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The Runed Fortress

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Espina Rosa -> Runed Fortress -> Quest!
Requirements: Completion of On Broken Wings
Release Date: May 30th, 2014

Objective: You're in. Good. Now find the Third Level and get in!
Objective completed: The Third Level is off limits. Another way in must be found.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(2) Barrat
(4) Clawkin Wanderer
(3) Golden Cabit
(3) Lava Daver
(2) Minx Fairy

Private Bradley
Vaz Striker

Kamillia (All Versions)

High Commander Helm (All Versions)

Sofist Cape (All Versions)

Access to Runed Fortress.

  • Equips Edd Disguise (Simple Skills).

    Mritha: Why did she have to go and do a stupid thing like that? A trap! She should have seen it coming.
    Mritha: Leaders make sacrifices, yes, but they don't go blindly charging into danger!
    Odgne: Oh, really, Child?
    Mritha: Odgne, yes, really.
    Odgne: And what is it you do? Stand back and watch everything?
    Mritha: Not the same thing!
    Odgne: Child, it is too. Why do you think she chose you? Because you are a spectator?
    Mritha: Melissa is a princess! She is just as much a leader.
    Odgne: Melissa has her own set of woes. I would take this as a compliment. Kara chose you, not only to lead your own people, but hers as well.
    Mritha: Oh Odgne, how am I going to do this? Elves are not Dragons or Dravir. So... so not Dragons or Dravir.
    Mritha: And then, I have <Character> to worry about. There are too many lives in my hands.
    Odgne: You are capable. Kara certainly believes you are. Have faith in yourself and Kara, and have faith in me as well. I will always stand vigilant by you.
    Mritha: I am fortunate to have you, dragon of my heart. I just hope <Character> is doing well.
    Odgne: Oh, I think <Character> is doing just fine.

    *The scene turns black.*

    Sofist: Why is it always so dark in here! DARKNESS IS EVIL!!

    *The lights are turned on.*

    Sofist: Better... Now if you'll excuse me, I have more important things to attend to.
    Private Bradley: *cough* Sir.
    Sofist: Yes, Private?
    Private Bradley: You haven't toured the facility with Edd yet.
    Sofist: What are you talking about?
    Private Bradley: That was one of your ideas, Sir. You said you pride yourself in giving a tour of the facilities to every newcomer personally.
    Sofist: I don't have time to deal with every weakling that crosses these doors!
    Private Bradley: I believe you especially liked to "demonstrate" the chains on the prisoners.
    Sofist: But of course! My dear Edd... Please, follow me.
    Private Bradley: *cough* Sir.
    Sofist: WHAT?
    Private Bradley: Edd needs to see the barracks before the jails, Sir. To get to know the place again.
    Sofist: *grumbles* Fine!

    30 seconds later

    Sofist: And now for the jails.
    Private Bradley: ......
    <Character>: Well that was fas-
    Sofist: This is the first level of our jail facilities. As you can see, here we house all sorts of dangerous and malign magical creatures...
    Sofist: ... that would otherwise terrorize the common citizen of our fair kingdom.
    Sofist: While normally they would be shackled with anti-magic bracelets as with the rest of our "tenants"-
    Sofist: For these critters we have Z's special brand of bracelets.
    Sofist: This enables us not only to control their temper but also to use them to patrol all three levels of our jail facility. Genius, isn't it?
    Private Bradley: Yes, Sir.
    <Character>: ...Guarding their own jails?
    Sofist: Of course. Is there something wrong, Soldier?
    <Character>: ...No, Sir.
    Sofist: Then what were you going on about?
    <Character>: Well... I just thought that for those beasts to have to guard their own jails sounded a bit cruel, even for them, Sir.
    Sofist: Do you now? Well... there is certainly one easy way to find out. Why don't you go ahead, Soldier.
    <Character>: Go ahead, Sir?
    Sofist: Ask them yourself.
    Sofist: Get him you wretches!

    *After fighting off several monsters...*

    Sofist: Still think it's too cruel?
    <Character>: ... Well when you put it that way I suppose not, Sir.
    <Character> (thinking): Note to self: Keep mouth shut in front of Sofist.
    Sofist: Glad you see it that way. This is the Second Level of our jail systems. Here we house our less dangerous prisoners of the more...
    Sofist: ... human like variety for the lack of a better term for these monsters.
    Sofist: They are just a bunch of petty thieves, waylaying bandits and other such common crooks though.
    Vaz Striker: I'm nothing of a common crook! I'm the great Vaz Striker! My head is worth at least 600 gold!
    Sofist: Bradley, go fetch the chains please.
    Private Bradley: Yes, Sir.
    Sofist: As you can see, they don't always behave themselves... When that happens, feel free to teach them some manners.
    Private Bradley: Sir.

    *Private Bradley returns with chains.*

    Sofist: Ah, perfect!
    Sofist: You will find these chains most suitable to the task. They are designed to send a neutralizing shock on physical contact.
    Sofist: Your standard Rose uniform is made to let you handle them safely.
    Sofist: Unless you somehow manage to wrap it around your head in which case you should not even bother talking to me.
    Sofist: At the end of the corridor on the right there is the Cooks' Kitchen.
    <Character>: Sir, a question if you would.
    Sofist: What is it?
    <Character>: What is this?

    *A large runed door with a lock is shown.*

    Sofist: That is the gate to the Third Level of our jail facilities.
    <Character>: Aren't we going to tour that level as well?
    Sofist: No! The Third Level is off-limits to all personnel. Only myself and the Elite Patrol are authorized to go down there.
    <Character>: The Elite Patrol? What is-
    Sofist: I said it's nothing a regular Rose Soldier like you needs to know! Now get to your station!

    *Sofist walks away.*

    Sofist: EVIL!!

    Private Bradley: The Chief can get a bit on edge some times. Now... let's see...

    *Private Bradley opens his agenda.*

    <Character>: What?
    Private Bradley: Hmm? Is something wrong, Edd?
    <Character>: Aren't you using magic?
    Private Bradley: Using magic? I'm using my magic agenda if that's what you me- Oh, oh I see what you mean. *chuckles*
    Private Bradley: No, Edd, I'm not using magic. I'm using a magical item.
    <Character>: There's a difference?
    Private Bradley: There is one as far as Espina Rosa's wards are concerned.
    <Character>: And that doesn't strike you as... a rather big flaw?
    Private Bradley: Well, I can see where your concern comes from however I can assure you that it isn't an issue like you think it is.
    Private Bradley: Before you came here, you were scanned, weren't you?
    <Character>: Yes, I was.
    Private Bradley: What for?
    <Character>: Well, my face and... Actually now that you mention it, I was scanned for magical items.
    Private Bradley: Yeah, that's the thing right there. You see, as much as Espina Rosa is designed to crack down on magic users...
    Private Bradley: ... we still need a bit of magic to run things and it actually ends up making the place safer.
    Private Bradley: The Chief already showed you our shackled monsters and the chains in action.
    Private Bradley: I also hazard to guess some of the gnomish technology we use to run the facility might have a bit as well and you saw my agenda.
    Private Bradley: There are just as many measures to keep anyone from smuggling magical items in.
    Private Bradley: Anyone or anything that comes to Espina Rosa from the outside is scanned for magical items.
    Private Bradley: Nothing gets past them as you can only hide magic... with more magic.
    Private Bradley: And to top it all off, nothing we have here can be used in an uprising.
    Private Bradley: Trust me Edd when I say this, they thought of pretty much everything when they built this place.
    <Character>: Hmm... I guess when you put it that way, you're right.
    Private Bradley: Hmm... The rest of the soldiers should be sitting down and having lunch just about now. You should join them.
    Private Bradley: I'll arrange for someone to follow through and go through the room of the barracks the Chief rushed you through and that should do.
    Private Bradley: Otherwise, how are you feeling? You look a bit-
    <Character>: Dumplings.
    Private Bradley: Right. Though your voice is rather-
    <Character>: Dumplings.
    Private Bradley: Right, right, I keep forgetting, sorry. Well if you have any other questions or problems just let the Private of your detachment know.
    <Character>: Just one thing.
    Private Bradley: Yes?
    <Character>: I don't want to sound nosy but why was Sofist so upset when I ask about this door?
    Private Bradley: Well... about that...
    Sofist: BRADLEY!!
    Private Bradley: ...I'm sorry, Edd, I have to go.
    Private Bradley: Whatever you do, just don't mention it. Do that and you'll be fine.

    *Private Bradley leaves.*

    <Character>: ???
    <Character>: Well... it seems like I'm not finding a way in just yet. I guess I have no choice. For now...

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop - opens Runed Fortress shop.

    Other information
  • Guests are removed upon beginning this quest as of January 29th, 2021.

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