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Location: One Step Ahead, Darkness is Coming, Friday the 13th Interlude, Doom Amulet, Calamity, Sunbreeze Grove (Book 3) -> Left, Monastery

Quests given

Kid Dragon Accessories

Shops owned

One Step Ahead

???: Yeah?

???: I need to finish eating first. Although right now... the meal's too hot.

???: With evacuating?

???: And who might you be?

???: THE <Character>?

???: Hmm.

???: No, it doesn't ring any bells.

???: Describe this person for me. I have an exceptional visual memory.

???: And?

???: Huh, I might have seen him around.

???: Yup.

???: Mmmmmaybe.

???: And what will I get in return for this information?

???: Because, right now, it strikes me as a... not very lucrative exchange.
???: I tell you where this Zhoom is... and I get nothing out of it?

???: Oh, this can wait. You do you, I'll be here. The food's cooled down!

???: Not bad!

???: Nnnnnot really. I can't harm anything.

???: Long story.
???: Tell you what!
???: I'll point you to where this Zhoom is... ... and I want in.

???: This whole... dragon, darkness and doom business. Looks like fun.
???: Aaaaand since I'm done here, might as well join the fabled hero and his/her entourage!
???: Life's a bit stale in this place, dunno why I stayed here so long.
???: Change of landscape might do wonders for my complexion.
Dove: Name's Dove, by the way. Tsk, weeeeell, that's not my name... but call me "Dove" anyway.

Dove: Aaaaand just so we're clear... food's on you.

??? (Dove): I saw him sneaking off, last week I think, at night. He took some food and went in that direction. To this... tower-thing.

??? (Dove): Don't mention it. I aim to please!
??? (Dove): So, where's the action?

??? (Dove): I don't care. See you soon!

Darkness is Coming

Dove: So this is how a Guardian Tower looks from the inside!

Dove: Neat.

Dove: Yeah, I've been exploring the town.
Dove: Hello, everybody!

Dove: Correction, I didn't say that I'll help. I'm just here to see how the events unfold...
Dove: Aaaaand if anyone get's injured, I might...
Dove: Ugh.
Dove: Alright, I might "help", I guess.

Dove: I'm not a healer.
Dove: I-
Dove: Oooookay, I am a healer, I suppose...
Dove: Just not in a... conventional way.

Dove: Sure.

Dove: Yyyyyes? What do you want, lady?

Dove: Look at the size of this thing! I called dibs, it's mine.

Dove: The more, the merrier!

Dove: Yes, under these robes, I'm naked.

Dove: I punch people and they get better.

Dove: I'm not joking.

Dove: I was... "born" this way.

Dove: Weeeell...
Dove: I can still pick up a stick and beat you with it, if that's your thing.

Dove: I'm not here to be liked. I'm here to sightsee.

Dove: And help people!

Friday the 13th Interlude

Dove: Sounds absolutely delicious and horrible at the same time.

Dove: There. Happy?
Dove: Now go, Mr. Random Guardian! Get hurt so I can heal you again!

Dove: Weeeeell, if you ask me, that's pretty clever. People's morale would decrease exponentially, if they now had to fight their dead frien-

Dove: ...
Dove: Avvys... I'm just saying.

Doom Amulet

Dove: They can't focus.

Dove: Me neither.


Dove: They must've destroyed the amulet.

Dove: That ateala girl felt it too.

Dove: I have to admit, that was spectacular! And brave! I've seen a lot of things in my life and that takes the—

Dove: *gasp*
Dove: It's...
Dove: Your...
Dove: THIS... is your dragon?!

Dove: Their offspring... one of the twins.. you didn't tell me—

Dove: I—
Dove: I can't...

Dove: I shouldn't, I...

Dove: I—

Dove: Huaaah...
Dove: I h-haven't done this in a while...
Dove: I think I'm g-gonna faint...

Dove: Please catch me.
Dove: But... hah...

Dove: Do take in mind that I'm heavier than I look.

Dove: Like... by a lot...

Sunbreeze Grove (Book 3)

Dove: Heeeey <Character>. How's it hanging?

  • Quests!
    Dove: Need anything?
  • Talk
    Dove: What do you wanna talk about?
    • Who are you?
      Dove: Heh, your memory is worse than mine.

      Dove: My name is—
      Dove: Call me Dove.

      Dove: I am a wandering... monk.
      Dove: Wandering, because I was kicked out of a monastery for punching a man back to life. Who knew this was something forbidden.
      Dove: Yes, my touch heals. Everyone but me. My punches heal even better.

      Dove: Sadly, I can do no harm.
      Dove: Get in touch if you ever need my healing touching. Or punching.
      Dove: Whatever ruffles your truffles.

    • Sunbreeze Grove?
      Dove: I like nice, secluded places. I've been all over, and this region is... especially cozy. And I get to work with Elysia.
      Dove: She's a wise one. She's helping me with my... condition.
      Dove: Besides, here, I'll get to know your dragon a little better. I have a feeling... you two are going to do great things together.
      Dove: <Dragon> needs to unlock their full potential.

      Dove: And I'm going to help you out.
  • Kid Dragon Accessories
    Dove: Why of course I can make <Dragon> look their best! Not to brag, but fashion is my speciality. Just look at yours truly.

  • Launches Kid Dragon Accessories.


    Dove: Yeeees, but I don't mind.

    Dove: What's up?

    Dove: Oh...
    Dove: You didn't know?

    Dove: Elysia... died.

    Dove: I'm just kidding, she's visiting her parents.

    Dove: Because it's fun. So, Elysia's not here. How can I help you?

    Dove: Last time was last time.

    Dove: HA!
    Dove: Do I.

    Dove: Leeeet me stop you right here, hatchling! That's just rude. Is this what we're doing now? Being rude to your elders—

    Dove: Oop.

    Dove: Uhhhh...

    Dove: *sigh*
    Dove: Alright, alright.
    Dove: I haven't been entirely honest with you...

    Dove: I'm not just a monk.
    Dove: I am a... dragon.

    Dove: Stuck in this form.
    Dove: I've turned to Elysia for help, but...

    Dove: There, now you know. My deepest secret...

    Dove: Umm...
    Dove: I've learned Draconic.

    Dove: H–Hold up, hold up! You want me to help... them?

    Dove: Yeeeesh, uuh, I don't know about thaaaat.

    Dove: Well, they're not wrong...
    Dove: It's like this: There are maaaany many many prophecies that are false... and some that are true.
    Dove: And the prophecy about some dragons are truer than others. And I'm very uncomfortable with prophecies. Or rather, I just don't want to meddl—

    Dove: Oh, <Dragon>. I'm pretty sure that prophecy is true.
    Dove: But I suppose it doesn't actually matter, and in a way it's not quite about <Dragon> specifically...
    Dove: But... ugh, sorry, forget—forget about all of this! It doesn't matter. Deep breaths. Let me start again, properly this time.
    Dove: Tell me about <Dragon>'s problem, and depending on what it is, I'll evaluate whether I can help or not.

    Dove: Oooooh, shapeshifting! You should have started with that.

    Dove: I'm afraid I can't help you with that issue. Shapeshifting is something each dragon has to, let's say, grow into. At their own pace.

    Dove: But I suppose... we could travel to the monastery in the Whispering Steppes. It housed some draconic knowledge.

    Dove: Oh, all of the monks are most likely already dead. That monastery was abandoned for quite some time.
    Dove: Like, for hundreds of years. Thousands? Lots.

    Dove: Yup.

    Dove: Oh, I don't read. I only like pictures.

    Dove: Interesting? Maybe. Relevant? No. Come here, I found the library!

    Dove: It's... empty.

    Dove: I guess... <Dragon> can try shapeshifting near the centerpiece statue on the courtyard? It was a meditative point.
    Dove: A place of power or something.

    Dove: That's what the monks said at least. I don't know.

    Dove: Whoa, easy there, I said I didn't know!
    Dove: It's more of a uh, natural process. Not quite something you can force. I don't think.

    Dove: Kids, eh?

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