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Jorath -> Void Ship (3/12/2014 23:36:13)

Void Ship

Access Point: Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Tomix -> Void Ship! -> Board the ship -> Void Ship
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Human Element
Release Date: March 7th, 2014

Quests Available
Crystoidator v.4
Pellow Village (Quest)

Captain Mazurek
Izaac Stellini
Mysterious G.

Glow Tree
Riadne's Scythe

The Void Ship's helm

Cpt. Mazurek: We can't set sail just yet, t' gnomes be finishin' up the "void drive", as they call it.

Riadne's cabin

Riadne: <Character>! It is so good to see you! How are you holding up? Do you need medical attention?

  • Quest
    Riadne: Could you gather some spider venom for me <Character>? I'd really appreciate it! Just don't harm the spiders... too much!
    Riadne: You know, I'll be willing to give you my old scythe if you gather enough venom! Sounds like a plan?

  • Heal & Potions

  • Shop
    Opens Riadne's Scythe shop

  • Talk
    Riadne: Come on, we have so much catching up to do!

    • Past years
      Riadne: Oh, after the thing with Greed I decided to go traveling. I'm fascinated with all kinds of spiders, I find them fascinating!
      Riadne: Did you know that some spiders hunt, constantly moving, instead of living a sedentary life and trapping their prey in a web?
      Riadne: But I digress. I've been traveling, expanding my knowledge, practicing arachnomancy and occasionally even trying to be a heroine!
      Riadne: I returned to Ravenloss about a year ago, to see how much had changed.
      Riadne: The city was in a better state, with Tomix's and Izaac's help, but I wanted to help too. And so I've been helping in the orphanage ever since.

    • Medical Arachnomancy?
      Riadne: That's right! I discovered that the manasilk I conjure can be applied as a bandage or a gauze, accelerating the wound healing process!
      Riadne: Also, with a trial and error method, I've perfected spider manipulation, and can now fill them with a strong potion extract...
      Riadne: ... shrink a whole colony of these spiders to a size of a grain of salt, or even smaller, and apply them inside human body...
      Riadne: ... and magically detonate them, all at once, to release the potion into the bloodstream. I have once saved a life thanks to this!

    • Arachnomancy Origins
      Riadne: As far as I know, arachnomancy has been around for a very long time.
      Riadne: From various books that my grandma gave me, I've learned that our ancestors originally used arachnomancy to foretell the future.
      Riadne: After some time, arachnomancers created a bond with the spiders so strong, that they could communicate with them.
      Riadne: Not only that, the spiders were actually teaching us magic that we later called arachnomancy! Magic like this manasilk you see here.
      Riadne: We got the knowledge to conjure it from spiders. However, overtime this gift of communication faded...
      Riadne: ... but arachnomancers nowadays can still manipulate spider in some ways.
      <Character>: Does this mean arachnomancy can't be taught to people who do not have arachnomancers as their ancestors?
      Riadne: Yes. I can't teach you actual arachnomancy, but I can try and teach you about arachnalchemy!

    • Tomix
      Riadne: I fully support Tomix, don't get me wrong, but I'm really worried how this journey will impact him.
      Riadne: I've seen him looking into the void the other day, crying. This whole ordeal with Envy is taking a toll on his mental health.
      Riadne: He won't admit it, but he's depressed. We need to do our best to make him feel better.

    • Izaac
      Riadne: Izaac isn't doing very well. He's in poor condition after he's been attacked by a void creature some time ago.
      Riadne: The wound is infected with some kind of void virus I've never seen before. I've managed to slow down the infection as best as I could...
      Riadne: ... but it is still spreading. So far only his vision has changed, but I have to stop this virus! It's... very important to me.

    Izaac's cabin

    Izaac: Whoever this is, go away! My lab is not set up yet!

    Lanrete: My brother is out and he told me to not let anyone in.


    Yashta: This is an interesting place. And boring. I like to kill time by defeating creatures in this "Pellow Village" place. You should try it, master.

    The Void Ship's engine room

    Mysterious G.: I'm sorry, <Character>, but this area of the ship is off limits... for now. The void drive is being installed and tested as we speak.

    Eirn: Greetings <Character>.

  • Quest
    Eirn: If you can, take my Crystoidator v.4, go defeat some void beings and upload their void essence into it, I'm eager to study it!

  • Talk
    Eirn: I'm all ears!

    • Who are you?
      Eirn: Right. Time to properly introduce myself. I'm Eirn, a technomancer and ship's engineer. You've known me as the "mysterious gnome"!
      Eirn: I'll be overseeing the Void Drive, ship's main intelligent power source. My job here is to provide a safe and steady voyage! *laughs*

    • Void Drive
      Eirn: The Void Drive is my greatest creation so far. It is a crystallized mass of pure void energy. You can say it's an artificially created void core.
      Eirn: It is extremely unstable, so I had to design a way to keep it contained and stable...
      Eirn: ... or otherwise it would start expanding and contracting at the same time, leading to... well, we certainly don't want to find out, do we!
      <Character>: You said it is an "intelligent" power source... is it sentient?
      Eirn: Not yet, but I'm working on it. Void is a curious thing and just think of what we could find out about it by asking it!
      Eirn: Kordana was kind enough to lend me part of her "soul", for lack of a better term, and I want to inject it into the Void Drive!

    • Kordana?
      Eirn: Oh yes, I've met her during one of my journeys. Or should I say, what was left of her. She lost her power source and was slowly fading.
      Eirn: I did my best to keep her systems operating, but... I'm not sure if she's still around today. In return for doing my best, she gave me an artifact.
      Eirn: A round disc-like object that apparently has her soul inside.
      Eirn: I didn't think much of it back then, but now, I think it would be a splendid idea to fuse this disc with the Void Drive!

    • Why so mysterious?
      Eirn: Ah... you see <Character>, I had to hide my identity. Here, no one knows me, so I don't have to keep my face hidden. I am a wanted man.
      <Character>: No way!
      Eirn: I stole something a long time ago from a prominent gnome family, they took something of mine, I want them pay, they want me dead.
      Eirn: Simple, really.

    The Void Ship's promenade deck

    Panae: Oh, hello <Character>! Everyone is helping in the lower deck, don't be surprised if you won't see a lot of people.

    Tani: Ugh, I am so hungry! Where's the chef? Did captain even send for him?

    Vaal: It looks like we will have cabins next to each other... so until I finish setting mine up, get lost!

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