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Old Friends

Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Caitiff -> Old Friends
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Peril
Release Date: July 8th, 2016

Objective: You must race through Lore to find and recruit help to save your Dragon from Doom!
Objective completed: Rolith, Alina, and Cinquefoil have joined in your fight for your Dragon!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(X) Bone Fire
(X) Cursed Skeleton
(X) Darkness Elemental
(X) Shake Spear
(X) Shoulder Blades
(1) Bone Fire, (1) Shake Spear, (1) Cursed Skeleton - Boss


Shadowheart Bracer
Doomed Dragon Helm (All Versions)


*As your tainted dragon flies over the Doomwood skies, dark clouds follow it and turn the sky red. Cinquefoil looks down at it and aims his bow at the dragon, ready to fire, but you tell him to stop before one arrow can be launched.*

<Character>: Cin! Wait!
Cinquefoil: <Character>... what's happened? Why... How is that dragon darkening the sky?
<Character>: It's... it's <Dragon>. Caitiff has... has taken and brought them to Doom.

*Cinquefoil widens his eyes in dead surprise upon being told the revelation.*

Cinquefoil: Whatever help you need, <Character>, I will provide. I'll report to the Magus in Rosewood and keep an eye on the sky.
<Character>: Cin... if you see Robina, will you let her know?
Cinquefoil: ...
Cinquefoil: Of course, <Character>.
Cinquefoil: For now, though, there are reports of undead in the woods outside Oaklore.
Cinquefoil: The knights there, and their... nemesis, Rolith, could use your help.

*You travel to Oaklore to battle the small army of undead. While you run through the forest, you see Rolith's hammer swing past you.*

<Character>: Finally!
<Character>: Alina, I'm so glad you're here too!
Alina: I heard from Rolith about your return, <Character>, I'm happy that you're here and unharmed.
Rolith: I heard how friendly you are to the Rose. Are you here as friend or foe, <Character>?
<Character>: The Rose... is a more complicated enemy then we've faced in the past, friend, and right now...
<Character>: Right now everyone on Lore is facing an enemy that's harnessed the power of a Doom Dragon.

*Rolith sternly walks away from you and you turn to face his general direction.*

Rolith: I could use a good fight. The Rose here is a bunch of pansies.
Alina: We're with you, <Character>!

*Fades to black*

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