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Access Point: Travel Map (Book 3) -> Tkaanie
Requirements: None


  • Edelia
    Prestigious Soulweaving School, educating and training the young and the old in the art of weaving with Elemental Spirits. Legacy of Baltael, the first soulweaver.

  • Mortem


  • The First Weaver (Ull)
    The pink trees of Tkaanie bake under the sun as a portal from the Void Core forms.... The First Weaver has returned.

  • The Shore
    The shores of Tkaanie, where you've landed after reaching the Azaveyr continent.

    Other information


    Original text:
  • Ull
    A small village famous for its honey.

  • quote:

    ORIGINAL: Tomix

    Azaveyr is the continent's name.
    Mortem and Ull are not cities.
    The region where Mortem, Ull and Edelia (Baltael's legacy, the soulweaving school) are is called Tkaanie.
    Capitol is not in Tkaanie, it's in the Shapeless Empire region.


    ORIGINAL: Tomix

    Roirr was the ruler of Mortem and the Tkaanie region.
    Shapeless Empire doesn't have kings/queens/rulers, it is lead by a gathering of people, the Magesterium, which resides in the Seym (centermost building of the Capitol).
    All this info can be found in-game :)


    ORIGINAL: Tomix

    Azaveyran "monsters" were inspired by slavic mythological creatures and deities :)

    Thanks to Tomix for additional information.

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