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Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 11 -> AbracaDabra
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Foulest
Release Date: October 28th, 2016

Objective: Time to cross the Vanilla River and Toffee Plains!
Objective completed: Croft is finally back! And there won't be any long term consequences from this, right?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Candemon
(4) Ice Scream
(1) Killeclair
(1) Paczek
(1) Slime Cream

Bubble (Witch)

Candy Pail (All Versions)
Chocolate Chip Cookiehelm (All Versions)

Access to AbracaDabra Loot for DCs


*Loads Verlyrus as Friend B upon entering the quest.*

*You, Verlyrus, Myx, Trouble, and Bubble sail in a rowboat across the Vanilla River. When all of you land, the sisters notice your anger and distant behavior from them. This worries them.*

Trouble: <Character>?
<Character>: ...
Trouble: You haven't said anything for a long time, please...
Bubble: Are you mad?
<Character>: ...
<Character>: *sigh* No...
<Character>: I was just tired of being played.
Myx: No one was playing with you!
<Character>: Oh, you're the one to talk!
<Character>: "They are allowing Croft to appear! They are preventing it from materializing! It's them! Toil is with them!"
<Character>: And who are they!?
<Character>: "No point in explaining!" or "I'll just let the sisters explain it!"
<Character>: Why couldn't anyone just, from the start, tell me their names and who they were!?
<Character>: Why do you play the pronoun game if they are your parents!?
<Character>: By the time I got to Apsaydaaun, I've been imagining them to be some sort of terrifying creatures...
<Character>: ... keeping you locked up in a prison, or worse!

*Trouble and Bubble look away, filled with regret.*

Myx: Well... apparently I was the first one to say their names... so do I get more points?
<Character>: You are not helping!!!
Myx: Cliffhangers are an essential part of telling a story, needed to keep the one experiencing it on the edge and wanting more!
<Character>: Myx, I will punch you.

*Myx is now having difficulty holding in his laughter at the thought of getting punched.*

Myx: *mumble* Technically, you can't. *mumble*
Bubble: Mhmm.
Trouble: We're sorry, <Character>.
Myx: It won't happen again...
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Good.
<Character>: That's good to hear.
Myx: So, we're good now?
<Character>: Yes. Yes, we are.
Bubble: That's great!
<Character>: Let's... let's meet your parents then.
Trouble: Alright, so, now that we are being honest...
<Character>: ...
Trouble: There is something you should know.
<Character>: I'm all ears.
Bubble: If they invite you for dinner, please excuse yourself.
<Character>: Oh... kay... ?

*You and Verlyrus proceed to venture into the Toffee Plains, eager to find Abraca and Dabra roaming within.*

*The group arrives at the bottom of a mountain made of chocolate cake where you all see a winged gold-skinned woman use a pot to collect a clay-like batter oozing from the mountainside.*

Trouble: Hi mom!
Abraca: Hi sweetie! How's the golem-
Abraca: What's that smell? It smells like...

*You smile awkwardly as Abraca turns to face you, enamored by your presence.*

Abraca: A human!
<Character>: H-hello!
Abraca: By everything that's sweet and sour, Trouble! Bubble!
Abraca: You've captured a human! Well done!
Bubble: Mom!!!
Trouble: No!
Trouble: It's not like that; he/she is our friend!
Bubble: That's <Character>! We've told you about him/her!

*A draconic-like woman with a mohawk arrives at the area in an enigmatic mood.*

Dabra: Hmm?
Dabra: Ah!
Abraca: That's <Character>! THE <Character>!
Dabra: What is... what is he/she doing here?
<Character>: Hi... hello... Umm... you know me, that's... cool.
<Character>: I- I'm here to help the sisters!
Dabra: Help them how, exactly?
<Character>: Ma'am.
<Character>: Ma'ams...
<Character>: I'd like you to unground your children and let them go, with Croft, to Lore!

*While the two rulers of the domain think about your request, you and the others anxiously wait for their decision. After a long minute, they simply smile.*

Abraca: Very well.
Dabra: Sure.
<Character>: Please, you need to unders-
<Character>: Huh?
Bubble: Wha... ?
Trouble: Hmm?!

*In the commotion, Toil arrived at the scene as well, demanding to know what the noise was.*

Toil: What is going on? Why are you so loud-
Toil: <Character>?!
<Character>: Yes, hi Toil... umm... I don't have time for that right now, I'm too busy being confused.
Trouble: What do you mean by "sure"?!
Bubble: You're letting us go? Just like that?!
Toil: We're not grounded anymore?!
Abraca: It's obvious that he/she clearly cares about you.
Dabra: To get here, he/she must have put her life at risk.
Abraca: Yes, he/she loves you, that is certain! And yes, you have our blessing!
<Character>: Huh?
Trouble: But what about all that "You are forbidden to go to Lore this year, you're making the lives of others miserable" talk?!?!
Abraca: Oh, pumpkin, don't get me wrong. You're all still very much at fault.
Dabra: Moglinsters? Turning people into cats? Or into creepy girls?
Bubble: Not everything was our fault!!
Abraca: Croft appearing out of season?
<Character>: Can we get back to the "loves" part, please?! I'm not sure we understand each other!
Trouble: That was NOT our fault!!!
Dabra: And so you keep saying, but-!
Toil: Because it's true! Ugh!!!
<Character>: If I may-

*The Cauldron Sisters and their parents cease arguing at once in order to hear you out.*

<Character>: Bubble, the other one that is, fixed everything. Well, almost everything, but still.
Dabra: Huh.
Trouble: We told you that!
Abraca: Yes, but she's not here, and-
Bubble: Uuuugh, you never listen!!! We told you she stayed behind to fix more things!
Bubble: You're always like that!
Abraca: Oh jellybean, don't cry!
Abraca: Shhhh. Shhhhhh....
<Character> (thinking): What have I gotten myself into...
<Character>: Look, ladies.
<Character>: Everything is alright now, there is no need to get worked up over this!
<Character>: Things are as they should be, even Bubble is a human now!
<Character>: Oh geez, umm, no! I meant she's normal now! Not a cat! Normal!
Abraca: She is?
Trouble: We. Told! You!!!
Dabra: Excuse us, but it was hard for us to take it up on your word, snickerdoodle. You have a habit of lying.

*Trouble covers her eyes, disgruntled by her parents' incapability of listening to her in her honest moments.*

Abraca: How was she cured, if you don't mind me asking? Even our magic was not strong enough to cure her.
Verlyrus: Miau meow!
Dabra: A cat! Look Abraca, it's a cat!!!
Abraca: Aww!
Verlyrus: Mjao miou meon... nyan.
Abraca: A kiss?!
Dabra: Of course!
Abraca: Indeed! A true love's kiss!
Verlyrus: MEOW?!
Abraca: This is so sweet, I can't!!!
<Character>: You.. can understand him?
Dabra: Well, at least ONE of our daughters met her match!
Verlyrus: Nya meow miau!!! Meow! MEOW!

*Quickly fades to black.*

Verlyrus: MEOW!!!

*Back at Croft's town square, you and the Cauldron Sisters bid Abraca and Dabra farewell while Verlyrus is still unable to cope with his heartbreak from last year.*

Abraca: We're ready when you are.
<Character>: I am glad everything worked out fine! I didn't even have to fight any boss!
<Character>: Are you guys ready to go?
Bubble, Toil, Trouble (in unison): Yes!
Verlyrus: ...
Dabra: <Character>?
<Character>: Yup?
Dabra: You know, if you have some time now... we'd love to have you for dinner!
Bubble, Toil, Trouble (in unison): NO!
<Character>: Pardon me... ?
Abraca: She meant "have you over" for dinner, of course!
<Character>: I will... pass. But thank you.
Dabra: I was kidding!
Myx: She wasn't.
Abraca: Have a pleasant Mogloween!
Dabra: Have a pleasant Mogloween!

*The couple teleport Croft into the physical world as the screen flashes black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens AbracaDabra Loot for DCs.

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