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Slayer Zach -> Bubble Returns (10/17/2015 21:27:32)

Bubble Returns

Other name: Bubble Trouble

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 10 -> Bubble Trouble
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Creepy girls are made of candy
Release Date: October 16th, 2015

Objective: It is Mogloween once again and all is well! Or is it?
Objective completed: It seems as though living in Amityvale has given Bubble a whole new perspective on things.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Bubble (Cat/Witch)
Bubble (Witch)


*The character, Bubble, Toil and Trouble are standing in the middle of Croft.*

<Character>: So, has anything more happened with those girls from last year?
Toil: Not anything here. None of them were around when Croft returned to its home for the year.
Bubble: I'm glad. They were way too scary to ever have around.
Trouble: They may attempt to come back this year and acquire more candy though, so we should be prepared as we ready this year's batch.
???: So you can make another mess that you'll never clean up?
Toil: That sounds like...but it can't be...

*The Cauldron Sisters are surprised at the sight of Bubble returning to her witch form.*

Bubble: Yes, "Bubble!" indeed. It's so good to know my sisters missed me.
Trouble: Of course we did! How could you even think we didn't?
Bubble: I missed you so much! You're even back to normal!
Bubble: Not quite normal, but close. No thanks to any of you.
Toil: Bubble. You know we tried to fix it. We tried for years...
Bubble: I didn't come back for you to apologize. I came back because I need to fix the messes we've caused over the years.
Trouble: Messes? What do you...
Bubble: You know exactly what I mean.
Bubble: Over the years we've caused trouble and misery for so many people.
Bubble: My blind desire to be normal again, more than any other.
Bubble: Did you all ever stop to think about what happened to those that were changed during the times our candy went wrong?
Bubble: Do you think the Moglins deserve to be turned into horrible monsters every year?
Toil: But that wasn't...
Bubble: Do you think M.O.P. likes being cats, still, after we never bothered to help them?!
Trouble: No, but they ran off and...
Bubble: And we never looked for them! Just like everything else, they were just swept under the rug once Croft returned home!
Bubble: We didn't even TRY to find them the next year when we came back!
Bubble: We leave giant heaps of tainted candy just out in the open that altered the creatures around here.
Bubble: Did we ever put it in a spot to properly be disposed of? NO!
Bubble: Do you really think the things it changed wouldn't attack innocents?!
Toil: It was an area where...
Bubble: What about everything that happened while <Character> was frozen.
Bubble: Are we going to pretend that never happened, either? People were hurt! People who couldn't defend themselves.
Bubble: I've spent months living in a town being constantly attacked by creatures, some that WE created.
Bubble: The people of Amityvale took me in when I had nowhere else to go, even when they were surrounded by evil.
Bubble: I know what I've done in the past can't ever be made up for, but I've tried.
Bubble: I've helped as many as I could, brewing potions to heal anyone that was hurt, but it was never enough.
Trouble: Bubble, if you would just wait and let us talk about...
Bubble: NO!
Bubble: No more waiting. No more excuses. No more ignoring the messes.
Bubble: I'm not going to sit around any longer and let more people suffer because of what we've done!
Bubble: What I've done...
Bubble: I will never be able to atone for everything I've done, but I can make sure the things I've helped create never hurt anyone else again.
Bubble: It's time to fix all of this. I'm not letting us leave another mess that no one will ever clean up.
Bubble: If <Character> will help me, I'll welcome it. If not, I'll find what I need on my own, cleanse Myx, and fix all of this.

*Myx walks into the scene.*

Myx: What is everyone yelling abou-
Myx: ... BUBBLE?
Bubble: Yes. Me.
Bubble: <Character>, if you are willing to help me again, I'll be in there preparing.
Bubble: If not, I understand. You don't owe me anything after all I've done, but I could use your help fixing this.

*Bubble drags Myx out of the scene.*

Myx: Meep!
Myx: Don't hurt me...
Bubble: She's right. *hic* She's right about *hic* everything. It's all our fault.
<Character>: She's just upset. You couldn't have...
Toil: No. Bubble is right. We have done things, left things, and we've caused problems for so many people.
Trouble: <Character>, please go help her. Even after this long apart she's angry and won't want our help right now.
Trouble: In a few hours when she's hopefully calmed down we'll try and talk to her, to apologize, but for now we'll just stay out of the way.

*The character nods and leaves to follow after Bubble and Myx.*

Trouble: How could we have just left everything like that. We know better.
Toil: No, apparently we didn't. Hopefully Bubble will let us help fix them though.

<Character>: Umm... Bubble?
Bubble: You came...
<Character>: I couldn't just ignore you asking.
Bubble: Thank you... after everything I've done you still want to help me. I don't know what to say.
<Character>: How about telling me what I can get to help?
Bubble: Alright. I'll get half and you get half. Then I can fix Myx and we can fix everything else.

  • Complete Quest

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