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Cure in Thyme

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 7 -> Cure in Thyme
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of ZardbiBubble
Release Date: October 19th, 2012

Objective: Bubble has a short list of items that she needs to restore her form and Bubble's voice.
Objective completed: Bubble has a short list of items that she needs to restore her form and Bubble's voice.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Bubble (Cat)
Bubble (Witch)



*The character is sitting in the inn in front of Twilly*

Twilly: So the M.O.P. are now guarding Andy in a secret location. They don't want anyone finding them. Andy is fine, but he can't have any human contact.
Twilly: They keep him hidden, give him everything he needs, and take care of him.
<Character>: That's good. Hopefully there won't be another outbreak.

*A dark elf enters the room with a scroll in her hand*

Prusa: ...for you hero...

The letter:


We heard that you were free. We wanted to ask you for your help. Please come to our home in Croft and speak with us.


*Meanwhile, in Croft...*

Bubble: You have been looking for something to restore my form and Bubble's voice. It's been years. You still haven't found anything.
Bubble: Fortunately. I have found a possible solution. You need to go search in the area between Atrea and the sandsea for teucrium marum.
Toil: What?
Bubble: Cat thyme. It grows well near there. It should have the properties you will need to restore Bubble's voice at least.
Bubble: I'm still looking into what can be done about me since you still haven't succeeded in turning me back into a human.
Trouble: But what about the candy? We've already started this year's candy, and it promises to be the best yet!
Trouble: Remember what happened the last time we left Myx with the candy? Zorbak came along and poured all that extra moglin nip into it.
Bubble: You can leave me here. I'll make sure Zorbak doesn't get near Myx.
Bubble: Mew.
Toil: Well, we really don't have much of a choice. If this will work, then we need to do it quickly.
Trouble: Myx, Bubble, we'll be back as soon as possible. Don't let Zorbak anywhere near Myx.
Bubble: I promise you don't have to worry about Zorbak, just go.

*The three witches leave. After some time, the character enters the room and finds Bubble the cat reading a book*

<Character>: I got a message from Trouble. What does she need?
Bubble: I heard you finally free. The sisters have already left and they were very excited. They may have found a cure for me.
Bubble: There are a few things we will need you to find; Cat's whisker plants, cats eyes chrysoberyl, and cats tail reeds. I'll need two of each.
<Character>: I'll be back as soon as I find this stuff. I hope it works for you.

*The character leaves and Myx falls asleep*

Bubble: That gets <Character> out of the way.
Bubble: Come on out, pour that in and let's get out of here.

*Sally comes out of the shadows and pours something into Myx*

  • Start Your Hunt!
    Return to the storybook when you have found all six Cat Items! Note, the items are temporary and might be hidden anywhere!

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