your destruction.. shall be told for thousands of years!
Sepulchure: NO ONE stands against the mighty Sepulchure!
Sepulchure: NO ONE withstands my wrath. Your fate is sealed!
Sepulchure: Today.. you will witness the birth of a legend! Today.. I will destroy EVERYTHING you love.
Sepulchure: And when your heart is filled with pain and sorrow, and your mind is crushed under the weight of despair..
Sepulchure: I will claim the Orb of Darkness, and this world shall be MINE.
Sepulchure: There is nowhere to run.
Sepulchure: There is nowhere to hide.
<Character>: His army is at our doorstep. This is it.
Guardian: I'll see to it that our archers and mages continue to blast the dogs out of the sky.
<Character>: Alright, it's time. Grab your sword Ash, let's go!
<Character>: CHAAAARGE!!!

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