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Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> B.F.C -> Quest!,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Past Quests -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> B.F.C -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Fairy Court
Release Date: October 11th, 2013

Objective: Battle through the forest with Melissa and the B.F.C.!
Objective completed: You've made it to the Espina Rosa... but the war against the Rose isn't over yet!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) Clawkin Wanderer
(4) Energizer
(3) ManaHunter (1)
(5) ManaHunter (2)
(1) Manahuntress

Battle Fairies
Eyma Krav

Melissa's Wings (I-VI)

Access to Wings DC Shop and Battle Wings DC.


*Outside Swordhaven, a purple-haired fairy with purple wings is leading a group of green-armored battle fairies; she points her sword toward a group of Rose soldiers, signalling an attack.*

Melissa: Do not let them push us back. We've come too far! We have to know!
Battle Fairies: For all Magical Races! For all Magic!

*The battle fairies charge, and sounds of combat are heard; afterwards, Melissa has regrouped with the battle fairies nearby, along with Carat, the former Rose soldier, when you locate the group.*

Melissa: We've pushed them back further than I had hoped! Cherev Sgula, take your team and go along the north wall.
Melissa: Eyma Krav, I want you to take your team to the east wall.
Melissa: And Hemla Yeila, you and Akshan Manhig take two others and do surveillance on the south wall.
Melissa: I need to know everything you can tell me about the gate.
Melissa: And... Shryon Koach, A'hlama Regiha, Alshar Rand and myself will go west of the city to look for the Prison.
<Character>: Melissa? I am looking for Princess Melissa, of House AmeSylph of the Fairies. Maeve sent me here.
Eyma Krav: Princess...
Melissa: Who is calling me Princess?
<Character>: Um... Queen Maeve sent me. She said to seek out Princess Melissa-
Melissa: I am just Melissa, drop the princess title in the field. I am in the middle of something, what do you want?
<Character>: Err, well, I just came from Queen Maeve-
Melissa: Yes, you said that already.
<Character>: She said she sent for you? Yet, you are here...
Melissa: I am where I need to be. The Queen will know this, as she knows everything.
Melissa: My duties are here for now, and when I am done, I will report.
<Character> (thinking): Well... this isn't exactly what I imagined. She's... obstinate, bossy and... frightening. I thought she was a fairy...
<Character> (thinking): ... but she and her troops are in armor and are fighting, setting up war tactics. Who the heck is this fairy?
Melissa: You still haven't told me what you want.
<Character>: I guess I came here to bring you to Maeve. But, I don't see that happening...
Melissa: At least you come to the right conclusions. I know who you are and I know you are working with Kara SuLema. Word travels fast.
Melissa: You can stick around with us while we try to breach Swordhaven, or you can go back to Maeve with a report she already knows.
Melissa: Up to you.
Carat: I hate to interrupt, but we are running out of opportunities, Melissa, before they regroup and come back at us.
<Character>: You... soldier... You are here?
Melissa: Long story. Can be told later. Right now, everyone take your teams and go.
Melissa: You, Hero, clear the way. I want to see you in action.
<Character>: Yes Ma'am!

*You fight your way through various Rose soldiers and chained Clawkin clearing the way; once at the shore, you, Carat, Melissa, and two battle fairies spot a large, isolated fortress on a nearby mountainous island.*

<Character>: I have to say... you are not what I expected in a fairy, Melissa.
Melissa: Oh? What did you expect? Gauzy dresses, dainty slippers and curly, bouncy hair that glowed in the sunlight?
<Character>: Well, um, you are a fairy. Aren't -
Melissa: Let me tell you something, <Character>. There is more to the world than you can imagine.
Melissa: Not all fairies are annoying, miniature dolls like the Minx who hide behind their magic.
Melissa: Some of us take great pride in being able to hold our own with weapon and magic...
Melissa: ... who are proud to run into battle to defend that which we believe in. Humans aren't the only ones with such passion!
<Character>: Forgive me, Melissa. I am still learning so much.
Carat: That's the prison.

*You take a closer look at the prison, Espina Rosa.*

Melissa: You've done well, Carat. This couldn't have been easy.
<Character>: Can someone tell me what is going on here?
Melissa: Carat is an ex-Rose guard. And this was where he was stationed before finally leaving. Carat?
Carat: <Character>, when we met last, I gave you a tip on how to find the young woman that the Rose took captive, along with the Clawkin.
Carat: She was on her way to this place, with me as her escort. But, I couldn't stomach sending her there.
Carat: The prisoners sent here... they are not treated well at all. They are considered the highest degree of security risk for the Rose.
Carat: If Kara SuLema, Melissa, Niki, or Mritha were ever caught, this is where they would be sent.
Carat: This is the home of the first rebels, and all the most powerful since that original group. I hated it there. I hated what we had to do.
Carat: There is a cell reserved for you, too, <Character>.
Melissa: Carat, you don't have to say anything more. You've said all you need to me.
Melissa: So, <Character>, this is my urgent mission. We need to get into that prison and free the people within.
<Character>: If you don't mind, can you tell me why you finally left?
Carat: One of Melissa's fairies was imprisoned and greatly injured. Her name was Hemla Yeila. I was told to...
Carat: ... do whatever it took to get her to talk about Melissa's plans and movements.
Carat: I looked at her, and couldn't do it.
Carat: All my misgivings, all my worries and guilt came crashing down.
Carat: I freed her and carried her back to the forest, begging Melissa to take me in, to forgive me. I have so much to do to fix what I have done.
<Character>: You will get your chance, Carat. Can you get us in?
Carat: Possibly, but getting in there is going to be very difficult. They have very high security. We are going to need some help.

*Scene pans to Espina Rosa while fading to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop Quest drops for DC - opens Wings DC Shop.
  • Battle Wings - opens Battle Wings DC shop.

    Other information
  • Battle fairy name approximate translations from Hebrew:

    Cherev Sgula -> Purple/Charm Sword
    Eyma Krav -> Battle Dread
    Hemla Yeila -> Useful Mercy
    Akshan Manhig -> Stubborn Leader
    Shryon Koach -> Power/Force Armor
    A'hlama Regiha -> Calm Recovery
    Alshar Rand -> Unknown (no translation provided)
  • This quest was retired and replaced by A Hero of the People on September 24th, 2021; more information can be found in the September 24th, 2021 Design Notes.

    Next Up: The War Room

    Thanks to
  • mahasamatman for battle fairy name translation information.
  • The Champion Of DERP for information.
  • Jay for corrections.

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