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The Mage Tower

Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Caitiff -> The Mage Tower
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Darkness is Coming
Release Date: December 9th, 2016

Objective: Valencia has the right idea! Time to pay Warlic a visit.
Objective completed: Doom Dragon is here!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Bugbear
(3) Dirty Sockmonkey
(3) Laundry Golem

Guardian Endnai

Faded Snowflake
Tainted Snowflake


*You reenter the Guardian Tower to meet up with Ash, Symone, and Valencia regarding the status report.*

<Character>: Everything seems to be in order. We're as ready as we'll ever be.
Symone: I think we have everyone we need. Capable warriors, healers, a few incognito mages...
Valencia: ...Rose troops as a meat shield...
Ash: Valencia!

*Valencia smirks mischievously.*

Symone: As you said, we're ready. The Darkness is closing in, Caitiff will attack soon.
<Character>: But why... ?
<Character>: Why is it doing this...
Symone: Villains, am I right?
Valencia: We might be able to use the help of a certain someone still.
<Character>: Who do you have in mind?
Valencia: The Blue Mage.
<Character>: Ah. Yes, we might, but...
<Character>: I haven't seen him in a while.
Ash: Anyone knows where he might be?
<Character>: Cysero, I suppo-
Cysero: You rang?

*Startled by Cysero's sudden appearance, you jump backwards.*

<Character>: GAH!!!
<Character>: How-
<Character>: Nevermind.
Cysero: It's always the mind, <Character>!
<Character>: Do you know where Warlic might be?
Cysero: He told me not to tell anyone that he is still in our Mage Tower!

*Cysero gives you a quick thumbs up and a bright white smile.*

<Character>: Oh!
<Character>: Thanks!
Cysero: He's probably sulk-I mean meditating! On top of the Tower! But I didn't say that!
<Character>: Then... we didn't hear you say anything! Nothing at all!
Cysero: Perfect!
Cysero: Come by my shop! Look out for the laundry!

*Cysero sprints back to his shop at the speed of sound while you turn toward Ash, Symone, and Valencia.*

<Character>: Keep watch, I'm going.

*You exit the Guardian Tower in order to enter another; Warlic's right-side up Mage Tower. By the time you reach the top on the outside, Warlic and Nythera are indeed meditating peacefully.*

<Character>: Warlic! I'm sorry for interr-
<Character>: NYTHERA?!
Warlic: Welcome, <Character>.
Nythera: Hey.
<Character>: H-hey?
<Character>: I haven't seen you around in a while. Granted, I've been frozen, but...
Nythera: I know. Warlic told me.
Nythera: I've been... ... somewhere else. Someplace different.
Nythera: I've been childish. In my quest for power, I've reached lows you couldn't even comprehend. I've given into...
Nythera: But I'm back, at least for a while... and I'm better now.
<Character>: That's... good to hear!
<Character>: Warlic?
Warlic: I know why you're here.
<Character>: Oh?
Warlic: And the answer is no.
<Character>: ... Are you serious?
Warlic: We had this conversation a long time ago, <Character>. As much as I'd like to help... I'd rather not. You know what happened last time.
<Character>: But we need you. I need you!
Warlic: What you need if someone who is almost as good as me... and much better suited to help with a dragon problem.
Nythera: Almost?!
Warlic: Nythera. Remember our talks.
Nythera: ... Apologies.
<Character>: You're... sending her to help me?
Warlic: She will be perfect.
Warlic: And this will be a good, shall I say, test. She's much more mature now... aren't you?
Nythera: Yes.
Warlic: Outstanding! I'll send you both to Falconreach.
<Character>: Wait! Have you spoken to Jaa-

*Warlic teleports you and Nythera back to the Falconreach Guardian Tower before you finish mid-sentence. Although Warlic knew who you were talking about, his saddened look indicated that he'd prefer not to answer. Meanwhile, Ash notices that you returned.*

<Character>: -nia yet?
<Character>: Eh...
Ash: <Character>! What an entrance! Are you bringing good news?
<Character>: I guess.
<Character>: Warlic refused to help... but we have Nythera!
Nythera: Hey...
Guardian Endnai: Sir Ash, we may have a problem!!
Ash: Join me <Character>.

*You and Ash walk outside the tower to meet up with Guardian Endnai. Upon your arrival, he turns around.*

Guardian Endnai: Ah, Lord/Lady <Character>! You're back!
<Character>: What seems to be the problem?
Guardian Endnai: Take a look...

*You find yourself behind a battalion of Rose soldiers sent to the tower with Amadeus accompanying them. Their presence clearly upsets Rolith.*

Rolith: -know that you came to cause more trouble!
Amadeus: ...
Amadeus: For the last time, we were sent as reinforcements, by the decree of King Alteon.
Rolith: Ha! Who do you think you are fooling-
<Character>: Enough!!

*Amadeus glares at you from the side.*

<Character>: The situation is bad as it is, we CAN'T fight amongst each other!

*Amadeus continues to glare, but his eyes start to turn bloody red.*

<Character>: What? Do I... have something on my face?
Amadeus: ...

*Amadeus closes his eyes, which then return to normal, before looking at Rolith again.*

Amadeus: We're here to help, whether this... oaf wants it or not.
Lafter: Do not mind him, Emissary Amadeus, I'm glad Lady Jaania got my message! We are grateful for your swift arrival!
Valencia: Well, now that this is settled-
Valencia: Huh?
Ash: What is that?
<Character>: Black... snow?

*You hear the sound of your dragon roaring close by. This can only mean one factor; the darkness is now on Falconreach's doorstep.*

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