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Location: The Puppet General, Rising Fire, Wargoth Approaches, The Hunt Begins, The Spire -> Up Right -> Right -> Approach entrance -> Cryptic -> Right, The Empress, Song of the Ateala -> Talk, Arrival of the Vind, Song in Our Hearts

Quests given

Shops owned

The Puppet General

Nirios: Something... something powerful is coming through!

Rising Fire

Nirios: ...

Nirios: You've stood with us against Wargoth's forces before. Will you stand with us now?

Nirios: Isiri?

Wargoth Approaches

Nirios: Your plane of fire.

The Hunt Begins

Nirios: Machines.

The Spire

Nirios: Your mind is strong...but you can still be overpowered. We have to fix that.

  • Who are you?
    Nirios: I'm Nirios A'ravi, Etaos' brother. I'm the one keeping the Black Prism above Atrea, engulfing the city in everlasting night.
    Nirios: I'm also an information broker, and one of the unaels.

  • Ask about Unaels
    Nirios: We are the "Chosen Ones", known as unaels. On our home world, when one of our people was respected by the community...
    Nirios: ...fulfilled his destiny or had a great power within himself, he becamed the Unael.
    Nirios: Then ascendants performed a ritual to "ascend" his very existence. Then he could either become one with The Empress...
    Nirios: ...or materialize one of the zodiac signs and descend back onto Somoroah.
    Nirios: If he chose to descend, the zodiac sign he took became his weapon. If you wish to speak to the ascended ones...
    Nirios: have to go to The Empress' chambers.

  • The Empress?
    Nirios: She is the voice of the atealans. She is a nation within one being. She is the Ayar Lat'quah. She is The Empress.

    The Empress

    Nirios: I can't hold the barriers much longer. The only saving grace is that I don't have to shield Atrea and keep the black prism afloat.

    Nirios: We meet again.

    Nirios: Acknowledged.

    Song of the Ateala

    Nirios: A simple conversation will not be too taxing.

    Nirios: It is. It is the Song of the Ateala— the history of our people, from the very beginning, to the present.

    Nirios: Indeed. It is a great honor, and one that reminds us that our actions will be heard by generations to come.

    Nirios: Perhaps in full. However, it is common for any Ateala to learn the relevant passages related to their family and profession.

    Nirios: Fight well, <Character>.

    Arrival of the Vind

    Nirios: Much appreciated.

    Nirios: It is not our place to agree to promise aid.
    Nirios: The Empress must be consulted in any future endeavors. However, we will do our best to plead your case.

    Song in Our Hearts

    Nirios: Please don't fraternize with the enemy, <Character>.

    Nirios: Correct. My brother and I are ready. We shall bring this beast down to your level.

    Nirios: We will subdue the creature. It will be temporary, and the barrier will fall while the monster is held down.

    Nirios: For The Empress!

    Nirios: Ayar Lat'quah!

    Nirios: She remains but is not... herself?

    Nirios: Yet she is.

    Nirios: She has withdrawn, of sorts. Reverted? It is hard to describe what I am sensing.
    Nirios: I feel the loss of many. But not loss. Freedom? But they were not chained.

    Nirios: Or her tears begin to fall.


    Thanks for Jay for image, location link, additional dialogue, and corrections.

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