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Leon / Sir Leon

Location: Trust, The Shears -> Up -> Right -> 2 Up Right -> Into the building -> Left -> Up, Oculus Tower, Search for Refugees, Desolation Ruins, Shear Destruction, Homecoming Hurts, An Uncertain Future, A New Discovery, Gorillaphant Warfare, Rose Pajamas

Quests given
Oculus Tower
Oculus Shards
Search for Refugees
Desolation Ruins
Shear Destruction

Sanctuary's Return
A New Discovery
Gorillaphant Warfare
Rose Pajamas

Shops owned


???: Now... there's no need to be hasty. There's clearly been a misunderstanding.

???: Ah, companions of yours! Greetings! I do hope you won't draw your blades on me as well.

???: Stinks? I'll have you know—

???: See, I thought I asked rather politely—

???: Thank you.
Sir Leon: My name is Leon. Sir Leon. I am a MageKnight of—sorry, was a knight of Swordhaven.
Sir Leon: After The Rose took over, King Alteon and some of the more magical knights in his employ had some... disagreements.
Sir Leon: I was searching for a way to approach the Oculus Tower—that is, that Rose tower looming over the landscape...
Sir Leon: ...when I came across these... most merciful ladies.
Sir Leon: With them being of obviously magical persuasion, I thought I could maybe ask for assistance.

Sir Leon: Well, your wings kind of give you away.

Sir Leon: Hold on, how do I know I can trust you?

Sir Leon: Fair enough.
Sir Leon: The Rose is... doing something with the tower.
Sir Leon: All I know is that they're trying to find a way to locate magical creatures and objects from a distance.

Sir Leon: It isn't. Thankfully, for now, they're still only trying. But if they succeed... then...

Sir Leon: As well as anyone or anything else magical within range, yes.

Sir Leon: I was just looking around for a way to approach without being spotted.
Sir Leon: I didn't mean to... "ambush" you. You have my apologies.

Sir Leon: No! ...No, I can't, I have to keep watch, make sure she... make sure The Rose doesn't finish what they've started.

Sir Leon: Here, if you want to help out, there's a small inn, nestled to the south of here, known as The Shears.
Sir Leon: If you have a map, I can mark it for you.
Sir Leon: Find me there, if you want to help.

Sir Leon: ...Understood.
Sir Leon: Thank you for your mercy. And, <Character>, was it?
Sir Leon: I'll await your arrival at The Shears!

The Shears

Sir Leon: Can I help you, <Class>?

  • Talk
    Sir Leon: What do you wish to know?
    • Who Are You?
      Sir Leon: Sir Leon.
      Sir Leon: Once I was a knight of King Alteon, aiding him with issues of a magical nature.
      Sir Leon: Now he doubts that which has helped so many....

      Sir Leon: Magic.
      Sir Leon: I chose not to follow the Rose, which would be fine... but things got personal and so I was exiled.

    • You're A Mage?
      Sir Leon: A MageKnight... few remain in these times.
      Sir Leon: My skills lie with conjuring, creating things, shaping things... to wield them.
      Sir Leon: It has other uses besides weaponry, but it's best not to speak of that.

    • The Shears?
      Sir Leon: That which stems a flowers growth.
      Sir Leon: A place for all who stand against the Rose. To hide. To plan. And to strike when possible.

    • Kara?
      Sir Leon: I've yet to meet her, but I've learned much of the Resistance.
      Sir Leon: Sadly, I cannot aid in your quest whilst my personal endeavors lay unfinished. Forgive me, <Class>.
  • Quests
    Sir Leon: I have a quest that needs to be completed....
    • Oculus Tower
      Sir Leon: If you wish to assist in telling Crest of our quest to rescue her... I will not refuse your help.

    • Oculus Shard
      Sir Leon: There are more of these Oculus devices out there.
      Sir Leon: Much smaller and weaker, but they can be carried around and used to seek out nearby magic.

      Sir Leon: With your aid <Character>, we could really help make a difference.

    • Oculus Orb
      Sir Leon: You've found enough shards. Let's see if Crest can reform a whole orb!

    • Ruins
      Sir Leon: <Character>, we need to talk.

    • Destruction
      Sir Leon: It's time to make our final move, <Character>.

    • Tournament of Champions! - teleports you to Swordhaven (Book 3)'s Quest Board.

    • Sanctuary's Return - opens 'Sanctuary's Return' quest interface; requires completion of Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy);
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Add to group - invites Sir Leon as Guest A.

    Oculus Tower

    Leon: Listen <Character>, you may have seen the tower looming over the horizon. The Rose have been constructing it ever since Alteon sided with them.
    Leon: The tower was heavily guarded, but lately I've scouted less and less soldiers, despite it being near completion.

    Leon: According to these plans I acquired before leaving Swordhaven, atop the Tower lies an Oculus.
    Leon: This device is meant to focus a source of magical energy and use it to search out magical creatures and artifacts so they can be captured.

    Leon: It may not be that simple, but yes. We must... interrupt the source of the focus, then find a way to disable it.
    Leon: The guards that still remain seem preoccupied, so now is our best time to strike.

    Leon: I'll deal with that.
    Leon: <Character>, just make sure to take out the guards.

    Leon: Then we're ready. Let's go.

    Leon: We must get to the top <Character>! I HAVE TO SAVE HER BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!

    Leon: Hurry!

    Leon: CREST!! What have they done to you!

    Leon: You're safe now Crest.

    Leon: She can explain things later, but we need to leave.

    Search for Refugees

    Leon: Alright Crest, your turn.

    Leon: As good as new!

    Leon: Time to find out.

    Leon: Oh...

    Desolation Ruins

    Leon: I have not the strength to command such an army, their spirits are low and us alone will not be enough.

    Leon: Perhaps there is...
    Leon: Dracelix, <Character>, come with me, we must leave immediately.

    Leon: Here, the remains of my Order.
    Leon: This temple was once the Jewel of these lands.
    Leon: Some day it shall be once more.

    Leon: To find a stone...

    Leon: Yes, a Runestone, very few exist in these lands, and far fewer still hold their power.
    Leon: A single runestone would be enough to make a difference, should we find one.

    Leon: There it is! The Runestone!

    Shear Destruction

    Leon: This, my friends, is far more useful to us than a few additional soldiers.
    Leon: This, my friends, is no elegant paperweight. It is a weapon.
    Leon: And, it will prove to the resistance in Sulen'Eska that we can be a valuable asset to their movement.
    Leon: This stone, what it can- no, what it WILL do- will prove to the resistance in Sulen'eska that we can be a valuable asset to their movement.
    Leon: Look, we have a lot of things to accomplish with few resources. We MUST show everyone on Lore that the Rose is vulnerable.
    Leon: This will also show everyone in Greenguard that the Rose is vulnerable. That they are not unstoppable.
    Leon: If we can't prove that we have a chance against them, we will lose ourselves completely and utterly.
    Leon: If we can't prove that we have a chance against them, then there is no hope for those who are unable to fight for themselves.

    Leon: Exactly!
    Leon: This tower, here, looms in the distance imposing their control.
    Leon: The Oculus Tower, here, looms in the distance as an imposing symbol of Rose control.
    Leon: It's a powerful symbol, and if we can manage to damage it beyond use then everyone will see that the Rose can be broken.
    Leon: It's a powerful symbol, and if we can manage to damage it beyond use, then everyone around will see that the Rose can be broken.

    Leon: Yes, as a matter of fact.
    Leon: This stone is the key to this plan. With its power, I have full confidence in our success. We simply need to take it to the top of the tower.

    Leon: This, fine knights, is our answer.
    Leon: I believe, fine knights, that taking down this tower will prove beyond a doubt that our goals are aligned with those in Sulen'Eska.

    Leon: Well then, boys, I believe that's settled it. Time to move.
    Leon: Precisely! A handful of Rose soldiers is no match for us. That settles it, then. It's time to move.
    Leon: I think we can start to make a difference...

    Leon: Done. Let's move out!

    Leon: Dragon Rider Mritha.

    Leon: Everyone MUST see that the Rose isn't all-powerful. They can fall. They can be hurt.

    Leon: Oh?
    Leon: I would agree, Dragon Rider Mritha. It was my aim to to join your resistance. My knights, and my own abilities are at your service.

    Leon: I like the sound of this...
    Leon: I am glad to hear it. With our combined forces, the Rose won't know what hit them!

    Homecoming Hurts

    Leon: Do we have the plan nailed down? Is there anyone here that thinks that they cannot go through with this?

    Leon: Akanthus knows we will be coming. He always knows, no matter how well we plan.
    Leon: The tower's destruction will have given us what we need, yes, but Akanthus just knows... Be prepared for anything. Do not be deceived.
    Leon: Kara has been captive for a long time. If she is not responsive, or is not herself, don't let that deter you. All we need to do is get her home.
    Leon: Svera will take care of everything from there.

    Leon: Lady SuLema!

    Leon: You are a monster. You are everything the Rose is and more.

    Leon: .....

    Leon: No one is useless!

    Leon: I will free her.

    Leon: I have friends. I have allies. I have what I need to get her back. Stand aside.

    Leon: So be it.

    Leon: Lady SuLema... are you we-

    Leon: NO!

    Leon: Let's get her back home to Svera. Her sister will know what to do and how to get these damned things off of her.

    An Uncertain Future

    Leon: Akanthus is royally ticked off at all of us right now. He's unpredictable and looking to lash out.
    Leon: Be careful. We should make our way to Espina Rosa.

    Leon: Dracelix and Navon will take half our group and go up to Espina Rosa. Gordy, you and I will take the other half and guard Sulen'Eska.
    Leon: Get there, learn and return, got it?

    A New Discovery

    Leon: *grumble*
    Leon: Seven hundred and forty gold for archery supplies?

    Leon: No, no, that can't possibly be right...

    Leon: Hmm?
    Leon: <Character>! Good to see you!

    Leon: I might as well turn myself into The Rose at this point.

    Leon: No, but the logistics of maintaining a functioning would-be army would almost convince me.
    Leon: How can I help?

    Leon: Ah, that. You would better have a look at the answer yourself.

    Leon: They are.
    Leon: A letter came with them when they appeared at The Shears which I suggest you read. It's addressed to you.

    Leon: Your guess is as good as mine. I checked the coordinates on the map, but it doesn't lead to any known Rose outposts or towns.
    Leon: Just an area just shy of the coast to the West. There is nothing there that I know of.

    Leon: ...
    Leon: Well... this is definitely the place.

    Leon: It doesn't look like anyone or anything is here.
    Leon: *sigh*
    Leon: What a long way to come for n-

    Leon: <Character>?

    Leon: An illusion?

    Leon: How deep is it? Can you see anything down there?

    Leon: That has to be the hidden outpost! Can you open them?

    Leon: Then either someone must have come through recently...

    Leon: More or less.

    Leon: ... And miss out on all the action?

    Leon: I am a man of action as much as tactics, <Character>!

    Leon: Hold on. I am coming down with you.

    Leon: ... What is this?!

    Leon: I have no idea. He was locked behind some kind of containment... thing... and then it just-

    Gorillaphant Warfare

    Leon: It doesn't look like taking the prisoner and making a run for it is an option anymore.
    Leon: Our foes want to crush the competition by way of enhancements.

    Leon: Ready when you are, <Character>!

    Leon: Your game is up, Rose Agent. Tell us what the Rose is doing here.

    Leon: <Character>!
    Leon: Forget about him for now! We need to get this man out of here!
    Leon: He hasn't stirred at all since we found him... I think he is in need of serious medical attention!

    Leon: This place is going to come down in mere moments!

    Rose Pajamas

    Leon: *Huff* *Huff* We have to make it back to The Shears before nightfall!
    Leon: More Rose are bound to come around here soon enough... We shouldn't stay near this place.

    Leon: <Character>?

    Leon: Are you still reeling from what that Rose soldier said? I can understand that not being pleasant, but...

    Leon: Good to hear.

    Leon: Oh?

    Front View Appearance

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