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Tomix's Saga Epilogue

Location: Pellow Village (Book 3) -> 3 Right -> Tomix -> Void Ship! -> Board the ship -> Epilogue
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Last Chapter: Tomix
Release Date: August 15th, 2014

Objective: What happened after...
Objective completed: The End.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Captain Mazurek


Access to Pandora (Shop).


*The hero, Yashta, Captain Mazurek, Riadne, Izaac, and Eirn are sailing away from the Ynnungaap Core aboard the VS Unity. Aegis appears.*

<Character>: So?
Aegis: He isn't there.
<Character>: I don't understand! I thought Soulweavers go to the Plane of Elemental Spirits after they die!
Aegis: They do. I don't know why he isn't there.
Aegis: I'm sorry...
Izaac: Someone has to notify his family.
<Character>: I will do it.
Captain Mazurek: We didn't take Vaal...
<Character>: He ran away. I don't care about him.
Eirn: We are reaching the vortex.
Eirn: The Void Drive is powered up by the Ynnungaap Core energy, we might be able to pierce through... but it will be a rough ride.
<Character>: It can't be much worse than what we had to endure getting here. Let's go, I'm done with this place...

*Some time later, everyone is back in Ravenloss. The void is no longer leaking through the Equilibrium Gate.*

Riadne: The void. It's not here anymore.
<Character>: And the Equilibrium Gate sealed itself.
Eirn: So, this... is where we part ways.
<Character>: Thank you everyone... it has been quite a journey. And in the end, Tomix did stop Aspar...
Izaac: Yes he did. Take care, <Character>.
Riadne: Visit us someday.
<Character>: I will.
Yashta: I will stay here, in Ravenloss, should you need me. <Character>.
Aegis: Me too.
Captain Mazurek: VS Unity was a beautiful lady, but I must get back to me own ship.
<Character>: Sail safe.
<Character>: This may be where we part ways, but we'll be seeing each other soon. At the...
Riadne: We'll be there.

*Some more time later, they are all gathered in front of a grave, along with Tomix's family.*

Danyel: ... Does anyone have something to add?
Izaac: I do. At least, I think I'll go first.
Izaac: Tomix was a friend.
Riadne: *sniffle*
Izaac: I can remember the day the two of us first met at Edelia. No one could have ever guessed at the time that we would ever get along together.
Izaac: We were complete opposites. I was the quiet, studious one. He was the angsty teen and a terrible prankster.
Izaac: We were really a terrible match for each other. We should have been sworn enemies really.
Izaac: Each of us had our own childhood issues to deal with... and yet we still became the very best of friends.
Izaac: I think that's the most important thing to say about him.
Riadne: *sobs*
Izaac: In all times, before he was banished or on his journey after wherever he went, even if it might not have always been...
Izaac: ... requited, he was a good friend to everyone that was important to him.
Riadne: *hiccups*
Izaac: Loyal from the beginning... right up to the very end.
Riadne: TOMIX!!

*Riadne falls to her knees.*

Riadne: *weeps uncontrollably*
Captain Mazurek: *sighs*
Captain Mazurek: Ye know, 'luv, yer not the first man to have taken up on an adventure like that.
Captain Mazurek: I've seen many. Comin' in with yer handsome, pretty looks and yer fighting skills. Promisin' a wild adventure like no other...
Captain Mazurek: Life be filled with plenty of short lived and passing acquaintances. Aye, a pirate's life it is.
Captain Mazurek: Saying that you be no more that though... I'd be wrong.
Captain Mazurek: Listen... I mayen't have pretty words or fond memories like yer friends 'ere.
Captain Mazurek: I were the ship's Captain. surely, but ye... ye were sailin' in yer own storm as well, weren't ye?
Captain Mazurek: One so terrible and so violent, ye knew that, no matter how ye'd sail, no matter how hard ye fought against it...
Captain Mazurek: Eventually... ye'd sink and join Davey's Locker.
Captain Mazurek: Still kept to the wheel though.
Captain Mazurek: Ye still sailed because ye knew that though ye might go down tryin', ye could still save the one thing that mattered.
Captain Mazurek: Ye could still save yer crew.
Captain Mazurek: Ye were a brave Captain to us all, Tomix, 'cause ye had the true heart of one.

*Everyone leaves, one by one, except from Danyel and the hero.*

Danyel: You didn't keep your promise.

*Then he leaves as well.*

<Character>: Hey...
<Character>: You know... I'm not good at goodbyes either.
<Character>: It's not that I wouldn't be able to find the words for it. I just...
<Character>: I just don't really like them.
<Character>: It's strange... right now, memories are flashing by my eyes, flooding my mind. A flood so strong, it hurts. But I'm not about to die or anything.
<Character>: And it's not my life I'm seeing, it's...
<Character>: It's our adventures.
<Character>: Like that first Mogloween... you appearing out of nowhere just as troubles were starting. Ten seconds later, you tell me to die.
<Character>: *smiles*
<Character>: That was good one.
<Character>: And then... we kicked Greed's butt for the first time. Hah! The look on his face when we had foiled his plans for Falconreach!
<Character>: But that wasn't even the beginning, wasn't it? I...I only actually got to know you when we met again... in Ravenloss.
<Character>: Spelunking through Ravenloss was completely crazy and dangerous.
<Character>: Running through alleys and places filled with angry half spider, half human Chaosweavers out for our blood...
<Character>: But at the same time... so many interesting things happened.
<Character>: For all of Ravenloss' darkness, it did have plenty of curious mysteries and stories to uncover.
<Character>: Embodiments, traces of Vaal and Murk at many turns...
<Character>: We met and made friends. First Riadne and her-
<Character>: Hehe...
<Character>: ...feisty personality at the Weaver Emporium. And then you reunited and I met Izaac at Mystlyk Museum.
<Character>: And before I knew it... you and your SpiritLooms had become a familiar and friendly sight.
<Character>: Your hijinks with Riadne...
<Character>: Your determination to see your mission through...
<Character>: .....
<Character>: That wasn't our last adventure though.
<Character>: We had one more. One that was just as crazy, adventuring and dangerous if not... more so.
<Character>: And now... it's coming to a close.
<Character>: That's why...
<Character>: *sobs*
<Character>: T-That's WHY...
<Character>: I-I want to s-SAY
<Character>: THANK YOU!
<Character>: It was fun...
<Character>: It was so very, very fun to go on adventures with you...
<Character>: Thank you.

*Meanwhile, in Tomix's house, the soulless, red-haired boy awakens. His eyes are yellow, and he looks surprised.*

*We are then presented with a series of images, depicting the future of the saga's main characters.*

Thank you for playing!

  • Complete Quest
  • Pandora Weapon - opens Pandora (Shop).

    Other information
  • Complete this quest to unlock the Weave Without Me! badge.
  • Complete this quest to unlock Unvoided Ravenloss (Book 3) and Vaaloirr.

    Thanks to Tomix for the stained glass windows image.

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