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Quests given
Help Svera

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The War Room

Svera: Kara has gathered you here because she has learned of more strikes against the people that we love and protect.
Svera: She, unfortunately, is not here, and has asked that I inform you of the situation.

Svera: Melissa, she regrets not being here for you, considering the amount of time since you last met.
Svera: But, she received intelligence reports that something very valuable to all of us has been found.

Svera: She has gone to retrieve the floor and defense plans for Espina Rosa, the prison that Melissa has been trying to reach.

Svera: I cannot tell you where she went, as I do not know. I don't know how long she will be gone either. And-

Svera: I cannot speak for her, <Character>. I tried to dissuade her. She would not be moved.

Svera: Like I said, she received intel on movements of the Rose against our people. Everyone, including Sulen'eska's residents are in danger.
Svera: Melissa's constant harassment of the Rose around Swordhaven has caused an uproar and an offensive apparently has been launched.

Svera: We must protect our own. If we meet the Rose, instead of letting them come to us first, we can buy Kara time. It will throw them off.

Svera: <Character>, Kara wanted you to know that we have appreciated all that you have done.
Svera: We hope that, through this has been a rough awakening, that you continue to be a strong help in Lore's hour of need.


Svera: Betrubug Swamp and our camp is one of the bigger targets. We house, train and treat rebels. We harbour those who defect.
Svera: The Rose wants nothing more than to take us down so that the rebellion will fall.

Svera: Correct, and through our magic and determination, they will not ever find their way here.

Mission Possible

Svera: You called, Lady Kara?

Svera: Yes, my Lady.


Svera: *laughs* Are you sure, I mean... it looks terrible!

Svera: Oh lords... my sides hurt. When it was done, I wanted to laugh so hard.

Svera: HAHAHAAHA! Serious! I can't. Oh, dear, I can't...

Svera: After all this is over, we will go somewhere and laugh for a week. I promise.


Svera: There are three distinguishable "levels" in Espina Rosa. The first is the ground floor at which you will be arriving.
Svera: Our information tells us that this floor is used as the barracks for the garrisoned soldiers as well as a jail complex...
Svera: ... unlike the other floors which are solely jail complexes.
Svera: Below this floor is the Second Level of Espina Rosa.

Svera: Lastly, of course, there is the escape plan. We cannot count on you being as lucky as Carat.
Svera: Hemla Yeila had only been at Espina Rosa for a short time and had been held on the Second Level. We need a more reliable escape route.
Svera: One that does not involve sneaking past all the Soldiers on the First Level.

Svera: Thus, once you've accomplished your mission, make your way to the cooks' kitchen. Your escape route will be waiting for you there.

Svera: Think they will pull it off?

Svera: I know!

On Broken Wings

Svera: Our source has sent a note saying that Akanthus was seen in a camp outside of Falconreach.
Svera: There were dragons gathering and it is suspected that Saellah is there also.
Svera: Unverified reports of Saellah's dragon, Senthris, being there have been coming in.
Svera: My lady, if Akanthus is there, and Saellah and his fellow defector dragonriders also...
Svera: ... then the rumour that another draconic assault coming may be true.

Svera: Do you not think I spent hours before this meeting trying to talk her out of it.
Svera: You... you don't know what happened, what is driving her to do this thing. She has spent a lot of time trying to make up for it.

Svera: Ladies, please look to your people and prepare. We will stay in contact through all of this. You will be the first to hear once we get what we need.
Svera: I wish you weren't always trying to rectify the past, Kara.
Svera: It.. causes you to take chances you shouldn't, sister of my heart.

Dragonrider War Intro

Svera: Good. Though I am not a Dragonrider, his actions pain me. All living creatures should be respected. Dragons and their kin are very special.

Svera: When will you go?

Svera: Leon has reported that the time to move is now. Everything is ready. With your permission?

Svera: Thank you, Lady Mritha. May your success reverberate throughout all of the land.

My Spot

Svera: Yes, Lady Kara?

Svera: At once.

Svera: I'm done. You are... boarder than I expected.

Queen of Swordhaven

Svera: Lady Kara!!!

Svera: <Character> and Melissa have returned from the gala... With the king... wounded!

Svera: I'm afraid not.

Svera: At once!

Culture Shock

Svera: At once.

A Petal Falls

Svera: Surely not!

Other information
  • Svera's appearance was updated and Sulen'Eska location was adjusted on July 31st, 2020; more information can be found in the July 31st, 2020 Design Notes.

    Old Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for images and other information.
  • Phastore for updated appearance.
  • Niki for corrections.

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