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Voodoo Master -> Creepy girls are made of candy (11/2/2014 11:59:35)

Creepy girls are made of candy

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 9 -> Creepy
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Perfect Year
Release Date: October 31st, 2014

Objective: Everything is going perfectly this year, right?
Objective completed: Hurry up and collect all the candy before more people turn into those creepy little girls!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Anabiel - Boss

Bubble (Cat)
Bubble (Witch)

Reaper's Scythe I


*The character is talking with Toil and Trouble in Croft*

<Character>: Seems like everything is going smoothly this year.
Toil: Yes. It's nice to finally have a relaxing year.
Trouble: Especially after all the hassle that we went though last year to get both of the Bubble's back to normal.
Toil: As normal as they have been. We still can't get Bubble back to being human, sadly.
<Character>: Did Jack ever find out what snuck into the building with you?
Toil: No, which has me wondering if anything even went in at all.
Toil: Jack has been working very hard so he might have imagined it.
Trouble: Well the candy got delivered to all the towns at least.
<Character>: Yep. Do you think I could get a small bag of any that's left?
<Character>: I promised a friend I'd bring some back for him to give to a girl.
Trouble: Aww that's sweet.
Trouble: I have a new batch almost done. Let me go check on it.

*Trouble leaves the other two to do that, and a moment later, Bubble arrives. She looks concerned*

Bubble: Erm...
Bubble: Everyone? I think we have an issue.
Toil: What do you mean?
Bubble: I was coming back from one of the delivery runs and someone ate a piece of candy.
<Character>: That sounds like what you want to happen. What's the bad part?

*The camera moves to the right to reveal a young barefoot girl with an eerie smile standing right behind Bubble and a creepy doll hovering next to her*

Bubble: That's what he turned into. It's been following me ever since.
Bubble: I don't know where the doll came from but it's really creeping me out.
<Character>: Maybe it's just an allergic reaction to the candy?

*The girl laughs maniacally*

<Character>: I'm... not offering ideas anymore.

*The girl speaks*

???: Hi there. Will you be my friend?
<Character>: That's just creepy.
???: Aww, I guess not.
???: Anabiel? Show them what happens when they won't be friends!

*The doll Anabiel hovers towards the character*

<Character>: That's even creepier.
Anabiel: Hissssss
<Character>: Gah! What are you!

*Anabiel gets even closer*

Anabiel: Hissssss
<Character>: Alright. Enough of this.

  • Battle! - Fight Anabiel.
  • Heal - You are fully healed.
  • RUN AWAY!!!1!! - You exit the quest.

    Once you defeat Anabiel:

    ???: We'll find other friends! We don't need you!

    *She leaves*

    <Character>: Did she say we, like as in more than one of her?
    Toil: Bubble, this happened after eating a piece of our candy?
    Bubble: Yes.
    Toil: I hate to ask this, <Character> but could you possibly...
    <Character>: I know the drill by now. Go collect as much of the candy as I can right?
    Toil: If you wouldn't mind.
    Bubble: We'll make candy that doesn't turn people into something bad one of these years. Promise!
    <Character>: Speaking of candy. Could you let Trouble know that I won't be taking any back to Ash?
    <Character>: I don't think he'd appreciate it turning Aria into one of those things.

    *The character rushes off*

    Bubble: Has anyone seen Bubble?

    *The scene shifts. Bubble the cat is in a room surrounded by creepy girls and dolls. Sally is sitting on the floor beside her*

    Sally: Isn't it great! There are all these friends to play with now!
    Sally: I'm not going to be the only little girl anymore!
    Sally: I even changed those dolls I made years ago. Now we all have things to play with!
    Bubble: You're still going to help me, right? I helped you get into the candy making room just like you wanted.
    Sally: Of course silly! I'll find a way to make you a human again.
    Bubble: Good. It's been far to long and I'm done with being a cat.
    Bubble: My sister's couldn't find a way and filling the world with other cats didn't work either. I just want to be normal again.
    Sally: Don't worry, I'll figure it out.
    Sally: Until then we have lots of friends to play with.

  • Complete Quest

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